Best Kansas Online Casinos 2021

Kansas online casinos prove instrumental for gamblers who want to play all their favorite casino games but can’t get to a land-based casino.

These Kansas real money gambling sites feature all the games that can be found in the best US casinos, but they provide a lot more convenience for people who want to gamble wherever they are.

In the following article, we’ll dig deep into everything having to do with gambling in Kansas. We’ll talk about the best online gambling sites, along with what makes them the top choices when compared to the rest.

In addition, we’ll delve into the different advantages of playing online, using mobile casino apps, and the legal questions surrounding gambling in Kansas.

The Best Online Casinos for Kansas Gamblers

If you’re going to dive into the world of online casinos that accept KS players, it’s important that you start with the best. For that reason, we’ve done the research for you, looking at dozens of the most popular online gambling sites. We’ve come up with the following list:

Rank Online Casino Key Info Bonus Info Visit Casino
  • 250% First Deposit Bonus
  • Fast Payout Times
  • Large Selection of Games
  • Excellent Payout Speeds
  • 280% Welcome Bonus
  • Brand New Casino
  • Large Selection of Slots
  • Variety of Banking Options
  • 300% Bonus up to $6,000
  • Caters to US Customers
  • 200% Welcome Bonus
  • Great Customer Service
  • Many Different Offerings
  • 300+ Betsoft Slots
  • 3-6 Hr. Payout Time

It’s important to realize that this brief list represents the best of the best of Kansas online casinos. There are poor sites, there are mediocre ones, and there are solid ones. These are the top-rated choices.

Why is that a big deal? You have to realize that a lot goes into the process of online casino gambling, it’s about more than simply making bets and winning money.

Kansas State Icon, Dice Icon, Two Casino Chip Icons

That last part only happens once all the technicalities are taken care of, such as how you’ll get paid, when you’ll get paid, and what happens when problems arise.

You need to understand exactly what goes into Kansas online casino gambling. Read on to find out more.

Top Kansas Casinos by Category

The Characteristics of a Top Kansas Gambling Site

It’s likely that there is no perfect online gambling site for Kansas players, but the sites we listed above are as close as you’ll be able to find. The reason is that they are well-balanced.

As we mentioned above, when you take on the process of online gambling in Kansas, you’ll notice certain important qualities that come to the fore. If you choose a site on your own, these are the qualities you should be seeking in a Kansas casino that will fulfill you in a positive way.

Take a look at some of the major ones below.

Online Banking Features

When you gamble online for real money, you will be withdrawing and depositing funds into your account. You’ll also be asking the casino to hold your money in between these processes.

In essence, the KS casino sites will be acting as your bank during that time, and as you should when you choose a bank, you have to make sure you’re happy with their procedures.

This starts with checking out the funding options they have available to you.

As you’ll find out when we start to talk about the legal issues surrounding KS casinos online, some credit card companies and banks might balk at having their money used for online gambling.

That’s why it’s important that any site you use takes this into account and gives you a wide range of funding options.

In addition, you’ll want to choose fast payout casinos that will let you quickly get your hands on your winnings.

Most Kansas gambling websites will explain their procedures for the rules and timing of withdrawals right on their website. You should expect some time to pass before you get your winnings, but it shouldn’t be an unreasonable span.

Casino Game Variety

Let’s talk about the fun part of gambling in Kansas. If you’re going to be playing at KS online casinos, you want the full experience. And that means being able to play all the games that you can find in a land-based casino, only in an online comfort zone.

Icon of Three Casino Slot Machines

There are a few different ways that variety comes into play in the world of online casino gambling. First of all, there should be an excellent selection of basic games. In other words, games like poker, video poker, blackjack, and roulette should be a given at these sites.

But you should also consider the variety within each particular game. For example, there are hundreds of different versions of video poker available.

Make sure the Kansas online gambling sites you choose have you covered in every possible way in terms of game selection.

Reliable and Safe Gambling

We’re here talking about safe real money online gambling sites available to Kansas players and others in the US.

The only way to win money from these online Kansas casinos is to fund money in a bankroll first. That means you’ll be trusting the site with your cash.

Laptop Displaying Security Lock on Screen

Of course, there are many unscrupulous people out there, many of whom take to the internet and the largely unregulated world of online gambling.

Should you provide them with information that they can use in some way, there is really nothing stopping them from scamming you. That would turn your Kansas gambling experience into a nightmare.

For that reason, stick to online casino websites that have these qualities:

  • They’ve been around for a number of years.
  • They have the stamp of approval from experienced Kansas online gambling sites.
  • Their reputation is respected in the industry.

If you keep to that, you can generally be sure of a Kansas online casino that fits those descriptions. And you can then have peace of mind that your money and personal information will be safe.

Here are some important points we look for in a secure online casino:

  • SSL encryption (highest level, sitewide)
  • Proactive approach to eliminating threats
  • Staff dedicated to safety and security
  • Trusted banking relationships (quality partners)
  • Properly integrated banking mediums
  • Track record of trusted service to customers

Customer Service Quality

As you spend your time gambling at real money Kansas casinos, there are invariably some problems that are bound to come up. It’s the nature of the beast, especially when you’re dealing with technology, which can be unreliable even at the best of the sites.

Maybe you’ll encounter an issue while playing a game, or maybe you’re having some problems getting your withdrawals or deposits done.

Ribbon, Quality Guaranteed

You might even just want to ask a question about an issue that needs clarification.

Whatever the case, you’ll want the online casinos that you choose to be able to respond in a quick fashion. And when you’re considering where to play online casino games in Kansas, you’ll want to feel like they’re genuinely eager to solve any problem that you have.

When it comes to quality customer service, another big part of it is just the ability to get in touch with the site. That means they provide a number of different methods for this to happen, and they allow you to make contact 24 hours a day.

If all of that is in place, it will make a huge difference in your experience at these Kansas online casinos.

Kansas Online Casino Bonuses and Perks

If you’ve never gambled online before for real money, you might not realize that you’ll be wooed by the different sites. After all, they have to stand out in a crowded online gambling environment where many sites fall by the wayside.

The way that they court you is by offering you online casino bonuses that boost the value of your betting dollar.

Icon of Person Jumping, Poker Cards Icon, Dice Icon

There are a number of ways that they can do this, such as:

  • Initial sign-on bonuses, which usually come as a percentage of your initial deposit
  • Reload bonuses, which come when you put more money into your account after not playing for a while
  • VIP perks, which are afforded to players who gamble a lot of money at a particular Kansas online casino
  • Free spins or games, which you can play risk-free
  • Special promotions, which can be open to anyone who belongs to a Kansas online casino and can be tied into a season or event

Keep in mind that some bonuses at Kansas casino sites might not be too beneficial to casual gamblers. That’s because they could demand rollover or playthrough requirements that restrict the winnings you can collect from the bonuses.

It’s all about the quality of the bonuses at Kansas casinos, instead of just the quantity.

Easy to Use Casino Interface

If you’re going to be spending a lot of time with real money gambling in Kansas, you’ll want to make sure that the experience is a pleasant one. And much of that has to do with what you see on the screen and what you hear as you move around and play the games.

That’s what we mean by the user interface. It’s an underrated yet important part of the online gambling experience.

You’ll want to make sure that the site that you choose is easy to use, even if you’re a relative novice with technology.

You should be able to get from page to page on the site very quickly. And you should be able to understand the online process by which you deposit money or request money to be withdrawn.

One other important part of the online casino experience, as it pertains to the user interface, is making sure that the games work. Newer sites tend to struggle in this department, as their games suffer through glitches that can come right in the middle of gameplay.

You should check out any site for user interface issues before ultimately deciding to go with them.

Quality Control Checklist for Kansas Online Casino Sites:

  • The newest casino games are available
  • Classic favorites are also available
  • Casino games have updated graphics
  • Quality animations with no lag
  • Fast game servers
  • Trustworthy gambling options
  • Exceptional customer service

Popular Forms of Gambling in Kansas


Slots Icon Wide
Slots are the most popular form of gambling both online and at land-based casinos. Many casinos may offer a limited variety of blackjack, video poker, or other casino games, they tend to carry well over 100 slot machines for their players.

The process is as simple as putting your money into the machine, pulling the lever, and seeing whether or not you are a winner in a matter of seconds!

Referred to as one-armed bandits, fruit machines, or poker machines, slots are appealing for their attractive and colorful appearances, fun sounds, and the instant gratification of knowing whether or not you have won without much waiting!



Blackjack Icon Wide
Blackjack remains another extremely popular form of gambling both online and at land-based casinos. Statistically, blackjack is a game that has one of the lowest house edges, which allows players to win more often.

Of course, strategy does come into play at the blackjack table. This is why blackjack is attractive to advantage gamblers and why players using the correct strategies can walk away with some solid winnings and payback!

Casinos tend to offer multiple varieties of online blackjack games due to the customer demand and their popularity. You can try single-deck, double-deck, even eight-deck blackjack.



Craps Icon Wide

Craps is is another of the iconic online casino games that now has a huge following online. Craps has been around for hundreds of years and, since its introduction into the United States, it has remained extremely popular and a favorite among avid gamblers.

Do not let the complicated appearance of the gaming board fool you! This game is actually quite easy to learn and has a low house edge, meaning that new and old players alike have a good shot at winning often!

Few gambling experiences compare to going on a hot streak in craps. It’s no wonder this remains one of the most popular table games at real money online casinos.

The best way to really understand craps is to jump in and play it for yourself.



Baccarat Icon Wide

Baccarat is another game that has a low house edge. Players have almost as good a chance of winning at baccarat as they do with blackjack. It carries a lot of risk for casinos, as it is not uncommon for them to be paying out millions in winnings each day.

However, online casinos have the opportunity to make a lot of money as well if the odds are in their favor.

Baccarat tends to attract more high rollers than the average casino game and carries more dignity and prestige.

Because baccarat has a long history and was played amongst the elites of yesteryear, the game carries larger minimums and maximums for its players to this day. This keeps it in line with its celebrated status and perception.


The Legality of Online Casinos in Kansas

Whenever you’re talking about legal online betting in the United States, there are two issues you have to consider:

  1. What are the state laws concerning Kansas casino sites?
  2. What are the national laws concerning online gambling in general?
As far as US federal laws, the US Wire Act of 1961 and the 2006 UIGEA both seem to have landed on the side of making online gambling in the United States illegal. But you might have noticed that there haven’t been a lot of arrests of individual gamblers in the time since.

There a couple reasons for this:

  • Most online gambling in the US is done through offshore, overseas sites, which are located in areas where online gambling is legal.
  • United States laws put the onus on the institution taking bets instead of the person making wagers.

As for Kansas casinos online, this page from the Kansas Racing and Gaming Commission website spells out what’s legal and illegal in the state.

To summarize it all, lotteries, non-profit bingo and instant bingo, and dog and horse racing are legal avenues for betting. Everything else is illegal, although Native American reservation casinos do exist in the state (more on them in a bit) and, more recently, commercial casinos were added to the mix as well.

Icon of Law Book

Based on those laws, that would seem to make Kansas online gambling a nonstarter. But we come back to the points listed above. Kansas online casino sites are actually done through overseas gambling sites.

Even if deemed illegal by the letter of the law, gambling online in Kansas is not something that would cause you to face prosecution, a fine, or any ramifications whatsoever. Only the sites themselves and any payment processors have to worry about that.

You, as a bettor, can gamble at Kansas online casinos with no worries.

Casino Apps Offered to Kansas Residents

Kansas casino apps are an extension of the world of online casinos with poker. These gambling apps can allow you to play all your favorites, including live dealer casino games, wherever you are.

Even if you’re away from a computer, you can still get all your favorite action using these mobile apps at your leisure any time of the day.

State Flag of Kansas

You should keep in mind that these Kansas casino gambling apps should be held to the same high standards that you have for US online casinos.

In other words, you should see a wide variety of casino games, excellent bonuses, reliable banking, and fast payouts coming your way when you win.

Many of these Kansas online casino apps will be adjuncts of the online gambling sites we’ve mentioned throughout, since having a mobile component is another must in the online gambling world.

You might also encounter some standalone KS casino apps at the app stores included on your various devices. Having a gambling app really makes sense so that you make your bets and play your favorite games at your ultimate convenience.

Real Money Sports Betting in Kansas

We mentioned above that horse racing and dog racing is available for wagers in Kansas. But there are no physical tracks in the state anymore.

As a result, any pari-mutuel wagering (the term used for the type of betting used in horse and dog racing) has to be done at off-track sites, which can only exist if allowed in a local jurisdiction.

Most sports gambling done in Kansas has to come through online sports betting sites. These sites operate in the same legal gray area as casino sites for Kansas residents. While sports gambling at large is technically illegal in the state, there is no law stopping bettors from taking part in online action overseas.

Thus, Kansas sports bettors can sign up for one of the top sports gambling sites. These sites share many of the same characteristics as Kansas gambling sites focused on casino games, only with a focus on sports betting.

In addition, fantasy sports, which is a different kind of betting, can also take place in the online arena by Kansas residents.

The Best Land-Based Casinos in Kansas

Here’s the Kansas Casino Landscape by the Numbers:

  • 11 casinos
  • 11,405 slots and gaming machines
  • 165 table games
  • 44 live poker tables

We already mentioned a bit about how casino gambling is somewhat limited in the state according to the law. But as is the case with many other states, casinos are legal on Native American reservations that are located within the state’s borders.

And the recent decision in the last few decades to allow commercial casinos has also broadened the scope of gambling in the state to an extent.

Hollywood Casino at Kansas Speedway

These casinos in Kansas may lack the breadth of what you might expect from casinos in Las Vegas or New Jersey, among other US states. But they do offer action for those nearby who want to do their gambling in person instead of dealing with Kansas casino gambling online.

In addition, these casinos offer more variety in terms of games and betting options than casinos located elsewhere in the country in what might be considered as conservative states.

Prairie Band Casino and Resort

Take a Look at Our Top Picks for Land-Based Casinos in Kansas:

Casino Address Phone Number of Games
Hollywood Casino at Kansas Speedway 777 Casino Blvd, Kansas City, KS 66111 913-288-9300 2,000+
Kansas Star Casino Hotel Event Center 777 Kansas Star Drive, Mulvane, KS 67110 316-558-5710 1,900+
Boot Hill Casino and Resort 4000 W Comanche St., Dodge City, KS 67801 620-682-7777 700+
Kansas Crossing Casino and Hotel 1275 S, US-69, Pittsburg, KS 66762 620-240-4400 600+
Sac and Fox Casino – Powhattan 1322 US-75, Powhattan, KS 66527 785-467-8000 700+
Golden Eagle Casino 1121 Goldfinch Rd, Horton, KS 66439 785 486 6601 600+
Casino White Cloud 777 Jackpot Dr, White Cloud, KS 66094 785-595-3430 350+
7th Street Casino 777 N 7th St Trafficway, Kansas City, KS 66101 913-371-3500 550+
Prairie Band Casino and Resort 12305 150th Rd, Mayetta, KS 66509 785 966 7777 1,200+

Kansas brick and mortar casinos are governed by Chapters 21 and 74 of the Kansas statutes. Here are the significant takeaways from both of these sources:

  • Tribal and state-run casinos are legal.
  • Horseracing and dog racing are not legal in the state (since 2008).
  • Charitable bingo is legal.
  • Prizes to winners of contests of skill, speed, strength, or endurance are permitted.
  • Quarter pushers are illegal.
  • Raffles conducted by the state, tribal government, or a qualified non-profit is legal under Kansas law.

Final Tips for Gambling at Online Kansas Casinos

  • Shop around for casino bonuses. While bonuses shouldn’t be the ultimate factor in deciding which Kansas online casinos you choose, they certainly do make a big difference. You should be looking at which bonuses give you the most in terms of the games you’re hoping to play. And you should also consider how often you’re going to play to make sure you can meet playthrough and rollover restrictions.
  • Watch out for wild promises. If you see an online casino promising that you are going to win money at their site, it’s a good sign that they’re trying to scam you. Think about it: if all the gamblers at the site won money, that site would probably be out of business pretty quick. Instead, go to the Kansas online casinos that we listed, since they have proven to be trustworthy.
  • Consider alternative payment methods. In particular, many online casinos are now open to accepting payment in cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin. One of the main draws of these digital coins is that the settlement time is much faster than for other payment methods. In fact, many Kansas online casinos will even give special bonuses to those who deal in cryptocurrency, because they know how valuable that currency is becoming.
  • Don’t be afraid of using multiple sites. As long as the Kansas online casinos you choose are trustworthy, there is no drawback to using multiple sites to gamble for real money. First of all, you might be able to collect more bonuses that way. In addition, you can probably find games unique to the separate sites that will broaden your overall gambling experience.

Kansas Online Casinos FAQ

  • What Do You Mean When You Say “Real Money Kansas Online Casinos?”

    We mean that these casinos feature games where you put real money at stake and win money gambling online in Kansas. This is opposed to the free online sites that are often found on the internet. Those sites offer you gameplay but only for fun, not for real money.

  • How Do Rollovers Work on Gambling Bonuses?

    A rollover requires you to bet a certain multiplier of the amount of both your deposit and the amount you were awarded. For example: You get a 50% bonus on a $100 deposit and have to satisfy a 10x rollover. That means you have to bet $1,500 (10 times 150) before you can collect winnings from the bonus.

  • What if I Can’t Use My Favorite Method of Payment at a Kansas Online Casino?

    Ideally, the best Kansas online casinos will offer you many different options for withdrawing and depositing money as it pertains to your gambling account. This will help in case one of your preferred methods doesn’t work, perhaps because of legal worries. You should go into the process with an open mind about trying different payment and withdrawal methods to streamline the gambling process.

  • Do Kansas Gambling Sites Allow Sports Betting?

    Many of the top gambling sites are online casino sites with sports betting, which allow you to wager on just about everything. That means you should be able to find many Kansas online casinos with sportsbooks. Certain sites might also link to sportsbooks as adjunct sites that can often be tied in with your online casino account.