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One of the most popular gambling options in the US is state-run lottery games. Nearly every state has a lottery and each one offers a different variety of games. One of the most beloved lottery game options is pull tabs. These gambling tickets are also popular among charitable organizations.

The original version of pull tabs consisted of paper tickets. However, electronic tickets busted onto the scene in the 1990s and quickly caught on. Today, you can even find pull tab games at the best online casinos for real money.

The US iGaming industry is growing every year. That is why it is important to stay up to date on the different gaming options available. In this blog, we will break down everything you need to know about real money pull tabs.

What Are Pull Tabs?

Before we dive into how you can win real money from pull tabs, let’s start with the basics. The original pull tabs were layered paper tickets with perforated tabs. When a player pulls on the tab, it reveals a series of symbols. The symbols correlate to a potential prize. Most paper pull tabs list the winning combinations on the back.

In November 1990, the first electronic pull tab game was invented. Like the paper version, electronic pull tabs offered a fixed number of cards with a set number of prizes. There have been many variations of electronic pull tabs in the three decades since. Most recently, electron pull tabs have started using touch screens similar to tablet computers.

With the popularity of real money online casinos, it should be no surprise that online pull tab games also exist. The best online real money casinos often offer pull tab games. For instance, BetUS, one of our best-rated casinos, has a wide selection of online pull tabs.

Regardless of their form, pull tabs are widely popular across the US. Part of the reason they are popular is that they are inexpensive. Pull tabs can cost as low as $0.25. Also, pull tabs are a real money gambling option that does not require a strategy. The outcomes of pull tabs are predetermined, so they are easy for novice gamblers to break into.

What Are the Types of Pull Tab Games?

Pull tabs go by a variety of names, including Lucky 7s, Break-Open Tickets, and Instant Bingo among others. On top of the different names, there are six different types of pull tab games. The most common types are instant win games. These types of pull tab games involve opening tabs to reveal your combination of symbols.

Other types of pull tab games include jark tickets and coinboard games. Jar Tickets are smaller than other pull tab games and usually will not have room to list the prizes available. Instead, a promotional poster or flare card will detail the prize list. Coinboard games will have coins embedded in the card itself. These coins correspond to specific prizes.

Pull Tab Lottery Tickets

Seal card games are another popular variety of pull tab games. With seal card games, players can instantly win prizes. However, they can also be given sign-up numbers for an additional prize. Each set of seal card games has a “seal card” that is opened once all the cards have been sold. The number on the card will correspond to one of the numbers on the tickets for that set.

The remaining two types of pull tab games are bingo event games and cashboard games. Bingo event games combine the worlds of bingo and pull tabs. To win, a player must have the card with the first-down-line from the chosen bingo game. In cashboard games, players purchase tickets in the hopes of matching numbers on a seal card. If they do, they move on to the next round. This continues until only one player remains and they take home the prize.

Can You Win Real Money From Pull Tabs?

The prizes for pull tabs will vary based on the type of game you are playing. Pull tabs are also popular fundraising options for charity events. In these cases, you are unlikely to walk away with any cash prizes. However, there are plenty of other ways to win real money from pull tabs.

Unlike other gambling games, pull tabs have a set number of winners before sales are made. They also have a relatively high winning percentage. For instance, a pull tab game with 1,000 tickets could have a win rate of up to 70%.

That means you are most likely going to win real money from playing in that draw. The profit for the organization running the game comes from the 30% of tickets that do not win.

State lotteries often have a variety of pull tab games. Compared to buying a lottery ticket, pull tabs have a much higher win rate for the player. However, you are unlikely to win as much money as you would with other games such as scratch-off tickets.

Pull tabs offer a way to win real money without having to have a developed betting strategy. However, due to the high payout rate, the winnings are not as high as other gambling options. Still, with tickets as low as a quarter, they are fun, inexpensive ways to make real money.

How to Play Real Money Pull Tabs Online

To access real money online pull tabs, you will need to choose an online casino. Not every online casino will offer pull tab games, so make sure you pick carefully. In some states, you can also play online pull tab games for real money at the state’s lottery website.

When you are comparing online casinos, make sure you consider the payout rates for the pull tab games. Physical pull tab games will often list the types and number of prizes available. Your chosen online casino should show the same thing.

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For instance, if you are playing pull tabs online at BetUS, make sure you check the prizes available. Pull tabs have a predetermined number of winners, so you have a better idea of your chances of winning. If the top prizes have already been claimed, it may be worth waiting until the next draw starts.

What States Offer Legal Online Pull Tabs?

Many of the best online casinos offer real money pull tabs games. In certain states, you can also access pull tab games through the state lottery. Nearly two dozen states offer physical pull tab games. However, only a handful of states offer iLottery games.

If you are looking for legal online lotteries your best bet is to look in Illinois, Georgia, Kentucky, Michigan, or Pennsylvania. All five of those states operate legal online lotteries. However, if you live in other states there are still real money online pull tab games available.

If you live outside of those five states, you may need to look outside of the lottery system. Instead, we would suggest turning to one of our highest-rated real money online casinos to buy pull tabs online. If you are new to one of our sites, their welcome bonuses can maximize your real money winnings.


Pull tabs are widely popular gambling options for many reasons. First and foremost, they are an inexpensive way to win real money. Also, they have predetermined winners, so you do not need a betting strategy.

Online pull tabs for real money can be found at our recommended online casinos. To learn more about other real money online casino games, check out our other game reviews.

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