Top 10 Reasons Online Casino Table Games Are Better

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Land-based casinos have been the gold standard for avid casino gamblers for over a century. Today, Las Vegas and Macau are the premier casino destinations on the planet.

Yet, these massive casino meccas aren’t accessible to a wide swath of casino gamblers. There’s also a growing trend in these areas to focus more on being an immersive entertainment venue.

That has taken the focus away from gamblers, and the rules on games have become worse over the years. Luckily, the proliferation of online casinos has given avid gamblers a choice in the matter.

In fact, online casinos offer serious casino gamblers a better alternative than the tourist traps that dot the landscape. Here are the top 10 reasons online casino table games are better.

1 – You Can Practice the Games for Free

One of the most overlooked benefits of enjoying online casino games is the ability to play the games for free.

There are numerous advantages to having access to play your favorite games for free. First of all, it gives you a place to practice and learn the games before you begin playing for real money.

It also provides you with a great way to practice your best strategies and bankroll management techniques without making mistakes that affect your pocketbook.

Should you find your bankroll beginning to bottom out, you can stay in the game by playing for free. This can also be a tremendous benefit as you build your bankroll starting your gambling career.

Whether you need to tighten up your basic blackjack strategy, learn a new game, or don’t want to miss out while you’re building your bankroll, the online casinos’ table games will be a perfect fit.

2 – You’ll Automatically Be Enrolled in the Casino’s Rewards Program

One of the most acceptable ways a casino gambler can help offset the losses incurred is by registering for the casino loyalty program. These reward-based programs allow you to earn freebies based on every dollar you spend.

Unfortunately, many gamblers at brick-and-mortar casinos casually stroll by the player’s card kiosk without ever breaking stride. They are leaving money with the casino by not earning the casino comps that are just as good as real money.

Players Club Sign

Online casinos will automatically enroll you in their loyalty program. This way, you can begin earning rewards immediately.

The most common online casino rewards are cash back, free spins, and other casino bonuses. Keep in mind that you’ll be earning rewards based on how much you’re gambling.

So, even when you win, you’re earning the same freebies as when you lose.

3 – Lower Minimum Bets

One of the major draws for online casinos is the lower table minimums. In land-based casinos, you’re rarely going to find minimums below $10 per hand.

In some of the more luxurious casinos, the minimums will be up to $25. You can do well when you play games with a low house edge, but a losing streak could be devastating.

Online casinos often have table minimums as low as $1 per hand. This low minimum will help you to stretch your bankroll as far as possible.

You’ll also be able to get the hang of the games for a much lower rate than playing for 10x your average bet amount. The online casinos are able to come in at a lower minimum because they don’t have all of the ridiculous overhead carried by land-based casinos.

Stick to the online casinos for the most entertainment value for your gambling dollar.

4 – You Can Play from Nearly Anywhere

Want to gamble in a land-based casino?

No problem. Pack a bag, load up the car or book a flight, spend hours traveling to the casino, and voila, you’re playing your favorite games. I’m lucky enough to live an hour away from some great casinos, but I’m not always home.

Many of you aren’t 45 minutes from excellent casinos. That’s fine because you can play in your favorite online casinos from nearly anywhere.

Hand Holding Mobile Phone Displaying Online Casino Game

You can also play the games on the go, provided you have a stable internet connection. The ability to play your favorite games on the go is particularly beneficial for sports bettors who need to place a last-minute bet as they’re walking into a wedding or are otherwise occupied away from home.

Having your games available on mobile will make it convenient to play a few hands of your favorite game on your lunch break or waiting for friends during a night out.

5 – The Games Have Better Rules for Maximum Wins

Online casinos give players many more opportunities to win or at least lose less money. One of the most evident examples of this falls under the rules the online casinos offer.

As the massive casino resorts shift further towards their tourism-centric business model, they are making the casino games more and more challenging to beat.

The standard blackjack games have paid 3 to 2 for blackjack since the game was first played for money. However, in many casinos across the country, the 6 to 5 payouts have been adopted.

That subtle difference increases the house edge by double, making it much more challenging to win. Fortunately, the online casinos remain focused on gamblers, and you’ll rarely see a 6 to 5 game in an online casino.

Roulette is another game where land-based casinos can’t touch online casinos. Well, they primarily choose not to anyway.

The two most common forms of roulette are American and European. Many casino gamblers fail to realize that the American roulette wheel has a house edge double the European wheel.

That’s because of the double zero space on the American wheel. As you might have guessed, the American wheel has become the standard for land-based casinos.

Yet, online casinos have European wheels galore. Stick to playing in the online casinos, and you’re going to consistently walk away with better results.

6 – You Skip the Annoying Crowds

I hate to be that guy, but it’s the truth, and we all know it. The worst part about land-based casinos is the people.

In many ways, the crowds are what make casinos great, but the cigarette smoke, rude behavior, belligerent drunks, and foolish party animals will quickly spoil your good time.

You can avoid all of this in online casinos. If someone is rude, merely block that player and move on with your life.

Online Casino

Tell your family they have to smoke outside if it smells like smoke or annoying drunks are pestering you. You can make the rules when it comes to your surroundings at an online casino.

That can be advantageous as you focus on the task at hand.

You also won’t be forced to fight crowds as you head to dinner, grab a drink, or take a bathroom break. Avoid the annoying casino crowd, and you could have the best casino experience of your life.

7 – You Never Have to Wander Aimlessly for an Open Seat

Another great benefit of skipping the crowds in the casino is that you’ll always have an open seat on the game you want to play. I have spent what amounts to days of my life walking around casinos waiting for a seat to open up at my preferred game.

In an online casino, the moment I precisely select the game I want to play, I’m instantly seated. That means no wasted hours spent looking for a table.

8 – You Can Play at Your Own Pace

New players and those trying to implement a new strategy in the casino can often feel rushed by fellow players and the dealer. It’s vital to the casino that games keep moving to make the most money, and most players don’t understand that the slower you play, the longer you can play.

Online casinos will mostly afford you the luxury of playing at your own pace. In some games, there may be timers that force you to act, but you’re given more than enough time.

9 – There’s No More Convenient Way to Gamble

Imagine you live 12 minutes from the nearest casino; it would still be far more convenient to play online.

You won’t have to get dressed, drive to the casino, find parking, walk to your favorite game, exchange your cash for chips, and wait for the next hand to begin. You can stay in your pajamas and start gambling immediately.

Guy Using Laptop, Poker Cards Spread

Having your refrigerator and bathroom within a few feet will only add to the experience you get from gambling at home.

10 – Huge Deposit Bonuses to Stretch Your Bankroll

Online casinos give away fantastic bonuses for players making a deposit. This money goes directly into your account and is almost as good as the casino handing you free money.

Once you’ve met all of the bonus’s wagering requirements, you can even withdraw the money. These bonuses are an incredible incentive for joining an online casino but understand the terms and conditions before accepting any offers.


Online casinos are picking up the torch where the traditional casinos have left the hardcore gambler behind. The top 10 reasons online casino table games are better is only a sampling of the fantastic benefits offered by online casinos.

Slots players haven’t been left out; many of the RTP for games in online casinos climb well above 97%. So, any true gambler should have no problem making a home at an online casino.

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