9 Keno Tips That Will Change How You View the Game

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Keno is far from the most popular casino game with most gamblers. You’re not going to find considerable representation from the younger crowd playing keno.

The image that keno is dedicated to the retirees and losers isn’t wholly inaccurate. Yet, it’s partially unfair.

Yes, the keno halls can be sad places where hapless gamblers lose their last three bucks. But keno also has benefits for players of all ages.

Here are 9 keno tips that will change how you view the game. You may not rush to play keno for real money on your nest casino trip, but you’ll always know it’s an option.

1 – Chasing the Perfect 20 will Drive You Mad

I’m confident some of you have taken your shot at one of the massive Powerball drawings. It’s enticing to spend $2 with a possible return of over $500 million.

Yet, we all know how terrible the odds of winning the giant lottery are. Still, someone’s going to win sooner or later.

It happens with at least a bit of regularity. The insane odds in Powerball drawings work out to about 1 in 392 million.

However, the 20/20 card in keno is around 12 billion times less likely to be hit. We’re talking about numbers in the quintillions. I used Google to decode the 19-digit figure.

Casinos don’t even waste their time projecting the prize amount for a perfect 20 card. Understanding that you should avoid the 20/20 card in any situation will help you get more from keno.

2 – Knowing the Odds Helps, Even If You Don’t Play

Keno odds vary depending on the game you’re playing. They fluctuate greatly depending on how many numbers you play.

I want to focus on three standard casino keno odds. There are three keno bets in most casinos that payout $25k on a $1 ticket.

Most keno gamblers are swinging for the fences; focusing on the higher payout is prudent.

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Getting 10/10, 9/9, or 8/8 will net you a sizable $25k payout. As you probably know, getting eight numbers right is more manageable than ten numbers.

Here’s how the odds break down for each of these wagers:

  • 10 of 10 – 1 in 8,911,711
  • 9 of 9 – 1 in 1,380,688
  • 8 of 8 – 1 in 230,114

Getting all eight numbers correct is six times more likely than getting 9 of 9. Getting all nine is about six times easier than getting 10/10.

Remember that all three of these wagers carry the same $25k payout for a winner. Which bet seems like the best bet for you?

If you said anything other than betting 8 of 8, you’re wrong. Keeping this in mind is almost sure to make you play better.

3 – Here’s How to Play Keno with a 3% House Advantage

One of the significant hurdles for keno players is the insane house edge. Most casino keno bets have a house edge between 18-40%.

That’s far worse than the poorest RTP slots on the planet. It’s also a significant reason for keno’s insufficient numbers.

However, things don’t have to be so bleak. Find an online casino with the best payouts if you’re a keno enthusiast and want to enjoy better odds.

NetEnt and Odds On both have keno games with a payback percentage over 96%. That gives players a chance to enjoy keno with a house edge comparable to many popular table games.

If you want to reinvent how keno works, find an online game with payback percentages close to 97%.

4 – Don’t Be Afraid to Bet Consecutive Numbers

There’s spotty data online that say betting consecutive numbers will help your chances. It shouldn’t shock you that there’s no concrete scientific data to back this up.

Many keno players believe that consecutive numbers come up more often than others. But the random number generators used to churn out results don’t work like that.

Instead, it’s likely our brains see the pattern when consecutive numbers hit. That cements in our minds that consecutive numbers happen more often; they don’t.

Keno Machine Screen, Stack of Money

I bring this to your attention because most novice gamblers avoid consecutive numbers. You don’t need to be afraid of betting consecutive numbers.

Keno is a random game of chance, and 33,34 is as likely to come up as 21,40. So, mix things to your liking.

If you’re not having fun playing keno, you’re wasting your money.

5 – Take Some Time to Learn to Play Keno Before Dropping Any Cash

Keno doesn’t require players to have a genius-level IQ to play and enjoy. The game is straightforward and doesn’t contain many surprises.

Still, there are things that would be best to know before you start leveraging your cash.

You want to be direct and clear with the ticket booth when you’re in the keno hall. Otherwise, you could end up putting all your eggs in one basket.

Another step that will improve your success at keno is getting in some practice. That won’t help you spot any weaknesses in the casinos’ defense. There aren’t any.

But it could allow you to develop your own style and become more familiar with keno. Playing online keno for free is an excellent way to learn the game.

6 – Play the Cold Numbers

I know keno aficionados that swear the cold numbers are where it’s at in keno.

Choosing the numbers that haven’t come around in the longest stretch seems logical. The laws of probability theoretically increase with each passing draw.

Yet, each drawing is a random event with no relation to previous drawings. The problem is the likelihood that eight cold numbers will be drawn together is low.

El Royale Online Keno Game

Keno players shouldn’t chase the cold numbers, but you don’t have to avoid them either.

When you’re playing small cards of 4 numbers or less, the cold numbers could be a winning formula. That keeps you focused on a small range of numbers.

7 – Playing Keno Online Has Enough Variety to Keep It Fresh

There are tons of advantages to playing keno at an online casino. I’ve covered the ability to practice for free and the much healthier odds.

Yet, there’s another significant benefit that gets ignored. Online casinos offer an insane number of keno games to guests.

The list of popular titles soars over 50. Many of the games have excellent bonus potential.

You may play a game that gives you a multiplier or one that awards free games for getting a unique number.

The most significant benefit of this vast catalog is variety. Keno can be monotonous when played on a regular basis.

By finding a group of games you prefer to play, things stay fresh. As one game starts to become dull, you can switch to a game that has different features.

Variety is critical to long-term enjoyment in casinos. Online casinos are doing a fantastic job of making keno exciting for gamblers.

8 – Stick to Betting a Range of Four to Eight Numbers

The optimal range of numbers for playing keno falls in the four to eight range. There are 80 numbers in a standard keno game.

That makes it challenging to pick three and be right. Even if you nail it, the payout is weak.

Betting four numbers is an excellent low-end bet but won’t offer you the highest payouts. Still, getting 4 of 4 is far more lucrative than getting 4 of 10.

Piles of Money, Two Keno Tickets

I like eight for a simple reason; it offers a giant payout. Getting 8/8 numbers will make you $25k.

Compare that to getting 8/9 for $2500, and my logic is clear. Betting eight numbers gives me the best shot at making a good score.

9 – Playing Keno Progressives Could be Worth Millions

The world of progressive jackpots is impressive. The notion that a player could sit down at a casino game and walk out with enough money to buy a house is incredible.

Once gamblers became savvy that 8/8 was paying the same as 9/9 and 10/10, the gig was up. Casinos had to make a change or begin losing revenue in the keno rooms.

So, they began introducing progressive jackpots on keno. These have been a tremendous draw for players.

The most popular and progressive jackpot is Mega Keno. The prizes for this 10 number game are in the seven-figure range for any lucky winner.

I bet you never thought you could play keno and walk away with a $2 million prize.

Will This Make You a Keno Winner?

When you take all these parts and combine them, there are no guarantees that you’ll win. Install these best practices, and you will get more enjoyment from playing keno.

If you have fun gambling, it doesn’t matter what game you’re playing. Taking this approach will make you a more likely winner.


My effort to paint keno objectively is the 9 keno tips that will change how you view the game. The game gets slammed because the payback percentages are low in land-based casinos.

Avoid the keno rooms in Vegas and opt to play online. That will significantly improve your odds of becoming a winner.

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