Can the 3/2 Betting System Beat Roulette?

Roulette Table With Hand Placing Chips and 3-2 Betting System Wording

Gamblers have been looking for new ways to beat roulette ever since it appeared in French casinos in the late 1700s. Many players resort to using betting systems as a means of beating roulette.

Some systems are riskier than others because they involve placing huge bets at certain points. These strategies can quickly drain your bankroll when things aren’t going well.

However, not all roulette betting systems are like this. Some give you a decent opportunity to win without being overly risky.

The 3/2 system is one such strategy. You can read about the 3/2 betting system below, including how it works, its advantages, and whether it’ll ultimately lead to profits at the roulette tables.

How Does the 3/2 System Work?

The 3/2 system revolves around betting on columns and colors (red/black). The idea is to place these wagers in a manner that covers most of the wheel.

As a result, you have a strong chance of winning at least one of the bets. You’ll also profit by at least one unit the majority of the time.

You can use the 3/2 strategy in one of two ways:

  • Bet three units on red (1:1 payout) and two units on the second column (2:1 payout).
  • Wager three units on black (1:1 payout) and two units on the third column (2:1 payout).
Neither of these options has an advantage over the other. They both cover 70% of the wheel and offer the same potential payouts.

Both options also deliver a one-unit profit as long as you win one of the two wagers. Even if you lose the red/black wager, you’ll still come out ahead thanks to the 2:1 payout on the column. Likewise, you could lose the column and still profit by a unit thanks to the larger red/black bet.

Advantages of the 3/2 Betting Strategy

The 3:2 roulette betting system offers a few big advantages. You can check out each of these benefits below.

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Lots of Wins

Again, the 3/2 calls on you to bet in a way that covers 70% of the wheel. Contrast this to placing a single red/black wager on its own, which would cover 48.65% of the wheel in European Roulette and 47.34% of the wheel in the American version.

You’ll experience a high volume of wins with the system. You’ll also pick up single-unit profits even when you win one bet and lose the other.

More Action

Roulette gives you lots of options when it comes to betting. You can place a single wager or put out several bets in any given round.

Single wagers are a nice way to lower your exposure to the house edge while still enjoying roulette. The downside, though, is that you won’t get to enjoy as much action.

The 3/2 betting strategy provides plenty of action in every round. It covers 70% of the numbers, features two different bets and involves risking five total units.

Low Volatility

Many roulette betting systems involve a high degree of risk. The “Labouchere,” for example, calls on you to risk multiple units during losing streaks. These increased bets can wildly accelerate losses.

The 3/2, meanwhile, doesn’t force you to deal with as much risk. Instead, it’s rather low variance as far as gambling systems go.

You will be putting out five units on every spin. But even if you lose one of these wagers and win the other, you’ll still pick up +1 unit. Going further, you’ll collect at least one win in 70% of the rounds.

Big Win Potential

Some roulette gambling systems offer the thrill of the big win. The 3/2 strategy is no different in this regard because it can deliver up to seven-unit wins.

Here’s an example to show how much you can win this system even when not placing huge bets:

  • Your unit size is $10.
  • You win a $30 wager on black.
  • You win a $20 bet on the second column.
  • Your total winnings for the round are $70.

Obviously, $70 isn’t going to make you rich. However, it’s a nice payout when considering that you’ve only risked $50.

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What’s more is that you spread the $50 on two different outcomes. Therefore, you’re less likely to lose $50 total than if you just put the entire amount on one bet.

What’s the Catch With the 3/2 System?

You can see that the 3/2 betting system certainly has some benefits. This strategy offers a chance at large wins without requiring an incredible risk. But you also have to consider the downsides with the system.

The previously discussed seven-unit wins are definitely nice. However, you also take the chance of losing five units.

The latter scenario happens 30% of the time. With that said, you’ll be dropping five units on three out of every 10 spins.

I’ve highlighted how you have a 70% chance of winning at least one wager throughout this post. You’ll also pick up seven units for the times when you win two bets. The problem, though, is that the chances of losing five units are higher than winning seven.

You might feel like the 3/2 system is unbeatable because of all the payouts that it delivers. Unfortunately, everything evens out in the end when considering the five-unit losses.

No Betting System Is Guaranteed to Win

The main thing to consider with roulette betting systems is that none of them can circumvent the house advantage.

European Roulette features a 2.70% house edge. Assuming you use the 3/2 on the European wheel, then you’ll still face a 2.70% house advantage even with a strategy in play.

Aside from the benefits covered before, the 3/2 strategy’s big advantage is that it provides a unique way to enjoy the game.

If you’re tired of placing random wagers on the board, then you might appreciate using a structured system. The 3/2 approach provides structure while also injecting more fun into the game.

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You’re not going to win millions of dollars and guaranteed profits just because you’re using a system. But you may go on some hot streaks and have fun while doing so.

Should You Still Use the 3/2 Strategy?

If you’re interested in trying a roulette betting system, then you should definitely give the 3/2 a chance. Again, you’re not guaranteed to be rolling in the money with this approach. You will, however, get to play the game in a new light.

The 3/2 system isn’t as risky as the Labouchere or Martingale. It features low variance and also delivers lots of payouts.

You can also look forward to the occasional five-unit win. Even if you don’t get lucky and win both wagers, then you’ll still pick up +1 unit when winning at least one bet.

You’ll also appreciate this strategy if you seek more action per spin. You’ll be placing two wagers and at the same time you’re going to be covering over two-thirds of the wheel.

Conversely, you shouldn’t employ the 3/2 when hoping to rack up massive winnings in a short time period. While this strategy can deliver large seven-unit wins, it doesn’t have quite the same win potential as the Parlay system. The latter involves doubling your bets after wins.

Additionally, you should avoid the 3/2 system—or any betting strategy for that matter—if you’re expecting guaranteed profits. No roulette strategy can provide this. Instead, you’ll need a little luck on your side to earn profits.


The 3/2 roulette betting system isn’t a guaranteed path towards winnings. Of course, no betting strategy is.

If you’re interested in using a staking strategy, though, then the 3/2 is one of the best available. It combines low volatility, solid win potential, and a high volume of payouts.

It’s perfect for when you want to try a system without risking the farm. You’ll pick up enough wins to where you won’t suffer too many wild swings.

Just keep in mind that the 3/2 betting strategy won’t overcome the house edge. Provided you’re fine with this, though, then you should enjoy the 3/2.

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