9 Casino Games You Should Play for Immediate Wins

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Casino gamblers are always on the lookout for an edge in the casino. They search for an immediate solution to a long-term problem and rarely do they look in the correct places.

Instead of focusing on finding games with the lowest house edge or adapting advantage gambling methods into their gambling arsenal, they adhere to betting systems and try to outsmart the casino.

Taking shortcuts in the casino won’t get you anywhere, much like taking shortcuts in life. Still, there are ways to enjoy short-term wins by playing games suited to the player.

Failing to account for volatility or variance is one of the primary problems facing casino gamblers. A game with a poor house edge for the player could still mint you a winner due to volatility.

If you want to walk away from the casino with house money, try these 9 casino games you should play for immediate wins.

1 – Single Zero Roulette

Roulette is a fantastic game for casino gamblers looking to get immediate wins or merely stretch their gambling bankroll. However, it will prove vital that you’re playing the fair roulette games.

The most common variant of roulette you’ll find in land-based casinos is American Roulette. This game is nearly identical to the European wheel but adds a second zero.

You may not think that the addition of a second zero would significantly impact the game much. However, the house edge doubles when playing on an American roulette wheel.

Stick to games with a single zero, and you may find a mathematical anomaly resulting in wins in a small sample size. Finding a French roulette game can further tip the scales in your favor as any even money bets will push when the zero affects your spin.

Hitting on a number in roulette will payout at an impressive 35:1; it won’t take many of those to walk out of the casino with a profit.

2 – Blackjack

One of my favorite ways to enjoy the casino is sitting at the live dealer blackjack tables and grinding out as many small wins as possible. The game has an inherently low house advantage, but you can further reduce the casino’s edge using basic strategy or card counting techniques.

The basic strategy won’t necessarily make you an immediate winner in the casino. However, it will diminish the edge to an incredibly shallow 0.5%.

Multiple Blackjack Hands on a Table

That makes blackjack beatable in small sample sizes. When the house is only taking $1 for every $200 you wager, it doesn’t take many wins to negate the losses for a profit.

Card counting is a celebrated advantage gambling technique. Card counters actually turn the advantage on the casino and make a long-term profit.

You’ll want to steer clear of the tables that payout only 6 to 5 for a natural blackjack. This subtle change to the standard can influence the house edge by double, making it much more challenging to make any profit in the casino.

3 – Pai Gow Poker

Pai Gow Poker is one of the newer poker derivative games that has become one of my guilty pleasures. Pai Gow Poker starts with the dealer and the players, each being dealt a total of seven cards.

Each must then build the best 5-card and 2-card hand available. The caveat is that the 5-card hand must beat the 2-card hand.

If both of the player’s hands beat the dealer’s hands, the player wins. If the dealer wins both of the hands, the player loses.

However, if the dealer and player split the hands, the result is a push, and the player loses nothing.

The abundance of ties lowers the house edge and gives players a legitimate shot at walking away with immediate wins.

4 – Midi Baccarat

Baccarat is a favorite of casino gamblers around the world. In Macau, the baccarat tables completely dwarf the volume of blackjack tables and are more popular than slot machines.

There are only two primary bets in baccarat, the banker bet and the player bet. Each of these wagers comes with a house advantage of below 1.5%.

More impressive is the fact that you won’t need to learn any complex strategy or follow a system to obtain an edge where the casino is only acquiring about $1 for every $100 you put into play.

MGM Grand Baccarat Room

Perhaps even more exciting news is that you can enjoy the potential wins without even knowing how to play the game. You need to make a wager; the dealer will take care of everything from there.

The wins mount up quickly when you get on a hot streak because you aren’t incurring any losses. So, baccarat is a fantastic all-around game that is near the best for the average gambler.

5 – Texas Hold’Em

Savvy casino gamblers and poker players know that Texas Hold’Em is one of the best opportunities in the casino for walking away with immediate wins. I’ve walked into a casino poker room with a short stack, played aggressively for a couple of hours, and walked out with several hundred or more in profits many times.

The key to winning at poker is relatively straightforward. You merely need to be better than the other players and stay away from players who are better than you.

The significant advantage of playing for a short period at the poker table is not giving your opponents much time to figure you out. Since there’s no house edge in poker, you’ll clear more wins by taking advantage of weaker players.

You must brush up on your poker game before making a run at casino poker games. Even if you consider yourself an above-average home game player, the competition in the casino will demand that you’re a solid player.

6 – Slot Machines

Slot machines may seem like one of the worst games to play if you’re hoping for immediate wins. However, the pitiful return to player on many slot machines may work to your advantage.

The first two trips I ever made to a casino were of the slots only variety at the time. The casino has since become one of the premier gambling destinations in the southern United States.

On each of these first two trips, I left the casino with over $100 in profits. Was it luck?

Row of Slot Machines

Absolutely, I had no clue about what I was doing. Even if I had spent years becoming an expert, I wouldn’t expect any better results.

The last time I had a session on the slot machines was for work, which went horribly wrong. Precisely as the casino drew it up, no doubt.

The added potential of hitting a sizable jackpot with one lucky spin only adds to the slot machines’ allure. The math dictates that you’ll probably lose, but due to volatility, there’s a better than zero chance that you see some immediate wins.

7 – Three Card Poker

Three Card Poker is a game that has a relatively low house edge. The game also gives players the ability to win some immediate cash.

In 3 card poker, the player is playing heads up against the dealer. The player merely needs to beat the dealer to win.

The game requires an ante bet and a play bet to fulfill the hand. Furthermore, the dealer has to qualify the hand by having a queen or better.

These variables will significantly reduce the number of hands you lose while simultaneously decreasing your wins. You’ll be able to thoroughly enjoy the game in the now and rack up some nice wins without taking a significant loss.

8 – Sports Betting

Sports betting is the hands-down number one gambling method for immediate wins. You’re going to be faced with what basically amounts to a coin flip on any wager.

The significant aspect of short-term betting on sports is the apparent potential to rack up wins right away. You can make a few wins and negate the vig, which is the portion of losing bets kept by the sportsbook.

Inside a Casino Sportsbook

Over a long enough period, the vig makes it incredibly challenging for players to profit from sports betting. That’s because you’re losing more for less than you make on a win.

Still, one good day in the sportsbook could have you strutting out of the casino with pockets full of cash.

9 – Craps

Craps is as misunderstood of a casino game as you could ever hope to find. Novice gamblers avoid craps like a dentist with shaky hands, and advantage gamblers don’t see any long-term value.

That leaves the middle ground of casino gamblers that understand the bets, the low house advantage, and the overwhelming entertainment value.

Most bettors will wisely stick to the pass and don’t pass bets on the craps table. Each has a low house edge and can be extremely exciting for players.

Savvy gamblers realize that the odds bets have no house edge and can exploit these wagers for profit. The expected value goes through the roof when a sharp bettor gets ahold of a table with favorable odds lines.

In Summary

The casinos are full of games that can net you potential wins in a limited sample size. The key is to hone in on casino games that give you the most excellent chance of beating the casino and riding that train.

These 9 casino games you should play for immediate wins will not make you a guaranteed winner. Still, you’ll sometimes find that these games can earn you a decent profit almost instantaneously.

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