Ignition Casino VIP Rewards Program

Ignition Casino LogoIgnition Casino is one of our top-rated casino sites for American players. You can read the in-depth review on this site here. However, the casino itself isn’t the main focus on this page. We’re going to review the Ignition Casino VIP Club today.

Is it worth joining? How do you become eligible? What rewards are in store for you as an Ignition Casino VIP? You’ll find out by the time you’re done reading this page.

Ignition Casino Rewards Program – Pros and Cons

We always try to be honest in our VIP rewards program reviews. These are the strengths and weaknesses of playing online at Ignition Casino.

  • Earn loyalty points from day one
  • You can’t lose your VIP level
  • Rewards are open to US players
  • The VIP Club has a clear, transparent structure
  • No clear “real world” rewards such as invites to sports events
  • Weak point earnings on video poker and table games

How to Become an Ignition Casino VIP

There are lots of casinos out there with invite-only VIP clubs. That’s not the case at Ignition Casino. At this site, you’ll earn loyalty points and begin climbing the levels of the Ignition Casino VIP program from your very first bet. You don’t need to take any extra steps to start racking up points and building up rewards.

What this means is that joining the Ignition Casino rewards program is very easy. Just sign up, make a real money deposit, and start playing casino games. It truly doesn’t get any simpler than that!

Ignition Casino VIP Program Structure

Like many other online casino loyalty clubs, the Ignition Casino VIP program has levels. The higher you climb through the levels, the greater the rewards and casino bonuses become. This is as it should be; the players who play the most deserve the most in return.

Here’s a breakdown of the structure of the Ignition Casino loyalty program.

Level Tier Miles Required Redemption Rate
Steel 0 2,500 Miles = $1
Chrome 2,500 2,250 Miles = $1
Bronze 10,000 2,000 Miles = $1
Silver 60,000 1,750 Miles = $1
Gold 150,000 1,500 Miles = $1
Platinum 500,000 1,250 Miles = $1
Titanium 1,000,000 1,000 Miles = $1
Diamond 2,500,000 1,000 Miles = $1

There are two types of miles, and they’re not to be confused.

  • Tier Miles determine the level of the VIP club you’re operating on.
  • Ignition Miles are reward points that you can trade in for bonus cash.

One great thing we like about this program is that once you unlock a level, you can’t lose it. Even if you take a break from gaming for a while, you’ll maintain your VIP level.

Now, let’s turn our attention to earning Ignition Miles. You can do so by playing casino games and online poker for money. We’ll cover both here.

  1. You’ll earn 5 Ignition Miles for every $1 wagered on video slots.
  2. You’ll earn 1 Ignition Mile for every $1 wagered on video poker or table games.
  3. You’ll earn 15 Ignition Miles for every $1 you wager on specialty games.
  4. Cash poker games earn you 15 Ignition Miles per $1 of rake.
  5. In poker tournaments, you’ll earn 15 Ignition Miles for every $1 in fees.
  6. In Sit and Go Jackpot poker games, you’ll get 1.5 Ignition Miles per $1 wagered.

Generally speaking, the higher the house edge of a casino game, the more rewards points you will earn. That rule holds true for the Ignition Casino VIP program. Risk and reward go hand in hand, as always.

Loyalty Rewards at Ignition Casino

You can trade in all or some of your Ignition Miles at any time. You can trade them for bonus cash or poker tournament tickets.

A few extra rewards are available to players who reach higher levels of the Ignition Casino loyalty club.

  • Once you reach the Chrome level, you’ll be eligible to participate in weekly freeroll poker tournaments worth $2,500.
  • If you reach the Platinum level or above, you’ll become eligible for birthday bonuses.

Ignition Casino VIP Program – Final Thoughts

The Ignition Casino VIP program seems basic, but it can be rewarding. Moving forward, we would like to see some more real-world rewards, such as invitations to events and parties. But if you can live without those, it’s well worth becoming an Ignition Casino VIP. The rate at which you’ll earn points and can redeem them is competitive with other online casinos. We rate this VIP program excellent.

Ignition Casino VIP Rewards Program FAQ

  • Can US Residents Participate in the Ignition Casino VIP Club?

    Yes. This casino welcomes American players, and you’ll earn Ignition Miles at the same rate as everybody else. This is a US-friendly casino site.

  • Are There Any Ignition Casino Rewards Offered for Sports Betting?

    No. This gambling site does not offer any real money sports betting options. However, it’s renowned for its online poker, so it might be worth checking that out if you fancy a break from other casino games.

  • How Long Are Ignition Casino Rewards Valid For?

    Your Ignition Miles will be valid for 12 months from the day you earn them. You must redeem them within that time.

  • Do I Have to Wager Bonus Cash Purchased With Ignition Miles?

    Yes, you need to wager them 10x before you can withdraw them.

  • Can You Tell Me More About the Ignition Casino Freeroll Poker Tournaments?

    They take place every week on Thursday at 9:05 PM ET. Each one has a prize pool of $2,500. You need to reach Chrome level of the Ignition Casino VIP program to be eligible to participate.