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If you enjoy a little online slots action from time to time, chances are you’ve heard all about the crucial return to player (RTP) rate. Also known as “payback percentage,” the RTP is simply a metric used to determine a slot game’s overall propensity to pay back relative to the wagers it takes in.

For example, players can expect to lose $4 per $100 bet on a 96 percent RTP game, while the loss rate is cut in half to $2 / $100 on a 98 percent RTP slot.

Of course, these payback probabilities are only realized over long-term sample sizes spanning millions of spins – so players shouldn’t expect such orderly results. With that said, every smart online slot enthusiast relies on RTP rates to weed out the bad games and identify the most beatable options.

On that note, check out the list below to learn all about seven online slot machine games which offer one of the rarest features around – RTP rates of 99 percent or higher.

1 – Goblin’s Cave (RTP = 99.32 Percent)

And oldie, but a goodie, Goblin’s Cave was released by legendary iGaming software design studio Playtech back in 2007.

With only three reels and a basic 3×3 reel alignment, Goblin’s Cave doesn’t look like all that much at first glance. And indeed, the crudely drawn symbols and cluttered background screen don’t do the game any favors.

But appearances can be very deceiving because, underneath the drab packaging, Goblin’s Cave is actually the highest RTP online slot on the market today at 99.32 percent.

Fittingly, the most favorable slot for players makes a massive departure from typical random reel-spinning gameplay. By incorporating elements of video poker – namely the ability to choose which symbols to “hold” in place after the initial spin – Goblin’s Cave manages to make online slots a strategic endeavor.

After deciding on a coin denomination – no matter the denomination, always bet the maximum of three coins per spin to secure that 99.32 percent RTP – you’ll spin the reels like normal.

Goblin’s Cave, however, starts out by spinning the bottom reel only. This reel will lock in place, and from there, players get to decide which symbols they’d like to hold. By holding a symbol, you’ll fill up the corresponding column across the other two rows.

For example, let’s say you start your spin with three different symbols, as shown below:


If you want to hold the X symbol and discard the other two, your reels would look like this before the pivotal second spin completes the board:

X – –

X – –

X – –

And if you held the X and Z instead while ditching the Y, the reels would appear as follows ahead of the second spin:

X – Z

X – Z

X – Z

With this clever gameplay dynamic in place, players get to apply their own strategic insights and common sense to give themselves a leg up. When you play Goblin’s Cave long enough, you’ll start to discern which holds and discards provide the best opportunity to land winning combinations on the second spin.

Even better, experienced players familiar with Goblin’s Cave have worked out a basic strategy of sorts. If you’re more cautious by nature, and your goal is to lock up small but steady winners, use the strategy guidelines below:

  • With any 3 random symbols including a single Coin, hold the Coin and discard the rest
  • With any 3 random symbols including a single Lantern bonus, hold the Lantern
  • With any 3 random symbols including a single wild Ruby, hold the Ruby
  • With any 3 random symbols, including two matches, hold the two matches

And for folks who prefer shooting for the moon and playing for topline payouts only, simply hold the highest-paying symbol on your first spin and hope doubles and triples rain down.

By betting the maximum 3 coins per spin, and following these basic strategy tips, you can enjoy Goblin’s Cave at its peak RTP rate of 99.32 percent.

2 – Ocean Princess (RTP = 99.10 Percent)

Another high-paying product from the fine folks at Playtech, the Ocean Princess slot utilizes the same hold / discard dynamic as Goblin’s Cave.

Released in 2019, Ocean Princess shows its age with old-school graphics and a barebones aquatic animal theme. And this slot expands on Goblin’s Cave by opting for 3 reels with 5 symbol spaces apiece for a 3×5 grid.

From there though, Ocean Princess plays out quite similarly to its predecessor. Once the first spin spits three symbols across the bottom row, players get to hold or discard based on their respective values. The held symbols fill up the corresponding column above, before a second spin completes the grid.

Once again, basic strategy for this sort of slot is based largely on common sense. Hold any doubles, wilds, or bonus symbols when you land them, and if you only have three random singles to start, just hold the highest-paying symbol and hope to hit matches.

Using this approach, you’ll realize the premium 99.10 percent RTP rate offered only on Ocean Princess.

3 – Ugga Bugga (RTP = 99.07 Percent)

Playtech is at it again with Ugga Bugga, an oddly named if not thoroughly enjoyable jungle adventure-themed slot.

The major attraction offered by Ugga Bugga is the game’s unique dual reel screen dynamic. You’ll see not one but two reel screens side by side, each displaying 3 reels bearing 5 symbols spaces each. Once you click the “SPIN” button, the reel screen to the left starts up and drops three random symbols on the bottom row.

From there, you get to decide which symbol(s) to hold, and any held symbol stacks upward to fill the entire reel above it. Even better, you’ll see the right-hand reel screen fill up to match the held symbols to the left.

For the visual learners out there, here’s how your reels would look after the first spin:

– – –       – – –

– – –       – – –

– – –       – – –

– – –       – – –

X Y Z     – – –

And if you decided to hold the X symbol only, you’d see the following reel screen before the second and final spin:

X – –      X – –

X – –      X – –

X – –      X – –

X – –      X – –

X – –      X – –

At this point, the remaining open reels spin away and fill the screen to determine winners and losers.

Once you get the hang of things and figure out which symbols to hold based on the starting spin, a strategic approach brings the RTP on Ugga Bugga up to 99.07 percent.

4 – Mega Joker (RTP = 99.00 Percent)

For folks who appreciate the vintage slot machines which made Sin City famous, Mega Joker is the online game for you.

Designed by the team at NetEnt, this online slot is modeled after the old “fruit machines” which offered no-frills gameplay. Mega Joker uses just three reels in a standard 3×3 alignment, and only 5 pay lines are in play.

Symbols evoke the classics, such as Cherries, Bells, and the ubiquitous 7-7-7. And while you won’t find any wilds, scatters, or free spin bonus rounds, Mega Joker does offer a fun-filled “Supermeter” mode that activates all pay lines and produces larger payouts.

At a flat 99.00 percent RTP, Mega Joker makes the cut as one of the most productive online slots on the market.

5 – Ooh Ahh Dracula (RTP = 99.00 Percent)

Designed by Barcrest, the fun to say Ooh Ahh Dracula slot centers around a Transylvanian vampire theme.

You’ll have 5 reels with 3 symbol spaces apiece in a 5×3 alignment, along with 10 pay lines with which to land winning combos. Ooh Ahh, Dracula is best known for its wide range of cool features, including a 15-count free spin round, stacked wild symbols, and a Graveyard Bonus game that lets players pick and uncover random prizes.

The RTP on this one meets the 99 percent threshold too, so Ooh Ahh Dracula won’t suck your bankroll’s blood dry anytime soon.

6 – Monopoly Big Event (RTP = 99.00 Percent)

If you loved playing the classic board game Monopoly as a kid, you’ll fall in love with Monopoly Big Event by Barcrest.

The symbols are all replicas of the little silver pieces used in the original game, so expect to see the Rolls Royce, the Terrier Dog, and the Steam Ship onscreen. Like its Barcrest cousin in the previous entry, this is another 5-reel slot with a 5×3 grid, only with 20 pay lines up for grabs rather than 10.

Look for wilds, scatters, multipliers, and free spins to spice up the base game, along with a juicy 99 percent RTP.

7 – Tropic Reels (RTP = 99.00 Percent)

Playtech is back to round out our list of top-paying online slots, with Tropic Reels also topping the coveted 99 percent RTP plateau.

You’ll get lackluster graphics and a generic jungle theme, but Tropic Reels compensates for those shortfalls by using Playtech’s patented hold/discard structure. The 3 reels each have 5 reel spaces, and only the bottom row will fill with symbols on the first spin.

Players then get to hold their preferred symbols to stack them up through the whole reel, before the remaining reels spin and complete the board. Once again, the trick to a game like Tropic Reels is determining the most profitable strategy for your hold/discard decisions.

Our Final Thoughts on These Online Slots

With literally thousands of online slot games to choose from, gamblers today definitely never lack for options. Unfortunately, the vast majority of these slots stick with the average 96 percent RTP rate, while many dip below that baseline number. You have to search out the RTP figures as the RTP numbers can be deceiving sometimes.

Unless you put in the work to find premium payback games like the 99+ percent RTP slots listed here, you’re just putting your bankroll behind the proverbial eight-ball. Grinding the slots is already tough enough, so do yourself a favor and stick with the highest-paying games in the industry.

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