Online Blackjack Games With the Highest Return to Player

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Most online blackjack players aren’t looking for a random gamble like slots or lottery players are. Instead, they want to use skill and achieve high return to player (RTP).

Of course, RTP can differ from one blackjack variation to the next. Each variant has its own unique rules that affect the payout percentage.

Certain online blackjack games offer better payback than others. The following guide covers five of the best-paying mobile blackjack variations.

1 – Single-Deck Blackjack

Many land-based casinos use single-deck blackjack as a ploy to get gamblers to play games with lower RTP. They’ll slip 6:5 natural blackjack payouts into such games. The net result is worse payback than what the average six- or eight-deck table offers. In fact, the return isn’t even close.

Luckily, you don’t need to worry about this with online single-deck blackjack. If you see a mobile single-deck game, then it’s likely accompanied by 3:2 natural payouts.

Single deck may also include other favorable rules too, such as doubling down on any total and/or re-splitting aces. Some of the best single-deck games come from Saucify (99.79% RTP), Microgaming (99.69%), and NordicBet (99.69%).

Many other single-deck variations are just below these ones on the RTP scale. With that said, you can generally go into these games with confidence.

2 – Double-Deck Blackjack

While a single deck may be ideal, two decks aren’t bad either. In fact, online double-deck blackjack can be pretty outstanding.

These games often include one or two extra favorable rules to make up for the additional deck. For example, a single-deck table may not allow you to re-split more than once.

Online Blackjack

A double-deck game, meanwhile, might let you re-split up to three times.

Some double-deck variations can pay better than the top single-deck options. PokerStars, for example, features a double-deck game with 99.77% RTP.

3 – Blackjack Surrender

This game simply refers to when you can surrender hands and get half your bet back. It normally features “late surrender,” where you can give up hands after the dealer peeks for a natural blackjack.

Late surrender alone only boosts the RTP by 0.07%. However, these games can offer other favorable rules too, including 3:2 natural payouts, DAS, doubling down on any total, and/or splitting hands up to three times.

Ezugi offers a surrender game that features 99.89% RTP—the highest we’ve seen in the best blackjack apps.

Of course, you shouldn’t expect this kind of payback every time, but other favorable blackjack surrender games can also feature high RTP.

4 – Bonus Blackjack

Bonus blackjack refers to a game that offers one or more side bets. Many bonus games exist in both land-based and online casinos.

In either case, blackjack side bets aren’t known for being overly generous. They typically feature big payouts accompanied by poor RTP.

However, you can still have success with some of these games by avoiding the side bets. The main bet could have good enough rules to where you’ll earn high payback.

1×2 Gaming, for example, offers a bonus blackjack variation that features 99.82% RTP. Of course, not all bonus games feature outstanding RTP like this one. But 1×2 Gaming’s version goes to show that these games can be quite lucrative.

5 – Classic Blackjack

Classic blackjack is a broad term that can refer to any variation with standard rules. Of course, there’s some wiggle room in these rules that affects the RTP one way or the other.

Some classic games have the right mixture of rules to make them worthwhile. A variation might have eight decks yet feature 3:2 natural payouts, DAS, and the ability to double down on any total.

If you see the word “classic” in a blackjack title, then you never fully know what to expect regarding rules. Most of the time, though, the rules will lead to solid RTP.

Always Check Out the Info Screen Beforehand

You can use the guide above to quickly find high-paying blackjack games. If you decide to play one of the variations that are not on the list, though, then you should definitely visit the info/help screen.

In the help section, you’ll find what rules the variation offers. Hopefully, you’ll see the payout percentage as well.

Some of key rules that will affect the RTP include:

  • Blackjack payout – A natural blackjack that pays 3:2 raises the RTP by 1.39% (versus a 6:5 payout)
  • Number of decks – Single-deck blackjack raises the RTP by 0.59% compared to an eight-deck game
  • Double down – Being able to double down on any total raises the RTP by 0.25% when compared to restrictions on 10 and 11 only
  • Dealer stands/hits on soft 17 – The dealer standing on soft 17 increases the RTP by 0.20%
  • Double down after splitting (DAS) – The RTP increases by 0.17% when DAS is in effect
  • Re-splitting aces – Being able to re-split aces raises the RTP by 0.08%
  • Late surrender – Being able to surrender hands increases the RTP by 0.07%

I’ve never played a mobile blackjack game that doesn’t feature an info screen. If you do happen to come upon such a game, though, then you should definitely avoid it.

After all, the developer isn’t being transparent about the game or rules.

Maximize Blackjack RTP With Bonuses

You can take your pursuit of blackjack profits even further with bonuses. Online blackjack bonuses deliver extra money on top of your winnings.

The most-common blackjack offers include:

  • Welcome bonus – A deposit bonus that’s based on your first deposit at a new online casino
  • Reload bonus – A deposit bonus that’s available after the welcome bonus is earned or expired
  • Free bet – Gaming sites with live dealer casinos may offer a free blackjack bet (e.g. $25) when you first sign up and deposit
  • Loyalty rewards – Many mobile casinos have VIP programs that distribute loyalty rewards as you play

As with any mobile casino offer, you should check the terms and conditions behind blackjack bonuses. These terms will dictate how difficult the bonus will be to withdraw.

Casino Dealer at Blackjack Table, Blackjack Cards Spread Out, Icon of White Playing Cards

Here are some important terms worth noting:

  • Activate the bonus – Visit your account and “claim” the offer.
  • Playthrough – You must wager the bonus a certain amount of times over (e.g. 60x) before cashing out.
  • Maximum bet – Casinos limit how much you can bet per hand (e.g. $100) with an active bonus.
  • Deposit restrictions – Neteller and Skrill deposits don’t usually qualify for bonuses.
  • Country restrictions – Some countries are banned from qualifying for bonuses at online casinos.
  • Game restrictions – Certain games may be restricted from counting towards playthrough.

The latter is especially crucial. After all, blackjack can sometimes be on the restricted list due to its high RTP.

If blackjack doesn’t qualify for bonuses at a particular online casino, then you should definitely find another gaming site that has such offers.

The Last Factor

It’s important to find the online blackjack games with the highest potential return to player percentages.

But once you find the right game, you still aren’t going to get the maximum return without following another important step.

Using the perfect strategy on every hand is the only way to maximize your blackjack return. If you don’t use perfect blackjack strategy when you play, it can make the return to player percentage go down 1% or more.

In other words, if you’re not going to use the right strategy when you play blackjack, there’s no reason to worry about finding the online games that offer the highest return percentages.


Real money online blackjack has the potential to deliver the highest RTP at online casinos. You just need to know which games to look for.

Single-deck blackjack is the best option at most mobile casinos. If it’s accompanied by other good rules, then it offers between 99.5% and 99.8% RTP. Double-deck blackjack is the next most common game with high payback. It usually features between 99.4% and 99.7% RTP.

Classic, surrender, and bonus blackjack can also indicate quality games. However, the rules can vary more between these variations. You’ll definitely want to check out the rules before blindly choosing any of them.

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