Can a Roulette Payout Cheat Sheet Help You Win?

Roulette Cheat Sheet on Left and a Roulette Table on Right

Roulette is one of the hardest casino games to win at consistently. Picking the right set of numbers to wager on each round takes a lot of skill.

There are a lot of betting options available to players, and each wager has its own probability and payout that players need to memorize. The challenge of mastering the roulette table payouts is one factor that attracts many players to online roulette games in the first place.

One way to lessen the burden of memorizing all of the odds and payouts is by using a roulette payout cheat sheet. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about roulette cheat sheets and their effectiveness.

What Is a Roulette Payout Cheat Sheet?

In order to win at roulette, a player has to make a correct wager about which number will win that round. You can bet on everything from the column that the number is in, its color, and the exact number itself.

The more specific your bet, the higher your payout. However, these higher payout odds come at a cost. More specific wagers are also more difficult to win.

Understanding the odds behind the wagers you are making is a big part of being a successful roulette player. Memorizing the roulette table payouts can be hard, especially for new players.

There is a lot of information for new roulette players to learn. That is why many are starting to use a roulette payout cheat sheet to help them learn the different payouts for every wager.  These simple tables can be a huge help for new players.

What Should You Include on a Roulette Cheat Sheet?

A well-made roulette cheat will include all the information a player needs to know about the bets available on the roulette table. This includes the types of bets and their respective payout odds.

Roulette Table Payouts

Type of Bet American Odds European Odds Payout
Odd/Even 47.4% 48.6% 1:1
Red/Black 47.4% 48.6% 1:1
High/Low 47.4% 48.6% 1:1
Dozen 31.6% 32.4% 2:1
Column 31.6% 32.4% 2:1
Six Numbers 15.8% 16.2% 5:1
Five Numbers 13.2% 13.5% 6:1
Four Numbers 10.5% 10.8% 8:1
Three Numbers 7.9% 8.1% 11:1
Two Numbers 5.3% 5.4% 17:1
Straight Up 2.6% 2.7% 35:1

In addition to the payout odds, a good roulette payout cheat sheet will give bettors a summary of each betting type. Roulette has a lot of betting options, and it can be hard for players to remember them all. Your cheat sheet should include a description of each bet so you know what you are wagering on.

Pros of Using a Roulette Cheat Sheet

Using a cheat sheet can be a huge help for players who are new to roulette. Here are three major advantages of using a roulette payout cheat sheet.

Learn the Game Faster

The biggest advantage of having and using a roulette cheat sheet is that it can help you learn the game faster. Players can use their reference sheet to help them memorize all of the betting options available in real money roulette games.

Millions of people use flashcards every year to help them study. A well-crafted cheat sheet for roulette can function in the same way.

Long View of an Active Roulette Table

At first, you may need to use your cheat sheet every round. But after playing for a while, you will start to memorize the information on your reference sheet. You will eventually reach a point where you do not need to use your cheat sheet at all.

Helps Players Create a Betting Strategy

Using a proven roulette strategy is the only way to win on a consistent basis. There are plenty of roulette strategies available that players can choose from.

In order to pick the right roulette betting system, though, you need to understand the math behind the game. Using your roulette cheat sheet can help you pick the right strategy for you.

You can use a cheat sheet to better understand the odds for each strategy. A better understanding of payout odds and true odds will help you pick a betting system you are comfortable with. Riskier strategies offer higher payouts, but not every player is comfortable with a high level of risk.

You Can Use It Without Slowing Down the Game

Playing roulette online at a top online casino, such as Wild Casino, allows you to control the pace of the game. You can play as fast or as slow as you want to.

But you may not be able to play as fast as you want to if you have to constantly look up the odds of each wager. Having a well-made cheat sheet for roulette can solve this issue.

Instead of having to look up the payout odds for a bet, you can simply look at your reference sheet. This allows you to quickly get back to the action and continue playing.

Will a Roulette Payout Cheat Sheet Help You Win More?

Cheat sheets for roulette are great tools for new players. But can using a roulette reference page actually help you win more?

Yes and no. The simple act of having a reference sheet will not automatically increase your win rate. It will still be up to you, the player, to make the right wagers.

However, using a roulette payout cheat sheet can help you decide which bets to make. When done correctly, this can increase your win rate significantly.

Once you become a more skilled player, you should rely on your cheat sheet less often. If you play for long enough then you should be able to memorize all of the information on the page. Experienced players do not need to use a reference page because they already know all of the best roulette bets to make or have dependable strategies.

More Roulette Tips for Beginners

Using a payout cheat sheet for roulette can help new players learn the game faster than they otherwise would be able to. Here are four more roulette tips for beginners who want to learn to play roulette quickly.

Practice With Free Games

The best way to learn the ins and outs of roulette is by playing the game. Of course, not every player has the bankroll to fund their efforts to learn roulette. One way to avoid this issue is by playing free games.

Many top roulette betting sites, such as DuckyLuck Casino, allow players to practice for free. Playing a demo version of roulette allows you to learn and enjoy the game without burning through your bankroll.

Free roulette games are also a great way to test a new cheat sheet. You can even use these demo versions of the game to try out new strategies.

Double Action Roulette

Stick to European or French Versions

Another great tip for beginning roulette players is to try and play European or French versions of the game. American roulette is widely available in the US, and for good reason.

The American roulette wheel has two “zero” spots instead of just one. This shifts the odds even more in favor of the casino than they already were. As a result, players have to deal with a higher house edge in this version of the game.

European and French roulette wheels, though, only have one zero. This gives players a better chance to beat the casino. It also means less bets and payouts to add and memorize from your roulette cheat sheet.

Unfortunately, it’s hard to find these games in land-based casinos, but the best US casinos have plenty of French and European roulette games available online.

Play Roulette Online

Roulette is popular with both land-based and online casino players. But playing the game online affords you a ton of advantages that even the best brick-and-mortar casinos cannot compete with.

First and foremost, you can access online versions of roulette 24/7. Also, you can play the game using the top roulette apps on your preferred mobile devices. Land-based casinos are less convenient and often have higher table limits than online games.

Convenience and lower costs are two major reasons why new players should choose online roulette games. Also, players may be able to redeem great casino bonuses to help fund their roulette bankroll. You may even be able to play for free at select casinos.

All of this additional playing time will allow you to use your cheat sheet and get better at memorizing the data that’s on it.

Build Your Roulette Strategy Around Even Money Wagers

There are a lot of betting options available in roulette. Your payout cheat sheet for roulette needs to account for all of the potential wagers you can make. But you will not make every bet on every round. Your roulette strategy will help you decide when to wager on each betting market.

In general, your roulette strategy should be built around the “even money” wagers. These are the red/black, high/low, and even/odd bets. The payout for these wagers is only 1:1, but they have the best odds of any roulette bet and can help you win more consistently.

Will You Use a Roulette Cheat Sheet?

You can have a lot of fun playing roulette. Using a roulette payout cheat sheet can help you learn all of the betting options available in the game. It can even help you design your betting strategy.

Check out our latest blogs to learn more about different casino games, including roulette.

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