Could We See New Richmond Casino Plans Introduced Soon?

Reva M Trammell Second Chance Casino Background

For more than a year, several groups have been working hard to get a major casino complex built in the Central-Virginia city of Richmond. Attempts to get construction on this project in 2021 ultimately failed. Some experts now believe that new Richmond casino plans will be introduced in the next few months.

Several things got in the way of a casino being approved here last year. Today, we’ll talk about what needs to be done for one to gain approval in 2022.

Let’s get into it!

Expect to See New Richmond Casino Plans Introduced this Year

Virginia has been slowly expanding its gambling industry over the last few years. Back in early 2020, members of the House and Senate approved a new bill allowing for casinos to open in five different cities. It was the first time that state leaders allowed for legal, Class III gambling venues to begin operating here.

Richmond quickly became a focal point for many gambling groups. Plans to open a massive casino complex were quickly introduced and proponents touted the benefits this property would bring to the city. Anti-gambling groups were quick to push against these plans, arguing most residents do not want a casino to begin operating here. That proved to be true, as voters shot down these casino plans during a November 2021 vote.

Richmond City Councilwoman Reva Trammell revealed she plans to introduce new Richmond casino plans soon. The councilwoman has already begun collecting signatures for a new referendum allowing for a casino to open in the city. It remains unclear if Urban ONE, which originally planned to open a casino here, would be willing to make another push this year.

Many steps will need to be taken in order for any casino plans to be approved in Richmond. Voters made their decision last year and the anti-casino push here is likely to ramp up. Analysts are interested to see if anything changes in the coming months.

Many East Coast gambling hubs are working to expand in the coming months. Let’s look at which states could soon open new casinos.

East Coast States Look to Expand Their Casino Industries

Virginia is one of the newest states to formally legalize casino gambling. No casinos have yet gone live in this state. Many groups are working to change that and new Richmond casino plans are likely to appear in the next couple of months.

Several other East Coast states plan to open new casinos. These states are recognizing how much money can be earned from this industry. 2022 is expected to be a massive year for the gaming industry and state leaders are working to generate as much tax revenue from this industry as possible.

New York is one state that many expect to open new casinos this year. Some even feel that construction could begin on a Class III casino in New York City. This would be the first casino in the city and is almost guaranteed to be a massive revenue generator.

Maryland and Massachusetts could soon decide to open new casinos, too. Both have embraced gambling in recent years and have seen impressive revenue figures coming in over the last few months. Most analysts also expect to see Massachusetts legalizing sports betting this year.

No casino hub is as successful as the one in Nevada. 2021 was a huge year for this state’s gambling industry and 2022 could be even better. Here’s a look at what is in store for Sin City this year.

Experts Predict Nevada Casino Revenue Growth in 2022

Nevada found itself in a very unenviable position in March of 2020. Casinos around the state, which help to drive tourism and revenue, were all forced to shut down for months. Gambling revenue in the state came to a screeching halt and some worried the city faced irreversible damage.

2021 proved to be an incredible comeback for one of the country’s top entertainment hubs. Tourism rates surged and the casinos here reported several record-breaking months for GGR. Most analysts predict the state’s casino industry will continue to thrive in 2022.

Several new casinos are expected to open in Las Vegas soon. That includes several of the ones being planned by Station Casinos. Casino ownership is changing in the city and that could lead to some major renovations, as well.

Lawmakers in the state could decide to allow online casino gambling soon, too. Casino executives have pushed against these plans in recent years. Some, including MGM Resorts CEO Bill Hornbuckle, are beginning to change their stance.

Do you expect new Richmond casino plans to be introduced anytime soon? Will residents in the city decide to allow a casino to open? Tell us what you think in the comments section below!

Construction on Portsmouth Casino is Underway

By this time next year, residents of Portsmouth, VA will be preparing for the opening of a new local casino. Rivers Casino Portsmouth broke ground last month and the construction has been going as scheduled so far. If all things continue as planned, the new casino will be opening early next year.

The new $300 million casino is being built by Rush Street Gaming. When it opens, the property will offer guests many exciting entertainment options. The venue will spread 57 acres and include a casino and 4-star hotel. Guests will also be able to attend events at the entertainment facility onsite that will hold up to 3,000 people.

In addition to the normal casino games, bettors will also have access to sports betting options. The new casino will offer sports betting through a BetRivers retail sportsbook.

On top of the wide range of gambling options, guests will also have access to multiple bars and restaurants throughout the casino and hotel. Local officials are also hopeful that the new casino will bring with it new economic opportunities. The new Portsmouth casino is expected to bring approximately $16.3 million in tax revenue.

Benefits for Portsmouth

The long-term tax revenue is not the only benefit proponents of the new casino are hoping for. Local officials are also hopeful that the new Rivers Casino and Hotel will create plenty of jobs. New employment opportunities would help the community recover from the ongoing pandemic.

It is estimated that the construction of the hotel and casino will create approximately 1,400 construction jobs. The list of contractors employed on the project includes S.B. Ballard Construction Co., a local construction company in Virginia. Other firms based out of Pennsylvania, New York, North Carolina, and elsewhere are also employed on the project.

Once the new casino resort is complete, the long-term impact should also benefit the commonwealth. The casino and hotel are expected to employ a total of 1,300 full-time employees. In addition to creating new jobs, the casino and hotel will also provide a new tourist attraction for the area.

In total, Rush Street Gaming has stated that they believe that the new casino hotel will generate massive income for the local economy. By their estimates, the impact will upwards of $200 million annually. That influx into the local economy will be welcomed as the commonwealth continues to try to rebuild its economy post-pandemic.

Virginia Gambling Laws

The new Rivers Casino and Hotel in Portsmouth is not the only casino planning to open its doors in the coming years. Virginia voters approved a total of four casinos in 2020. However, the casino in Portsmouth is the first to begin construction. Being able to open its doors first will give the Rush Street Gaming project a jump on the competition.

If the Portsmouth casino is the first of the new casinos to open, it will also be the first legal casino in the state. Virginia did not legalize casino gambling until 2019. However, the casino will not be without competition for bettors.

As of now, the state does allow for skill gaming machines. Citizens of the commonwealth can also access online sports betting sites. Voters legalized sports betting in July of 2020, and the first sportsbooks launched last year.

Currently, the Virginia State Lottery is tasked with overseeing the registration and licensing throughout the commonwealth. However, with the legality of some forms of gambling in question, the state could create a new department to oversee the practice. Lawmakers throughout the state have been pushing for casino legislation. It is unlikely they would create new laws that would negatively impact the industry in the coming years.

What is Rush Street Gaming?

Rush Street Gaming is one of the leading casino developers in the US. The company was started in Chicago in the mid-1990s by Neil Bluhm and Greg Carlin. Bluhm was a real-estate developer and Carlin was a successful investment banker. The company is named after the storied road in Chicago. In recent years, Rush Street Gaming has been expanding its business into other states.

Currently, the casino developer has a total of six casinos already operating. The new construction in Virginia will their seventh. Rush Street Gaming has also built casinos in their home state of Illinois, as well as Pennsylvania and New York. Bluhm and Carlin also worked together to build the Fallsview Casino Resort in Niagara Falls.

Much of the company’s expansion has come in the last half-decade. As more states begin to pass gambling-friendly legislation, companies such as Rush Street Gaming look to take advantage. To date, the company boasts that they have created over 9,000+ jobs. In addition to site-based casinos, the company is also involved in hotels, restaurants, television production, and internet gaming.


The wait for a legal casino-style betting option may soon be over for Virginia residents. Construction on the Portsmouth Rivers Casino is officially underway and will stretch over 57 acres. The casino is set to open in early 2023. In total, the project has a $300 million price tag. Rush Street Gaming, a Chicago-based casino development company, was hired to build the casino.

Portsmouth Rivers Casino is the first of four casino projects to break ground in the commonwealth. In total, the project is estimated to create a total of 1,400 construction jobs. Once the doors open on the casino and hotel, a total of 1,300 full-time employees will be needed to run it.

Local officials estimate the casino will create $16.3 million annually in tax revenue. Rush Street Gaming estimates the casino will generate $200 million per year for the Portsmouth economy.

The facility itself will also create a new destination for locals and tourists alike. In addition to the casino and hotel, it will also feature a 3,000-person entertainment site. A partnership with BetRivers retail sportsbook will allow guests to access sports betting options on site. Several restaurants and bars are also planned for the property. When it opens next year, the casino and entertainment complex will be the first, but not the last, of its kind in Virginia.

Virginia Lawmakers Hoping for Decision Regarding Skill Games in 2022

The US Gambling industry reached new heights in 2021, breaking the record for highest annual revenue in just 10 months. A big part of the recent success has been due to an increase in sports betting. Many states jumped at the chance to legalize sports betting after the US Supreme Court overturned PASPA in 2018. As a result, several states also took this an opportunity to reevaluate their gambling laws in general.

Not every state has been as keen to allow widespread gambling. Virginia, for instance, is still working to get the state’s first casinos up and running. During the pandemic, the commonwealth only temporarily allowed skill gaming terminals throughout the state. The skill gaming terminals were originally legalized with hopes of providing a new source of income during the pandemic.

Virginia earned money from the fees on the gaming terminals. In total, the state raked in $130 million from legal terminals. The order legalizing the skill gaming terminals expired on July 1st. Since the order expired, the terminals were technically banned again.The legality of the ban on the terminals has been called into question. A county judge in Virginia granted a temporary injunction against the ban. As a result, the skill gaming terminals are legal, for now.

There is also no regulatory body overseeing the terminals. When the ban was temporarily lifted, Virginia’s Department of Alcohol and Beverage Control (ABC) was in charge of the terminals. However, the terminals were removed from ABC oversight when the ban was put back in place at the beginning of July.

The Argument for Legalizing Skill Games

Those opposing the ban on skill-based gaming machines are claiming the state does not have the right to issue the ban in the first place. Former NASCAR driver Hermie Sadler owns several Sadler Brothers Oil stores throughout the state. Sadler opposed the ban on the grounds that it violates the first amendment. Earlier this month, A Greensville County judge ruled in Sadler’s favor.

Sadler and other opponents of the ban argue that the terminals are similar to arcade games. The terminals require that players physically interact with them and have a skill component. Players have the ability to influence the outcome based on their skill level. According to Sadler and his supporters, that qualifies the entertainment machines for first amendment protection.

The machines themselves are good sources of income for both the state and the stores that offer them. Sadler has rallied support among the other small business owners that want to continue to use the machines. At a hearing in September, over 50 small business and convenience store owners were present to support Sadler.

Virginians’ fight to reinstate skill games has been ongoing for years. Prior to 2020, similar skill games had been allowed in the commonwealth. However, lawmakers banned the machines to make way for new casinos to be built in Virginia. Banning the machines eliminated competition for the new businesses. Many of Sadler’s supports had been using the previously legal machines for years. In some cases, small business owners had been using the machines for decades.

Why Some Virginia Lawmakers Oppose Legalized Skill Games

Sadler and other proponents of the gaming machines have the support of many small businesses throughout the commonwealth. However, that may not be enough. Those opposing the skill gaming machines are the ones making the laws in the commonwealth. State attorneys are appealing to Virginia’s supreme court to overturn the injunction.

Representatives of the state have pushed backed against Sadler’s argument regarding citizens’ first amendment rights. The defense argues that the skill gaming machines are illegal on the grounds that they offer cash prizes. They also argue that the small businesses that operate the machines are concerned with their profits, not their civil liberties. Ironically enough, profit could be one of the major reasons Virginia lawmakers keep fighting to put the ban back in place.

The initial ban on the machines in 2020 coincided with the construction of four brick-and-mortar casinos in Virginia. When the ban was temporarily lifted for pandemic relief, the commonwealth received income in the form of fees. There are no such fees in place under the current injunction. The machines themselves would also offer more competition for the casinos if they were allowed to continue to operate.

Another issue facing Sadler and his supporters is that the ban on gaming machines was passed with bipartisan support in both houses. It is, unfortunately, a rare sight to see Democrats and Republicans work toward a common goal these days. Their mutual opposition to skill gaming machines could spell trouble for Sadler.

The current injunction is in place until May 2022, but the issue could be resolved before then. Virginia’s General Assembly meets in January and legislators are pushing to resolve the issue then.


Small businesses in Virginia earned a major, if temporary, win this month. Greensville County Judge Louis Lerner ruled earlier this month that the commonwealth’s ban on skill gaming machines was unconstitutional. As a result, businesses are allowed to operate the machines for the time being.

Skill-based gaming machines were legal in Virginia until 2020 when the legislature banned them. The ban was temporarily lifted as part of COVID-19 pandemic relief measures. Despite earning $130 million from the fees imposed on the machines, lawmakers allowed the ban to be reinstated on July 1st.

Proponents of the gaming machines have argued that the state’s ban is a violation of the US constitution. According to those opposing the ban, the machines are similar to arcade games and should be treated as such. Many small businesses throughout the state had been using the gaming machines for decades prior to the ban.

Lawmakers that oppose the skill gaming machines see things a little differently. They are arguing that businesses are more concerned with the profits they earn from the machines, not their civil rights.

The injunction is in place until spring of 2022, but it could be addressed long before then. Lawmakers meet again in January and the status of the gaming machines will likely be on the agenda.

Leadstar Media Awarded Virginia License

Swedish media company Leadstar Media continues to prepare for its further expansion into the US. Leadstar announced that they have successfully obtained an affiliate license to operate in the state of Virginia. That marks the sixth state that Leadstar will be able to operate as they continue to expand into US markets. The media outlet will look to provide bettors with information regarding the best online casinos in Virginia.

In addition to obtaining vendor registration status in several US states, Leadstar Media has also been building its workforce. A larger team will be necessary when the Swedish company branches out into US markets.

They have also been working to develop new websites to cover sports betting news in the US. So far, Leadstar has launched a total of four new websites related to online sports betting in the US.

To top it off, Leadstar Media is not done with its US expansion. The media company has been open about its plans to continue to acquire vendor licenses in other US states. More states are legalizing sports betting every year. As a result, it should come as no surprise that media companies such as Leadstar Media are looking to take advantage of the growing market.

What is Leadstar Media?

Leadstar Media was founded in Sweden back in 2009. The company aims to enhance bettor experiences by providing information about sports betting sites, bonuses, promotions, and more. Over the last decade-plus, Leadstar has expanded to try and cover all aspects of sports bettors’ needs. Currently, the company operates in a total of 25 markets around the world. Despite its global presence, officials from Leadstar have been vocal about focusing on a US expansion in the coming years.

When the US overturned PASPA in 2018, it quickly became of the biggest potential sports betting markets in the world. Sports are a multi-billion-dollar industry in the US. Since becoming legal back in 2018, the sports betting industry has seen unprecedented success. Currently, there are 35 states that offer legal sports betting in some form. That makes the US an interesting prospect for foreign media companies looking for new markets such as Leadstar Media.

So far, Leadstar has launched four US-focused sports betting news sites. As the market continues to expand, so does the potential for media companies like Leadstar. To date, the Swedish company has focused on obtaining licenses in some of the biggest US sports betting markets, such as New Jersey and Colorado. Once the company establishes a larger base in the States, it will likely move into smaller markets as well.

With 2022 just around the corner, Leadstar can look back on 2021 as a success. The addition of Virginia gives the Swedish news company a strong base on the east coast. Leadstar will be able to continue to build its product in the coming months as the football offseason rapidly approaches. The NBA and NHL seasons could also offer plenty of content for the sports betting news company.

Sports Betting Media Expanding

Leadstar Media is not the only company looking to take advantage of the recent US sports betting boom. Media companies and sportsbooks alike have looked to the US for expansion opportunities. For instance, the British sportsbook bet365 was recently awarded a license to operate in Colorado. As a whole, the US sports betting industry has had a record-breaking year in 2021. US sportsbooks made over $400 million in October alone.

With its growing sports betting industry, the US is a clear choice for many media companies to try to expand to. Sports, and sports betting, are an integral part of American society. Each year, millions of US citizens engage in sports betting. As more people try their hand at sports betting, the need for sports betting media sites continues to grow.

Companies such as Leadstar Media look to fill that need. Virginia offers a prime expansion opportunity for companies like Leadstar. According to the state’s revenue reports, Virginia made almost $31 million in sports betting revenue in September.

Other states, such as Colorado and New Jersey, have also reported monthly sports betting revenue in the tens of millions of dollars. The addition of mobile and online sports betting options has allowed many states to fast track their recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. Many states in the US only allow sports betting at casinos. The variance in sports betting laws from one state to another can be difficult to keep up with. That is just one of several reasons it is important to have a sports betting news site you can trust.


The growth of the US sports betting industry was bound to spark growth in other industries as well. With sportsbooks across the US seeing record-breaking years, it is natural that sports betting news sites have also experienced growth.

The Swedish company Leadstar Media announced this week that they obtained an affiliate license for operations in Virginia. Leadstar now can legally operate in six US states, mainly on the east coast.

The Swedish media company has made name for itself in many sports betting markets across the world. In just over a decade of operations, Leadstar Media has already set up shop in over two dozen locations around the world.

Leadstar Media is not the only foreign company expanding into US markets. The market itself is also expanding as more states legalize sports betting. Even states that already allow sports betting are beginning to make it easier for bettors to engage with the industry by legalizing mobile and online options. Leadstar and other media companies will look to capitalize on the expanding market by providing information about sports betting options to new bettors.

The Push to Open a Casino in Richmond Continues

Virginia Vote No Casino Fence Background

Certain officials in Virginia continue working to expand the state’s gambling industry. For years, there has been a serious push to open a major casino in Richmond. New reports have just surfaced claiming that officials are once again working to get a casino-resort in this city.

Many are in support of this move. A large number of anti-gambling groups are pushing against the opening of this casino. Now is a great time to talk about the latest attempt to get a casino-resort built in this city.

Here’s what you need to know!

Officials Continue Pushing to Open a Casino in Richmond

For many years, Virginia was known for having some of the strictest gambling regulations in the country. No casinos were allowed to operate here. Sports betting remained banned, as well, and harsh penalties were set in place for anyone caught gambling illegally.

Things have taken a complete turn recently. Back in January of 2021, the first regulated sportsbooks officially went live in the state. A major referendum was also approved this year that allows for five Class III casinos to open their doors in the state.

Cities around the state have needed to give approval for casinos to open. Many have been pushing to open one of these casinos in Richmond. Unfortunately, a narrow majority of voters decided against allowing a gambling property in the city. This doesn’t mean that the push to open a casino in Richmond has ended.

Richmond City Councilwoman Reva Trammell is working to get another vote on this casino to appear on the ballots. Bob Holsworth, a prominent political analyst in the state, spoke about this latest move to the media this week.

“Clearly they think that with slightly different messaging, they would have the opportunity to win if it came again,” Holsworth said. “They’re exploring whether they would have a better chance of it passing if they redo the messaging with a stronger focus on challenges to the city’s budget.”

It will be interesting to see if a second vote appears. It will also be very interesting to see if voters in Richmond change their stance on the proposed casino. Stay tuned for updates on this situation!

Virginia’s Sports Betting Revenue Just Broke Another Record

Virginia is not necessarily a sports hub. With that being said, a huge number of residents here are hardcore sports fans and pushed hard to get legal sports betting options up and running after PASPA was removed. Sports betting has been allowed in the state for nearly a year and a huge amount of revenue has already been earned from this industry.

It’s become clear that Virginia has one of the most successful new sports betting industries in the country. Both land-based and online sports betting is legal here. Wagering on any college sporting events involving Virginia-based teams remains prohibited.

This week, reports on Virginia’s sports betting revenue over the month of October just surfaced. More than $427 million was placed on sports bets over October month. Bettors managed to win $397 million. $1.74 million was sent to the state via taxes. Virginia has already earned $14 million in taxes over the course of the year.

Sports betting operators in the state managed to bring in $9.7 million in total gross gaming revenue last October. That represents another fantastic month for these betting companies. Most analysts expect even more impressive revenue figures over November and December.

Virginia is clearly benefiting from its legal sports betting options. Soon, a number of popular casinos will be operating in the state, as well. Stay tuned for more revenue reports as the year goes on.

More States are Expected to Expand Their Gambling Industries in 2022.

Virginia is not the only state to recently look into gambling expansion plans. In fact, a huge number of states chose to legalize sports betting this year. More states are expected to do so in 2022.

California is one state that appears to be on the brink of sports betting legalization. Massachusetts is another. These states are home to massive sporting fan bases and will likely bring in a huge amount of revenue from their regulated sportsbooks.

More states are expected to expand their number of casinos, too. That includes Illinois, where leaders are attempting to open a new casino in Chicago. Mayor Lightfoot supports this move and is working to choose a suitable company to operate this property in the near future.

It’s an exciting time for the entire US gambling industry. 2021 proved to be the best year in history for casinos and sports betting operators. All signs point towards 2022 being an even more successful year for the gaming industry.

Do you expect to see a casino in Richmond get approved anytime soon? What states do you expect will legalize sports betting next year? Let us know in the comments section below!

More Information on the Proposed Casino in Danville, VA is Coming Out

Caesars Entertainment Danville Casino With Smoke Stacks

Caesars Entertainment continues to expand its operations around the United States. This week, the company revealed its first look at the proposed casino in Danville, VA. Many are excited to see what this new casino will have to offer its patrons.

It will take time for this property to open its doors. It’s clear that Caesars Entertainment is planning something special. Now is a great time to talk about some of the latest details surrounding this venue.

Let’s get into it!

Caesars Entertainment Releases Details on Proposed Casino in Danville, VA

Officials in the city of Danville, Virginia, have been looking into the possibility of opening a new casino-resort for years. After gaining approval to do so, city leaders began deciding which company should open and operate this casino. Eventually, Caesars Entertainment was chosen.

It seems this is becoming a major focus point for Caesars. The company released its official renderings for this $500 million property to the public this week. It is expected to have 500 rooms, a massive casino floor, a sportsbook, a several-thousand-seat theater, and a convention center.

The $500 million price tag is considerably more than what was initially expected. Caesars now claims it will begin groundbreaking in late 2021. The current goal is to get the proposed casino in Danville, VA opened at some point in 2023. Anthony Carano, President and CEO of Caesars Entertainment, spoke about the impact this casino will have on the city to the media this week.

“Caesars Virginia will be an economic driver for the region, both as a tourist and entertainment draw and through the more than a thousand good-paying jobs the resort will create,” Carano said. “The people of Danville have entrusted us to build a world-class resort, and we look forward to proving that trust was well-founded with an incredible resort worthy of the iconic Caesars brand.”

If all goes to plan, this will be the biggest and most luxurious casino in Virginia. Stay tuned for more updates on the opening of this venue over the next few months.

Analysts Expect to See Virginia’s Sports Betting Revenue Increase this Fall

Lawmakers in Virginia seem determined to expand the state’s gambling industry. New casinos are expected to open their doors here over the next few years. That includes the proposed casino in Danville, VA being planned by Caesars Entertainment.

Back in January of 2021, the first regulated sportsbooks launched in this state. Both land-based and online sports betting is now legal and regulated here. The sports betting operators here have seen fluctuating revenue figures since going live.

July proved to be a slow month for this industry. Most analysts expect things to pick up considerably over the fall months, though. This is primarily due to the 2021/2022 NFL season, which officially began last week.

A massive number of bets have already been placed on the season. More are expected to come in over the next few months. This will likely result in millions of dollars for the state of Virginia via taxable revenue.

It’s an exciting time to be a gambling fan in Virginia. Fortunately, many of the other East Coast gambling hubs are also faring very well right now.

New Jersey Reports Large Increase in Year-on-Year Casino Revenue

Virginia is quickly developing a large and profitable gaming industry in the East Coast’s central region. There is no doubt that New Jersey remains the largest casino hub in this part of the country, though. Many of the country’s most popular casino-resorts are currently located here.

New Jersey was one of the hardest-hit cities in the country from an economic standpoint throughout 2020. The casinos here were shut down for much of the year. Fortunately, most are seeing a major turnaround in 2021.

This August is proving to be a successful month for the gambling industry here. Reports have just surfaced showing that year-on-year gaming revenue increased by 31% this August. Total GGR came out to $427.6 million last month.

Casino revenue in the state may begin to fall as the year goes on. Sports betting revenue, however, is expected to rise considerably. We’ll be sure to offer more updates on the revenue reports in this state as the months go on.

Are you excited to hear about the proposed casino in Danville, VA? Let us know in the comments section below!

Virginia’s Casino Laws Gain Approval by State Lottery Board

VA State Flag

Certain lawmakers in the state of Virginia have been looking to legalize sports betting for many years. It now appears that the state is closer than ever to doing so. Reports have just confirmed that Virginia’s casino laws have been approved by the state Lottery Board.

It’s exciting news for casino fans in this state. Many are excited to see the first true gambling venues open their doors here. Today, we’ll talk about the recent progress in launching the first casinos in this state.

Let’s get into it!

Casino Companies Fear a Return of Major Restrictions

The US casino industry faced its toughest test to date back in 2020. All casinos across the country were forced to be shut down in March of last year. It took several months for any of them to begin accepting guests again.

Things have been steadily improving for casinos since the beginning of 2021. Much of this is due to states lifting their various restrictions toward these gambling venues. That includes the removal of the mandatory mask mandate and capacity limits.

Many of the country’s most powerful casino companies are now fearing the return of these restrictions. These companies have noticed the concerning rise in Covid-19 cases around the US. They are also taking note of the new rules being set in place in various states.

Analysts are debating whether or not another mask mandate in Las Vegas will be ordered anytime soon. This city remains the biggest and most profitable gambling hub in the United States. It seems unlikely, yet the decision to order masks will ultimately come down to Nevada’s top leaders.

Not everything is so bleak for this industry. Most casino hubs have been reporting impressive revenue gains over the past few months. It seems likely that this trend will continue, at least throughout the near future.

Several states are now taking a closer look at expanding their gambling regulations to generate more tax revenue. That includes Virginia, which appears closer to legalizing casinos than ever before.

Here’s an Exciting Update on Virginia’s Casino Laws!

The state of Virginia is known for having an unusually strict set of gambling laws. Here, most traditional forms of gambling remain prohibited. That includes traditional Class III casinos, despite the large number of individuals pushing to allow these properties to open their doors here.

There is some progress being made here. Lawmakers in the Senate and House have been discussing the pros and cons of casino legalization. More of these state officials seem to be opening up to the idea of allowing these properties.

This week, news broke that the Virginia Lottery Board officially approved Virginia’s casino laws! It’s a huge step forward and paves the way for real Class III gambling venues to open their doors here. Virginia Lottery Executive Director Kevin Hall released a statement about this news to the media this week.

“The Lottery’s Gaming Compliance Department and Office of General Counsel have been diligently working to set up the regulatory and licensing framework to ensure casino gaming in Virginia is secure and transparent,” he said. “In this role, we see the Lottery as the public’s watchdog, confirming that the law and regulations are followed, and the integrity of casino gambling is protected.”

These rules will now be sent to the Governor’s office. If given the green light here, these rules will undergo a 60-day public comment period. It’s here that Virginia’s residents can voice their opinion of allowing casino gambling in the state.

Virginia seems closer than ever to getting its first real gambling properties up and running. We’ll be sure to offer more information on this situation over the next few weeks!

Sports Betting Proves to Be a Major Hit in Virginia

It’s clear that Virginia is expanding its gambling industry at a rapid pace. Sports betting officially became legal here at the beginning of 2021. It instantly became a major hit and has been helping to bring the state an impressive amount of revenue each month.

This week, reports surfaced showing how much money the state’s sports gambling industry brought in during the month of June. Approximately $234.9 million was bet on sports in this state during that month. This brings the total handle throughout 2021 above $1.3 billion.

Basketball remains the most popular sport to bet on in this state. More than 30% of all sports wagers made here were done on the NBA. Some feel that the beginning of the upcoming 2021/2022 NFL season could change that trend, though.

NFL betting is, overall, the most popular form of sports betting in the country. The upcoming season is expected to be a good one and it seems likely that a huge number of individuals in Virginia will bet on how the action unfolds. This could further help to boost sports gambling revenue in the state.

Casino gambling will likely be extremely popular here, as well. There are clearly a large number of passionate gamblers in Virginia right now. Stay tuned for more news on the road to legalize Class III casinos here over the next few months!

Are you surprised to hear that Virginia’s casino laws have been approved? When do you expect the first casino to open here? Let us know in the comments section below.

3D Model of Hard Rock Bristol Unveiled For Public View

Hard Rock International Logo
Officials of the proposed Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Bristol unveiled to the public on Thursday the architectural 3D model of the project which will be built on the former Bristol Mall property. The model will be on display to the public at the former Bristol Mall from September 17-19, 2020.

The project is being spearheaded by local business leaders led by Jim McGlothlin, CEO of The United Co. and Clyde Stacy, the president of Par Ventures and owner of the 46 acre property where the proposed casino and hotel will be built. Florida-based Hard Rock who will manage the facility.

More Than Just A Casino

According to Hard Rock International Senior Vice President of Business and Casino Development Sean Caffrey said that the project will cost upwards of $350M. He emphasized that the development is more than just a casino. As the 3D model revealed, there is a hotel with a rooftop bar and a cabana flanked resort pool.

Seven restaurants and four bars are being planned for the project. Retail shops will also be an attraction while there are other areas like a sports betting shop, golf simulators, and a racing facility for children.

The other side of the property is a huge concert venue for big-name acts. Caffrey said that they’re thinking of something like the Hard Rock Live concept which would have a 3,200-seat capacity for indoor entertainment with a dual-sided stage that opens up to an amphitheater which can accommodate 20,000 people in an outdoor setting

Perk Up The Economy

Before it can be built, the project has to be approved by a public referendum on November 3rd. If the project is approved after the November 3 vote, licensing will follow and that is expected to take three to six months to complete. Once it has obtained a license, the project could take up to two years to complete. Caffrey noted however that entertainment and dining options could be offered at a temporary facility after 90 to 100 days after the licensing period.

The Hard Rock project comes to Bristol at a time when the economy is bleeding due to the COVID-19 pandemic. While the long-term benefits, including a $15M annual tax revenues for Bristol, won’t be there until the project is completed, the construction will help perk up the local economy. Construction costs are expected to directly impact up to $20M to the city and it’s going to provide 2,000 direct jobs as well.

Proposed Casino Resort in South Richmond Awaits Public Approval

Downtown Richmond Virginia VIRGINIA — A forum organized Thursday by councilwoman Ellen Robertson, including a Pamunkey Indian Tribe representative and Richmond leaders, has been set up to give Richmond residents from the 6th district the opportunity to learn more the proposed casino resort that the Pamunkey Tribe are hoping to make a reality in the state’s capitol.

Thursday’s forum will include leaders from the civic and community realms, including Robert Gray, Tribal Government Chief of the Pamunkey Indian Tribe, William Smith, Richmond’s Police Chief, Mark Olinger, director of Richmond’s Department of Planning and Development Review, and Leonard Sledge, director of Richmond’s Department of Economic and Community Development.

The meeting is scheduled to run for two hours, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. local time, and will be held at the Bellemeade Community Center.

Casino Details

The Pamunkey Tribe wants to bring a ‘world-class’ resort and casino, a $350 million investment, to Richmond’s Manchester neighborhood.

Four parcels of land on the city’s Southside are either under contract by the tribe or have been purchased by them. The tribe plans to develop the mega resort off Ingram Avenue and Commerce Road, where three parcels of land, totaling 36 acres, are available for their use.

The fourth parcel of tribe-affiliated land is 13-acres worth and located off Jefferson Davis Highway, near Walmsley Blvd. According to the tribe, they would use this off-site parcel property initially as a workforce training facility. Once hiring for the resort is complete, the Jefferson David property will then serve as a beneficial space for the surrounding community, possibly a health clinic or grocery store.

The resort and casino is planned to have a four-diamond, 275-room hotel tower offering ‘stunning views of the James River and Downtown.’ A spa and fitness center, and pool are among the featured amenities. There will also be several exciting dining options, including a luxury steak and seafood restaurant, a sports bar and grill, a buffet, and food court.

“We are very excited about our plans to bring a great resort and casino to Richmond,” said Robert Gray, Chief of the Pamunkey Indian Tribe. “Not only does this help fulfill the government’s intent to use gaming to help us secure our future, but it will also be a great economic boost for the City of Richmond and its citizens.”

Legalized Casino Gambling in Virginia

Currently, Virginia doesn’t allow tribal casinos or commercial casinos, and the state hasn’t been able to be easily budged when it comes to their stance on the issue, but that’s starting to change recently. With legalized gambling becoming more streamlined throughout the country, it’s making Virginia take a close, hard look at how it could benefit their state.

In the beginning of February, the bill to legalize commercial casinos in the state was approved by the Senate General Laws and Technology Subcommittee on Gaming. Next to follow-suit are state officials, with a majority of them thus far giving the green light.

Resident approval will be the last important, crucial piece of the legalization puzzle. If the majority of voters give their approval, the Pamunkey Tribe’s envisioned casino could become a reality, as well as other casino venues in the state.

Officials Raise Concerns About New Casino in Norfolk, VA

For years, the Pamunkey Tribe of Virginia has discussed plans to open a casino. Recently, the tribe agreed to pay $10 million for a plot of land in Norfolk, where the proposed casino will be constructed. This week, several Virginia city officials raised their concerns over the plans to construct a new casino in Norfolk.

Virginia Sign

There are still several steps the Pamunkey Tribe needs to take before this casino will be approved. Today, we’re going to look at what we know about these casino plans so far. We’ll also look at why officials are hesitant to approve the plans.

Pamunkey Tribe Eager to Open Their First Casino

The Pamunkey Tribe is one of 11 Virginia Native American tribes. It’s the first federally-recognized tribe in the state. For years, heads of this tribe have pushed hard to open a casino venue. Unfortunately, Virginia has a restrictive set of gambling laws that bans full-scale casinos from operating.

Interestingly, the state does allow certain forms of casino-style games. Today, there are several gambling venues in Virginia that offer electronic slot-style games. These machines have grown extremely popular in the state and have generated major revenue.

Earlier this year, several Virginia lawmakers presented a new bill to significantly expand the state’s gambling operations. If approved, traditional casino games such as table games and slot machines will be fully legalized. It will be until 2021 until these plans are officially set into law.

That isn’t stopping the Pamunkey Tribe from working to have casino plans approved. Earlier this month, the tribe agreed to pay $10 million for a plot of waterfront land in Norfolk. The tribe has also presented plans to construct a massive $700 million casino-resort in this city.

Unfortunately, several city officials are raising their concerns with a new casino in Norfolk opening its doors.

Councilmembers Weigh Pros and Cons of New Casino in Norfolk

For many, the idea of a fully-operating casino in Norfolk is extremely exciting. It’s clear that a casino would help to generate revenue earnings for the city. Others worry about the impact it will have on emergency services, local businesses, and crime.

In an official city meeting on Monday, councilmember Andria McClellan raised several questions. She wants to know exactly how much the city will receive in tax revenue. She’s also pointing out the fact that no study has been conducted on exactly how much money a casino here will generate, and what the impact will be on city residents.

Several studies on these matters are being conducted, yet the results will not become available until after the council votes on whether or not to approve the tribe’s purchase of the land tonight. Councilman Tommy Smigiel states that the council is taking this decision very seriously. He’s taking public opinion into account.

Many Norfolk residents are unhappy with the decision to open a casino in the city. Civic League secretary Lorraine Connaughton believes the public simply doesn’t have enough information to make a decision.

“It really came across as people were skeptical … and that they were being railroaded on a deal that they quite frankly don’t have enough information on,” she said. 

We’ll need to wait and see how the city council decides to approach the plans to construct a new casino in Norfolk.

Gambling Options Available in Virginia Right Now

As we mentioned earlier, Virginia has a set of restrictive laws towards the gambling industry. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible to play your favorite casino games in this state. Today, there are several fantastic VA online casinos that are available to residents. Most of them offer a huge range of different gambling options.

Lawmakers in Virginia have not yet taken steps to regulate the online casino industry. Unlike several states such as Delaware and New Jersey, Virginia has set no direct laws on internet casino sites. Interestingly, more people in Virginia are choosing to play at US casino sites every month.

The state of Virginia appears very close to allowing traditional land-based casinos. Before long, lawmakers here may also choose to regulate internet casinos. States with state-regulated online casino platforms are earning millions of dollars a month by taxing these websites’ earnings.

Over the next few months, we’ll see whether or not the new casino in Norfolk will be approved. Perhaps in time, several brick and mortar casinos will begin opening around the state.

Make sure to stay tuned for more Virginia casino news!