7 Good Reasons to Check Out YouTube’s Most Popular Slot Machine Channels

Slots Floor With Slots Youtuber Brian Christopher In Front Of The Slot Machines

If you told me 20 years ago that people would willingly watch videos of other people playing slot machines, I’d have called you crazy. And if you told me some of these people would actually pay for it, I’d have called the looney bin and had you committed on the spot.

As it turns out, however, the me of two decades prior didn’t know a thing about how the gambling industry would evolve.

Today, you can find several popular YouTube channels devoted solely to living vicariously through slot specialists. You’ll learn more about a few of these hosts below, along with seven good reasons why watching slot machine channels on YouTube offers a surprisingly good time.

1 – You Learn How New Games and Machines Work Without Paying for Them

Whenever I’m strolling through the slot parlor at my favorite casino, I tend to stick to my three favorite games—Buffalo slots, Wheel of Fortune, and Lightning Link.

I know there’s dozens and dozens of other options out there, and sure enough, a few of them seem like they’d be really fun to try. But I almost never do try them out for one simple reason—I’d have to learn new rules and gameplay on the fly.

When I’m on one of the three classic machines mentioned above, I know how the games work like the back of my hand. Payline count, minimum and maximum bets, bonus features, side games, wild and scatter symbols, and of course, progressive jackpot amounts—you name it—I know everything there is to know about the machines I’ve been playing for years.

On the other hand, sitting down on a game I’ve never played, like Sex in the City, Coyote Moon, or Cleopatra is like hitting the road in London. Everything is unfamiliar, backwards, and out of sorts. I can eventually figure things out and get the hang of new games, but not without blowing through a few hundred bucks in the process.

Fortunately, the advent of slot machine videos on YouTube provides an easy workaround to this dilemma.

In fact, that’s how I came to discover my new favorite slot game, Ultra Hot Mega Link. I was perusing the “Slot Queen” channel, a really fun page hosted by the bubbly Danielle Aragon, where I count myself among the nearly 50,000 subscribers.

Wheel Of Fortune Slot

The Slot Queen moved machines to start playing Ultra Hot Mega Link and I quickly became a fan of the heavily bonus-based gameplay. When she started stacking fireballs on the free spin game to unlock increasingly lucrative bonus tiers, I knew the game was right up my alley.

Normally, I’d need to spend a fair amount of money learning the ropes on a complex machine like Ultra Hot Mega Link. But thanks to the Slot Queen’s YouTube channel, I was able to study the ins and outs without putting a penny at risk.

2 – Most YouTube Slot Hosts Are Entertaining and Provide Enjoyable Content

Speaking of the Slot Queen, she’s become one of my go-to hosts because of her perpetually optimistic attitude and sense of humor. When she brings in her husband, the “Slot Hubby,” wild hijinks are sure to ensue.

Part of the fun when it comes to watching slot player channels on YouTube is finding personalities you enjoy being around. Some hosts might be by-the-book instructional guides, while others are in it for the thrill of the ride. Most have a special way of communicating and connecting with their viewers.

Take the “Brian Christopher Slots” channel as the perfect example…

Brian Christopher uses a suave yet approachable persona as he guides viewers through Las Vegas’s exclusive high-stakes slot parlors. His calm demeanor can and will break, however, especially when the reels are aligning for a prospective jackpot or big bonus game.

Christopher also runs fun segments like Coyote vs. Wolf Slot Battle Challenge in which he takes $500 bankrolls to both machines to see which predator-based game will produce the highest payout.

His popularity among almost 400,000 subscribers has become so prominent that the Plaza casino in Downtown Vegas recently debuted its Brian Christopher-branded slot room.

YouTube is a breeding ground for homegrown celebrities, and the world of slot machine channels is no different.

3 – The Best Hosts Are Very Educational and Teach Players How Slots Really Work

Another frequently viewed slot channel host is known as “VegasLowRoller,” an apt moniker given his penchant for low-stakes action.

Viewers don’t watch VegasLowRoller for the big bets though, his 98,000 subscribers and counting come for the host’s patient and illuminating lessons. In one video titled “What Is Slot Machine Volatility?,” VegasLowRoller takes viewers on a tour of Sin City’s most common low-, medium-, and high-volatility slots.

As he explains, low volatility machines are designed to dispense small payouts very frequently, thus, allowing players to stretch their money out further. The catch is, low-volatility games make it much more difficult to trigger their highest payouts and jackpots.

Long Rows of Slot Machines

On the other end of the spectrum, high-volatility machines can see players suffer through long strings of fruitless spins. But when the reels do line up just right, they’re far more likely to generate major payoffs.

I don’t know about you, but any chance to learn about the intricacies of gambling from bona fide experts is always worth my time.

4 – Watching Somebody Grind Out a Jackpot Is Always a Treat

This one may be debatable depending on your propensity for envy, so I’ll keep it short and sweet.

Personally, I enjoy watching my favorite slot channel hosts patiently work a machine until their efforts result in a nice reward. Hand pay and jackpot hype videos make up the bulk of any slot channel’s selection, and for good reason.

Most of us love to see somebody win a big jackpot because it provides proof of concept.

In other words, if a sweet lady like Lady Luck HQ can collect five hand pay jackpots on the same Dragon Link machine in a matter of minutes, you might be next!

5 – Top Channels Offer Cool Merchandise and Gear Aimed at the Slot Fanatic Audience

I might be betraying my inner gambling nerd here, but I’m a sucker for slot-themed gear like the kitschy stuff Brian Christopher sells through his channel.

You’ll find everything from T-shirts emblazoned with “Handpay!” or “I’d Rather Be Gambling” to color-coded wristbands deeming you the “Comeback Kid.”

My favorite item from the BC Slots store is the cool Winner’s Bank, a metal wallet which comes complete with a miniature compartment where slot players can stash any cash they’ve won. You can use a special plunger to slide bills or chips inside, but you can only retrieve them by using a key which is meant to be left at home.

In this fashion, Christopher claims slot players can lock up wins without succumbing to the urge to keep playing.

6 – Livestream Sessions Allow You to Chat With the Community

Over on the VegasLowRoller channel, you’ll find a fun-filled “Community” page where fans can come together to chat and share their own slot stories.

There are slot-themed memes abound, as do genuine conversations between viewers who have been watching the same hosts for years now. Gambling at a real money online casino can often feel like a sterile, isolated affair when compared to a brick and mortar casino.

But thanks to slot channel community pages, you’ll always have a few friends on hand.

7 – Every Slot Spin You Watch Online Is One Fewer Spin You’d Pay For at the Casino

On a final note, slots are notoriously among the most house favorable gambling games.

Simply put, you’ll lose more (assuming identical bet sizes) playing the average slot game than you will blackjack, video poker, craps, or roulette.

If you’re a huge slot fan, but don’t necessarily have the expendable dough needed to play yourself, watching a good channel offers the next best thing. You can still ride the roller coaster and sweat the swings, you just don’t have to break open your wallet or purse to make it happen.

In Summary

I’ll be the first to admit that slot machine players hosting YouTube channels never struck me as a bright idea. It’s one thing to play a “mindless” gambling game in person, and it’s another to sit on the sidelines as a passive observer. I can also admit when I’m wrong though, and boy, was I wrong on this account.

I’ve dived headfirst into the world of slot channels over the past couple of years, and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. Finding new hosts that bring a fresh vibe to the table, learning about new games and features, and watching good people beat the odds really is my idea of time well spent.

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