Best Chainlink Online Casinos

You’ve probably heard of Cardano or Stellar, but Chainlink is a bit more obscure. It’s a smart-contract online tool with its own cryptocurrency known as LINK.

Much like other cryptos, Chainlink provides a secure and fast method for depositing funds at an online casino, purchasing goods online, or sending money to friends and family. In the table below you will find our picks for the top Chainlink casinos currently available online.

Even though it’s a smaller altcoin, there is still a community based around using it for online gambling. In this article, we’ll discuss how Chainlink works, how you can use it for gambling, and we’ll discuss our top picks for Chainlink online casinos to date.

What Is Chainlink?

Chainlink LogoChainlink is a decentralized oracle network—meaning that smart contract users pay Chainlink to securely provide them with access to off-chain resources. Chainlink allows anyone to securely provide smart contracts with access to off-chain resources such as data feeds, APIs, and various other services. Chainlink supports smart contracts written in any language, including Solidity which is the most widely used programming language for Ethereum smart contract development.

The Chainlink ecosystem is made up of the following participants: On-chain Smart Contracts (Solo, Enterprise), Off-chain Computation Nodes (Standalone, Enterprise) and Software Developers who create Oracles to access off-chain data. They are all connected by LINK tokens.

All of this is to say that Chainlink is a highly-complex network for verifying transactions and creating contracts, but most people are familiar with the Chainlink currency, LINK tokens.

These tokens can be bought, sold, and traded on various platforms, and are used as a form of payment for online services, including online gambling deposits.

How Chainlink Works

Chainlink is made up of two separate networks: the Chainlink node network and the oracle network.

In most cases, Chainlink requires a minimum number of nodes to determine consensus among any given transaction. The higher this number, the more reliable a transaction will be on a percentage basis. This ensures that once a consensus has been reached, the final result is indisputable (assuming that no new information comes to light).

As Chainlink nodes search for consensus, they earn LINK tokens by aggregating data. These LINK tokens hold a monetary value, which can be used to purchase online goods or pay for services.

While all this technical data is necessary for describing how Chainlink works, the majority of people will only ever use LINK tokens to make purchases or deposit funds at a real money gambling site.

Because the consensus for transactions is so complex, LINK tokens by nature are incredibly secure, making them an ideal option for gambling enthusiasts and anyone looking for relative anonymity.

Chainlink Compared to Other Banking Methods

One of the main reasons that Chainlink is such a powerful platform for online gambling, as well as other virtual services like crypto exchanges and secure communication platforms, is because it provides smart contracts with access to off-chain data.

Essentially, whenever an online gambling site accepts credit card deposits or PayPal payments for example, they are relying on a single, centralized system to verify transactions.

Likewise, whenever a client uses any of these online payment methods, they are required to provide detailed personal information in order to make the transaction go through. This means that it becomes much easier for hackers or federal law enforcement agencies to track an individual’s transactions in real time.

Chainlink allows smart contracts to verify transactions using a decentralized network of off-chain data. This means that the gambling site using the Chainlink platform can verify transactions without ever accessing any personal information from its clients. In turn, this ensures greater security for both parties involved in a transaction or contract, making it an ideal option for online gamblers.

Here’s how LINK stacks up against the other popular banking methods used by online gamblers:

Chainlink vs. Other Cryptocurrencies

Chainlink vs Other Cryptos
Most online gambling sites accept Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum for deposits, but do little else with them. Instead of using cryptocurrencies at all, Chainlink allows casino operators to use their own internal tokens or other cryptocurrencies to get the same effect.

While Bitcoin transactions are verified by miners who earn Bitcoin in exchange for their efforts, Chainlink nodes will be rewarded with LINK tokens for their own efforts.

This means that the currency of an online gambling site using Chainlink can remain stable while still being accepted by a larger number of internet users. In fact, Chainlink nodes will only need to convert from one cryptocurrency to another if they want to make cash withdrawals from their bank accounts.

Plus, Chainlink is a much faster network than Bitcoin. Where a transaction with Bitcoin might take more than an hour, Chainlink’s verification process wraps up in about five minutes.

Finally, unlike Bitcoin and most other cryptocurrencies which have a difficult time being utilized for international transactions, Chainlink is completely borderless. This gives online gamblers an incredible amount of flexibility in terms of where they can play their favorite games.

Chainlink vs. Debit/Credit Cards and Bank Transfer

Chainlink vs Credit Cards
Online gamblers who want a fast, easy method for depositing funds directly to their favorite online casinos must use bank transfers or debit/credit cards. In fact, many deposit options owned by banks and credit card companies even have instant access for players looking to quickly make a deposit from the convenience of their mobile phones.

While these options are completely secure and free from any interference, they do come with a few drawbacks. For one thing, anyone making a purchase through their bank or credit card company is required to provide extensive personal information.

More significantly, all purchases made using these deposit methods are monitored by the banks and credit card companies involved in the transaction.

Chainlink’s network acts as a middleman between online casinos and their clients, ensuring that there is never any personal information involved in transactions. This means that players can enjoy anonymity while still making purchases on their own terms.

Finally, Chainlink also has significant benefits over traditional wire transfers. For one thing, it allows players from all over the world to instantly deposit funds into their online gambling accounts without ever having to worry about a transaction being denied due to a bank error or a foreign exchange rate.

It also has a much faster verification process than traditional bank transfers or wire withdrawals, ensuring that players can get back to playing their favorite games more quickly.

Chainlink vs. E-Wallets

Chainlink vs E-Wallets
Online gamblers who want to make regular withdrawals will certainly want to take advantage of the e-wallet services provided by many online casinos. Like bank transfers and credit card transactions, e-wallets are regulated heavily by their parent companies. However, they do offer one distinct advantage over Chainlink or other cryptocurrency transactions: anonymity is not at risk when making a purchase through an e-wallet.

While players do have to provide personal information to make a deposit with Chainlink, there is no risk of that data being shared later on. In fact, the only time when personal details are transmitted from casinos using Chainlink to their payment partners is during the initial transaction. This means that players get all of the convenience and transparency of a cryptocurrency network without ever having to worry about the risks associated with sharing their personal information.

In addition, Chainlink transactions on average cost less than withdrawals through an e-wallet service or bank transfer. In some cases, these fees will even be no greater than the transaction fee required on a typical credit card purchase.

Why Use Chainlink?

  • Chainlink has increased security over other deposit methods because of their extensive confirmation process. Each transaction requires 20 confirmations, while Bitcoin only has 5 and Cardano has 15.
  • Chainlink transaction times are significantly smaller than other cryptocurrencies. It takes about 5 minutes for a LINK transaction to be processed.
  • Chainlink provides relatively anonymous transactions

How to Make a Deposit Using Chainlink

Much like other cryptocurrencies, Chainlink has a bit of a learning curve associated with it. But by following these few simple steps, you can make a deposit at an online casino and start gambling sooner rather than later!

Step 1: Sign up for a cryptocurrency exchange

A crypto exchange is an online platform that lets you buy and sell crypto with fiat currencies like USD or Euros. You can also trade one kind of crypto for other coins. There are plenty of reputable exchanges out there, like Coinbase, Binance, Gemini, and Kraken. The verification process varies depending on the exchange, but all sites will ask for some personal information like your email, name, address, SSN, and state ID or driver’s license. Once you’ve provided all the necessary information, your account will be verified within a few hours.

Step 2: Fund Your account and purchase LINK

You can connect rout bank account, debit card, or PayPal account to the exchange and deposit funds in your account. You can then use these funds to purchase LINK. Enter the amount of LINK you’d like to buy in USD, and your crypto will be transferred to your profile.

Step 3: Get a cryptocurrency wallet

The crypto wallet is an essential part of making online purchases with crypto. The wallet will keep your holding secure, while also providing a direct link between vendors and your funds. Your wallet will have an ID, which can be used to withdraw or deposit funds.

Step 4: Log in to your online casino and make a deposit

Navigate to the casino’s banking or cashier page. From here, you can choose LINK as your deposit method and enter your wallet ID. The funds will be withdrawn from your wallet and moved to your casino account. You’re ready to start gambling!

How We Choose the Best Real Money Cryptocurrency Casinos

While choosing an online casino might seem like a fast and simple process, there’s actually a lot that goes into each ranking we provide. We don’t ever want to recommend an online casino that’s not up to par, which is why we set out a few different categories that we assess.

These include a casino’s security, licensing, as well as their more engaging elements, like game selection and promotions.

If you’re in the market to sign up with a new online casino, make sure you consider each of the following criteria before giving away your email address and other personal information.

Reputation and Licensing

Tick Check Mark Inside Green CircleAlways check to see if an online casino is licensed before signing up with them. A license is provided by a reputable gaming authority, and their seal of approval indicates that the casino has undergone rigorous testing. Plus, licenses aren’t a one-and-done deal, the gaming authority will often come back for frequent audits to ensure the casino is still following regulations.

But a license isn’t the be all and end all of a casinos’ legitimacy. We also like to check out online reviews from other industry experts, as well as player opinions. After all, the users are the ones on the site more often than anyone, so if there’s a problem, chances are they’ll find it and post about it.

Site Security

Today, almost all good cryptocurrency casinos are secured with some kind of encryption to protect your data. SSL encryption is the gold standard of site security because it locks player information behind 128- or 256-bit encryption, keeping it safe from unsavory characters.

Most online casinos will also have their sites protected by third-party contractors. You can see who protects the casino by hovering over the little lock icon in the URL bar. Cloudfare Inc. and GlobalSign are both reputable security providers.

Game Selection

The more games your chosen casino has to offer, the greater chances you have of playing something new whenever you visit. If you play the same games for a long time, chances are you’ll get bored very quickly.

Plus, it can be useful to have a large selection of video slots for when you want that fast-paced spinning action or when you want that immersive game with fully developed visuals. This is especially important if you’re new to the world of online gaming because it can be easy to get overwhelmed by all of the different types of games out there.

Some people are concerned about game fairness, but you shouldn’t really worry. Most reputable casinos employ independent game developers to test their games for fairness. And you can always look up the games you want to play on Google to see what their return to player percentage if, and that will let you know if they’re worth playing.

Bonuses and Promotions

The most common type of cryptocurrency casino bonus is the welcome offer. This kind of offer will usually give you free credits or tokens after making your first deposit, and sometimes, you’ll even earn extra for using certain payment methods. Some casinos will even boost those bonuses even further by giving you more free money every time that casino has a promotion.
Wild Casino Crypto Bonus
And don’t forget about the loyalty points that some casinos will give you for just playing at their casino regularly. Some offer daily and monthly coin prizes, while others do weekly and yearly drawings. There are even a few that will let you earn loyalty points from your actual winnings! Make sure to check out all of your options before you sign up.

Just because an online casino has a massive player bonus, it doesn’t mean it’s an overall good casino. Be sure to check for their license, what banking methods they offer, and any player reviews you can find.

Payment Methods

White Circle with Bank IconOne of the more important things to think about is how you’ll be able to fund your casino account. Some casinos only offer wallets you can add funds with, while others will let you fund your account using several different methods including credit and debit cards, checks, and even cash transfers. Whatever method feels best for you, make sure it’s available before you sign up.

If you’re using cryptocurrency for your deposits and withdrawals, make sure to take a look at what cryptocurrencies the casino supports. The more options there are, the better!

Customer Support

A lot of people get mad when they need to use customer support because they think it means the casino is bad. But it’s more likely that they’re dealing with a more complicated issue, and just need some help making sure they have everything set up correctly.

So, if you ever have any technical problems with your account or the games you play, be sure to take a look at what methods of contact are available to you before signing up. You can always ask people on the internet for help, but it might be more convenient to just email the casino or use their live chat feature. Almost every casino has a live chat nowadays, which makes it super easy to get in contact with a representative.

Other Crypto Deposit Options

If you’re not too sure about using Chainlink or just want to know what other cryptocurrencies are accepted at online casinos, check out these other popular crypto deposit options below.

Litecoin LogoLitecoin Online Casinos

Litecoin is a great option for online gamblers looking for speed, security, and anonymity.

Ethereum LogoEthereum Casinos

Ethereum has become a popular form of payment when it comes to online casinos.

Bitcoin LogoBitcoin Online Casinos

Bitcoin is the most well-known and most widely accepted crypto for gambling online.

Chainlink FAQ

Many people are still new to Chainlink and have many questions regarding its use for online gambling. Below you will find the most commonly asked questions that we receive with our well-researched answers.

  • Is Chainlink the Best Crypto for Online Gambling?

    While Chainlink is significantly better than Bitcoin, it’s not the best option out there for online gamblers. XRP, Stellar, and Cardano all provide lower transaction fees and faster speeds.

  • Why Do Online Casinos Accept Chainlink If It’s Not the Best Crypto?

    Online casinos that value their players will often have many different banking options to choose from. While you might not think Chainlink is the best crypto, other people might use it for its anonymity or because they have a large supply of LINK tokens.

  • Should I Buy Chainlink as an Investment?

    If you win big at a real money online casino and withdraw as Chainlink, you can either keep it in your wallet as an investment, or exchange it for other crypto or cash. We’re not in the market of giving investment advice, but Chainlink is often considered to be a good thing to hold on to. The price is expected to rise, which is probably why online casinos accept it.

  • Do Casinos Offer Chainlink-Specific Bonuses?

    As far as we’ve seen, no. Majority of the best USA online casinos offer big bonuses for the more popular cryptos, like Bitcoin and Ethereum. But, they’ll also offer smaller bonuses for all altcoin deposits, including Chainlink.

  • Are Chainlink Casinos Safe?

    Generally, yes. Make sure you check for the casino’s license and site protection, but all the casino’s we’ve recommended here that accept Chainlink have been vetted for safety.