7 Obscure Casino Games to Add More Fun to Your Next Gambling Adventure

Sic Bo Table on Left Casino War Table on RIght

Casinos do a fantastic job of providing games that appeal to various consumers and entertain the masses. Most casino gamblers will find a game or two that they prefer and stick to playing those games for most of their time in the casino.

When you’re making a weekend trip to the casino or popping in and out with family, things usually stay fresh enough to keep you interested.

Unfortunately, we all hit a wall where the enjoyment begins to fade at some point. Gamblers often continue going through the motions, which equates to throwing money away.

If you’re not gambling for a profit, you better be having fun. Here are 7 obscure casino games to add more fun to your next gambling adventure.

1 – Casino War Isn’t for the Kids

I grew up playing War with my mom. I remember many days being home when the weather wasn’t good for outdoor play and spending hours playing War at our coffee table.

Well, thanks to the geniuses at National Lampoons, and a casino executive that went a little heavy on the nose candy, we now have Casino War.

The casino version is played much like the traditional version of the game and first appeared in National Lampoons: Vegas Vacation. Tired of getting beaten mercilessly by an ill-mannered blackjack dealer and burning through his entire saving account, Clark Griswold finds himself in a fringe casino playing the game.

Casino War is a basic game of high cards. The dealer and player each get a card, and the higher card wins the hand. In the event of a tie, the player has the option to forfeit half their bet or place an equal wager to the first and go to war.

The house edge is surprisingly low in Casino War, but you won’t win long-term. Watch out for the tie bet, which pays out at 10 to 1 but dramatically increases the house edge.

I suggest the game for all lovers of the cinematic masterpiece from which it originates. If you’re going to leave the casino broke, you might as well have a good story to tell.

2 – Sic Bo Provides a New Spin on an Old Game

Sic Bo is a dice game that craps enthusiasts will appreciate. Sic Bo uses three dice in a box, the dealer shakes the box and reveals a result.

So, you lose the thrill of shooting the dice playing Sic Bo. But you also get to enjoy the downtime while the dealer does the work.

If you’ve ever become impatient with an overzealous shooter who feels like the entire casino should shut down for their show, you’ll appreciate the more straightforward approach of Sic Bo.

Four primary bets closely resemble what you would find at a roulette wheel. The big and small bets cover a range of numbers and payout even money.

When the dealer rolls three of a kind, the player automatically loses their bet either way. The house advantage on these wagers is about 2.8%.

Sic Bo Game in Casino, Three Dice in Globe Logo

Look down the board, and you’ll see the even or odd bets. These bets have the same payout and house advantage as the big or small wagers.

Unfortunately, you still lose when the dealer rolls three of a kind.

From there, players start getting into betting on a single number. Avoid these bets like the plague.

Some players get enticed by the payouts, which climb as high as 60 to 1. Yet, they never account for the house edge over 15%.

As with roulette, it’s best to stick with the low house edge of the even money bets. That will provide the most bang for your buck.

3 – Pai Gow Poker Combines Strategy with Chance

Pai Gow Poker has become a guilty pleasure of mine when casino gambling. The game is played heads up against the dealer, with each player receiving seven cards.

The task then becomes building the best two hands possible, one being a five-card hand and the other two cards. The caveat to the game is that your five-card hand must outrank your two cards.

When both hands beat the dealer, you win, but it’s a draw when you only win one hand. If both of the dealer’s hands beat yours, you lose.

Pai Gow Poker is an excellent game for breaking the monotony of other casino games and putting strategy to full use. Players don’t have any way of gaining the edge, but the high percentages of draws will help keep your bankroll afloat for hours at a time.

It will help if you read up on the best strategy before getting to the casino. If you have any questions at the table, most dealers are happy to share the house way with you.

4 – Playing Craps with a Deck of Playing Cards is a Unique Experience

Some regions are keen on the idea of generating revenue from casino gambling but aren’t keen on the notion of all-out casino scenes. So, they do something odd; they prohibit how games can establish a result.

You’d think it would be nearly unthinkable to have craps tables in an area that prohibits the use of dice in casinos. That was the situation in Oklahoma until a few years ago, and it’s still the law in California.

Fortunately, casino executives are clever. Craps results can be closely mimicked using a 36-card deck of standard playing cards.


The odds and payouts remain the same as a standard craps table. Sadly, the game loses some of its fervor when you take the dice out of the equation.

Still, when your other options are slot machines or Casino War, card craps sounds like a decent option. If nothing else, you’ve got an exciting story to share when you get back home.

5 – Chuck-A-Luck Is One of a Kind

If you want to play a dice game so old that you can only find it in one casino in the United States, head to the fabulous Foxwoods Resort Casino in Connecticut. Chuck-a-Luck is played with three dice in a tumbler.

The game is a close relative of Sic Bo and an ancestral cousin of modern craps. Players make a bet on big, small, the field, or any triple.

Any triple pays 3 to 1, while the others all pay even money. The house edge in Chuck-a-Luck approaches 5%, so it’s neither the best nor worst game available when you’re bored and need a bit more fun in your casino adventure.

The critical thing to remember in this obscure casino game is to avoid betting on a single number. The house edge goes well over 10%, and it will cause you to lose much faster.

6 – Mississippi Stud Tests Your Resolve Against the House

Mississippi Stud is one of the previously obscure poker derivative games that’s enjoyed decent success in the casinos over the past decade. In Mississippi Stud, players first make an ante wager and are dealt two-hole cards.

Players must then decide to place another bet or fold the hand. This bet may be 1x-3x their ante.

Closeup of a Dealt Mississippi Stud Poker Table

The dealer then places the first community card face up, and another round of betting commences. The hand is complete when all players fold, the final community card gets revealed, and the players collect their wins.

Mississippi Stud uses a paytable to calculate payouts for winning hands. You aren’t competing against the dealer or other players; you’re only trying to build the best hand possible.

The game resembles video poker in that way, but you must best each time a card is shown.

7 – Chase the Flush for Amped Casino Action

Sometimes you need to break the doldrums when playing casino games online. I think you’re better off grabbing a book or taking the dog for a walk. But many players have limited time to play online casino games and want to maximize the experience.

I am constantly on the lookout for obscure casino games to challenge myself and learn something new. Because my primary focus is poker, I rarely hesitate to throw a few dollars at the latest poker derivative game.

Chase the Flush is the latest of these games to flash across my radar. The game is played heads up against the dealer with a standard 52-card deck.

The game is unique because it incorporates a lot of ways to win a hand. Before the hand begins, you make an ante bet and have the option to bet the bonus. The ante bet is for your hand with the dealer, and the bonus pays out based on the strength of your hand.

Chase the Flush gives players several opportunities to check, bet, or go all-in. When you beat the dealer, your bets all pay one to one.

Chase the Flush is one of the better games to come out in recent memory, and the 2.6% house edge is far from the worst you’ll find.

Our Thoughts on These Games

These 7 obscure casino games will add more fun to your next gambling adventure. Remember that the sucker bets will lure you in with higher payouts then slam you to reality with the extraordinary house edge.

It’s always best to stick to the games with the lowest house edge, but everybody needs a break now and then. Try one of these games and take in the experience; you may see some interesting characters on the journey.

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