Atlantic City Casino Jobs are Available at Borgata and Hard Rock

Atlantic City Casinos

Atlantic City is home to some of the biggest and best casinos in the United States. It seems that some of the gambling venues here are now looking for more workers. New reports surfaced this week claiming a variety of Atlantic City casino jobs are now available at Borgata and Hard Rock Atlantic City.

This is exciting news for many residents in the area. The casinos here have been seeing some major revenue increases here lately. Now is a great time to talk about why these properties are looking to bring in more workers.

Here’s what you need to know!

More Atlantic City Casino Jobs are Becoming Available Right Now

Atlantic City has been one of the country’s top casino destinations for decades. In 2020, this city was badly affected by the mass casino shutdowns and subsequent drop in tourism. Things have improved throughout 2021, however, and many of the casino operators are seeing major surges in revenue.

It now appears that several of the most popular casino-resorts are now looking for more employees. That includes the Borgata and Hard Rock Casino Atlantic City. These two properties recently held job fairs in the hope of attracting qualified employees. Hard Rock Casino President Joe Lupo spoke about this situation to the media this week.

“We’ve been looking for people all summer long,” Lupo said. “We’re looking at a strong fall ahead with some conventions and live entertainment coming back, so we’re looking to continue providing some jobs to the local community. A lot of the college kids have gone back to school, so it’s not uncommon here in the Atlantic City market for the fall to take a different approach without the seasonal help.”

More Atlantic City casino jobs are becoming available every week. Both the Borgata and Hard Rock Casino seem determined to bring in more employees. It’s not easy right now, particularly as cases of Covid-19 begin to increase around the country.

Casinos have seen solid earnings throughout the year. What do the next four months have in store for this industry?

US Casino Revenue May Begin to Decline Over the Fall Months

The events that began to unfold in 2020 proved that the US casino industry is a fragile one. Intense health regulations can essentially cripple casino companies. Some are fearful that a new wave of these types of regulations could be around the corner.

Rates of Covid-19 have been declining throughout much of 2021. Unfortunately, new variants have caused yet another spike in many areas of the country. Various health officials are now once again recommending similar health measures to the ones seen last year.

This is causing concern amongst US casino operators. Some analysts are beginning to predict a decrease in casino revenue over the fall months. This is almost a guarantee if casino hubs such as Las Vegas begin ordering capacity limits and more specific health rules for guests inside casinos.

It’s a difficult situation. Various state officials need to weigh public safety while attempting to keep businesses that cater to large groups of people operational. For now, tourism rates into major casino destinations appear to be holding steady.

Not all gambling companies are anticipating revenue declines over the next few months.

Sports Betting Revenue is Expected to Surge Soon

The entire US gaming industry has been posting impressive figures this year. Certain casinos have hit all-time revenue records this year. Sports betting companies have also seen huge surges in their monthly revenue figures.

July proved to be a poor month for the US sports betting industry. Several states with large sports gambling industries reported large decreases in their revenue figures. Most analysts expect to see things turn around over the next few months.

Much of this is due to the start of the 2021/2022 NFL season. The American Gaming Association anticipates 45 million Americans to bet on the season at least once. Sports betting revenue is expected to surpass $12 billion thanks to football betting.

This football season is now officially underway. We’ll be sure to continue reporting on sports betting revenue figures around the US.

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Casino Revenue in Louisiana Fell Sharply Due to Hurricane Ida

Casino Revenue In Louisiana

Louisiana is home to one of the largest casino industries in the Southern United States. Unfortunately, the casinos here have been badly affected by Hurricane Ida, which recently made its way through the state. New reports claim this hurricane is likely to take a major toll on casino revenue in Louisiana.

It’s tough news for the owners of these properties. Fortunately, these low revenue figures may not last forever. Now is a great time to look at the state of Louisiana’s casino industry right now.

Let’s get into it!

Hurricane Ida is Likely to Cause Drop in Casino Revenue in Louisiana

Louisiana is home to a huge number of popular gambling venues. Some of these are riverboat casinos owned by commercial gaming companies. Others are Native American-run land-based casinos operated by different tribal groups in the state.

The casinos in the coastal regions are used to seeing disruptions due to weather. Not long ago, Hurricane Ida made its way through the state. The hurricane was large enough to force all of these coastal casinos to close their doors and some took damage.

New reports have surfaced claiming that casinos here can expect to see double-digit revenue losses caused by this hurricane. This is due to the large drop in visits to casinos in the state. Carlo Santarelli, a prominent gaming analyst, spoke to investors about this situation this week.

“If we assume the daily spend per measures visitor in August is akin to the 33.2% percent two-year increase in July, it would imply a 19% two-year gross gaming revenue decline in Louisiana in August, relative to the 9.7% two-year increase in July,” Santarelli said 

Many of the casinos in Louisiana closed due to Hurricane Ida have since reopened. We’ll be sure to report on the upcoming gaming revenue reports here as soon as they are released.

Louisiana’s Sports Betting Launch is Delayed Once Again

Louisiana is known for having one of the most passionate sporting fan bases in the United States. Back in November of 2020, residents here finally voted in favor of legalizing and regulating sports betting in the state. Since that time, officials have been working to come up with an agreement to regulate this industry.

The original plan was to launch the state’s first sports betting operations before the start of the 2021/2022 NFL season today. Unfortunately, Hurricane Ida has delayed these plans. The Louisiana Gaming Control Board was unable to approve sports betting licenses before tonight’s game takes place.

It now appears the state’s first sportsbooks will launch at the end of September. Many residents are eager to see NFL betting options become available here. The American Gaming Association expects this NFL season to be the most-bet-on in history.

There is reason to believe that Louisiana will earn a huge amount of tax revenue from these regulated football betting platforms. Some expect this state to develop one of the largest sports betting markets in the country. As of now, an official launch date for the first sportsbooks has not been announced.

A lot is happening with Louisiana’s gambling industry. The casinos here are not the only ones experiencing revenue declines, though. Here’s a look at how other casino markets are faring.

States Report Casino Revenue Decline Over August

The US casino industry has performed better in 2021 than ever before in history. That is incredible when considering the state of this industry in 2020. Casino companies are performing very well, yet many reported revenue drops over the month of August.

The casinos in Maryland took a slight dive last month. Overall, casino revenue came out to $168.5 million. That is a drop from the $180 million earned in July, yet is still a major increase when compared to August of 2020.

Ohio is home to many popular tribal casinos. Last August, these properties managed to bring in $194.3 million in total gross gaming revenue. These are impressive figures but remain below the gaming revenue record set in April at $217 million.

Analysts now expect to see Nevada and New Jersey reporting slight revenue drops, too. Fortunately, things may bounce back over the fall months. Stay tuned for more information as the year goes on.

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Maryland’s Casino Revenue Takes a Slight Dip in August

Maryland Casino Revenue

Maryland is home to just over six million people. Interestingly, this small state in the Northeastern United States is developing quite the gambling industry. New reports have just surfaced showing that Maryland’s casino revenue took a slight dip this past August.

This is certainly no cause for concern. In fact, Maryland’s casino revenue is still performing great. Today, we’ll talk about how much money the casinos here managed to bring in last month.

Let’s get into it!

Reports Show a Drop in Maryland’s Casino Revenue This August

The casino industry in Maryland is only about a decade old. The first true Class III gambling venue here opened its doors in January of 2011. Since that time, five more casinos have opened here, all of which attract gambling fans on a regular basis.

Maryland’s casino revenue has broken records several times this year. The months of March, May, and July were particularly successful months for this industry. It seems that August was not quite as lucrative for the casino companies operating here.

Total gross gaming revenue in the state came out to $168.5 million. This represents a slight drop from the $180 million brought in last July. It is an impressive 12% increase in revenue when compared to August of 2020, though.

MGM National Harbor, which opened its doors in December of 2016, had the best month by bringing in more than $67 million. Live! Casino & Hotel came next at $59.5 million. Rocky Gap Casino performed the worst by bringing in just $5.9 million in total GGR.

Maryland will never be home to a casino industry that competes with the ones in Nevada and New Jersey. The casinos here still continue to perform well. Stay tuned for more revenue report updates as the year goes on.

Lottery Commission Delays the Launch of Maryland’s First Sportsbooks

Maryland is known for its large, passionate sporting fan base. Residents have been calling for sports betting to become legal in the state since PASPA was removed in 2018. In November of 2020, lawmakers here officially approved a set of bills to allow land-based and online sports gambling.

Since that time, regulators have been working to come up with a set of rules for this new form of gambling. Much of this has fallen into the hands of the Maryland Lottery Commission. This regulatory body has just announced that the launch of Maryland’s first sportsbooks is being delayed.

The original goal was to have these sports betting operations up and running by the opening game of the 2021/2022 NFL season. Unfortunately, the Lottery Commission has not agreed on several rules for this industry. That includes coming to agreements on how many sports betting licenses will be handed out.

Officials here remain determined to launch sports betting options as soon as possible. It’s reasonable to assume that sportsbooks will become available here at some point in the next few weeks.

Maryland is far from the only state set to expand its gambling industry this year. Here’s a quick look at some of the other areas of the country about to allow more forms of gambling.

More States are Set to Expand Their Gaming Options

The United States is home to the largest gambling industry in the world. Many states are now home to successful casino and sports betting industries. As the years go on, more areas of the country are working to add more regulated gaming options in hopes of bringing in tax revenue.

Washington is one of those areas. This state is already home to a huge number of casinos owned and operated by Native American Tribes. This week, the first regulated sports betting options will finally go live here in time for the opening game of the NFL season.

Arizona is another state set to begin offering sports betting this week. Lawmakers have needed to come to several key agreements with tribal groups in the state. Both land-based and online sportsbooks will soon go live here.

States including Florida, Connecticut, and Louisiana are working hard to get their first sportsbooks operational, too. All are likely to do so within six months. It will be interesting to see which of these states see the largest increase in gaming revenue, as a result.

Are you surprised to see Maryland’s casino revenue reports for the month of August? How do you think the casinos here will fare over September? Let us know in the comments section below.

Durango Station Casino Faces Pushback From Culinary Union

Culinary Union Durango Station

The battle between Station Casinos and the Las Vegas Culinary Union continues. For years, Station Casinos has been planning to open a major new casino-resort in Southwest Las Vegas, called the Durango Station Casino. These plans are now facing pushback from the Culinary Union.

This is not much of a surprise. These groups have been involved in legal disputes for decades. Now is a great time to talk about this most recent clash over Station Casinos’ latest plans.

Here’s what you need to know.

NV Culinary Union Pushes Against the Proposed Durango Station Casino

Station Casinos is one of the most successful casino operators based in Nevada. The company is known for running a huge number of “locals casinos” throughout the Las Vegas area. In recent years, officials within Station Casinos have discussed opening a new casino-resort in the Southwest Las Vegas area.

There has been some progress getting this venue open. Not long ago, a city board gave its approval for this property to be constructed. Many felt it was only a matter of time before a groundbreaking for the casino began.

It now seems these plans could be delayed. The Nevada Culinary Union has just begun urging residents and business owners in the area to protest against the Durango Station Casino. The union seems to be raising concerns about the potential traffic safety this casino will cause. Station Casinos released a statement on this latest move from the NV Culinary Union this week.

“It is unfortunate, but we are not surprised, as we have grown used to decades of endless harassment by the Culinary Union. Instead of applauding a project that will pay millions in local taxes, create a beautiful new amenity for the neighborhood and create thousands of construction and permanent jobs, including jobs for people they supposedly care about, they take the low road and play petty politics. Nothing that comes from the culinary union can be trusted,” the statement said.  

It remains to be seen if the Union will have any success raising these concerns with local residents. Stay tuned for updates over the next few weeks!

What Does the Station Casinos-Culinary Union Feud Stem From?

Station Casinos and the Nevada Culinary Union have been battling in the courts for decades. These two groups have spent an incredible amount of money in these legal battles. Unfortunately, it does not appear these disputes will be settled anytime soon.

Most of this is due to Station Casinos pushing against the Culinary Union representing its employees. This has been the case since the casino company was founded. Recently, employees voted against representation from the Culinary Union.

Some of these employees have become fed up with the union’s continued efforts to work into Station Casinos. Many of them recently held an open protest at the Culinary Union’s headquarters. This protest does not appear to have affected the union’s plans.

Expect to see more legal disputes between these two groups. It remains to be seen what, if anything, could settle things between them. Hope is that the most recent moves from the union do not affect the opening of the Durango Station Casino.

Las Vegas remains to see large revenue increases. Now is a great time to talk about how much money the casinos here have been bringing in lately.

Las Vegas Casinos Continue to Experience Revenue Surges

The casino industry in the United States is the biggest and most profitable in the United States. Most of the world’s most expensive gaming venues are based here. That includes Resorts World Las Vegas, which finally opened its doors to the public earlier this year.

The casinos in this city have experienced major revenue surges over the past few months. That was certainly the case this past July. That month, casino revenue in Las Vegas hit an all-time high at $794 million. It’s exciting news for the gaming operators in the city.

Most experts predict that casino revenue will surge over the month of August, too. In fact, casino revenue may once again hit an all-time high. These revenue surges are especially exciting when considering how dire the situation in Las Vegas was last year.

Many other US casino hubs are experiencing revenue surges, too. That includes Atlantic City. Stay tuned for more information on the revenue increases here as the year goes on.

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Gulfside Announces Five Partners for River Valley Casino Resort Project in Pope, Arkansas

Arkansas Flag

Gulfside Casino Partnership announced that it would be working with five Arkansas companies on its proposed River Valley Casino Resort Project in Pope County, Arkansas.

According to Gulfside, iCurtis H. Stout, Inc., Middleton Heating & Air, Stephens Insurance, Westrock Coffee, and Russellville-based Barrett & Associates will work hand-in-hand with them for the completion of the $254M project.

Gulfside currently operates the Island View Casino Resort in Gulfport, Mississippi.

River Valley Casino Resort Project

The River Valley Casino Resort Project in Pope County will have 500 hotel rooms, 80,000 square feet of gaming area, as well as numerous dining options, and an outdoor entertainment venue. According to Gulfside’s proposal, it will create 1,500 permanent jobs in the region, contribute $60.5M of annual payroll, and generate $29.5M in state revenue.

Last month, Gulfside named Arkansas-based Nabholz Corp. and AnderCorp of Mississippi to oversee the construction of the River Valley Casino Resort. Nabholz is a multi-service contractor with locations in six states other than Arkansas. Meanwhile, AnderCorp has experience with constructing more than 20 gaming and hospitality projects.

Pope License Challenged by the Cherokees

Gulfside and the Cherokee Nation are the only two applicants in the running for the Pope County license since voters passed Amendment 100 in 2018. The Amendment authorized the expansion of gambling operations at race tracks in Hot Springs and West Memphis to full-casino functions. It also allowed the Racing Commission to issue one casino license each in Jefferson and Pope counties.

Initially, Gulfside’s application was denied by the Racing Commission because its letter of support was signed by County Judge Jim Ed Gibson just days before his term ended on December 31, 2018. However, Gulfside made an appeal at the Pulaski County Circuit Court and Judge Tim Fox ruled in its favor. Last year, the Racing Commission awarded the license to Gulfside although the Cherokee have challenged the license in a case pending before the Arkansas Supreme Court.

EBCI Holdings Completes $250 Million Purchase of Caesars Southern Indiana

Caesars Southern Indiana Casino Image

The Easter Band of Cherokee Indians Tribe finalized its $250 million purchase of the Caesars Southern Indiana casino on Friday.

The deal closed after the Indiana Gaming Commission gave its approval on th sale of the casino across the Ohio River in the Hoosier State.

Said R. Scott Barber, chairman of EBCI Holdings Inc:

“We knew that Caesars Southern Indiana has a special legacy of excellence which initially drew us to the casino. As we’ve discovered, Caesars Southern Indiana also employs an excellent workforce and has made meaningful investments in the community over the last two decades. We look forward to building on that success.”

Caesars Southern Indiana to Retain Branding and Rewards Program

Based on the agreement signed in the 2020 purchase, the Caesars Southern Indiana casino will keep its Caesar branding rights and the brand’s loyalty program Caesars Rewards.

EBCI Holdings also announced that they will retain the Caesar Southern Indiana’s roughly 900 management and staff in their current positions.

Previously known as the Horseshoe Indiana Casino, which was a boat on the Ohio River that opened in 1998, the property became Caesars Southern Indiana- a $90M, 100,000 square foot land based Casino in 2019. But after Caesars Entertainment’s $17.3B sale to Eldorado Resorts, Caesars was mandated to sell several of its properties, including the Caesars Southern Indiana.

Triple-Net Lease Agreement with VICI Properties, Inc.

Simultaneous with the closing of the deal, EBCI Holdings also signed a triple-net lease with a subsidiary of VICI Properties Inc. in connection with the real property associated with Caesars Southern Indiana. The lease has a total annual rent of $32.5M and an initial term of 15 years with four five-year tenant renewal options.

Rent under the lease will increase annual by 1.5% beginning in lease year 2 through lease year 5 and the greater of 2.0% or the Consumer Price index beginning lease year 6.

EBCI Holding was created early this year to diversify the holdings of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians in the commercial gaming and hospitality business. The Cherokees operate two casinos in Western North Carolina, both of which are managed by Caesars Entertainment. The Southern Indiana casino is their first casino property outside the state.

Oregon’s Chinook Winds Casino Finally Reopened This Week

Confederated Tribes Of Siletz Indians Logo And Chinook Winds Casino With Open Sign

Oregon’s casino industry has been facing difficulties since the mass shutdowns back in March of 2020. Fortunately, more of the casinos here have begun opening their doors recently. New reports surfaced this week claiming that Oregon’s Chinook Winds Casino is set to open its doors to the public once again this week.

This property is one of the most popular gaming venues in the state. Many gambling fans will be happy to hear it is set to become operational again.

Here’s what you need to know about this situation!

The Chinook Winds Casino is Finally Open Again

Oregon is home to 11 different casinos. All of these properties are owned and operated by various Native American Tribes in the state. Since mid-2020, these casinos have been working hard to reach pre-pandemic revenue figures.

Sporadic closures have become common with these properties. Back in early August, the Chinook Winds Casino in Lincoln City was forced to close down due to Covid-19 concerns. It was tentatively scheduled to reopen to the public on August 26.

Infections remained high and the owners decided to delay this opening. Fortunately, gambling fans in the Lincoln City area will not need to wait any longer. This popular casino has finally reopened, albeit with a variety of new Covid measures set in place.

All guests now need to have their temperatures checked prior to entering the casino floor. Masks are required at all times, too. Drinking and eating at table games is no longer required and bar-top service in the lounge areas has been suspended.

It will take time for Oregon’s casinos to feel the way they did prior to 2020. Many are simply happy to have a place to play their favorite casino games. We’ll be sure to offer more information on casino openings and closures here over the next few weeks.

Oregon’s Sports Betting Industry Sees Fluctuating Revenue Figures

The state of Oregon is home to some of the most passionate sporting fan bases in the country. It’s here that several popular professional and college sports teams are located. In August of 2019, sports gambling officially arrived in the state.

Revenue from this industry has fluctuated over the past year. This past July, the state’s sports betting industry experienced another major revenue drop. Overall, gross gaming revenue in the state came out to just $2.2 million.

This represents a 21% decrease when compared to June of 2021. Fortunately, it is a 37.5% increase compared to July of 2020. The total betting handle came out to $18.2 million, with baseball being the most popular sport to wager on over the month.

Most analysts expect that sports betting revenue will surge over the fall months. The 2021/2022 NFL season is set to begin on September 9. This is expected to be the most-wagered-on football season in history.

Oregon’s gambling industry has been growing for years. It will be interesting to see how the casino and sports betting industry fares throughout the rest of 2021.

US Gambling Revenue Continues to Surge Throughout 2021

The United States is home to the largest gaming industry in the world. Most states have at least some form of regulated gambling available. Many now have legal sports betting and casino gambling available.

Not long ago, the American Gaming Association released a report claiming gaming revenue is set to break all-time records in 2021. Both casino revenue and sports betting have been surging. This is expected to continue as the year goes on.

Sports betting around the United States dropped in July. Some states saw larger overall revenue drops than others. It’s not a surprise, of course, as July tends to be the worst month every year for sports betting operators.

Casino revenue surged last July, though. Many of the country’s top casino hubs saw massive increases in their overall revenue figures. In fact, Las Vegas reported its best-ever month in terms of casino revenue by bringing in $794 million.

Are you excited to hear that the Chinook Winds Casino is reopening? Let us know in the comments section below.

Ocean Casino Resort AC Sues Live! Hotel & Casino for Copying Marketing Slogan

Ocean Casino Resort AC
Ocean Casino Resort filed a lawsuit at a federal court on Tuesday, accusing Live! Casino & Hotel Philadelphia of “infringement and unfair competition” for using a similar marketing slogan without its consent.

The Atlantic City hotel and casino argued that its “Go for the Win” marketing slogan is its “unique and distinct service product. In fact, Ocean filed an intent-to-use application for the slogan with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office last May.

Seeking A Court Order

According to the lawsuit, Live! Casino and Hotel’s marketing campaign was done “with full knowledge and conscious disregard of the rights of Ocean, and are willful, intentional, and deliberate acts, made in bad faith with the intent to trade on the goodwill and of the service mark of Ocean.”

Lawyers representing Ocean said that the “unauthorized use” of its slogan will cause confusion, mistake, and deception that the two gambling properties are connected. Likewise, Ocean stated that its ability to offer services under its “Go for the Win” campaign has been disrupted.

As a result, Ocean Casino Resort is seeking a court order to prevent Live!Casino & Hotel from using the marketing slogan and instruct Live! Casino & Hotel to destroy all marketing collaterals associated with the advertising campaign.

Part of Efforts to Bring Back Customers

Ocean Resort Casino launched the “Go for the Win” marketing campaign last June as part of their efforts to bring back their customers amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Ocean reportedly spent $140,000 to develop the marketing campaign with its advertising agency.

The Atlantic City casino added that it spent more than $1.5 million to promote the campaign in the South Jersey and Philadelphia regions via advertisements on billboards and media platforms.

One month later, Live! Casino & Resort came up with its “Let’s Go for the Win” promo to generate more business for its brand news Southern Philadelphia gambling property. Live! Casino used its marketing slogan in ads on TV, social media, and websites. The company even placed it on a huge electronic billboard near Ocean Casino Resort in Atlantic City.

Station Casino’s Durango Station Gains Approval From City Board

Las Vegas Sign Background With Durango Station Proposal

Nevada is home to many of the world’s best casino-resorts. Station Casinos has been working hard to open a new one in the Southwestern area of Las Vegas. New reports have confirmed that this proposed property, known as Durango Station, has just gained approval from an important city board.

This is an important step to get this casino opened. Officials within Station Casinos are likely pleased to see things moving forward.

Here’s what you need to know about this situation.

Spring Valley Town Board Approves Plans to Open Durango Station

Station Casinos is one of the biggest gaming companies based in Nevada. It launched in 1976 and has since gone to open more than 20 different casinos around the state. For years, officials within the company have been eager to open a new resort-style property in the Southwestern area of Las Vegas.

This venue, known as Durango Station, has faced a number of setbacks. That includes finding a suitable location and gaining approval from various city boards. It seems that there is now some real progress being made in 2021 to get this venue opened.

The Spring Valley Town Board has just announced that it has approved plans to open Durango Station. This property is set to feature 400 hotel rooms. More than 99,000 square feet of gaming space will also be featured inside this venue. Station Casinos released a public statement shortly after news of the board approval was released.

“Station Casinos appreciates the Spring Valley Town Advisory Board and its residents for their input on and support of the Durango project. Our new development will be a great addition and a great community partner, employing thousands of construction and full-time team members and creating tens of millions of dollars in new state and local taxes. The Company looks forward to releasing more information on the project in the weeks ahead,” the statement said. 

This is expected to be an exciting property in the Las Vegas area. We’ll be sure to offer more updates on the opening of this venue over the next few months!

Las Vegas Casinos Continue to See Revenue Surges

Las Vegas remains the most profitable gambling destination on the planet. It’s here that many of the country’s top gaming companies are based. Fortunately, the casino industry here has seen a major recovery from the events that unfolded throughout 2020.

There has been a steady increase in gaming revenue over the past eight months. That is particularly true over the summer months. This past July, Nevada set a new all-time gaming revenue record, bringing in $794 million.

August has just wrapped up and many are expecting to see another surge of revenue. Tourism rates into the city are beginning to reach pre-pandemic levels. Certain casinos here are managing to bring in more revenue than others.

Several new properties have recently opened their doors in Las Vegas, too. That includes Resorts World Las Vegas. At $4.2 billion, this is the most expensive gambling venue to ever open its doors in the city. Resorts World seems to be fueling tourism into the city right now.

New reports on Nevada’s gaming revenue for the month of August will be released soon. Stay tuned for reports on these figures.

Station Casinos Remains in a Legal Battle With the Culinary Union

The past eight months have been great for most casino operators in Nevada. That certainly includes Station Casinos, which continues to see increases in its revenue figures. Still, this company has faced its fair share of issues lately.

Not long ago, reports surfaced that the legal battle between Station Casinos and the Nevada Culinary Union was ramping back up. This has been an ongoing dispute for many years and the Culinary Union continues working to enter Station Casinos’ properties.

It seems that the majority of Station Casinos’ employees do not want representation from this union, though. A group of the companies workers recently held a major protest in front of the culinary union’s headquarters. Ultimately, this dispute will need to be settled in court.

Company officials have a lot on their hands right now. They have to be pleased to hear the latest approval for their proposed casino in the Southwest area of Las Vegas. Only a few more steps need to be taken for the construction of this property to begin.

Are you excited for Durango Station to open? Let us know in the comments section below!

Ocean Casino-Resort is Suing a Pennsylvania Casino Over Advertising

Ocean Casino Lawsuit

Atlantic City is home to some of the biggest and most powerful casinos in the United States. That includes the Ocean Casino-Resort, one of the newest properties to open its doors in this city. New reports have just surfaced claiming that the owners of this property are now suing a major Pennsylvania-based casino.

Now is a great time to talk about why this lawsuit is being made. We’ll also talk about how the casino industries in New Jersey and Pennsylvania are faring right now.

Let’s get into it.

Ocean Casino-Resort Files Lawsuit Against Live! Casino & Hotel Philadelphia

The US casino industry has been steadily recovering since the mass shutdowns back in 2020. Over in Atlantic City, things have been faring very well. The East Coast’s top gambling hub has been seeing consistent revenue increases over the past few months.

Recently, the Ocean Casino-Resort has established itself as one of the most popular gambling venues in the city. This venue opened its doors back in 2012. It struggled to generate much interest at first, yet has been seeing steady revenue increases over the past eight months.

News broke this week that the owners of this venue have filed a lawsuit against the Live! Casino & Hotel Philadelphia. The Ocean Casino-Resort spent a massive amount of money developing the “Go for the Win” slogan in their marketing campaign. The Live! Casino & Hotel Philadelphia is now using its own slogan, “Let’s Go for the Win,” illegally, representatives from Ocean claim.

Officials at Ocean Casino-Resort want the Philadelphia casino to immediately cease using this slogan. They are also demanding money for the damages this rival marketing campaign has caused. Representatives of Live! Casino Philadelphia have yet to comment on this lawsuit.

Fortunately, the gaming industries in both New Jersey and Pennsylvania are performing very well right now. Here’s a look at how much revenue these properties have been bringing in lately.

Casino Revenue Continues to Surge in the Northeastern US

There is now a massive gambling hub developing in the Northeastern area of the United States. New Jersey and Pennsylvania have both developed major casino industries in recent years. Both are also seeing steady revenue increases throughout 2021.

The American Gaming Association recently released a report detailing New Jersey’s casino revenue over the year’s second quarter. Incredibly, this state has managed to bring in $13.6 billion in total gross gaming revenue over the months of April, May, and June. That represents the best quarter in history for the casinos here.

Pennsylvania has massively expanded its gaming industry over the past two decades. Last July, the casinos here reported $423 million in total gaming revenue. That is an impressive $35 million jump when compared to the month prior.

New Jersey and Pennsylvania are home to large sports betting industries, as well. Both land-based and online sports betting are legal and regulated here. This industry helps to bring the state a huge amount of tax revenue each month.

2021 is shaping up to be the best year in history for the casinos in the Northeastern United States. So how are the casinos faring over in the Western US?

Las Vegas Continues to Report Impressive Gaming Revenue Figures

Las Vegas is facing more gambling competition from other states now than ever before. Despite that fact, “Sin City” remains the most powerful gaming destination in the United States. It has recovered from the events that unfolded in 2020 and continues to set new revenue records in 2021.

That was the case this past July. It was this month that the casinos here managed to bring in $794 million in total gross gaming revenue. That surpassed the previous record set in February of 2013 at $696 million. Some analysts credit the opening of Resorts World Las Vegas for this spike in gaming revenue.

Most expect to see even larger revenue figures as the year goes on. Some believe August will end up surpassing the $794 million mark set the month prior. This is likely due to the continuously increasing tourism rates in Las Vegas.

The US casino industry is in a better position than ever before. That is incredible when considering how dire things were for this industry just one year ago. We’ll be sure to offer more revenue updates as the year goes on.

Are you surprised the Ocean Casino-Resort is suing Live! Casino & Resort? Will this lawsuit be successful? Let us know in the comments section below.