The Best Keno Specialty Games at BetOnline

Two Different Casino Games

BetOnline is one of the best casinos available online. It has a great selection of casino games, including Keno.

The game of keno gets a bad rap among casino players. It has a high house edge, so many players avoid it. But it also offers the chance to win huge prizes on a single bet.

Playing keno at a top casino site like BetOnline makes the experience that much better. Keep reading to see the top keno games available at this casino site. Also, we will tell you why BetOnline is one of the best casinos for playing keno specialty games.

What Is a Keno Specialty Game?

First and foremost, what even are specialty keno games? For those who do not know, keno is a lottery-style casino game. Players can bet on numbers from one to 80 that they think will appear. Then, 20 winning numbers will be drawn.

The payout odds for keno will vary based on how many numbers you wagered on. Casinos also use different pay tables, so it is important to read the rules before you start playing.

Keno is an easy casino game to learn. But many players avoid keno specialty games before they have a low return to player (RTP). Your odds of winning are low, so your chances of losing money over time are higher than most other casino games.

Still, millions of people play the game every year. That is because the best keno specialty games can reward players with huge prizes.

Why You Should Play Keno Specialty Games at BetOnline

BetOnline has decades of experience as a high-quality casino site. It was first launched in 2001, making it one of the oldest casinos available online.

Despite its age, BetOnline has had little to no trouble keeping up with the desires of contemporary casino players. The casino offers hundreds of popular titles, including real money slots and poker.

One aspect that really sets BetOnline apart from the competition is its selection of keno specialty games. Most players are lucky if their preferred casino offers one variation of Keno. But this gambling site offers five different types of keno.

BetOnline is also a safe betting site that offers a ton of banking methods, including cryptocurrencies. It also has a great selection of casino bonuses for new and existing members.

Sadly, BetOnline is not available in all jurisdictions. If you are unable to access the site for any reason, check out one of these highly rated casinos.

All of the sites above impressed our casino experts and are secure casino sites. You can sign up at any of the casinos above and start playing casino games today.

BetOnline’s Best Keno Specialty Games

The keno specialty games at BetOnline are some of the best you will find online. Here are five keno games we suggest you try at this great casino.

Keno Megapays

First on our list of keno specialty games is a game called Keno Megapays. Players in this keno game pick between two and 10 numbers to wager on. Stake amounts range from $1.00 all the way to $10.00.

Once you have selected your numbers and placed your bet, the fun begins. 20 random numbers are chosen to be the winning numbers.

Keno Megapays deserves your attention because it defies stereotypes about keno games. Players can get an RTP of up to 91.7%, which is significantly higher than your average keno game. The game itself features a maximum prize of 10,000x your stake amount.

One of the parts of this game that I liked the most was the user interface. You can easily see which winning numbers have hit as they are displayed at the bottom of the screen. Players can also easily change their stake amounts between rounds.

Another great feature of this keno specialty game is that you can play multiple games at once. You can click the “5” or “10” games options to auto-play the corresponding number of rounds. This is similar to the auto-spin feature that is popular in real money slot games.

American Keno

Next on our list of great specialty keno games at BetOnline is American Keno. This version of keno allows players to wager up to $15 per card. Similar to Keno Megapays, the top prize in this game is 10,000x your stake amount.

American Keno also offers players the chance to earn a high RTP. An optimal keno strategy can boost the RTP all the way to 90.9%.

Another great feature of American Keno is its random number generator (RNG). BetOnline uses RNGs to ensure that all of its casino games are fair to players. The RNG in this keno specialty game means that you can bet with confidence.

Online Keno Game Screenshot

If you are having trouble deciding which numbers to play, you can use the random picks feature. The game will select up to 10 numbers at random. You easily switch the chosen numbers if you do not like them.

Players can also easily see their past selections and the previous winning numbers. This makes it easy to track your results as you play. It is also a huge help to people using a hot or cold number strategy to play this game.

Keno Vegas

Las Vegas is the pinnacle of the casino gambling experience. But not every gambler can take a trip to Sin City to play their favorite specialty keno games.

Keno Vegas brings the lights and sounds of Las Vegas to your computer or mobile device. This is one of the best specialty keno games you will ever play.

Few keno games feature as many options as Keno Vegas when it comes to customizing your gambling experience. First and foremost, the stake amounts range from $0.10 all the way up to $25.

Also, players can use the “Lucky Dip” button to randomly select the numbers they want to play. Or you can manually click your selections. The auto-play feature allows you to play between five and 500 rounds with the same numbers.

One of the few downsides of Keno Vegas is that players can only select up to 15 numbers, instead of the normal 20. However, the game makes up for this with an incredible RTP of 94.45%.

The background of the game is also very visually appealing. Keno Vegas is set on the Las Vegas Strip. You can see many iconic buildings from the Strip in the background while you are playing.

Keno Fortunes

BetOnline members can also access Keno Fortunes. This keno game is perfect for the casino fanatic who also loves to finish.

The game itself is set along a river and features images of fish, cattails, and other relaxing sights. Keno Fortunes has several features that make it a breeze to play.

Like Keno Vegas, Keno Fortunes has a “Lucky Dip” feature that can randomly select your numbers for you. Or you can choose to individually pick the numbers you want to play. This keno game also has a great auto-play feature.

You can also reset the board by clicking the “Clear” button. This feature makes it super easy to start fresh if the game is not going your way. The winning numbers are displayed in a bingo style as they are drawn.

And if that is not enough to convince you to play, the RTP in Keno Fortunes is also super impressive. At 94.45%, this game has one of the highest keno RTPs you will come across. You can take advantage of this low keno house edge and start winning money today.

Keno Jackpot

Rounding out our list of the best keno specialty games is Keno Jackpot. This version of keno is not as flashy as other versions on our list. But it is still worth playing thanks to its high RTP.

The RTP in Keno Jackpot is 94.45%. That means that the house edge is only 5.55%, which is on par with many online casino games. It also means that you have a great chance to win money from playing this keno game.

Players are only able to select 15 numbers in Keno Jackpot. But there are still 20 winning numbers selected, so your odds of winning are not negatively affected.

One of my favorite parts of this keno game was the simplistic user interface. You easily see your current balance, stake amount, and the amount you won. Also, players can adjust their stake amount with the click of a button.


BetOnline is the perfect betting site for players looking for keno specialty games. You can sign up today and start playing all of the keno games listed above. Check out these keno tips for more help learning how to win consistently at this game.

You can also learn more about keno and other casino games by checking out our latest casino blogs.

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