Groundbreaking Begins on New Casino in Kings Mountain

North Carolina is set to welcome an exciting new casino-resort soon. For years, the Catawbas Nation has been pushing to open a Vegas-style gambling venue in Kings Mountain, near Charlotte. Today, groundbreaking officially began on this new casino in Kings Mountain.North Carolina Flag

Gambling fans in this state are obviously excited. This new venue is expected to be one of the best casinos ever built in North Carolina. Today, we’re going to look at what is currently planned for this new casino.

Let’s get into it!

Catawbas Nation Wins Approval to Build NC Casino

The past few months have been very interesting for the Catawbas Nation. This tribe has been working hard to open a new casino in North Carolina for years. Interestingly, the tribe is actually based in South Carolina, where most forms of gambling are banned.

It should come as no surprise to hear that the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians disapprove of the Catawbas’ casino plans. The EBCI currently operates the only casinos in North Carolina. This tribe feels that the Catawbas Nation is attempting to illegally break into their state’s gambling market.

Eventually, the Interior Department of North Carolina approved the Catawbas’ plans. Shortly afterward, the ECBI filed a lawsuit against this tribe. They argue that the tribe is “reservation shopping” and plans to open a casino on land that should belong to the EBCI.

Officials within the Catawbas Nation haven’t responded to this lawsuit. State leaders in North Carolina have yet to issue a formal statement on the matter, either. As of now, this tribe has the approval to begin construction on a new casino in Kings Mountain.

The EBCI is doing everything it can to stop these plans. Many residents in the state, however, are excited to hear that a massive new casino is being constructed here. From what’s being said, this will become North Carolina’s most impressive gambling property.

Groundbreaking Has Started on the New Casino in Kings Mountain

The Catawbas Nation has been discussing construction dates for its new casino for weeks. Reports began surfacing last week that groundbreaking would begin this Wednesday. That ended up true, and the first groundbreaking has officially started on this project.

This venue is expected to cost $300 million to construct and open. As of now, the plan is for this casino to open by next spring. This could be delayed if the lawsuit filed by the EBCI begins to gain some steam in court.

Officials within Kings Mountain are excited to hear what’s being planned. The Catawbas Nation claims this new casino will produce 2,600 permanent jobs. 5,000 construction jobs will also be formed to make the casino itself.

Catawba Indian Nation Chief Bill Harris expressed his excitement about the new casino in Kings Mountain this week.

“We celebrate what a tribal government and a local and state government can achieve when they come together and treat each other equally,” he said. 

It’s clear that the Catawbas feel this will be a successful casino. The constriction comes at an unusual time, though. Casinos around the country are experiencing major revenue drops and it’s unclear when this trend will change.

Will North Carolina’s sports betting industry help to bring in some much-needed revenue?

North Carolina Will Soon Allow Sports Betting

Back in May of 2018, the Supreme Court struck down PASPA. In doing so, every state in the country was given permission to set its own regulations on sports betting. A little over two years since the removal of PASPA, 24 states have passed laws to regulate the sports betting industry.

That includes North Carolina. Despite being a fairly anti-gambling state over the years, lawmakers in NC decided to approve a measure to allow in-person sports betting in July of last year. Unfortunately, no regulated sports betting options have become available here.

State leaders are still working to come up with specific tax rates and regulations for this new industry. There’s also a bill currently being considered to allow sports betting throughout the state. As of now, the plan is for sports betting to become available inside land-based casinos.

Some feel that sports betting will help bring North Carolina some much-needed revenue. As of now, the casinos here are struggling to bring in money. If online sports betting is allowed, the casino companies in the state can finally start bringing in money again.

It’s still unclear when the state’s sports betting regulations will become available. Obviously, things have been delayed due to the global pandemic. We’ll continue offering updates on this situation over the next few weeks!

Are you excited to hear about the new casino in Kings Mountain? Will this venue be successful? Let us know in the comments section below!

North Carolina Takes Next Step in Sports Betting Legislation

North Carolina is putting in a lot of effort in order to stay up-to-date with some other states and to legalize sports betting. Last week, the Senate of North Carolina approved a piece of legislation that aims to allow two casinos in this American state to add sports betting services to the list of offerings.

The name of the bill is Bill 154, and it was approved by a 50-seat body with a total of 43 people voting for and seven voting against the bill. The bill is now presented to the House of Representatives of North Carolina, and if everything goes well, we could see sports betting services in two Native American casinos very soon.

Senate Bill 154 is actually the work of Jim Davis, who is a Republican State Senator. It was introduced to the lawmakers back in February since the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians requested it. The tribe would be allowed to add sports betting as one of the Class III services that are already offered in the two casinos – Harrah’s Cherokee Valley River Casino and Hotel and Harrah’s Cherokee Casino Resort.

According to, which published a report related to the North Carolina bill, Davis proposed only land-based sportsbooks which would offer sports markets that are related to professional and college sports. However, the bill doesn’t say anything about mobile or online sports betting platforms. If this is indeed the case, it would be a huge let-down as online sports betting is way more popular at the moment compared to land-based sportsbooks in the US.

The PASPA Consequence

The Senate Bill 154 was proposed right after the United States Supreme Court invalidated the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) which was one of the main acts responsible for the reason why sports betting was illegal in the states. After the act was invalidated, many states started preparing laws to accept sports betting and include it as a part of casino offer both on the land and on the web. Some of the countries that were pioneers in offering sports wagering services were New Jersey, Delaware, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Mississippi, and Rhode Island. Apart from these, there are talks in 30 more states about legalizing sports betting, and many states are already making wise legislative moves so as to enable their citizens to place bets on sports. Some of the states that are currently considering what to do are Washington, Indiana, and Arizona.

One of the most important perks of sportsbetting is not the fun that it brings to people who love this type of entertainment, but additional revenue streams that would fill in states’ budgets. Davis told North Carolina Senate that casinos run by the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians already filled in the state’s budget. The Cherokee Indians managed to build a hospital and fund a lot of social programs in North Carolina. Therefore, allowing them to offer sportsbetting services would further strengthen the relationship between the casinos and North Carolina. Furthermore, a total of annual gaming revenues in this state could go up to $14 million with approximately $1 million going to North Carolina.

Davis stated that table games and slots were already legal in North Carolina and that sports wagering would just expand the number of possibilities for people who like visiting casinos. Furthermore, he added that sports betting is already legal and that it is a great reason to give an opportunity to the Eastern Band to offer that service as they were already very grateful to North Carolina and had been ‘good stewards of money.’