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LoyaltyStars is a new online casino loyalty program that rewards users for interacting with its community, signing up at online casinos, and continuing to make deposits. It rewards you in the form of Stars, which allows you to access new bonuses at online casinos, poker sites and sportsbooks. My favorite part of LoyaltyStars is how easy it was to start collecting Stars. I earned 500 Stars simply by signing up and by taking part in discussions on its community gambling forums. If you decide to sign up at a partner site, you can earn even more Stars and unlock better rewards. I really like how LoyaltyStars is a fun way of being involved in an online gambling community.


LoyaltyStars Analysis

  • US Players: Yes
  • Website: loyaltystars.com
  • Welcome Bonus: N/A
  • Software Providers: N/A

Pros and Cons of LoyaltyStars

Pros Cons
  • Only email and username are required for sign up
  • Earn Stars to climb to higher reward tiers just by participating in community discussions
  • Free tournament entries and cashback rewards at the highest tier levels
  • Can share and read real customer reviews of popular online gambling sites
  • Cannot link LoyaltyStars account with pre-existing accounts at online casinos
  • Not as many claimable rewards at the first rewards level (Copper)
  • Rewarded Stars have no value except to jump tiers

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Online Since 2023
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Currencies Various currencies

In this review: 

What is LoyaltyStars?

LoyaltyStars is a community forum website where users discuss online gambling topics and receive rewards for their engagement. It offers an online casino rewards program that gives Stars to users who contribute to the platform in the form of reviews or posts on the forums.

LoyaltyStars rewards users for their contributions and deposits by giving them Stars. When users write reviews or post on LoyaltyStars forums, they accumulate Stars that in turn unlock casino-specific perks. As users earn Stars, their reward tier increases, and they can unlock better rewards like more lucrative bonuses with online casinos. When I joined this site, I started at the Copper level, but still had instant access to a number of LoyaltyStars-specific online casino offers at well-known sites like Bovada, Wild Casino and SlotoCash. I was even able to move from the starting Copper level to Bronze without even making a deposit at a casino, so moving up the rewards levels is easy.

The LoyaltyStars community is a forum that holds discussions on gambling topics. These topics range from recommended online casinos and the best sports bets to make, to wild personal experiences at casinos and other fun discussions. The more users interact with this forum, the more rewards that they receive.

LoyaltyStars also offers full reviews of online casinos from its expert review team. These reviews break down multiple online casinos, what the gambling sites offer and provide suggested bonuses. If you claim these bonuses, you can even receive Stars at LoyaltyStars as well. These reviews, along with the community opinion, can help users make decisions on which online casino sites they want to sign up for.

I think this site is a great way for users who know the online casino world well to be rewarded and be part of a community of like-minded people.

LoyaltyStars Rewards

The LoyaltyStars rewards program works by rewarding you with Stars that accumulate as you reach complete tasks. You can earn Stars from things as simple as liking another member’s post in the community forum to making a deposit at a partnered online casino. Smaller tasks earn smaller amounts of Stars, while things like deposits at online casinos earn more depending on their size. You can earn Stars by contributing to the online community forum, writing reviews of online gambling sites or for making deposits at partnered online casinos. Stars themselves are not redeemable for prizes, but instead they determine your reward tier and in turn determine what kinds of offers you receive from LoyaltyStars. The more stars that you accumulate, the better rewards you will be offered, such as free bets at online casinos or even free VPN services. These rewards are tiered, and moving through the tiers is as easy as collecting more Stars.

LoyaltyStars Tiers

There are six tiers in the LoyaltyStars rewards program. As you collect Stars, you move up the tiers and collect better rewards (bigger bonus offers, better cashback incentives). The best rewards lie in tiers Gold and above, which are considered VIP. You can earn up to 10% cashback in these VIP tiers. Once you hit Gold tier, you can be invited to the program as long as you are a member in good standing. Below is a breakdown of the tiers and the types of rewards you can expect in each one:

Tiers Number of Stars Needed Reward Examples



More free spins



No-deposit bonus offers



Higher reload bonuses



Crypto offers and 10% cashback



More Cashback offers and 10% cashback overall



Free tournaments and 10% cashback

How Do I Earn Loyalty Stars? 

Users collect Stars by reaching various milestones on the LoyaltyStars platform, or at partner casinos. The ways to earn Stars are broken down into three main types:

  • Make deposits at partnered casino websites — For every $1 deposited at one of the LoyalyStars’ partnered sites, you can earn 10 Stars. The more sites you play at, the more stars you can earn.

  • Engage with the LoyaltyStars community — These tasks come in many forms, such as editing or liking a forum post or receiving likes on one of your posts. These tasks typically provide you with a smaller number of Stars but are often easier to complete and don’t require any deposits. I received 40 Stars just for posting an emoji on a forum post.

  • Leave detailed and honest reviews of online gambling sites — If you are interested in writing reviews, this is a great way to earn Stars. LoyaltyStars provides rewards if you write a review of one of the partnered gambling sites and post it on its site. This way, you can provide your honest opinion on gambling sites and help others understand the pros and cons of these sites.

Online Gambling Bonus Offers at LoyaltyStars

When I signed up at LoyaltyStars, I could already see some bonuses available just for being a member. These offers usually include first deposit bonuses, or bonuses that offer free spins along with bonus cash. But, if you want to see even better bonuses, you will need to earn Stars. Earning Stars earns you access to more lucrative bonuses, cashback opportunities and more.

What Gambling Sites Partner with LoyaltyStars?

At LoyaltyStars, there are tons of partnered sites that it offers bonuses for. If you are looking for fiat or crypto gambling, there are online casinos for both. If you are seeking poker or sports betting, sports books and poker sites are all available. I was really excited to see my favorite sportsbook Bovada was partnered, but since I’m already a member, I won’t be able to claim the related perks. Other favorite partner sites include:

At Best US Casinos, our specialty is all things online casinos. Our experts conduct thorough reviews of many popular online casinos and breakdown what the sites excel at and how they can improve. Many of the casinos we endorse are partnered with LoyaltyStars, allowing you to sign up through them to collect stars and grab the best online casino rewards.

At Best US Casinos, our specialty is all things online casinos. Our experts conduct thorough reviews of many popular online casinos and breakdown what the sites excel at and how they can improve. Many of the casinos we endorse are partnered with LoyaltyStars, allowing you to sign up through them to collect stars and grab the best online casino rewards.

Comparing LoyaltyStars Partners

Rating 4.7 (Review) 4.0 (Review) 4.6 (Review) 4.0 (Review)
Established 2011 2016 2013 2016
Restricted States DE, MA, NV, NJ, NY DE, MA, NV, NJ, NY DE, MA, NV, NJ, NY None
Specialty Offers casino, sports and poker Live Dealer & Hot Drops Progressive Jackpot Slots Gameplay Vairety
Bonus $3,750 $2,500 $3,000 $3,000
Payout Speed 1-2 Days Max 1-2 Days Max 1-2 Days Max 1-2 Days Max

What Rewards Can I Get with LoyaltyStars?

After signing up at LoyaltyStars, I found nine bonuses available at the Copper rewards level. All these bonuses are various deposit bonuses at LoyaltyStars’ partnered casinos. These are the introductory offers, but as you collect Stars and move up the tiers of the rewards system, you’ll earn better rewards. These come in the form of bigger bonuses, free bets, cashback rewards and even free tournament entries. It’s too bad that you can’t currently integrate your pre-existing accounts, but I was happy to see enough good offers to entice me to try a new online casino. I’ve outlined some initial offers you can expect when you first sign up below.

LoyaltyStars Casino Offers

Most of the initial bonuses available at LoyaltyStars when I first signed up were casino welcome and deposit bonuses. I found all these bonuses to be awarded upon signing up at the casino site through LoyaltyStars. Each bonus comes with some sort of wager requirement or a max cashout amount as well.

Casino Offer Details/Type Wager Requirements Site Review

Cafe Casino Logo

100% bonus up to $500 + 20 free spins on Golden Buffalo

  • $50 max cashout
  • $0.40 free spin value

Our Review

Bovada Logo

100% match up to $500 + 25 free spins

  • 30x casino
  • 15x poker and sports

Our Review

Ignition Casino Logo

175% up to $1000 + 25 $1 Free Spins on A Night with Cleo

  • Not listed

Our Review

Slots.lv Logo

75% Bonus up to $300 + 25 free spins

  • $0.30 per spin
  • Max cash out $50

Our Review

Wild Casino Logo

260% up to $1,000 on your first deposit

  • 35x rollover requirement
  • Minimum deposit is $20

Our Review

Claim Exclusive Casino Offers at LoyaltyStars


Bonus 500+ stars

Payout 1-2 Days Max

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LoyaltyStars Poker Offers

Currently, poker site offers are not available at LoyaltyStars. However, the site says poker offers will be available soon, so I look forward to seeing what kind of bonuses are offered once LoyaltyStars releases them.

LoyaltyStars Sports Offers

Similar to the online casino bonuses, the sports bonuses are all deposit matches. There are currently three offered, each with specific rollover requirements and minimum deposit amounts.

Sportsbook Offer Details/Type Wager Requirements

Bovada Logo

200% match up to $2,000

  • $20 deposit minimum. Rollover Requirement 10x on sports/horses

BetOnline Logo

50% up to $1,100 first deposit bonus

  • $55 deposit minimum.
  • 10x rollover, expires in 30 days.

SportsBetting.ag Logo

50% up to $1,100 first deposit bonus

  • Not Listed

Claim Exclusive Sports Offers at LoyaltyStars


Bonus 500+ stars

Payout 1-2 Days Max

Read Review Visit Site

Loyalty Stars Crypto Offers

There are no crypto-specific bonus offers currently at LoyaltyStars. However, it does offer some benefits to crypto users, such as access to free crypto wallets. I am hoping to see more crypto offers in the site’s future.

LoyaltyStars Community

The Community Forum section of the LoyaltyStars website is a fun way to talk to other gamblers online, exchange thoughts on games or casino sites, read reviews and get tips on games. Just like a typical forum, people post their thoughts on various gambling topics, and it opens the floor for discussion to all other LoyaltyStars members. There are six categories on the forum: casino, crypto, general, poker, sports, and general site feedback. Under each of these topics, you can find tons of posts from users talking about both online and live gambling.

If you’re looking to join the discussion, it was easy to get started. After I signed up at LoyaltyStars, I simply clicked the “Community Forum” button at the top of the screen and scrolled through the discussions that were going on. When I clicked on any of the topics, I could interact with the discussion by liking, sharing or replying to the posts. If you want to make your own discussion, you can click the “New Topic” button at the top right of the screen and make your own post.

The best part of all of this is, you can get rewarded for all your interactions by receiving Stars to unlock better rewards. Smaller interactions such as liking or editing a post can net you a few Stars, while things like adding posts or writing reviews can give you bigger rewards.

What are trust levels on LoyaltyStars?

Trust levels are rewarded to users at LoyaltyStars who engage a lot with the community forum. There are five trust levels in total, which are as follows:

  • Trust Level 0 – New

  • Trust Level 1 – Basic

  • Trust Level 2 – Member

  • Trust Level 3 – Regular

  • Trust Level 4 – Leader

As you interact more with the community, you can go up through the trust levels on LoyaltyStars. The more you ascend through the levels, the more capabilities you can get on the forum. For example, when I started my account, I was at trust level 0, which allowed me to do things like making and editing my own posts. However, to do things like flag posts or email other members privately, I would have had to engage with the community and increase my trust level before doing so. I like this feature because you can check the levels of people who post on the site and understand which users are more trustworthy. Users can even earn badges to show off their trust level to others. These badges appear on your profile and make it so you can quickly check a user’s level when reading their post

Gambling Site Reviews from LoyaltyStars

On LoyaltyStars, there are two types of useful reviews that you can find. The first is LoyaltyStars’ own expert reviews. Under the “Review” tab at the top of the page, I found reviews on most of the site’s partnered casinos and other products like crypto wallets. I found these reviews to be extensive breakdowns of the pros and cons of the casino sites, the bonuses the site offers, banking options, an overall rating and more. The reviews also gave me a good idea of which casinos to trust, and which ones offer the type of online casino you are looking for.

Along with expert reviews, LoyaltyStars also lets its community write casino reviews to get the full perspective on these sites. At the bottom of each of LoyaltyStars’ reviews, I found a spot to leave my review of that casino. I preferred going through the user reviews as I was able to get a more honest perspective and gave me a better idea of the quality of some of these casino sites. I also liked having the opportunity to talk about my experiences and reading about other users’ thoughts.

If you decide to write reviews, not only will you be helping other users on the site, but you will also be rewarded. For each review you write, you can receive 100 Stars, up to a maximum of once per week. I received 150 Stars for my first review, and I even got a few Stars for reading reviews. I really liked this review system because it is a great way to get involved with the community while also collecting rewards.

How Does LoyaltyStars Protect Users?

LoyaltyStars only requires an email and username upon signing up. It states that this information is taken for the sole purpose of signing up and not used for anything else. LoyaltyStars also states that you have full rights to delete your information off the site, should you feel it necessary to do so.

I appreciated the fact that there is a site feedback category on the forum. Here you can write posts about things that you like about the site or things you want the site to improve on. Currently, since the site is new, there weren’t any posts at the time of this review. But once LoyaltyStars gains more users there will no doubt be feedback to help the reward site improve.

Community Guidelines

LoyaltyStars has a full outline of all the community guidelines on its site. The site recommends that if you see bad behavior, you should report it. It also tells you to avoid any avoid criticizing individuals and keep all conversations civil. I really like how LoyaltyStars has moderators to keep the forum in order, while it also lets its community do their part and self-moderate.

Mobile Experience at LoyaltyStars

Just like the desktop site, I found the mobile site to be effortless to navigate and fully accessible. I went to the site through my Android device, and had no problem logging in and finding reviews, the community forum and the rewards center. Once I logged onto LoyaltyStars’ mobile site, I was able to claim rewards, read reviews and access everything I could on the mobile site. The site adapts automatically to fit the screen as well.

LoyaltyStars Mobile Screenshot

How do I Join LoyaltyStars?

I found the signup process for LoyaltyStars was straightforward, and I was able to earn rewards just by signing up.
LoyaltyStars Signup and Verify

Step 1: Start signing up

On the LoyaltyStars homepage, hit the “Sign Up” button and click “Register” on the following page to begin the signup process.

Step 2: Enter your information

Choose your username, password and enter your email. LoyaltyStars will send you a confirmation email that you can use to verify your account.

Step 3: Sign in and start earning rewards

Now that you have signed up, you can log in to the site using your selected username and password and immediately start claiming the bonuses offered.

How do I link my gambling site accounts with LoyaltyStars?

The linking process for your gambling site accounts is simple. By signing up as a new member through the promotional links on LoyaltyStars, new casino accounts are automatically linked.

LoyaltyStars Signup Screen

Can I link an existing account with LoyaltyStars?

Currently, you cannot link your existing online casino accounts with LoyaltyStars. The bonuses are for new users at LoyaltyStars’ partnered sites. However, I took advantage of the great bonuses and other great offers at any of the other partnered sites that offered. For example, if you’re a member at Bovada already, you cannot claim the perks related to Bovada. However, if you sign up through LoyaltyStars to Ignition, you’ll be able to claim Ignition’s perks.

LoyaltyStars: Final Verdict

Based on my experience, LoyaltyStars is one of the best online casino loyalty programs for people who have been looking to socialize more while gambling online with the added bonus of redeemable casino rewards. My favorite part of the site was definitely the community forum. There were tons of discussions on all kinds of topics, ranging from recommending online gambling sites and sports betting tips to gambling superstitions and stories. I found the best part of this forum is being rewarded for taking part. There are multiple different Stars rewards you can earn just for interacting with LoyaltyStars’ forum, so collecting Stars is easy. I also liked how many of the sites that we at Best US Casinos have reviewed and trust are partnered with LoyaltyStars. You can grab exclusive bonuses at top sites like Bovada and Wild Casino as you climb the tiers of the rewards program.

The part that I did not like about LoyaltyStars is the fact that it does not display the higher tier rewards until you hit that reward level. Without seeing the rewards directly, the motivation to climb the Stars tiers is a bit unclear. Other than that, one thing I would like to see changed on the site is allowing us to link our pre-existing casino accounts with the LoyaltyStars site instead of having to sign up at new casino sites. This limitation may have seasoned online gamblers going elsewhere to find rewards if they are already signed up at many of the top online casinos.

Join Loyalty Stars Now


Bonus 500+ stars

Payout 1-2 Days Max

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