Can You Find Slots With 99% RTP?

Casino Slot Machine Reels
Slot machines aren’t typically known as high-paying games even at the best casinos in the US. In fact, some of them have a downright awful return to player (RTP).

However, some slots do offer solid payout percentages. Some can even compete with baccarat and blackjack by featuring really high payback.

But do any slots offer 99% RTP like blackjack and baccarat can? I’ll cover what, if any, slot machines can deliver this kind of payout percentage along with more on RTP in general.

Why Is RTP in Slots so Important?

Return to player indicates how much a slot machine pays over the duration of its lifetime. Simply put, high RTP gives you a better chance of winning profits.

Here’s a comparison to illustrate this point:

  • You bet $20,000 on two different slot machines.
  • The first slot has 98% RTP.
  • 20,000 x 0.98 = $19,600 in theoretical winnings.
  • The second slot has 95% RTP.
  • 20,000 x 0.95 = $19,000 in theoretical winnings.
  • You’ll win $600 more with the first game.

Of course, slots payback doesn’t work out this neatly. These games only realize their designated payout percentage after countless spins.

Nevertheless, RTP is still a useful figure that helps you win more in the long run. Your chances of coming out a winner improve as you keep seeking slots with healthy payback.

Do Any Slots Offer 99% RTP?

Certain slot machines do feature 99% payback and above. You can find such games in both land-based and online casinos.

Row of Casino Slot Machines

However, these slots are few and far in between. You’ll have to work to find games that offer such generous payout percentages.

How can you go about rooting out the few slot machines that deliver 99% RTP or better? The method depends upon whether you’re in an online or brick and mortar casino.

Finding the Best Paying Online Slots

Internet slots offer an easier path towards finding payout percentages. You can simply google the game in question with “RTP” behind it to find the payback.

The only problem, though, is that you’re searching for needles in haystacks when going this route. You’ll be better off simply looking for articles that point out the highest-paying slots.

I consulted a couple of articles to find the following online games:

  • Goblin’s Cave (Playtech) = 99.3% RTP
  • Ocean Princess (Playtech) = 99.1% RTP
  • Ugga Buuga (Playtech) = 99.1% RTP
  • Mega Joker Jackpot (NetEnt) = 99.0% RTP
  • Monopoly Big Event = 99.0% RTP
  • Nemo’s Voyage (WMS) = 99.0% RTP
  • Ooh Aah Dracula (Barcrest) = 99.0% RTP
  • Tropic Reels (Playtech) = 99.0% RTP

This is just a small percentage of the thousands of online slots in existence. But you can see that there are at least several games with really high payback.

Finding the Highest Paying Land Based Slot Machines

Unfortunately, you can’t find exact payout percentages for slot machines in land-based casinos. The reason why revolves around the relationship between casinos and developers.

Slots providers let brick and mortar venues choose from different pay schedules. For example, they might allow a casino to pick 93.5%, 94%, or 94.5% RTP for The Voice slot.

This situation presents a problem, because it doesn’t allow for uniform payout percentages. Developers can’t publish payback for their slots online, since they can’t guarantee the same RTP everywhere.

Casino Slot Machine Floor

The best you can do involves using techniques that can give you vague ideas on payout percentages. These methods involve:

  • Looking for signs listed over a bank of slot machines
  • Checking out state gaming reports on slots payout percentages

Regarding the first point, you’ll sometimes see signs hanging over groups of slots that read, “Pays up to 99%.” You can thus identify where a high-paying slot is in this situation.

The problem, though, is that you don’t have any way of knowing which machine features this incredibly high payback. By gaming laws, only one machine in the group has to offer 99% RTP.

You simply need to sit down to random machines and begin spinning the reels to enjoy the 99% payback. Sadly, you’ll never actually know which of the games is offering you this extremely high payout percentage.

State gaming reports provide figures on how much each coin denomination pays. For example, the Nevada Gaming Commission report shows that the average nickel slot delivers 94.48% RTP.

You won’t find figures in any state report that show where slots with 99% payback are. However, you can at least figure out which type of games feature the highest payout percentages.

In turn, you can seek out the coin denominations that pay the best. With any luck, you may sit down to a game with 99% RTP.

Any Downsides to 99% RTP Slots?

The advantages to playing the highest paying slot machine are obvious—you have a stronger chance of winning money.

It may not seem like there are any drawbacks to consider in this situation. However, you should be aware of a major concern involving online casino bonuses in the US.

If you’ve played at internet casinos before, then you’ve seen the generous bonus offers at these sites. You can earn thousands of dollars with some of these deals!

However, such offers come with terms and conditions.

One of the key terms involves meeting wagering requirements before withdrawing bonus funds.

Here’s an example on how wagering requirements work:

  • You qualify for a $100 bonus.
  • Wagering requirements are 35x the bonus.
  • 100 x 35 = $3,500 must be wagered.

Some level of strategy exists when earning these bonuses. The highest-paying games improve your chances of collecting the funds without losing money.

Slots with 99% payback are natural fits for this strategy. However, casinos are well aware of such strategies.

They lower how much certain games contribute towards wagering requirements. By doing so, casinos reduce the incentive to use baccarat or a high-paying slot to satisfy wagering requirements.

Oftentimes, you stand to lose more when chasing a bonus with the best-paying slots when reduced contributions are accounted for.

Here’s a comparison:

  • You play a slot with 99% RTP.
  • It only contributes 20% towards wagering requirements.
  • You must wager $10,000 to unlock a bonus.
  • (10,000 / 0.2) x 0.01 (house edge) = $500 in theoretical losses.
  • You play a slot with 96% RTP.
  • This game contributes 100%.
  • (10,000 / 1) x 0.04 = $400 in theoretical losses.
  • You lose $100 less when chasing the bonus with a 96% payback slot.

Assuming you don’t care about bonuses, then the best-paying games are still your top option. However, you should definitely take the terms and conditions into account if you do go after bonuses.

Don’t Overlook Volatility

One more concern regarding these games with 99% RTP is a tendency to overlook the volatility variance in slots. The latter refers to how consistently a game pays. Sometimes, a slot with 99% payback feels like it only features 60% RTP if it doesn’t offer many short-term wins. Such games are considered highly volatile.

You still stand to win more money in the long run with a higher-paying slot. But you must be aware of volatility if you care about short-term winnings.

Earning a lot of money from session to session helps you better sustain your bankroll. Meanwhile, you’ll have more difficulty holding onto your funds with a volatile game.

What indications give away the volatility of a slot? Some games actually feature a volatility rating. In this case, you don’t need to do any guesswork.

Casino Slot Machine Pay Table and Jackpot

Unfortunately, most slots don’t boast these ratings. Therefore, you need to guess the volatility by looking at the jackpot size, number of bonuses, and amount of small prizes.

A bigger jackpot usually indicates a more volatile game. Likewise, more bonuses suggest the same. A low amount of small prizes (e.g. 10 coins or below) is also a tip-off to more volatility.

You want to avoid these types of slots if you’re trying to stretch out a small bankroll. This is true even when dealing with a game that offers over 99% RTP.


Many slots players see RTP as a very important factor. After all, they want the best chance to win money in the long run. The best way to realize this goal is to pick slots with 99% payback or better. The catch is that these slots are limited in number.

I’ve covered some online slots that feature at least 99% RTP. You can consult Google to try and find more such games. Certain slot machines in land-based casinos also feature 99% payback. The dilemma here, though, is that you’ll be hard-pressed to figure out which machines deliver this incredible value.

99% RTP might seem like all upside. However, the drawback is that any game with this high of payback will be nicked in the bonus category.

The best-paying slots don’t contribute as much towards wagering requirements. You’re typically better off playing a game with normal RTP that contributes the full amount towards wagering requirements.

Outside of bonus situations, slots with 99% RTP are definitely worth pursuing. These games give you the strongest chance to win over time.

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