The Best Bingo Specialty Games at Bovada

Two Online Casino Bingo Cards

Bingo specialty games are a fun way to gamble online. Sites like Bovada offer players a safe way to enjoy these awesome bingo games.

You can even play them using the best casino apps, like the one offered by Bovada. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about the great specialty games for bingo available at this awesome casino.

Tribo Bingo

The first bingo specialty game on our list today is called Tribo Bingo. This is a 31-ball bingo game that is set in an island paradise.

Players can choose to play up to four cards at one time in this awesome bingo game. You can wager between $0.10 and $10 per card. There are 10 different winning combinations ranging from 2x to 1500x your stake amount.

Tribo Bingo also has two great bonus features. There is a bonus game that offers huge payouts. You can also buy extra bingo balls after the round if you have a card that is one number away from winning.

Pesca Bingo

Next up is the game Pesca Bingo. This 30-ball bingo game is set underwater and is perfect for people who enjoy fishing. There are 12 winning combinations, which are all prominently displayed at the top of the screen.

Players can also unlock a special bonus game that puts their fishing skills to the test. You can play up to four cards at once, with each card costing between $0.10 and $10. The more you bet on each card, the better your payouts will be.

Players even have the option to purchase extra bingo balls to complete winning combinations. Be careful, though, the price for each extra ball increases based on the number of winning combinations you already have.

Bingo Ribeirinhos

Bingo Ribeirinhos is another great bingo specialty game available at Bovada. Players only have eight winning combinations to aim for in this 32-ball bingo game. However, it is still well worth your time.

That is because Bingo Ribeirinhos has an awesome progressive jackpot. All you need to do to be eligible is place a qualifying bet and hit bingo in the first 30 balls. You also must be playing all four possible cards in order to qualify.

Closeup of a Bingo Card

There is also an awesome bonus round available to lucky players. The bonus game offers players a chance to win huge rewards. However, it can only be triggered by one winning pattern in the game.

Bingo Goal

One of the best bingo specialty games for sports fans is Bingo Goal. It is a 30-ball bingo game with 10 different winning combinations. The theme of the game revolves around the world’s most popular sport, soccer.

Bingo Goal has a bonus round that lets players put their soccer skills to the test. You get to take a penalty kick with a huge prize on the line. There is also a progress jackpot connected to this bingo game.

This great bingo game even has an extra ball feature. You purchase up to 12 extra bingo balls to help you complete winning combinations. However, you need to make sure the risk is worth the reward as the price goes up with every ball you buy.

Bingo Cataratas

The final game on our list is Cataratas Bingo. You can play up to four bingo cards in this 31-ball bingo game. There is also a buy feature that allows you to purchase up to 12 extra balls to complete winning combinations.

Bingo Cataratas has a tropical theme, and the entire game is set in front of a waterfall. There is even a bonus round that players can use to win a ton of money.

The bonus round lets players spin a wheel to win more prizes. It can be triggered by hitting the winning combination labeled “Bonus.” Your prize in the bonus round will depend on the outcome of your spin.

Play Specialty Bingo Games at Bovada

There are a lot of great bingo specialty games available at Bovada. However, the awesome selection of games is just one reason to check out this great casino. Members can receive a ton of other benefits as well.

For instance, Bovada is also a safe betting site to use and has a great mobile app. It uses state-of-the-art encryption software to keep your information safe. This means you can play without worrying about hackers getting your personal banking information.

Also, the games available at Bovada are all fair for both players and the casino. They use random number generators (RNGs) to ensure the outcomes are completely random. The games themselves are also fun to play and have great user interfaces.

Members of this betting site even have access to great casino bonuses. These special offers will help increase your bankroll and give you more funds to bet with. Also, they can offer other rewards as well such as free games, free spins, and more.

Unfortunately, one of the downsides of Bovada is that it is not available in every state. As a result, you may be unable to access this awesome betting site based on where you live. Thankfully our experts have found plenty of other great real money casinos for playing bingo online.

According to our experts, these are the best places other than Bovada to play bingo specialty games.

All of the casinos above have also been reviewed by our casino experts. They are safe to use and offer a great selection of games. These sites are great alternatives if you cannot access Bovada.

Tips For Winning Specialty Bingo Games

Using a great casino like Bovada is one way to improve your online bingo experience. Winning is another way to make sure you have fun playing bingo. Here are some other bingo tips that you can follow to help you win more often.

Use Casino Bonuses

Casino bonuses can reward players in a variety of ways. They can give you more funds to play with, free spins on popular games, and much more. Some sites, Like Bovada, even have VIP reward programs.

Taking advantage of bonus offers will decrease the amount of money you have to invest in buying bingo cards. A lower overhead will give you a better chance of making a profit. The more money you make from bingo the more fun you will have playing it.

Manage Your Bankroll Efficiently

Another tip that will help you succeed in specialty games for bingo is to manage your bankroll efficiently. Properly managing your casino budget is the key to long-term success. You should record both the money you spend and any money that you win.

Keeping track of the money you spend and earn from gambling is a necessary step. Otherwise, you will not know how much you have actually won from gambling. You also risk overspending, which could be disastrous.

Play During Slow Times

In some casino games, like real money slots or poker, you are better off playing during busy periods. This is because more players are contributing to progressive jackpots and other prizes. However, this is not the case for bingo.

With most bingo games, the prizes stay the same regardless of how many people are playing. This means you are better off playing during slow times. With fewer competitors, your odds of getting the winning card go up.

Practice With Free Games

Practice is an important part of mastering any casino game. Free games are a great option for practicing a specific bingo game that you want to improve at. They are also great for testing out new games to see if you like them before spending money on them.

Free Casino Games

One of the reasons Bovada is great is that you can play all of their games for free. This includes their bingos specialty games. You can even play the demo versions without having to be signed into an account.

Use a Winning Bingo Strategy

Last but certainly not least, you should use a strategy when playing bingo. Your system does not need to be overly complex, but you should have a general plan to follow. This could include things like the number of cards you are going to play and if you plan to use any bonus features.

You should also review your strategy regularly to see if it is working. This can be done when you are assessing your bankroll as we detailed above. If your strategy is not leading to more wins, then it may be time to find a new one.


Bingo specialty games are a great way to play your favorite casino game online. Playing at Bovada will ensure you have a great selection of games in a safe environment. The games above are all great options for getting started.

Find out more about bingo and other casino games by reading these blogs.

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