Can You Play Blackjack by Yourself?

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Blackjack is no doubt one of the most popular casino games. Therefore, live blackjack tables typically feature multiple players at all times.

During peak hours, many of these tables are filled to the max with seven players. You might even have to wait on a seat in these cases.

If you’re somebody who appreciates solitude when gambling, though, you may wonder if it’s possible to play blackjack by yourself.

I’ll discuss whether this is possible in the following post. I’m also going to cover of the pros and cons of playing alone.

3 Versions of Playing Blackjack by Yourself

Three options exist for playing blackjack alone. You can read about both of them below and decide which one best fits your situation.

Playing at a Casino Table Alone

If you’re reading this post, then you’re most likely interested in playing at a casino table alone. After all, live blackjack is one of the most-exciting ways to play—with or without other people.

In answer to the original question in this post, yes, you can play blackjack by yourself. How you go about achieving this, though, depends upon your situation.

The easiest and least-expensive option involves visiting casinos during nonpeak hours. For example, you might go to a gaming establishment on Tuesday morning when it first opens.

You’re more likely to find empty tables when visiting during morning hours on weekdays. Assuming you’re lucky, nobody else will sit down to your table for a while.

However, you do need to account for the fact that somebody is eventually going to take a seat. At this point, you can either keep playing or look for another table.

High-stakes play is the other path towards enjoying your own blackjack table. You might be able to request your own table when playing large enough stakes.

Of course, you’ll need to place huge bets to make this happen. Chances are, you don’t have the bankroll to convince the casino to section off a table for just you.

Nevertheless, you can always speak to a casino host about the matter. Everything depends upon how much you’re betting and how much overall action you’re willing to give the casino.

Dealing Hands to Yourself at Home

The last conventional way to enjoy blackjack alone is literally playing by yourself. You can set up your own game at home and act as both a dealer and player.

I can’t say that I’ve ever done this personally nor know anybody who stages their own blackjack games at home. However, this option could be good if you’re trying to simulate the casino environment before playing at one.

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You could deal your hand on one side and the dealer’s hand on the other. You’d then use strategy to try and beat the croupier’s hand. Meanwhile, you’d use standard rules when drawing/hitting as the dealer.

As I’ll discuss next, better methods exist for playing the game alone. You might, however, find playing a home game by yourself to be an interesting experience.

Playing Online Blackjack

Online blackjack lets you enjoy this game through a mobile phone, tablet, or computer. It doesn’t require you to travel anywhere and is the most-convenient version.

Real-money online blackjack is extremely cheap to play in comparison to the land-based version. Gaming sites only require you to bet $1 per hand.

Of course, you can even play free blackjack online. You just need to register at the given casino to begin playing free hands.

Many online casinos also offer another variation called live dealer blackjack, which features a real dealer, cards, and table. This game replicates the land-based casino atmosphere while letting you play through a phone or computer.

You can’t play a live-dealer version for free, but you only have to wager $1 at some casinos. That said, it’s a cheap way to get the live casino experience through your smartphone or computer.

Of course, live dealer blackjack games fill up fast. You might not have very long to play by yourself. Nevertheless, you can always keep looking until finding an empty table.

Pros & Cons of Playing Blackjack at a Casino Alone


If you’re somebody who enjoys the live casino atmosphere, then you’ll appreciate playing at a land-based establishment alone. You can interact with a dealer, feel the chips in your hand, and get cocktails.

Provided you’re at a resort, you’ll also have plenty of side entertainment nearby. You might appreciate this aspect when you’re looking for more beyond blackjack.


Nothing guarantees that you’ll get a table by yourself as a low roller. You might show up and initially have a table all to yourself.

Online Casino Blackjack Game

However, the game will likely fill up at some point. In fact, casinos count on having multiple players at blackjack tables in order to make money.

Assuming you’re hoping to get a high-stakes table to yourself, then you’ll need to bet big. Otherwise, this scenario isn’t going to happen.

Pros & Cons of Playing by Yourself at Home


You don’t necessarily need to have anybody else to play a live blackjack game. Instead, you can deal hands to yourself and act as both the player and dealer.

This option is nice for when you want to practice for live games. It also allows you to learn in a stress-free environment.


Playing a home game alone is the most inefficient way of enjoying blackjack. It requires you to be both the gambler and dealer.

Furthermore, you’ll probably find it lonely to deal hands to yourself after a while. Other people might think you’re weird if they find out that you’re playing home games alone.

Pros & Cons of Playing Online Blackjack


Internet blackjack is extremely convenient and accessible. Most states and countries either feature legal online casinos or turn a blind eye to offshore casinos. Therefore, you shouldn’t have much trouble finding a gaming site.

Mobile blackjack is also the cheapest way to play. You can either enjoy hands for free or make a deposit and play for as little as $1 per round.


Many online developers do their best to make their games feel as authentic as possible. Nevertheless, internet blackjack doesn’t quite replicate the feeling of a live game.

You can always switch to a live dealer table to get a more personal experience. However, some live dealer tables feature higher stakes ($5) and have a waiting list for full tables. They’re also rarely empty, meaning you’ll have a difficult time playing by yourself.

Live Dealer In Red Dress

Online Blackjack Is the Most Practical Way to Play Alone

You can see that each method of playing this game by yourself comes with pros and cons. If there’s one option that stands out, though, it’s definitely online blackjack.

The internet version lets you enjoy this game by yourself at any time. You don’t have to worry about somebody else jumping on your table later.

Online blackjack also features cheap stakes. You can play hands for just a dollar or even for free if you don’t feel like risking anything.

You can opt for the live dealer variation for a more social experience. Just be aware, though, that these tables can fill up fast just like those in land-based casinos.

Solitary high-stakes blackjack is an option if you’re a whale. However, you’ll likely need to wager hundreds of dollars per hand to get your own table.

A home game provides an interactive way to play and learn live blackjack. However, it’s also somewhat outdated and awkward considering that you can just hop online to play alone.

In Summary

When most gamblers want to know if they can play blackjack by themselves, they’re wondering about playing in a land-based casino. They can enjoy the game alone in two different ways, including high-stakes play and finding an empty table.

High-stakes guarantee that you can have a table all to yourself, but this option comes at a hefty cost. Finding an empty table is cheaper; however, you probably won’t be alone for long.

You can always deal cards to yourself at home. This method has been made unnecessary, though, by online blackjack.

Speaking of which, internet blackjack is the handiest way to play by yourself. It’s widely available and doesn’t require you to travel anywhere. You can also play mobile blackjack free or for just $1 per hand in real-money mode.

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