Online Gambling Regulators & Licensing

Online gambling and the online casinos that support the aforementioned activity have become incredibly popular for citizens of the United States. What first began to take shape in the early 2000s has now boomed into an industry all its own.

While individual states are slow to catch on and license online casinos, there are regulatory bodies out there that exist in order to protect you, the consumer, from any sort of unscrupulous activity by an online casino or any related entity. In addition to this, there are also a handful of companies that exist with the sole purpose of proving that the games offered by a particular casino are fair and not going to cheat you out of money. This is not something many people are aware of, and is also something that will ease the mind of a new gambler who is worried about being cheated out of money. In addition to the online casino industry generally being safer now than it ever has been before, these fairness and regulatory companies exist in greater numbers than ever to ensure that you have a positive experience playing at online casinos in the United States.

North American Regulatory Bodies

Kahnawake Gaming Commission

Perhaps the most popular regulatory body in North America, Kahnawake Gaming Commission has set the tone for how companies should conduct themselves in this space. Having been in the industry since before the turn of the 21st century, Kahnawake has a head start on many other companies. Based out of Quebec Province, Canada, this regulatory body licenses most of the big-name operators in the US online casino industry. Online casinos love Kahnawake because they boast some of the smallest fees in the industry, so you will see that a majority of sites are licensed by the KGC. We anticipate that their presence in the US market is something that will only grow larger in the coming years.

Nevada Gaming Control Board

The NGCB was founded in the mid-1950s with the sole purpose of regulating and looking over the booming brick and mortar casino industry created in Las Vegas. More recently, however, the NGCB has been tasked with also looking over and regulating the newly created intrastate online casino network that exists in the state.

New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement

New Jersey, like Nevada, has its own intrastate network of online casino operators. This body regulates this growing network and does well to ensure what many call the best online gaming experience in the nation. New Jersey is leading the way as far as intrastate online casino networks are concerned, and their Division of Gaming Enforcement is a large part of why this is so.

What They Do

Regulatory bodies exist in order to keep an eye on the business practices of an online casino. Not only are they making sure that players are receiving the money they deposited and are able to play with it, they also do well to ensure that the financial standing of the online casino in question is up to par. After all, if an online casino was not held to a certain standard, they would not likely be able to facilitate cashouts and other normal day-to-day aspects of online casino operations.

Regulatory bodies also exist in order to settle disputes that online casino patrons may have. In the past, if a player had an issue with an online casino, they had to deal with the site directly. While this may sound good in theory, the reality that played out more often than not was that the casino was none too helpful, especially if the issue was one centering around the deposit or withdrawal of funds. Now, companies that license and regulate casinos will hold them to their word and make sure that any legitimate dispute is solved in the best manner available.

While regulatory bodies may seem like nothing more than companies that accept a fee from an online casino and put their stamp of approval on said site, they are so much more than that. In the early days, regulatory commissions were few and far between. This void in the industry resulted in a scenario where many customers were being duped out of money by unscrupulous characters. As licensing companies became more prominent, it became apparent that the industry and the companies that comprised it were easier to trust. Nowadays, you will rarely find a popular online casino that is not licensed and regulated. The reason for this is due to the fact that consumers have reached a point where they will absolutely not stand for any sort of shady dealings. Knowing that regulatory companies are their key to being protected from poor business practices, online casino players demand the best and strictest regulations to be placed on the site at which they are playing casino games for real money.

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