Legal Sports Betting in Washington is Almost Here!

Washington may be the second state on the West Coast to officially legalize sports betting. Many politicians and sports fans want to see this form of gambling finally allowed here. Today, we’re going to talk about how this push to have legal sports betting in Washington came about.Sports Betting Picture

Many states around the country are now legalizing sports gambling. It’s proving to be an extremely lucrative industry. Lawmakers in Washington seem to recognize this fact.

Here’s what’s happening!

Washington’s Set of Gambling Laws, Explained

It might come as somewhat of a surprise to some, but Washington is home to a huge number of legal gambling options. This state is somewhat of a gambling hub for the Pacific Northwest. Most traditional forms of gambling are perfectly legal here.

This wasn’t always the case, though. For many years, Washington held a largely anti-gambling stance. In fact, some of the early leaders of this state set a blanket ban on gambling that lasted for decades.

In the 1980s, things began to change. Lawmakers here realized it was time to open a state lottery. About ten years later, the state approved plans to allow Native American tribes to operate casinos on sovereign land.

There are now a huge number of casinos in Washington that residents and tourists can access. Unfortunately, this state is against online casino gambling. A law was passed here in 2006 that seemed to criminalize playing casino games over the internet.

Some feel this law only makes it illegal to play casino games through sites based within the state. Others feel it’s a blanket ban on internet gambling.

Lawmakers are once again starting to embrace change. New reports indicate that legal sports betting in Washington may be just around the corner.

The Road to Legal Sports Betting in Washington is Almost Complete

The US Supreme Court decided to strike down PASPA in May of 2018. It was a monumental decision that immediately allowed every state in the country to set their own laws on sports betting. Today, more than 20 states have passed bills to legalize this industry.

It now looks like Washington is next. Two sports betting bills were presented here in February of 2019. This week, one of the bills to allow legal sports betting in Washington advanced to a final House vote.

This bill, called HB 2638, only allows for sports betting to take place inside tribal casinos. A House Appropriations Committee voted 25-7 to approve these new measures. The decision will now head to the House, and then the Senate for final approval.

Strom Peterson, a sponsor of this new bill, commented on the news to the media this week.

“I’m hoping to get this moving over to the Senate on a relatively fast timeline,” he said. “We’ll see if that happens, but with a very bi-partisan vote that we just had this evening, I think that helps.”

That’s certainly true. Both democrats and republicans are getting on board with the idea of legal sports betting. Most agree it will help to bring the state millions in additional revenue each year.

Will this state’s sports betting market be able to compete with Oregon’s?

Oregon’s Sports Betting Market is Set to Expand

Oregon was quick to jump on the sports betting train. Lawmakers here approved a bill to legalize this form of gambling in 2019 after months of careful consideration. Here, both land-based and online sports wagering is allowed.

Not long after approving this law, state officials began looking to expand the market. Soon, several new tribal casinos in the state will be allowed to offer sports betting odds. Several betting kiosks will also soon begin offering sports gambling options at different bars and retailers.

This isn’t going to make things easy for Washington’s sports betting market. The option to place wagers on different sporting events is welcomed here, yet the inability to make bets online is confusing.

Things are clearly going well for Oregon, though. Lawmakers in this state seem pleased with the revenue flowing in.

Legal sports betting in Washington may become available within the next few months. Hopefully, California completes the West Coast sports betting legalization this year, as well.

Stay tuned for more updates over the next few months!

Is This the Right Time to Buy LV Casino Stock?

For months, some of the biggest casino companies in Las Vegas have seen their share prices decline due to the coronavirus in China. All casinos have been forced to close down, costing many companies millions of dollars. Things seem to be improving now, and many are wondering if this is the right time to buy LV casino stock.Stock Prices Picture

It’s an interesting time for the global casino market. Things are going well in Las Vegas, yet Macau continues to lose revenue. Today, we’re going to talk about why many feel this is the perfect time to purchase stock in several Las Vegas casino companies.

Let’s get into it!

Macau Proves to be a Troublesome Casino Market

Most of the world’s top casino operators currently have operations in Macau. For many years, this small Chinese territory was the most profitable gambling market in the world. It drew in millions of gamblers from around the world every single year and was home to a number of multi-billion dollar gambling venues.

Last year, things began to slow down here. The US-Chinese trade war had a serious impact on this territory. As China’s economy slowed down, fewer tourists from mainland China began traveling and gambling in Macau. This resulted in fewer junkets operating here and as time went on, revenue in Macau began to plummet.

This didn’t deter Las Vegas casino companies, though. Many of them continued to invest in properties here. As revenue continued to drop, however, LV casino stock prices dropped.

In December, the Wuhan coronavirus began to spread throughout China. By February, this virus infected tens of thousands of people around the country. Not long ago, officials in Macau chose to close down all casinos as a way to deter tourism. This is costing several Las Vegas casino operators millions of dollars every day.

Fortunately, there seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel. The virus infection rate seems to be slowing down. This could be huge for casino operations in Macau.

Bank of America Recommends Buying LV Casino Stock

Macau has always been a hot casino market. Some of the world’s biggest high-rollers gamble here and many casino companies earn the majority of revenue in this small territory. As the coronavirus begins to be eradicated, this market will start to improve.

This week, Bank of America began recommending to buy LV casino stock. The major US banking company believes that as the virus begins to level out, revenue in Macau will start to surge. As a result, Las Vegas casino companies with property here will see their share prices increase.

Shaun Kelley, a research analyst at Bank of America, commented on the potential share price increase to CNBC this week.

“2nd derivative [is] leveling out,”, he said. “The sequential and daily growth rates have been stable/declining for approximately a week. “Stock and investor reaction has been surprisingly muted relative to prior Macau corrections which we think owes to the passing nature of the threat and increasing China/global market liquidity.” 

This certainly makes sense. Due to Macau’s new regulations, several major Las Vegas casino companies have seen their share prices drop dramatically.

There might be a real opportunity to make some money. If China’s economy begins to improve again and Macau stops its hardcore casino regulations, revenue will start to surge.

Las Vegas Casino Market Continues to Improve

Las Vegas’ gambling revenue is always fluctuating. For more than a year, however, things have been steadily improving in this city. Casinos are continuing to rack in money and are showing no signs of slowing down.

Even sports betting revenue is increasing here. This is a surprise for some. More states around the country are beginning to legalize this form of gambling.

In fact, more than 20 states have officially legalized sports betting. It seemed that this would decrease the sports gambling revenue in Las Vegas. This is not the case.

Everything is running smoothly here. Casinos here took in an average of $1 billion per month last year. Sports betting revenue increased by 9.5% overall.

Amazingly, LV casino stock has been dropping lately due to the trouble in Macau. Hopefully, this will begin to improve.

Stay tuned for more Las Vegas casino news over the next few months!

Another Media Company Embraces Sports Betting: CBS Sports and William Hill Partnership

Sportsbook Moneyline, CBS Sports Logo
On Monday evening, CBS Sports and William Hill announced their exciting new partnership. The agreement will see that William Hill, one of the world’s leading sports betting operators, will become the destination sports book and odds provider for CBS Sports.

CBS Sports will in return have exclusive access to William’s Hill’s sports book, wagering data, and betting odds that they will officially be allowed to be included in their television broadcasts.

It’s a strategic partnership, and one that brings allow the opportunity to have William Hill’s market data advertised across CBS television programming. Through the new agreement, CBS Sports’ now has the chance to become a digital leader in the sports betting space and develop new diversified betting content to share across its various platforms.

CBS hopes that the partnership will allow sports bettors and fans the opportunity to further engage with them through the insightful, industry-leading betting information to be shared across their various digital programming offerings.

According to William Hill’s website:

William Hill will receive exclusive rights to promote its brand across CBS Sports’ broad range of digital properties, including through CBS Sports Fantasy, one of the largest fantasy platforms in the world, resulting in highly efficient customer acquisition for the sports betting company.

“We’re thrilled to launch this momentous partnership, which will allow us to deepen our investment and further extend our leadership in delivering multi-platform sports wagering content, while providing William Hill with unprecedented reach for their market-leading betting platform as they continue to grow their industry-leading U.S. business,” said Jeffrey Gerttula, Executive Vice President and General Manager, CBS Sports Digital.

“The power of our distribution, combined with the strength of our brands and the expertise of William Hill, has us well positioned to tap into the explosive growth of the legal sports betting industry in the U.S.  Together, we will deliver even more value to this rapidly growing segment of sports fans.”

Full Rollout Ready in Time for Fantasy Football Season

The right timing is everything. While the partnership will begin its initial crossing over in March, a full rollout is expected to be integrated just in time for fantasy football season.

“CBS Sports, similar to William Hill, has a longstanding history of connecting fans directly to the biggest events and most iconic moments in sports,” said William Hill US’ CEO, Joe Asher. “We are excited about this partnership, with assets including mass-reach digital content products, one of the largest fantasy sports databases and platforms in the world, and leading sports television programming, which will allow us to expand the William Hill brand across America quickly and efficiently.”

About CBS Sports

Currently CBS Sports stands as the second-largest sports property in the U.S. There are over 80 million users who span across its many sites and apps, they also have upwards of millions of followers on their social media accounts.

CBS sports broadcasts a vast portfolio of sporting events on the CBS network channel, such at the NFL, college football and basketball, the PGA Championship and more.

About William Hill

William Hill is an industry leading, UK-based betting and gaming company. It was originally founded in 1934, and has grown to employ more that 15,500 people in 12 countries, including the UK, Gibraltar, Malta, Bulgaria, Italy, Spain, the US, Poland, Sweden, Denmark, Latvia and the Philippines.

Before betting shops were legalized, William Hill first established their company as a postal and telephone betting service. Wagers were places through check that were sent in the mail, with bets being made well in advance of events.

Today, the iconic brand is 85 years old and remains a name that bettors everywhere can trust. From their website:

“At William Hill we continually innovate to bring our customers engaging ways to bet and game, whether in betting shops, sports books, online or on their mobile devices.  And we are committed to enabling them to gamble in a positive way, with a range of tools and systems that promote customers’ control as part of our Nobody Harmed ambition.”

Upstate New York Casinos on Upswing After a Slow Start

Casino Building
When the four casinos opened up in upstate New York back in 2017, they had a sluggish start. They struggled to make gains and have a steady stream of workable revenue come through their doors. And while they’re not racking in the big bucks just yet, big improvements have been made in attracting customers and boosting their revenue.

All four casinos experienced a brighter 2019 than they did in 2018, with each casino reporting a revenue increase. As a record reviewed by the USA TODAY Network from the state Gaming Commission showed, Resorts World Catskills had the biggest revenue increase from the year prior, at a whopping 48% gross gaming increase in its second year of business.

According to the review, the total revenue jump for the four casinos combined last year was 18%, or $618 million.

Bob DeSalvio, president of Genting New York State, the company that owns Resorts World Catskills, said that a “A 24-month ramp up period is not unexpected in today’s environment.” Adding the slower build up of a two-year period is more normal for gaming properties.

“If you look at the history of regional gaming properties over their lifetime, it’s about two years for them to really click in.”

From Gray to Rose Revenue Predictions

New York took a gamble back in 2014 when they handed gaming licenses to the four gaming properties standing in the state today: Del Lago, Rivers, Resorts World Catskills, and Tioga Downs.

All four casinos were unanimous slow-burners to start, and earning potentials looked meek. In fact, Del Lago and Resorts World Catskills were on the brink of bankruptcy and sold off last year.

Since being bought out last year, both companies have seen an increase in revenue. Del Lego’s economic impact was at $270 million and a gaming revenue of $157 million. This was 4% revenue jump for 2018.

With mobile sports betting becoming legalized across the country, this remains an important year for even rosier revenue predictions should mobile sports betting get the official green light.

Advocating for Lower Tax Rates for Long-Term Profitability

Many of the casino owners report taking a hit from the high tax rates, and say that the current rate is impeding on their ability to reach their long-term profitability goals, especially in a highly competitive regional casino market.

“While we continue to make progress in growing our gaming revenue,” Justin Moore, General Manager of Rivers, said in a statement, “we operate in a highly competitive and expanding regional gaming market where we pay the highest effective tax rate of all the commercial casinos which makes it difficult for us to compete effectively.”

In April, the first draft study on the future of NY’s gambling industry is set to be released. It comes at good timing, as the legislative sessions will end in June. The study could be a determining factor in the state Governor and state Legislature to reconvene on their stance of the state’s current gambling laws.

DTP Works with Neighboring Businesses to Host More Downtown LV Events

Downtown Las Vegas View, Downtown Project Logo
Zappos’ downtown investment project, DTP Companies, formerly known as Downtown Project, is trying to work with neighboring downtown businesses in order to secure a special use permit that would enable them to host events at the Fremont East parking lot, otherwise known as the Llama Lot.

The Fremont East parking lot, which the company owns, offers 120,000-square-foot of space to be utilized for downtown events. However, nearby businesses have some concerns.

One nearby property owner Donald Walford, cites concerns over the amount of noise, traffic, and inconvenience it would cause other downtown LV neighbors if recurring events were to take place at the lot. Walford’s concerns led him to request an appeal over the Las Vegas Planning Commission’s approval of the special use permit back in October.

The Las Vegas City council in turn decided to hold off on accepting votes on the approval until after the company makes an effort to meet with neighboring businesses and their owners.

Lack of Details Makes Nearby Business Owners Weary

While downtown business owners are on board for trying to revitalize downtown Vegas and make it more of a destination spot, not only for tourists but especially locals, they need more details regarding DTP’s intended use of the space. And they’re conscious of being respectful toward the actual people who live on-site in the more popular areas downtown.

As of right now, business owners are saying they haven’t been informed over important details yet, including what type of events DTP plans to hold at the lot, the frequency of those events, and when the operating hours would be.

“We’re all for improving the economy, but there are people that live downtown,” Walford said. “It’s not just for a party.”

Cathy Brooks, owner of the Hydrant Club dog daycare and training facility, which is located on the prime intersection of 9th and Fremont Street, says the request for the special use permit has been “overly broad and vague.”

In regards to the permit request and lack of communication surrounding it, Brooks says:

“As someone who has been on that corner for seven years, what I can tell you is communication and compromise are two things that the people who submitted this have not shown themselves to do to date.”

Drawing a More Harmonious Solution

In addition to the council having DTP meet with their neighbors to discuss in more detail their plans for running events at Llama Lot to fill in the blanks, Las Vegas City Councilwoman, Oliva Diaz, is also trying to ease downtown business owners’ concerns.

She’s advised conditions that DTP would have to meet for any event they plan to hold. Those conditions include being responsible for a thorough clean up once events are over, having security available at each event, and letting neighbors know what events will be occurring well in advance.

Diaz also proposed having restrictions on event hours, and giving the council six months to determine whether the special use permit will work for all parties involved, and that will be affected by the permit use.

“That’s why we’re going to have a six-month follow-up, just to make sure that this is a harmonious and compatible use for the area,” Diaz said.

The first vote on the special use permit, as well as Diaz’s proposed conditions, is scheduled to take place on March 4.

Sahara Las Vegas Unveils New Poker Room on Friday

Casino Poker Table, Sahara Las Vegas Logo
A favorite among locals, the SAHARA Las Vegas Hotel & Casino will be getting in on the poker action by opening their brand-new live poker room to the gambling public this Friday, Feb. 14.

Valentine’s Day will be the first time the casino has had a poker room on property since 2011, right before it shut down for three years to make renovations, re-opening as the SLS. After five years as being known as SLS, the company officially reintroduced their iconic, flagship brand name last June.

According to the casino’s official press release, the poker room’s daily hours of operation will be 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m. local time. The room will feature seven tables offering real money action in a game chart that will include Texas Hold’em, 7 Card Stud, and Pot Limit Omaha players. A variety of mix games will also be available, depending on what spreads players are seeking.

Along with the seven tables, the room will include a 16’x9′ LED display video, five additional screens scattered throughout the room, daily tournaments, and 24/7 available food service provided by nearby Northside Café.

The daily tournaments will offer a minimum of four start times throughout the day, with buy-ins ranging from $45-$100. The primary tournament will be No Limit Texas Holdem.

“The Poker Room at SAHARA Las Vegas also offers a competitive rake at 10 percent with a $4 max,” according to the release.

SAHARA’s $150 Million Dollar Renovations

“The return of SAHARA Las Vegas to The Strip is significant for the city,” said Alex Meruelo, owner of SAHARA Las Vegas.

“The reimagining of this iconic resort will enable an enhanced guest experience that runs contrary to the megaresorts that have recently dominated the Las Vegas landscape. At SAHARA Las Vegas, guests will be greeted with a warm, customized experience set within a fully modern, dynamic resort.

We know guests come to Las Vegas to create memories, and we plan to help them do just that in a beautifully curated, intimate resort experience with personalized services that make everyone feel special.”

Interior Renovations

  • Sahara’s recently completed $150 million resort overhaul includes:
  • Entirely new updated casino floor
  • The luxurious new 24-hour CASBAR Lounge, located on the main casino floor
  • An Infinity premium gaming lounge
  • Revamped hotel rooms and updated hotel towers (including the tower’s names)
  • Renovated suites and corridors
  • Upgraded spa
  • New front desk/hotel lobby area

Exterior Renovations

  • Continued remodeling of the main porte cochère
  • A full renovation of the resort’s main pool
  • Second-story 18,500 square-foot combination nightclub, lounge and theatrical space, which will be positioned alongside the resort’s main pool
  • Exterior building refresh and new paint color
  • Marquee signage and letting including Sahara’s new branded logo

Food & Beverage Additions

  • Beers and Bets, casual American cuisine with offering a great sports-viewing experience (formerly Umami Burger, located next to the property’s sports book)
  • Uno Mas, Mexican street fare and street tacos, plus a fully-stocked tequila bar and Mexican beer
  • New Starbucks on property

Grand Opening Celebration, Feb. 21

To kick off the launch of their new poker room, SAHARA will be holding a grand opening celebration for players next Friday, Feb. 21. The celebration will include complimentary “champagne, hors d’oeuvres, branded swag, gift cards and giveaways.” According to the casino, “bounties will also be in play for the exciting event.”

About Sahara Las Vegas

The iconic SAHARA Las Vegas Casino & Resort first opened on Oct. 7, 2 1952. It has been a staple on the Las Vegas Strip for nearly 70 years and was a favorite spot for Frank Sinatra and the rest of the Rat Pack. Over the years, it also hosted the Beatles and a NASCAR Café.

It’s gone through some notable changes over the past decade, including a recession, and being bought out by LA-based Meruelo Group. The Meruelo Group ownership resulted in the property transferring the casino’s resort name and entity to SLS Las Vegas Hotel for five years.

When the property’s current owner, Alex Meruelo, took back control of the then-SLS property in April 2018, he wanted to change the name back to its original moniker, because of how recognizable the name has been throughout Las Vegas’ history.

The property officially returned to its traditional name, SAHARA Las Vegas, last summer. Refreshing the property has been a top priority since then, paying homage to the traditional property and old Vegas, while infusing it with modern flair for modern Vegas.

“The Sahara played an important role in the evolution of the destination,” Meruelo said at SAHARA’s rebranding company event. “We are writing the next chapter in the city’s evolution, for the love of Vegas.”

Wynn’s New Convention Center is Finally Open

In 2018, Wynn Resorts has discussed plans to open a brand new convention center and meeting space. This week, Wynn’s new convention center officially opened to the public. Today, we’re going to talk about what this new center has to offer.Wynn Las Vegas Casino Logo

Wynn Resorts is working on several new projects right now. 2019 wasn’t great for the company and as of now, things don’t seem to be improving. This is the perfect time to check out where the company is headed this year.

Let’s get into it!

2019 Wasn’t Great for Wynn Resorts

For decades, Wynn Resorts has been considered one of the best casino companies in the world. It was founded back in 2002 by Steve Wynn, who served as CEO until very recently. Things starting going downhill in early 2018, when allegations of sexual abuse against Steve Wynn began to surface.

Several women came forward with stories of misconduct by the powerful CEO. At first, he vehemently denied the allegations. Eventually, he stepped down and sold all of his shares from the company. He then tried to stay out of the public spotlight.

These allegations hurt Wynn Resorts’ reputation. The company eventually filed a lawsuit against Mr. Wynn and ultimately received $20 million from the former CEO. Wynn Resorts eventually decided to name Matt Maddox as the company’s new leader.

Maddox had served as president of the company since 2013. He was promoted to CEO in a position that was expected to last until February of 2021. In December, the company decided to extend his role until 2022. He seems to be doing a good job.

Wynn Resorts has also struggled with some of its overseas properties. Macau, in particular, has been a tough market for the Las Vegas-based casino company. This doesn’t mean things are slowing down, though.

As we mentioned earlier, this company just finally opened its new convention space. Here’s what it has to offer.

Wynn’s New Convention Center Has Bookings Through 2028

Las Vegas is one of the country’s top convention destinations. There are a huge number of major conventions here that draw in thousands of visitors every single month. Since 2019, construction has been underway on Wynn’s new convention center.

This massive property has now officially opened to the public. It’s one of the most impressive convention centers in the city, with two stories and 430,000 square feet of space. It’s actually an extension of the current Wynn Meeting and Convention Space and features an 83,000 square-foot ballroom.

According to company officials, this is already a major success. This new convention center already has bookings lined up until 2028. The new setting of this venue, located directly next to the Wynn Golf Club, is also exciting for many convention-goers.

Chris Flatt, executive vice president of hotel sales and marketing, commented on the opening of this venue to the media this week.

“We were scheduled to open in March and we have a very high percentage of repeat business here and had several customers of ours that literally wanted to be the first groups in the hotels,” he said. “We actually opened about three weeks earlier than anticipated.”

Wynn’s new convention center is open to the public and is already hugely successful. Several other major Las Vegas companies are scheduled to open new convention space, as well. Unfortunately, Wynn’s operations in Macau don’t seem to be improving.

Macau’s Casino Closures Costing Wynn Resorts Millions Every Day

Wynn Resorts operates a huge number of major casino-resorts all across the country. It also runs several major resorts in Macau. This city struggled to attract gamblers in 2019 and things don’t seem to be improving thus far into 2020.

Last year, Macau was hurting due to the US-China trade war and protests in Hong Kong. Now, the Wuhan coronavirus is taking a toll on the city. As a way to prevent infection, leaders in Macau decided to close down all of the territory’s casinos.

This is taking a serious toll on gambling operators here. Wynn Resorts claims that it’s losing between $2.4-$2.6 million every day due to these closures. CEO Matt Maddox isn’t concerned, claiming the company can withstand the losses.

It’s unclear how long this will last for. Death tolls due to the coronavirus are increasing, yet infection rates seem to be dropping. Hope is that officials in Macau manage to stop the spread of this deadly virus before it hits even more countries.

Things aren’t all bad. Wynn’s new convention center is up and running and will likely earn the company serious revenue. It wouldn’t be a surprise to see Macau reclaim its spot as the world’s most profitable gambling hub before long, too.

Stay tuned for more Las Vegas casino news over the next few months!

Hard Rock Atlantic City Debuts World’s First Live Internet Slots

Casino Slot Machines, Hard Rock Atlantic City Logo
Hard Rock Hotels & Casino Atlantic City unveiled their revolutionary live online slots at a news conference on Monday. The slots are the first of their kind and feature ground-breaking innovations in technology. Hard Rock has partnered with Softweave Ltd., an internet gaming company based out of Israel, to develop the unique software that gives players the ability to play live slots from a connected device.

“We are thrilled to present ground-breaking and innovative technology as real-money, online gaming continues to evolve in New Jersey,” said Joe Lupo, president of Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Atlantic City.

“Similarly to live table games dealers, live slots enables our players to have one seamless experience to earn Wild Card rewards including hotel rooms, entertainment and dining at Hard Rock Atlantic City. Bridging the gap to provide a ‘live’ experience to our online consumers is something we are not only excited for, but very proud to be the first in the world.”

Live Online Slot Room

The selling point behind these live online slots, which makes them completely different than any other slot machine out on the market currently, is that they’re only activated and played on by online gamblers.

Casino guests have the ability to peek in on the action and see how the online players are doing, through the live slot room’s key-shaped windows. The room includes 12 machines featuring the popular games: Buffalo, Leprocoins, Hotter Than Blaze, SpitFire Mulipliers, and 34x4x4x Double Times Pay.

The room has a set of cameras that allow the virtual players to actually what’s happening in the room as they activate play from their off-site devices. Similar to traditional casino slot machines, there’s only one player allowed to play at a slot at any given time.

“The psychology, there are brick-and-mortar players that have a fear of doing things online,” said Kresimir Spajic, senior vice president of online gaming at Hard Rock International. “This is helpful in transitioning them into online customers. This is a real, physical machine that they can see, almost like they’re sitting in front of it.”

Lupo said that the innovative new slot technology was a “natural outgrowth of live-dealer tables games that have been growing in popularity in Atlantic City over the past six years.”

“Credibility and transparency have been paramount to seeing online gaming move forward,” Lupo said. “The difference between seeing a computer image as opposed to the kind of machine that a customer has been playing for years, it may be easier to understand.”

Hard Rock’s new live online slot room is located on the second floor of the casino, directly across from Fresh Harvest Buffet.

How To Play

Players can access the new live slots with a valid internet gambling account. They can make easily set up an account through Hard Rock’s online casino website. If all 12 machines are in use, players can wait in a queue until a slot is available. Lupo suggested that during the downtime, players can entertain themselves with the wide variety of online slots and table games available at Hard Rock’s online casino. Sounds like a win-win situation.

About Softweave Ltd.

SoftWeave specializes in creating gaming software and e-commerce product development. The company was founded in 2010 and is headquartered in Netanya, Israel. The company has successfully become a leading gaming solution and integration provider for gaming, e-commerce and cyber companies across the world.

They develop their products and services with a key focus on innovation. They were the first company to successfully design, develop, and launch high quality HTML5 games their Live Slots product.

As listed on the “about” section of their company’s website:

“For the past 7 years Softweave has developed a wide array of innovative gaming products for mobile social and online platforms. RGS, HTML5 games, portals, social content conversion and full-scale live tables are just a few of the projects Softweave has successfully delivered to its customers. The one thing Softweave prides itself on is our ability to utilize cutting edge technologies and innovation to deliver the best possible outcome to our leading industry customers.”

Revenue From Upstate NY Casinos is Slowly Increasing

Over the past couple of years, New York lawmakers have worked hard to expand their casino industry. Unfortunately, revenue from Upstate NY casinos failed to increase for months. New reports indicate that in 2019, things began to turn around for casinos in the Upstate area.Flag Of New York

Lawmakers in this state are looking to earn more money from the gambling industry. More gaming options may soon become available here. Today, we’re going to look at how the Upstate casinos performed in 2019.

New York’s Expanded Casino Laws, Explained

For decades, New York was considered a very anti-gambling state. Lawmakers here implemented a blanket ban on casinos back in the late 1800s. Despite laws against it, many small, illegal gambling venues continued to operate in the state.

Eventually, state officials began allowing horse race wagering. In the 1950s, lawmakers decided to legalize bingo and five years later, opened a state lottery. It wasn’t until the late 1980s that officials began looking at the possibility of legalizing casino gambling.

In 1989, the Supreme Court passed the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act. This set of laws made it legal for Native American tribes to operate casinos on sovereign land. Not long after this bill was approved, New York began allowing the state’s tribes to run gambling venues.

In 2013, lawmakers completely changed their stance and decided to officially legalize commercial casinos. Since that time, several of these gambling venues have opened up, most of which are in the Upstate area. Unfortunately, revenue from Upstate NY casinos hasn’t been quite as high as many initially predicted.

There are several reasons why this is. Most cite the competition as the primary reason why these casinos have struggled to make money. According to new reports, things are beginning to improve.

Revenue From Upstate NY Casinos is Going Up

It hasn’t been an easy road for casinos in New York. As we just mentioned, almost all of these are located in the Upstate area. Many are within close proximity to each other. Competition is extremely high here and just about every single casino has struggled to bring in players.

It seems things are improving, though. The four casinos in Upstate New York are beginning to see an increase in gaming revenue. Each one saw its revenue increase last year.

Resorts World Catskills, one of the largest casinos here, saw a massive 48% jump in revenue. In total, revenue at Upstate NY casinos increased by 18% last year. That’s fantastic news for the state, as lottery sales dropped by more than 35%.

Bob DeSalvio, president of Genting New York State, says he’s not surprised to see things start to get better.

“If you look at the history of regional gaming properties over their lifetime, it’s about two years for them to really click in,” he said. “A 24-month ramp up period is not unexpected in today’s environment.”

There has been fear that the state’s casino industry might fail. Lawmakers have discussed new ways to help these gambling venues generate more money. Things are beginning to improve, and new sports betting options may help make things even better.

New Sports Betting Options Might Be Coming to New York

In May of 2018, the Supreme Court officially struck down PASPA. This decision immediately gave every state in the country the ability to legalize sports betting. Today, more than 20 states have decided to legalize this form of wagering.

New York began working to legalize sports betting in early 2019. On July 16th of that year, the first sports wager was placed here inside the Rivers Casino in Schenectady. As of now, only land-based sports betting is available in the state.

This could change soon, though. For months, lawmakers in New York have discussed legalizing online sports betting. Many feel this will help to increase revenue from NY casinos.

This is currently being decided in the courts. Officials argue that allowing online sports betting will help to bring the state more revenue and make things more competitive with New Jersey, which allows sports wagering to be made over the internet. It’s still unclear whether or not the courts will agree with this assessment.

Revenue at Upstate NY casinos is beginning to increase. State officials hope that this trend continues. We’ll need to wait and see whether or not these officials can succeed in allowing online sports wagering.

Stay tuned for more updates over the next few months!

Mob Museum Offering Free Valentine’s Day Admission to Nevada Residents

The Las Vegas Mob Museum
Downtown Las Vegas’ Mob Museum, otherwise known as the National Museum of Organized Crime and Law Enforcement, will be celebrating its 8th year in operation this Valentine’s Day, Feb. 14. In honor of the timely anniversary, it will be offering free admission for Nevada residents on Valentine’s Day.

Non-Nevada residents will be able to enjoy buy-one-get-one-free tickets.

Two exhibits will be on display for the holiday. The first is a complimentary car show that will include 15 different prohibition-style cars, on display from the Model A Ford Club of America and the Las Vegas Cadillac Club. They will be parked outside of the museum, with some of the vehicle owners on-site at the event.

The second exhibit is a crime scene exhibit highlighting prominent pieces of evidence from the infamous St. Valentine’s Day Massacre.

The Mob Museum is located at 300 Stewart Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89101 and is open from 9 a.m. – 9 p.m.

Food and beverage at the museum will also be discounted all day on Valentine’s Day, offering 20% off.

St. Valentine’s Day Massacre

The St. Valentine’s Day Massacre of 1929 took place at the Lincoln Park garage in Chicago, during a cold Valentine’s Day morning. To this day, it remains one of the darkest memories of Mob history. Four men, who posed as police officers, busted through Bugs Moran’s headquarters on North Clark Street.

Seven of Moran’s members and associates were then lined against the infamous brick wall and shot to death by the posed police officers, who are allegedly believed to be associated with Al Capone’s gang.

In 1967, a Vancouver businessman bought the bricks from the wall where the shooting occurred, with some of the bricks still having bullet holes in them from the massacre. For a little over the next 40 years, the bricks were apart of a traveling exhibit.

They found their temporary homes in a crime museum and even a nightclub restroom, before eventually finding a permanent home at the Mob Museum.

About the Las Vegas Mob Museum

First opening in downtown Las Vegas on February 14, 2012, the Mob Museum is an interactive storehouse featuring the artifacts, narratives, and thorough history of organized crime in the United States. It features narratives from both sides, the mob members who committed the crimes, and law enforcement who worked to prevent the crimes.

The museum’s location used to be home to the former Las Vegas post Office and Courthouse. Which was registered on the National Register of Historic Places.

The museum features three interactive floors, offering signature insight and displays into the history of organized crime. The museum also houses the “Underground,” in their basement floor, which, according to their website, is:

“An immersive Prohibition history exhibit space featuring a distillery, speakeasy and private VIP room located in the basement of The Mob Museum. Surrounded by artifacts from the 1920s, experience Prohibition-era craft cocktails in our speakeasy and tour our on-site distillery for a taste of the past.”