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The gambler lifestyle has been portrayed by Hollywood, and more so, by commercials for casinos, to be a glamorous one. Men are always dressed sharply and women are in their...
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Horror slot game next to people in Halloween costumes
Best Horror Themed Online Slots for Halloween
By Shaun Stack 10/24/22 - 7 MIN READ
It is officially the peak of spooky season and even casinos are getting in on the fun. Plenty of casinos are offering players awesome horror themed real money slots games....
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Super Hero Themed Slots
10 Super Hero Themed Slot Games
By Shaun Stack 10/20/22 - 7 MIN READ
It is no secret that super heroes are wildly popular in the US. Marvel, DC, and others have made plenty of money marketing their wide range of heroes. So, it...
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10 of the Most Successful Gamblers in History
By Shaun Stack 10/4/22 - 8 MIN READ
Can you imagine how many gamblers have won and lost money throughout history? We’re not just talking about hundreds or even thousands of people. Hundreds of millions of people, probably...
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Two Poker Tables
9 Ways Playing Poker for a Living Isn’t as Lucrative as It Sounds
By Shaun Stack 7/31/22 - 8 MIN READ
Making it as a professional poker player is a dream for many avid poker fans. They assume the lifestyle is glamorous and imagine playing golf by day and spending their...
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Slots Reels Coming Out of a Laptop Screen
Biggest Online Casino Jackpot Winners of All-Time
By Shaun Stack 6/30/22 - 7 MIN READ
Everyone who has ever played a casino game has imagined themselves hitting the jackpot. Thanks to modern technology, you can win millions of dollars from the comfort of your home....
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Map of the US on Left Lottery Tickets on Right
The 6 Best State Lotteries in America
By Shaun Stack 2/8/22 - 7 MIN READ
At the time of this post, 45 states plus DC run some form of lottery. The US lottery landscape is varied. Some states lean heavily on instant win games; others...
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Slots Floor With Slots Youtuber Brian Christopher In Front Of The Slot Machines
7 Good Reasons to Check Out YouTube’s Most Popular Slot Machine Channels
By Shaun Stack 8/21/21 - 7 MIN READ
If you told me 20 years ago that people would willingly watch videos of other people playing slot machines, I’d have called you crazy. And if you told me some...
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Pile of Cash and Megabucks Logo With Casino Background
7 Times Ordinary Gamblers Won Big in the Casino
By Shaun Stack 5/23/20 - 7 MIN READ
Many people have won big in casinos over the years. However, the same winners are often high rollers or advantage gamblers. The average person doesn't have the bankroll to play...
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Dumb and Dumber Movie Screenshot and Roulette Wheel
3 Dumbest Bets in Roulette History
By Shaun Stack 10/28/19 - 10 MIN READ
Roulette players who bet and win big are often considered heroes. Those with the biggest wins have etched themselves in the game’s history. But placing big wagers isn’t always a...
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