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Keno specialty games are notorious for having low return to player (RTP) rates. But millions of people still play these games every year for a shot at huge jackpots.

One way to improve your odds of winning at keno is to play at a great casino like DuckyLuck. This casino is the perfect place for keno fans to test their luck and win great prizes.

So, what is it that makes the specialty keno games at DuckyLuck so special? Keep reading to find out. We will also tell you where to find other keno games online if DuckyLuck is unavailable in your area.

Why You Should Play Keno at DuckyLuck

DuckyLuck is one of our rated casinos. It is an excellent betting site that has a great selection of slot games from many of the top providers in the business.

But we are here to discuss keno specialty games, not slots. DuckyLuck is a great place for keno players for a variety of reasons.

First and foremost, the keno games offered by DuckyLuck are fun and fair. The casino uses random number generators (RNGs) to ensure the outcome of every game is fair. It is a licensed operator, and the RNGs in use are tested regularly to ensure they are working correctly.

Another great reason for keno players to consider DuckyLuck is that it has an awesome rewards program. The DuckyBucks VIP program is loaded with casino bonuses to help players gain extra prizes.

Every member is automatically eligible for the VIP program after making their first deposit. Some of the bonuses in the program include:

  • Daily reloading bonuses
  • Cashback bonuses
  • Daily free spins

Members who deposit with cryptocurrency can receive improved and extra rewards. For instance, Crypto Elite members can get faster payout times.

The point is, DuckyLuck is a great casino that takes care of its players. You can find out more by reading our DuckyLuck Casino review.

Other Casinos with Keno Specialty Games

As great as DuckyLuck is, it is not available to players in every country. If you are unable to access this casino there are still plenty of other players to play online keno specialty games.

Our experts have reviewed gambling sites over the years searching for the best US casinos. As part of our review process, we test the games at the casino to ensure they are fair to users.

We have found plenty of casinos with keno specialty games over the years. However, we only recommend sites that are safe for players and offer great player rewards. Also, we look for sites that offer great banking methods and customer support options.

If you cannot access DuckyLuck, then our experts recommend going to Wild Casino for your keno needs. This is a great casino that offers a large selection of safe casino games, including keno. There are great bonuses as well, including a welcome offer worth up to $9,000.

El Royale Casino is another great option for keno games if you cannot access DuckyLuck. Our experts especially liked the user interface of this casino because it is engaging and easy to use. You can also get a great welcome bonus worth up to $20,000.

Another casino you can go to for keno specialty games is Las Atlantis. This casino is one of the newest gambling sites you will come across. Despite only launching in 2020, it already has a reputation for offering great casino games, including keno.

What Is the Best Keno Specialty Game at DuckyLuck?

DuckyLuck has a lot of fun casino games that offer players a chance to win great prizes. Members can even play keno games for a shot at winning huge prizes. But what are the best keno specialty games at DuckyLuck?


The first keno specialty game you should check out at DuckyLuck is simply called Keno. This version of the game was developed by Rival Gaming, a top online game developer.

As the title suggests, you get exactly what you expect with this keno game. It offers a straightforward, classic keno game feel. There are 80 total numbers for players to choose from, but only 20 of them will be winners.

Players can select up to 15 numbers every round to try and win. You can wager between $1 and $25 each round. Players can easily adjust their stake amount in the options menu.

You can also easily change the number of squares you wish to bet. All you have to do is use the plus and minus symbols in the top-right of the screen.

There is even an option to let the game pick your winning numbers at random. This is a great option for people who have trouble deciding which numbers to bet on.

Vegas Jackpot Keno

The other keno specialty game at DuckyLuck that you should check out is called Vegas Jackpot Keno. This is another great keno game from the people at Rival Gaming.

Vegas Jackpot Keno has all of the same features as Keno. It has a great user interface so you can easily:

  • Increase or decrease the amount of your winning numbers
  • Select the numbers you want to bet on
  • Play one, five, or 10 cards at once
  • Increase or decrease your stake amount

There are a few aspects of Vegas Jackpot Keno that set it apart from Keno. For one, players can only select 10 winning numbers, not 15.

Also, the top prize in Vegas Jackpot Keno is significantly larger. If all 10 of your winning numbers hit you can win up to 100,000x your stake amount. The grand prize in Vegas Jackpot Keno is a whopping $1 million.

Tips for Winning Keno Specialty Games

Keno games typically have some of the highest house edges you will come across at the casino. Luckily, there are a few things players can do to improve their odds of winning. Here are some keno tips to help you win more often.

Watch Your Bankroll

Knowing how to manage your bankroll is one of the first skills every gambler needs to learn. In a low RTP game like keno, managing your bankroll becomes even more important.

Your margin of error is smaller in keno games because you will win less often. If you mismanage your funds, you will quickly run out of money to bet with.

Luckily, you can easily practice your bankroll management with free games. Many casinos, including DuckyLuck, have free versions of their popular games. You can play keno for free while you work on your budgeting skills.

Use Bonuses

Another tip for keno players is to look for sites that offer casino bonuses. Using bonuses is a great way to get extra funds to play the best keno specialty games.

Sites like DuckyLuck particularly excel in this area. The DuckyBucks program offers players tons of reward options. You can get extra casino funds, faster payout times, and more.

Bonuses are also great for new players because they allow you to play more rounds of keno. The more rounds you play, the better understanding you will have of the game itself. Who knows, you may even hit the jackpot while using your bonus funds.

Be Realistic

Speaking of jackpots, players need to be realistic about their chances of winning while playing keno. The game is popular because it offers a chance to win huge prizes.

Your chances of winning those prizes, though, are very low. That is one reason why the RTP is so low in most keno games.

Having realistic expectations can help prevent you from becoming demoralized while playing. Also, it will help you focus on having fun, which is the biggest reason to play any casino game.

Avoid Bad Strategies

One of the most important steps any keno player can take is to avoid a bad betting strategy. You should always have a betting system in mind when you play any casino games. The odds are stacked against players in keno, so having a strategy becomes even more important.

Picking the right keno strategy is as much about avoiding the bad betting systems as finding the good ones. There are tons of betting methods that claim they will help you win but are based on nonsense.

For instance, some players say you should bet on hot or cold numbers in keno. This may sound like a good method at first, but it quickly falls apart when you take a closer look at it. Each round of keno is independent, so the results of previous games will not influence the next one.

Will You Play Specialty Keno Games at DuckyLuck?

The best keno specialty games at DuckyLuck offer players a real chance to win huge prizes. You can sign up for an account today and start earning rewards in the casino’s VIP program. These rewards can be sued to help you play more keno.

Check out our latest casino blogs to learn more about keno and other great casino games.

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