3 Online Chinese Dice Games to Play with Friends

Hoo Hey How Table on Left and Dice in a Bowl on Right

The influence of Eastern cultures on modern casinos cannot be overstated. One of the most popular styles of casino games is Asian-themed slot machines. However, there are plenty of other Asian-inspired casino games as well. Some popular favorites include Pai Gow Poker and Keno.

There are also plenty of popular games that you can play outside of casinos. For instance, there are three popular Chinese dice games that Americans love to play. Those games are Hoo Hey How, Mooncake, and Liar’s Dice. All three games originated in China, but they are very unique. Let’s take a closer look at these three Chinese dice games.

Is Hoo Hey How Right for You?

One of the most popular Chinese dice games is called Hoo Hey How. You may have also heard this game called Fish-Prawn-Crab or simply Roll the Dice. Hoo Hey How is very similar to other Asian dice games such as Bầu Cua Tôm Cá.

How Do You Play Fish-Prawn-Crab?

The aim of Fish-Prawn-Crab is to correctly guess which symbols will appear when you roll the dice. To play the game, you need three specially designed six-sided dice. The dice in Hoo Hey How typically depict common Chinese images such as fish, prawns, crabs, flowers, coins, and more.

Another important piece of any Roll the Dice game is the paytable. Typically, the game will have a special board to play on that depicts the pay structure. Essentially, you are trying to roll dice to match the symbol you bet on. Also, there are special bonuses if the same symbol appears multiple times.

Hoo Hey How is a great online Chinese dice game to play with friends. In online versions, you do not need to worry about calculating the payouts for each roll. Also, it allows everyone to play at once. For in-person games, one player has to sit out each round to play the role of the banker.

Playing Roll the Dice online is also a great option so you do not have to buy the game. Plus, some sites may let you play with friends who are not in the room. That makes online casino games of Hoo Hey How a great option for engaging with friends that are far away.

Can You Win Real Money Playing Hoo Hey How?

Hoo Hey How is a great dice game to play because it is fun and easy to learn. Also, it offers plenty of chances to win real money. Whether you are playing online with friends or strangers, you can rake in some serious cash.

An essential part of Hoo Hey How is the money you bet each round. The money you wager determines the potential payouts you can win. For instance, let’s say that you bet $10 on the Prawn symbol. If two Prawn symbols show up when you roll the dice, you would win a total of $30.

Game Screen on Hoo Hey How

Fish-Prawn-Crab also has the option to wager on a “triple”. Normally, getting all three dice to land on the same symbol would payout at 3-1 odds. However, if you specifically wager on a triple your odds are even higher. In typical Hoo Hey How games, a successful triple wager pays out at 30-1 odds.

With 30-1 odds, it is easy to be tempted to bet on the triple option. However, realistically the chances of all three dice hitting the same symbol are low. Still, the triple bet offers the chance for a low wager to turn into a big payday.

Why You Should Give Chinese Mooncake a Try

Another extremely popular Chinese dice game is called Chinese Mooncake. This fun dice game is closely tied to the Mid-Autumn, or Mooncake, Festival. The festival is associated with an important event in Chinese history, the revolt against Marco Polo. Nowadays, Mooncake is a thrilling dice game that is often accompanied by the food of the same name.

What Are the Rules of Chinese Mooncake?

To play Chinese Mooncake you will need a total of six standard dice. You will also need at least two players. However, there are no limits on the maximum number of players. The first player to roll the dice is the youngest player in the game.

Each player takes a turn rolling all six dice into a bowl. All the dice must be rolled in one attempt. After their turn, the player passes the bowl and dice clockwise. The process repeats until every prize has been won. Prizes are awarded based on the combination players roll during their turns.

Typically, Mooncake games will have at least six levels of prizes. However, the “first place” prize will often have tiers within it. For example, rolling four of the same number will win you the fourth-place prize. Typically, the first-place prize is the hardest to win and is left until last. If all the other prizes have already been won, then players will roll once more for the first palace prize. The player with the strongest roll win.

How to Win Real Money Playing Mooncake

Online Chinese Mooncake games are a great chance to win real money. Traditional games typically award prizes such as cake or other small items. However, in online games, cash is king. Games amongst friends can even be played for cash with everyone chipping into the prize pool.

The prizes available in Mooncake will vary from game to game. However, you can easily find real money Mooncake games available online. Unlike other games, there is not an overwhelming amount of strategy in Mooncake. This can make it difficult to win consistently, but it also makes it easy for new players to pick up the game quickly.

Mooncake Dice Game on a Table

For instance, in poker, it is important to have a good poker face, know how to bluff, and raise at the right time. However, in Mooncake the winner is usually the person who gets the luckiest dice roll. Also, since you are rolling six dice at once, it can be difficult to try to influence your roll in any way. In online games, your ability to win will likely rely on the dice rolls that are randomly generated for you.

What Is Liar’s Dice?

Players looking for a poker-style Chinese dice game should check out Liar’s Dice. In this popular dice game, you are trying to deceive your opponents. It is a fast-paced game that is often played during holidays and other family gatherings. There is no set number of rounds, so the game goes on as long as people are willing to play.

How Do You Play Liar’s Dice?

In Liar’s Dice, every player is given a set of five dice and a cup. Players use the cups to roll their dice and conceal their rolls from opponents. After you roll, you can place a bet based on the results of every player’s hand. For instance, you can declare that there are three fives on the table.

The process continues, with each player calling a higher number and or value of dice. If you believe someone is lying, you can call them out on it. When this happens, all the dice are revealed to see if you are right.

If you correctly call someone’s bluff, then you win. However, if the player was telling the truth then you lose. The player that loses must give up one of their dice. Play continues until only one player has dice left in their cup.

Real Money Online Liar’s Dice

Liars Dice is a popular drinking game because it is easy to learn. Also, it can be played with a large group of people. However, Liar’s Dice is also a great way to win real money. The wager component is built into each player’s turn.

In online Liar’s Dice, it can be harder to call someone’s bluff. That is because you cannot read their facial expression or other tells. However, you can still use logic to determine if their claim is reasonable. For instance, you can use the dice in your hand to determine if their claim is plausible.

Liar's Dice Gambling Game

Real money Liar’s Dice can be a great way to pass the time. With online games, you can easily find enough players to get a full game. There is also a version called Common Hand Liar’s Dice. This two-person version combines elements of draw-style poker games with the traditional Liar’s Dice game. It can be a great way to get in on the action at the best online casinos.


Chinese dice games are a great way to connect with friends. They are also a good way to win real money. Online Chinese dice games make it easier to find players to join in on the fun. For more online games, check out our reviews of the best real money online casinos.

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