Proven Gambling Strategies Beginners Can Use

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If you’re looking for an easy way to become a winning gambler, you’re going to be disappointed. But if you’re looking for a realistic way to win, you’re reading the right article.

The truth is that there isn’t an easy way to be a winning gambler. But there are a few things that you can learn to do that give you better odds of winning than most other gamblers.

Here’s a list of seven proven gambling strategies that beginning gamblers can use. And if you’re an experienced gambler and aren’t getting the results you want, this article is a good place to start changing your results.

The Three Big Gambling Opportunities

An important part of gambling strategy is identifying the best gambling activities and/or opportunities. While there are many gambling activities that provide a decent return to player percentage, there are only a few that are truly worth considering.

The criteria I use when looking at gambling activities when I want to find one that I want to invest time into mastering is if it offers any way that I can use strategy to have a realistic chance to win. This means that I have to be able to practice and learn enough that I can play with a return of at least 100%.

I’m not telling you that there aren’t a few special circumstances where you can find an edge other than the big three, but these three are the most realistic. They’re also the ones that have the simplest path to mastery.

But never make the mistake of believing that something simple is easy. It’s one of the most difficult things you can ever do to learn how to gamble with a long term edge.

The big three gambling opportunities are blackjack, poker, and sports gambling. You’re going to learn more about these in the next three sections.

Why Blackjack Is the Best Casino Game

Real money blackjack is the best gambling activity for two reasons. The first reason is because with the right strategy and skills you can get a return over 100% with it. The second reason is that of the three opportunities listed in this article, blackjack is the easiest to master.

I’m in no way telling you that it’s easy to master the game of blackjack. In fact, it’s extremely hard to play blackjack with a return over 100%. But it’s easier to learn how to master blackjack than poker or gambling on sporting events.

Real Money Online Blackjack

The main reason why blackjack is easier than the other two activities is that everything you need to know is readily available. Anyone that wants to be a blackjack master can find articles and books that explain every single step.

Everything about blackjack games, rules, strategy, and card counting is available. Multiple books have been written about playing blackjack with an advantage.

Of course, there’s a difference between reading about something and doing it. But you have the opportunity to read and practice until you can do everything that you need to do.

The Profit Potential of Poker

Blackjack offers the easiest path to profits for gamblers, but it’s not without some drawbacks. The worst thing about blackjack is that the casinos will stop you if they think you have an advantage. Poker rooms don’t kick out winning poker players.

It’s possible that even larger profits are available for poker players than blackjack players, but the strategy you need to master is much more complicated.

Blackjack is a fairly static game. You see the same situations over and over. When you play poker you see similar situations often, but the opposing players add a twist. You have to adjust your play and strategy based on your opponents. This is challenging.

For long term profits without as many headaches, poker is a better option than blackjack. But you have to dedicate and invest more time and energy in mastering poker. You have to decide if the extra time and work is worth it. But there’s no doubt that you can make long term profits as a poker player.

Gambling on Sporting Events

If you want to master blackjack you can find all of the information you need. If you want to master poker you can find almost everything you need, and then master the last few things with paying experience.

Learning how to master gambling on sporting events is completely different. You can’t buy a book or read some articles that give you everything that you need to know. You can build some knowledge from books, articles, and videos, but this isn’t going to be enough to learn how to be profitable.

Sportsbook Betting Counter

Some sports gamblers make a lot of money, and a few more are able to make money, even if it’s not a lot of money. But this is the most challenging of the big three gambling opportunities.

You’re basically fighting head to head against sportsbooks as a sports gambler. And sportsbooks are tough opponents. In addition, you’re gambling with a disadvantage called vig.

You have to learn how to handicap sporting events well enough to not only beat the sportsbooks, but also well enough to overcome the built in house edge created by the vig.

It takes longer for most successful sports gamblers to master the activity than to master blackjack or poker. But it can be a worthwhile effort for some gamblers.

Use Return to Player Percentage

Every gambling activity that you consider can be evaluated by looking at the possible return to player percentage. You have to be able to gamble in a way that returns 100% to break even, and over 100% to make money.

Gambling activities with a chance for 100% RTP are extremely rare. The big three you learned about earlier are the ones you should be concentrating and focusing on. But you can keep looking for other opportunities.

You can forget about almost all games in casinos, because even with the best strategy you can’t get a high enough return. What I’ve learned is that any gambling opportunity outside of the big three requires more work and risk than investing time in mastering one of the big three.

What Are Strategy Cards?

Most gamblers don’t know that there are games available where they can use strategy to improve the return. And even if a gambler knows that strategy can be used, most don’t even try.

If you knew that a strategy existed that was guaranteed to reduce your gambling losses, wouldn’t you be using it?

A common excuse I hear for not using strategy when gambling is that it’s too hard. But this excuse doesn’t stand up in most cases. This excuse really means that the person using it is too lazy to do what they need to do to use strategy.

Three Aces in Three Card Poker

Some easy-to-learn gambling activities have simple strategies that only require a few minutes to master. And other games have cards with the complete strategy listed on them that you can use.

See if your favorite gambling activity has an available strategy card. If you can find a strategy card, start using it immediately.

Don’t Gamble Without Using Strategy

You just learned that using strategy when participating in a gambling activity is important because it increases the return. This is the first reason why you should never gamble without using strategy. It’s the only way to get a high return. But there’s another important reason.

The other important reason why you should never gamble without using casino betting strategies is because the games that have the worst returns usually don’t have any type of strategy component.

In other words, if a gambling activity doesn’t offer a chance to use strategy, the odds are high that it offers a low return to player number.

The worst return to player gambling activities includes lottery games, keno, bingo, and slot machines. Each of these activities also shares the fact that you can’t use strategy to influence the outcome.

If you don’t know anything else about a game and you can’t use any type of strategy to influence the outcome, don’t participate.


The only thing you need to advance from a beginning gambler to a gambler with a chance to win is a little bit of knowledge. And this starts with knowing what the big gambling opportunities are.

Any gambling activity outside of the big three is setting you up for disappointment. You can use return to player percentages to quickly see if any other game is worth playing.

Once you pick one of the big three, all you have to do is master the correct strategies. When you use the right gambling activity with the best strategies you have a realistic chance to make a profit.

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