High Roller Slot Strategy

High Limit Slot Room on Left and a Row of Slot Machines on Right

High limit slots are loosely defined. Part of the problem is the fact that expense is relative. I don’t bat an eye at an $8 cup of coffee, but I have buddies who won’t spend a dime over $1 for their morning cup. What’s expensive to some is standard to others.

High roller slot strategy incorporates basic slot machine strategy with an eye toward games that cost more per spin than average. I’m not going to fill your head with nonsense betting strategies, or the typical slot machine voodoo found in high roller strategy guides. Instead, I’ve written a common-sense approach to playing high limit slot machine games.

What Is a High Roller Slot Machine?

Typical slot machine games accept bets in relatively low denominations. Outside of the high roller section of the gaming floor, most machines can be divided up into a few standard denominations:

  • $0.01
  • $0.05
  • $0.10
  • $0.25
  • $0.50
  • $1

This denomination indicates the value of each credit bet on the game, with modern games allowing a wide range of bets per spin.

High roller slot machines accept bets in much larger denominations than other slots. A typical high roller slot section will have machines accepting bets of $5 per spin or more. And there’s practically no limit on how high a high limit slot’s denomination can go. Some modern games are programmed to allow bets of $5,000 or more on a single spin of the reels.

How Are High Limit and Standard Slots Different?

Outside of their larger per-spin bet sizes, high roller slots are essentially the same as other slot games. Most of the time, a high roller slot is just a standard slot game that’s been programmed to accept a different range of bets.

It’s also common for high roller slots to give the house a lower edge than other machines, a sort of concession to the high cost of play. But I think this fact is overemphasized, and people assume that high limit slots are always “better” than low limit slots when it comes to the odds of winning. This isn’t always true.

I’ve spent a lot of time gambling in Mississippi and Louisiana lately. And as part of that process, I’ve looked into average payback percentages for different game denominations. Take Tunica, Mississippi, for example. Sure, the $10 high limit slots are among the best-odds machines in the region. But the same can’t be said for the $25 or $100 high roller games, both of which pay out about average for the state.

Column of Casino Slots

While high roller games aren’t always a better bet than standard limit slots, there are some other facts about them I can state with confidence. No matter where you gamble, you’ll find far fewer high limit slots than standard limit.

Using Tunica as an example again, there’s 170 or so slots available at $10 per spin or higher, while the city is home to 5,100 standard limit games. That means you’ll find 30x more standard slots than high roller games, a ratio that stays true pretty much everywhere in the US gambling industry.

Here’s a final note on the difference between high-dollar and low-limit slots games: You’ll probably get treated better as a high-limit customer than you would on the standard gaming floor. Sure, you may get a free cocktail or plate of nachos playing standard limit slots.

But that’s nothing compared to the VIP treatment available in some high roller gaming casino areas. The bigger a casino resort is, the better they’ll treat their high rollers, and that includes players dropping thousands or tens of thousands on high-limit slots in a single session.

High Roller Slot Machine Strategy

Below, I’ve gathered the four most valuable strategy tips for players interested in testing out the slots in the high-limit area. These tips are designed to keep your high roller slot play entertaining by avoiding big losses and common pitfalls for high limit play.

Set a Strict Win and Loss limit and Stick to It

Managing your slot bankroll is even more important when you’re pushing $10 or $25 into a machine on each spin.

Setting a win limit will keep you from getting greedy and ruining a big hit, while setting a loss limit will help you manage your time spent gambling and save you from having to explain how you spent $5,000 in an afternoon.

It sometimes helps to have an accountability partner, someone playing near you who can help you decide when it’s time to quit.

Choose High Roller Slots You Can Afford at a Max Bet Level

Obviously, the best bonuses and biggest payouts on any slot machine are awarded to bettors who bet maximum. I can’t think of a single good reason to play a high roller slot without betting max.

In that case, you should probably re-think trying out high-limit slots at all. Some high-limit games don’t even make sense without a max bet – I’ve seen games where the top payout was a mere 200 coins, while a max bet payout would’ve added a zero to that payout.

Start With Simple Slot Machines

Classic machines are still a staple in the high limit area. That’s because game designers don’t earn a lot of profit from manufacturing and selling machines that make up such a tiny percentage of a given casino floor. Instead, casinos generally have older games refitted to accept larger bets and payout bigger prizes.

Row of Various Slot Machines

When you stick to these simple games, you give yourself the best chance of really understanding the game you’re playing. As an added bonus, these games generally accept fewer credits for a max bet, helping you manage your money at the same time.

Study a Machine’s Pay Table Before You Start to Play

If you don’t understand when a bonus round begins, why a multiplier is added, or even how to win a game’s top prize, you don’t have any business spending $10 or $20 per spin playing it. The best game in the high-limit slot area is the one you understand the best, with the features you like, and at a price point you can handle.

Studying the paytable will tell you everything you need to know about how to play and how to win. Impulsively jumping into a slot machine’s chair and dropping hundreds of dollars in just a few minutes is a great way to have a sour high dollar slot experience.

Examples of High Roller Slot Machine Games

While many casinos have their high-limit games custom-made or programmed in order to accept and pay out larger amounts, there are some games made specifically for the high roller slot market. Below, I talk a little about two slot games designed specifically for high-dollar play.

Triple Double Diamond

Made by IGT and available to casinos in a $25-per-spin format, Triple Double Diamond is a three-reel classic-style slot with a low symbol count, 20 pay lines, and a fixed-rate jackpot of 1,000x your wager. Max bet size if $500 per spin, leading to a top payout of $500,000.

Triple Double Diamond has a “Free Games” round, which you enter by spinning three game logo symbols on any active line. This pays out 12 spins, during which you’ll get a 2x jackpot multiplier, and this round can be retriggered indefinitely.

Double Gold

WGS’ Double Gold can be programmed for high limit play for $5, $10, or up to $25 per spin. It’s a tyle classic styled game, allowing bets of just 1, 2, or 3 coins, for a bet range of $5 to $75 per spin.

The game’s logo symbol acts as both a wild card and a multiplier. As a classic-style slot game, the payouts aren’t particularly lucrative, with a top prize of 2,500 coins. However, considering that the prize range on a high roller version of the game is between $12,500 and $62,500, the payday is worth it.


When people think of high rollers, they probably imagine a sophisticated crowd sitting around a craps table, or a hardcore professional gambler counting cards at a VIP blackjack table. Slot machines aren’t typically thought of as high-dollar games, especially since penny slots are generally the most popular on any casino floor.

Hopefully, this post has helped people interested in playing high limit slots gain some confidence and learn how to have fun in the high-limit slot pits. While high risk doesn’t always mean high reward, high limit slots offer some advantages provided you do your research ahead of time and avoid the longest odds of these games.

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