Craps Field Bet Odds and Strategy

Craps Table Closeup With a Set of Dice in the Bottom Corner

Craps tables can be found at casinos across the US. It is one of the most popular casino table games, and for good reason.

If you are serious about learning to play craps then you need to learn all of the betting options available in the game. This includes mastering the craps field bet. Many new players ignore this betting option, but you can learn to use it to your advantage.

We will break down everything you need to know about the field bet in craps right here. Also, we will tell you which gambling sites are best for playing the game of craps online.

What Is a Field Bet in Craps?

If you have ever seen a craps table, then you know that it is covered in different betting options available to players. Knowing how to read the craps table is one of the first skills all players should learn.

One of the many betting options available on the craps table is the field bet. This option is usually found toward the middle of the table.

Sports bettors should be familiar with the option of “taking the field” in a wager. This option allows you to take every team or player except for a selection of favorites.

For instance, you may bet on the field instead of the number one seeds facing off in the Super Bowl. As long as one of the options in “the field” wins, then you are successful.

The craps field bet works in a similar fashion. It allows players to bet on multiple numbers at once. As long as one of these numbers appears on the next roll, you win.

How Does a Craps Field Bet Work?

Unlike many of the other wagers in craps, players can make a field bet in craps at any time. All you need to do is place your chips in the field betting area.

After the roll, your wager will either be won or lost. If you lose your wager, the croupier or dealer will take your chips off the table and claim them for the casino. However, if you win, you can either take your chips or leave them on the table.

By leaving your chips on the table, you are essentially betting on the craps field bet again for the next roll. This is often referred to as letting your bet ride.

What Numbers are Included in a Field Bet?

So, what numbers are included in a field bet in craps? The shooter rolls two dice each round in craps. This means any number between two and 12 could be a possible outcome.

However, only the following numbers are included in craps field wagers:

  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 9
  • 10
  • 11
  • 12

Wagering on seven numbers with one bet obviously gives you fairly good odds of winning. However, it is important to note that the most likely outcomes, 5, 6, 7, and 8, are not included. Not including these outcomes does bring down the odds for this bet.

Despite this, the odds of winning a field wager in craps are still high compared to many of the other betting options available.

Craps Field Bet Odds

A field wager allows you to bet on seven possible outcomes for the next roll. However, the winning numbers in a field wager only account for 16 of the 36 possible outcomes of a craps roll.

Not all of the craps payouts for field wagers are the same. Most of the winning numbers are even money wagers.

But the numbers two and 12 pay more. These numbers pay double, sometimes even triple your stake amount.

Casino Craps Table

This increase in pay can have a huge effect on the house edge for a field wager. In cases where the two and 12 pay double, the house edge is as high as 5.56%. But if the casino is offering 3:1 odds on these numbers, then the edge can be as low as 2.78%.

Should You Make a Craps Field Bet?

Every craps player has their own strategies and systems for trying to win each roll. The field wager allows you to bet on seven numbers at once, but is it a good bet?

The answer depends a lot on your personal preferences. If you want the absolutely lowest house edge possible, then no, you should not make the field wager. Instead, you should stick to even money wagers to keep the house edge to a minimum.

However, if you are willing to take on a little more risk, then a field wager is a good bet to make. This is especially true if the casino is offering 3:1 odds on twos and 12s in field wagers.

Play Craps Online

There are a lot of strategies available to craps players, many of which involve understanding the field bet. Regardless of the betting system you choose to use, you will need to practice honing your skills.

One of the best ways to practice craps is by playing online. Depending on the casino you use, you may even be able to play and practice your strategy for free. Our casino experts have even taken the liberty of finding the best US casinos to use for playing craps online.

We have spent years researching and completing thorough reviews of casinos. As part of our reviews, we test each casino’s games to make sure they are fair to players. We also examine the site’s bonus features, customer service department, and user interface.

According to our experts, the best site for playing craps online is Wild Casino. New members of this casino can claim an awesome $5,000 welcome bonus. It also has a great mobile app that allows you to play from the palm of your hand.

Bovada is another great gambling site that is highly recommended by our experts. The VIP rewards program is full of great rewards, and you can play games in free play modes to practice. Also, Bovada has a great online sportsbook in addition to being an awesome casino.

Our experts also recommend that craps players sign up for an account at Cafe Casino. This awesome casino has hundreds of safe casino games, including craps. It also offers great banking methods, including cryptocurrencies.

Craps Betting Tips

Mastering the craps field bet is just one step to becoming a master of the game. Here are some more craps tips to help you become a great player in no time.

Practice Your Craps Strategy With Free Games

Using the field wager is just one example of a crap betting strategy. There are dozens of other strategies that players can choose from. Or you can try to create your own.

Once have a strategy in mind it is important that you practice it. This will help you test it and see if it is worthwhile. The best way to test a craps strategy is through free games.

Craps Table, Pair of Dice Rolling on Craps Table

Land-based casinos do not offer free craps games. But many online gambling sites, such as Bovada, do offer free versions of their casino games. You can play in demo mode and master your craps strategy without wasting your bankroll.

Avoid Bets With a High House Edge

One of the best pieces of advice for any gambler is to understand how to avoid the house edge. Every casino game has a house edge, so you cannot avoid it completely. However, you should know how to minimize the edge as much as possible.

In craps, that means avoiding craps side bets that have a large house edge. The “Any 7” bet, for instance, has a house edge of 16.67%.

Casinos do not typically advertise the house edge for wagers. But you can usually find this information online and adjust your betting strategy accordingly.

Claim Casino Bonuses

A final piece of advice for craps players is to learn how to use casino bonuses effectively. Casinos, especially those online, use bonuses to help attract new players.

Knowing which bonuses to claim can help add a ton of extra funds to your bankroll. You may even be able to claim other rewards, like faster payout times. It all depends on the casino that you choose to play at.

Using bonus funds can be a great way to test new types of bets, too. You can use your extra bankroll to try out field wagers to see if they are worth incorporating into your crap strategy.


A craps field bet is one of the more unique wager options available during the game. You wager on a total of seven numbers spanning 16 possible outcomes. These bets are a great way to add more versatility to your strategy but beware of the house edge which can be as high as 5.5%.

Check out our latest casino blogs to learn more about craps and other popular games.

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