Thunder Crash Gambling Game Review

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There are endless amounts of online casinos available. With so much competition, the best of the best have to find ways to stand out from the pack. One way to do this is by offering the newest casino games, such as the Thunder Crash gambling game.

So, what is Thunder Crash and where can you find it? More importantly, can you win real money from playing this new online casino game? Keep reading to find out the answers to those questions and more.

What Is Thunder Crash Gambling?

First things first, what is Thunder Crash gambling? This awesome casino game is one of the latest specialty games to hit the market. Players wager on how long the spacecraft will stay airborne.

What sets this game apart from many other games is that the player has no control over the flight itself. Multiple players are betting on the same aircraft, but no one is in control of it. The multiple builds the longer the flight goes on.

The trick to winning is to jump out before the flight comes to its fiery end. You can see how many other bettors, or passengers, are on the same flight as you. Bettors can also see when their fellow passengers bail out from the flight.

How to Play Thunder Crash

The first thing all players must do before playing Thunder Crash is to select a player icon. This is what will identify you to other players during the game. You can see all the player icons at the top of the screen in the “Passengers” section.

After picking your icon you will be taken to the game.  You will see all of your betting options on the right-hand side of the screen. This is how you place your bets, change your betting amount, and cash out from the current flight.

A prize multiplier will constantly be increasing throughout the flight. You will be able to see this in the middle of the screen as the flight is going on. It starts at 1.0x and slowly builds, finally coming to a stop when the ship crashes or you bail out.

Can You Win Real Money With Thunder Crash Gambling?

Absolutely! Everyone on the ship has the same goal: jump out before the ship crashes. Sometimes the ship crashes in a matter of seconds. Other times the multiplier can build into the double digits.

The trick to winning any money is to jump out before the flight crashes. Of course, if you bail out too earlier you will miss out on a ton of potential winnings. There is also an auto-cash-out option for players who do not want to have to manually bail out every time.

Any amount that you win will be based on the amount that you bet. So, if you bet $25 and jumped out with a 2x multiplier, you will win $50. The multiplier can go as high as 1,000x and the maximum prize is $100,000.

How to Win Money Playing Thunder Crash

If you want to win any money from this unique game, there are two things you need to do. First and foremost, you will need to create an account at the gambling site you are playing at. Casinos require an account for real money gambling to ensure only players who are of age can play.

Accounts are also necessary for depositing funds and claiming any winnings. You will need to make a deposit so you can have funds to bet with. Then, you simply need to load up the game and start playing.

Why Bovada Is the Best Place to Play Thunder Crash

All of the best online gambling sites have been clamoring to try and get this fantastic new game. However, Bovada Thunder Crash is clearly the best version of this game that is currently available. You can enjoy this great game and all the benefits of one of the best casinos around.

Bovada makes it easier to create a new account and offers a ton of great banking options. It is also a safe gambling site for players to use and has a highly reviewed customer service department. The game is the same, but the environment is much better than many other betting sites.

How We Rated Bovada

Our experts have reviewed countless online gambling sites over the years. Through all of our hard work, we have found few casinos that can compare the Bovada. This casino is truly one of the best betting sites available online.

Bovada first launched in 2011 and has over a decade of experience providing awesome casino games. It also is routinely updated so players can always enjoy the latest games, such as Thunder Crash gambling.

One of the best parts about Bovada is that it allows you to make deposits using a variety of banking methods. It even accepts cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. You can use these cryptos to bet on games such as Thunder Crash.

Bovada logo banner

This casino also offers awesome casino bonuses for new and existing players. With the right bonus, you can double, sometimes triple, your deposit. These extra bonus funds are a great way to learn new games such as Bovada Thunder Crash.

You can even enjoy Bovada from your favorite mobile device, including iOS and Android. The casino site is fully optimized for mobile users, so you do not even need to download an app. You can enjoy all the great games this gambling site has to offer from the palm of your hand.

More Online Gambling Tips

There is not a ton of strategy involved in Thunder Crash. All you have to do is trust your instincts and cash out at the right time. Many players find it helpful to have a set limit, such as a 3x multiplier, that they aim for.

Here are some other tips to help you win money while gambling online.

Stick to Your Bankroll

One of the most important skills any gambler can learn is proper bankroll management. You need to set a strict limit on how much money you are willing to bet during a given amount of time. This will keep you from losing all of your money at once.

A good bankroll also accounts for the number of rounds that you plan to pay. Walking away from the table at the right time is vital if you want to hold onto your winnings. It will also help you assess your strategy to see if it actually works.

Use Casino Bonuses

Another great tip for online gamblers is to take advantage of online casino bonuses. As we mentioned above, the right bonus can help increase your bankroll dramatically. Bonus funds are a great way to play casino games risk-free.

The type of bonuses you are eligible for will vary from one casino to another. You may also only be eligible for certain bonuses if you are a new member or a VIP level player. Sites like Bovada offer bonuses for new, existing, and VIP players.

Of course, not all bonuses are created equal. Every bonus has a rollover requirement, and some are so high that they are nearly impossible to meet. Players need to make sure they read the fine print before they agree to any type of bonus.

Have a Betting Strategy

Regardless of the type of gambling you plan on doing, you need to have a strategy. Games like Thunder Crash do not offer a ton of options for players to influence the outcome. This can make it hard to create a strategy.

Players should focus their strategy on the aspects of the game they can control. For instance, how long are you planning to play for? Are you going to change your wager from one round to another, or keep it flat across the board?

Only Use the Best Gambling Sites

Another important tip for gamblers is to be careful about where they decide to play. Every casino site is different, and many are simply not worth your time. Sites that do not offer great player rewards, for instance, are probably not a good place to gamble.

You should also consider other factors such as the security measures and legality of a given site. If the casino is unsafe, then you could lose all of your winnings to hackers. Players could also lose their winnings if they are caught gambling at a site that is illegal.

Thankfully, you do not need to worry about going through every site you run across with a fine-tooth comb. Our casino experts have already reviewed a ton of gambling sites, including Bovada. You can find out more about the gambling sites we recommend in our casino reviews section.


Thunder Crash is one of the hottest new games to hit the online gambling market. You can try it out today at Bovada and other highly rated casino sites. Using the betting tips above can help you win even more money from this awesome new game.

You can find out more about gambling online with these great casino blogs.

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