Here Are the Three New Rules Inside AC Casinos Being Talked About

The biggest casino destination on the East Coast has officially reopened to the public. Things aren’t quite the same as they were prior to March, though. There are three new rules inside AC casinos that many visitors are beginning to complain about.Rules Sign

It will take time for US casinos to get back to normal. Some predict that casinos may never look the same as they did just a few months ago. Today, we’re going to look at three important new rules being implemented inside Atlantic City’s casinos.

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Atlantic City is Slowly Reopening to the Public

Most states around the country have begun allowing their casino industries to start operating again. That includes New Jersey, which has only recently given casino companies the green light to open for business. Getting to this point hasn’t been easy, though.

For months, New Jersey had the second-highest rates of Covid-19 in the country. The state was in lockdown for months and most businesses were forced to temporarily close down their doors. That includes all of the casinos in Atlantic City.

Closing down these gambling venues had unintended consequences. It completely stopped tourism into the city and as a result, a huge number of other businesses began losing revenue. Many felt that unless things got back on track, Atlantic City may not survive through the summer.

Eventually, lawmakers in New Jersey approved a bill to offer relief to the casinos and other small businesses in Atlantic City. Just a couple weeks later, Governor Phil Murphy announced that casinos would be allowed to reopen by July 4th. It was extremely exciting news for residents in this part of New Jersey.

Many of the casinos in Atlantic City finally opened back up this past weekend. As many have begun to realize, however, things are much different here than they were a few weeks ago.

Three New Rules Inside AC Casinos To Keep in Mind

Casinos are continuing to reopen across the country. The owners of these venues are working hard to make things as safe as possible for guests and employees while remaining fun. Balancing these two things is proving to be extremely difficult.

Atlantic City’s gambling industry is now up and running. There are three new rules inside AC casinos that visitors should keep in mind, though. Until further notice, eating, drinking, and smoking are all prohibited when on the casino floor.

It’s not much of a surprise. Casino companies here recognize how easily the new coronavirus can spread between individuals. They are doing everything they can to limit social contact.

Not everyone is pleased to see these new regulations. At the moment, all of the casinos here are operating at 25% capacity. Joe Lupo, president of the Hard Rock in Atlantic City, spoke about the opening weekend and claims many visitors are interested in seeing how things are inside these casinos.

“Obviously it will be lighter than normal. This is usually a busy weekend,” Lupo said. “I think people are going to try it out, test us out, see what it’s like.”

Those looking to make a few wagers will probably enjoy visiting Atlantic City. It’s important to keep the three new rules inside AC casinos in mind before your visit, though. No one can say when things will return to normal here.

Over in Nevada, casino companies continue working on improving safety measures.

Las Vegas Casinos Face Criticism For Lack of Employee Safety

Atlantic City casinos have only been open for a few days. Over in Nevada, things have been up and running for more than a month. Las Vegas is now focused on increasing tourism and drawing in more gamblers.

Almost all of the hotel-casinos on the Las Vegas Strip have reopened. Safety measures are set in place inside all of these properties. Recently, many groups have complained that the casino companies here are not doing enough to protect their workers.

According to some casino employees, rates of Covid-19 are not being reported in Las Vegas. Some of these workers have fallen ill due to the new coronavirus. As a result, the Nevada Culinary Union is suing some of the casinos here over the lack of safety.

Rates of Covid-19 have been slowly increasing in Nevada. In fact, infection rates are still growing throughout the entire country. It seems unlikely that state officials in Nevada will force the casinos here to close again.

The US land-based casino industry may never look the same. The new rules inside AC casinos could be here to stay. We’ll need to wait and see how the country grapples with this new virus over the next few months.

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Here’s How Things Will Look When Atlantic City Casinos Reopen

We’re now just a few days away from New Jersey’s gambling industry relaunching. Many of the biggest casinos in the state are set to open their doors this weekend. Now is the perfect time to discuss how things will look when Atlantic City casinos reopen.Atlantic City

Many people around the state are excited to see these gambling venues open back up. Some, however, fear this could lead to another surge of Covid-19 cases. Here’s what visitors can expect.

Governor Phil Murphy Moves Forward With Atlantic City Plans

As many know, Atlantic City is one of the top gambling destinations in the US. Millions of people, many of whom are based on the East Coast, flock to this city every year to take part in the gambling and entertainment options. Unfortunately, the entire city has been shut down since March.

New Jersey was one of the worst-hit states from Covid-19 early on. Cases began to skyrocket here over the past few months. Towards May, this trend began to slow down and new infections are now dropping in this state.

The shutdown of Atlantic City’s gambling industry cost an incredible amount of money. It also led to a massive number of layoffs. Hundreds of thousands of individuals work in Atlantic City and most were left without a job while the casino and tourism industry here was shut down.

Residents and politicians around the state have called for Atlantic City to reopen. Last month, Governor Phil Murphy told the media that he expects this to happen by July 4th. Murphy agreed to a safety plan presented by the state’s major casino companies.

Despite the sharp rise in coronavirus cases around the country, Murphy seems determined to stick with the current plan. Now, many interested in visiting Atlantic City are asking about how the gambling venues here will look after reopening.

This is What to Expect When Atlantic City Casinos Reopen

New Jersey isn’t the only state that’s working to get its gambling industry functioning again. States across the country have begun to allow their gambling venues to open back up. That includes Nevada, the world’s largest gambling destination.

As we just mentioned, the current plan is for Atlantic City’s casinos to finally reopen on July 4th. That’s exciting news for casino workers and gambling fans here. Of course, many worry that things will be completely different than they were at the start of the year.

It’s no surprise that things will look different when Atlantic City casinos reopen. All of the gaming venues here need to implement strict safety measures to protect their employees and patrons. Some of the casino companies in New Jersey have begun to reveal the measures they are taking to protect public safety.

“The health and safety of our employees and guests are at the center of all that we do, and although we respect the decision we regret that we are unable to welcome back the thousands of employees who are anxious to return to work. We look forward to a time when it is safe to welcome everyone back,” officials within Borgata Hotel & Casino said. 

Before the Atlantic City casinos reopen, they must all be cleaned extensively. Casinos can only accept 25% capacity. Smoking, eating, and drinking are prohibited inside the venue. Table games will be limited to just a few people.

Casinos have also confirmed that the table games will have plexiglass barriers between players and dealers. Strict social distancing measures will also be implemented throughout the casino floor.

We’re just a few days away from the state’s casinos opening back up. Hopefully, things are safe and revenue begins flowing back into the state.

Is it Safe to Reopen US Casinos Right Now?

The world is in an unprecedented time right now. The US has the highest number of Covid-19 cases in the world and states are still struggling to understand how to move forward. Many are now concerned about reopening casinos.

Covid-19 cases are growing quickly around the country. Some states are backtracking on their reopening plans. Over in Nevada, Governor Steve Sisolak announced that masks are now required in all public places. Analysts have concerns that the casinos in this state will be forced to close down again.

It’s clear that many are unhappy with the safety measures that Las Vegas casino companies have set in place. This week, the Nevada Culinary Union announced that it was suing several of the casinos in Las Vegas over this issue.

There will be many new safety measures set in place when Atlantic City casinos reopen. Will they be enough to prevent the spread of this new coronavirus? That remains to be seen. It’s the same issue that businesses around the world are dealing with.

No one can really say how to best approach this situation. For now, state leaders in New Jersey seem content with the current reopening plan.

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The Reopening Plans for NJ Casinos Are Being Revealed!

According to New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy, casinos in Atlantic City can finally reopen to the public on July 2nd. Many gambling analysts have been asking what safety measures these gaming venues will implement to ensure that things are safe. Now, the reopening plans for NJ casinos are starting to get revealed.Sky View Of Atlantic City

It’s clear that officials in the state want to open casinos in the safest way possible. There are in-depth measures being set in place to achieve that goal. Today, we’re going to look at what is currently being planned.

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New Jersey Begins to Slowly Resume Normalcy

Back in March, New Jersey joined almost all other states in completely shutting down. It didn’t take long for rates of Covid-19 to begin surging here. Eventually, New Jersey started recording the second-most infection rates in the country.

Over the past few weeks, these rates have started to drop in this state. It seems the strict lockdown measures set in place are working. That’s great news for the casinos here, many of which have lost millions of dollars this year.

Last week, Governor Murphy gave residents of this state some good news. He announced that a new phase of reopening was set to take place. This Monday, hair salons, barbershops, and other personal care businesses were given permission to reopen back up. Murphy also announced that casinos in the state would begin opening on July 2nd.

Everyone seems happy to see things slowly get back to normal. Atlantic City, in particular, has been hit hard due to this global pandemic. A huge number of businesses and individuals are struggling and reopening casinos may be the only way to turn things around.

Of courses, reopening casinos is proving to be extremely difficult during this time. Many have been wondering how exactly casino companies in this state plan to protect their guests. Now, reports are starting to surface that shed some light on this.

Reports On the Reopening Plans for NJ Casinos Start to Surface

New Jersey is actually one of the last states to allow casinos to open back up. Over the past month, many parts of the country have begun allowing their casino industries to start operating again. That includes Las Vegas, where many of the biggest and best casino-resorts on the planet are located.

Atlantic City remains the gambling hub of the East Coast. There are many fantastic hotel-casinos here, all of which have been closed down for months. As we just mentioned, these venues will finally receive permission to open back up on July 2nd.

As of now, only the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Golden Nugget, Ocean Casino Resort, and Resorts Casino Hotel plan to reopen on July 2nd. The reopening plans for NJ casinos are starting to come out. This week, for example, Borgata released its new guidelines to open back up.

Under the new set of rules, employees and guests will be required to wear masks while in public places. Everyone will also be checked for symptoms upon entering the casino floor. Social distancing measures, including separating slots by six feet, are also being implemented.

Borgata President Melonie Johnson spoke about her excitement in reopening to the media this week.

“When we reopen our doors, we do so with excitement to welcome back our employees and guests, and with an unwavering commitment to their health and safety,” she said. “Summer is a special time in Atlantic City, and we look forward to playing a part in offering some much-needed entertainment.”

More details on the reopening plans for NJ casinos are likely to be released soon.

More Las Vegas Casinos Are Set to Open Their Doors

Hope is that enough tourists flock to Atlantic City in order to keep the casinos here afloat. Even with the new guidelines, many believe people on the East Coast will be excited about gambling inside a real casino. We’re seeing tourism slowly increase in the city of Las Vegas.

Many world-class gambling venues are now opened back up in Nevada. Parts of the reopening plans for NJ casinos can be found in these venues. Fortunately, many people still seem to be enjoying themselves here.

Casino companies are doing everything they can to promote safe behavior. News recently surfaced that Caesars Entertainment is offering free slot credits to players wearing masks. Soon, this may not be optional in this city.

Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak recently announced that masks are likely to be required soon. This news comes as infection rates begin to surge around the country. Health officials in Nevada want to avoid another lockdown.

It seems like Atlantic City is about to start getting back to normal. Many major gaming venues are set to open back up early next month. We’ll continue offering updates on this situation as more news becomes available.

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NJ Casinos Will Officially Reopen on July 2nd

It’s been months since the casinos in New Jersey closed their doors to the public. Since that time, lawmakers in the state have been working to come up with plans for these gaming venues to safely reopen. Fortunately, NJ casinos have been given permission to open up on July 2nd.Governor Phil Murphy

Governor Phil Murphy had been unwilling to offer a specific reopening date for more than two months. It now appears that he’s comfortable with the safety measures that will be set in place inside the state’s casinos. Today, we’re going to discuss what these casinos will look like after they’ve reopened.

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How Much Money Has Atlantic City Lost?

Back in May of 2018, the US Supreme Court made the historic decision to remove PASPA. Immediately afterward, every state in the country was given permission to set its own laws on sports betting. It’s been a little over two years since PASPA was removed and more than 20 states now have a legalized, regulated sports gambling industry.

New Jersey was one of the first states to legalize this form of gambling. Before long, all of the casinos in Atlantic City began offering land-based and online sports gambling options. This seems to have brought new life to the city.

Gambling revenue has been steadily increasing in Atlantic City over the years. This past March, however, this money completely stopped flowing in. All NJ casinos were forced to close their doors and the casino companies here began losing millions of dollars every week.

In May, gaming revenue in this state decreased by 65% compared to the same month in 2019. The only money coming in is through the casino’s online gaming platforms. The casino shutdown has also stopped tourism, resulting in an incredible amount of job and revenue loss.

Last week, the NJ State Senate approved a new bill to help those affected by the casino regulations. In reality, however, things won’t begin to truly improve until the casinos here open back up. Lawmakers recognize this fact, and have now set a date for casinos in the state to start accepting guests again.

NJ Casinos Receive Permission to Reopen on July 2nd

Pressure has been mounting on Governor Phil Murphy to lift the restrictions on casinos. Many have been arguing that unless something changes, Atlantic City might never look the same. Murphy held a press conference today and announced that all NJ casinos will be able to open back up at 25% capacity on July 2nd.

This is what everyone wanted to hear. Murphy had previously told the media that the casinos in this state would likely be able to reopen by Fourth of July weekend. Things aren’t going to be quite the same here for some time, though.

Even so, many of the casino owners in this state have expressed their excitement to see the regulations here lifted. Joe Lopo, president of the Hard Rock Casino in Atlantic City, spoke to the media this week about the news.

“We’re delighted to get the reopening date,” Lopo said. “We thank the governor that we’ll be able to be open for the July 4th weekend to meet the demand on the world-famous Atlantic City Boardwalk.”

Strict social distancing measures will be required inside all the casinos in the state. Many of the same restrictions currently set inside Las Vegas casinos will be required here.

Things are certainly beginning to improve here. Restaurants in the state have also been given permission to allow inside dining beginning on July 2nd. We’ll need to wait and see how quickly tourism rates and gaming revenue begin to increase with these restrictions lifted.

Are Some States Looking to Close Casinos Once Again?

States around the country are now beginning to reopen their casino industries. It seemed like rates of Covid-19 were starting to drop quickly. Unfortunately, several states are now beginning to see their infection rates surge.

That includes Florida, which has recently allowed its major casino-resorts to start accepting players again. Some health experts warn that Florida is the next epicenter of the virus in the US. As of now, however, state officials here seem unwilling to discuss lockdown plans once again.

Nevada’s casino industry is now back up and running. Many of the biggest casino-resorts in the state have already reopened. More are set to start operating again over the next couple of weeks.

As of now, infection rates are remaining relatively low in Nevada, and Clark County specifically. It would take an incredibly large outbreak for state officials to close the casinos here again. Many feel the city would be unable to cope with a similar lockdown experienced over the past few months.

NJ casinos are set to open in just a few weeks. This may push lawmakers in New York to reopen their gaming venues, as well. Make sure to stay tuned for updates on this situation as it develops.

Are you excited to see Atlantic City start getting back to normal? Do you plan on visiting this city anytime soon? Let us know in the comments section below!

NJ Senate Passes Bill to Help Atlantic City Casinos

Atlantic City is struggling right now. In fact, the past three months have been some of the hardest this city has ever gone through. Fortunately, things may start to improve soon. The NJ Senate has just passed a comprehensive relief bill to help Atlantic City casinos.New Jersey

It’s great news for residents and business owners in this area. Based on the way things are going, the casino industry here may begin operating within the next couple of weeks. Today, we’re going to look at the details of this newly-passed bill.

Governor Murphy Still Looks at July 4th Date To Reopen Casinos

New Jersey has one of the largest and most successful casino industries in the country. Since the legalization of sports betting in 2018, gambling revenue in this city has been on a steady incline. There are a huge number of world-class gambling venues here within a very small area.

As you probably already know, the casinos here were forced to close down in March. It was a devastating move for this part of New Jersey. The majority of individuals living here are tied to the gambling industry. Once it closed, money stopped flowing in.

Since March, politicians and business owners here have looked at ways to get things back on track. Everyone wants to see casinos reopen their doors. Unfortunately, New Jersey still has high rates of Covid-19 and many leaders here are worried that reopening casinos will increase these numbers even further.

In late May, Governor Phil Murphy told the media that casinos here would likely be able to reopen to the public by the Fourth of July. It was the first indication that state leaders were ready to get this industry up and running again.

The plan is still to get Atlantic City’s gambling venues reopened by July 4th. That isn’t the only thing needed to protect this city, though. This week, state officials approved a new bill that should help casinos here during these difficult times.

Here Are Some Details About the Bill to Help Atlantic City Casinos

Everyone knew that something had to be done to protect the casino companies in Atlantic City. Much like the ones in Las Vegas, some of these gambling operators have been losing an incredible amount of money every single month. Officials in Atlantic City have been discussing ways to help these companies with some of the most powerful politicians in the state.

Fortunately, the New Jersey Senate has officially approved a new relief bill to help Atlantic City casinos. This allows for new permanent and temporary tax breaks for these gambling venues. Hope is that these measures allow the casino industry here to bounce back quickly.

State Senator Chris Brown was one of the main leaders responsible for getting this bill, called S2400, passed. He’s confident that it will help residents here to keep their jobs.

“My concern has been and remains with the families who overnight found themselves unemployed and left to deal with a broken unemployment system for the last three months,” Brown said. “Working in a bipartisan manner, we took a step today toward saving 27,000 casino jobs while also assisting our small businesses so we can put our Atlantic County families back to work.”

There are several interesting things this bill allows for. First, it reduces gaming revenue taxes for the casinos here. Secondly, it eliminates hotel fees for the rest of the year. Many are also pleased to find that it allocates $100 million in federal grant money to help small businesses.

No bill is ever going to be perfect. Most politicians feel this is the best possible option to help both businesses and residents in the city, though. The next real test will be getting visitors to start visiting and gambling in Atlantic City.

More States Slowly Begin Allowing Casino Industries to Reopen

New Jersey isn’t the only state hurting due to these casino closures. In fact, every single state saw their casino industries come to a screeching halt back in March. This has resulted in an incredible amount of revenue loss across the country.

Fortunately, most states are now allowing their casinos to start operating again. Many of the biggest casino-resorts in Las Vegas reopened to the public on June 4th. Several more of the casinos here will start reopening over the next few weeks.

In some states, casinos are taking things into their own hands. California’s casinos are operated entirely by Native American tribes. Many of these tribes have begun operating their gambling venues without specific permission from state leaders. This is possible, as they sit on sovereign land.

Atlantic City should start getting back on track by Independence Day. Many analysts predict that many visitors will begin flocking here once the casinos reopen. The bill to help Atlantic City casinos should help to make this whole situation a little easier.

Anything is possible. If another major spike in cases is seen, the current plans may change once again. Make sure to stay tuned for updates.

Do you think it’s time for Atlantic City to reopen? Let us know in the comments section below.

Here’s What to Expect at Atlantic City Casinos When they Reopen

Casinos across the United States are finally reopening their doors. Atlantic City is one of the last major gambling hubs to open back up. This week, we received some information about what to expect at Atlantic City casinos once they start accepting guests again.Governor Phil Murphy

For obvious reasons, officials in this city are concerned about safety. When the gambling venues in AC open, they won’t look quite the same as they did back in February. Today, we’re going to discuss how these venues will be set up for guests.

Governor Murphy Discusses Opening Date for AC Casinos

There is no bigger gambling destination on the East Coast quite as big as Atlantic City. This part of New Jersey has grown tremendously over the past decade. Prior to the global pandemic, both casino and sports betting revenue here were surging.

In March, things came to a screeching halt. Rates of Covid-19 began to increase rapidly throughout New Jersey. By mid-March, Governor Phil Murphy began ordering all of the casinos in Atlantic City to close their doors.

For residents and business owners in this city, the casino closures were cause for concern. Many had flashbacks to the financial crisis of 2008, when many of the top casinos here ended up going bankrupt. As the weeks went on and the casinos here remained closed, the calls to lift regulations started to increase.

Late last month, Governor Murphy spoke to the media about this situation. He expressed concern about opening things too early. Murphy recognizes how important these casinos are, though, and announced that he expects Atlantic City’s gambling venues to reopen by the 4th of July.

Some felt this date was too far away. The casino companies here are losing money every single day. Others were simply happy to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Now, we’re beginning to hear more about what to expect at Atlantic City casinos when they open up next month.

Here’s What to Expect at Atlantic City Casinos

As we mentioned earlier, many states across the country are beginning to allow casinos to reopen. That includes ones in Oklahoma and Nevada. According to Governor Murphy, the casinos in Atlantic City should be allowed to start accepting guests early next month.

Many residents have been asking how these gaming venues will look. That picture is starting to become more clear. Resorts Casino Hotel, one of the biggest and best venues here, released a report that details some of the measures being set in place.

Guests here can expect similar measures to those set in Las Vegas’ recently-reopened casinos. That includes social distancing measures on the casino floor. Some venues will also install ultraviolet lights in high-traffic areas and a bipolar ionization system to purify the casino’s air.

Mark Giannantonio, the CEO and President of this casino-resort, claims he’s extremely excited to see things getting back to normal here.

“We are excited about being one of the safest destinations in our region upon reopening,” Giannantonio said. “We want our guests to be able to enjoy the friendly and warm experience that has always been part of our core values.”

It’s safe to assume that things will be a little different here than they were in the past. Plexiglass separators will likely be installed at table games. Casino employees will also likely be required to wear masks.

The success of Las Vegas may help speed up the process of reopening the casinos here.

The First Weekend Of “Reopened Las Vegas” Has Wrapped Up

On June 4th, several of the biggest casino-resorts in Las Vegas finally opened back up. Many analysts around the country were extremely interested to see how things would play out. The weekend has wrapped up and tourists here are now heading home.

Some of these tourists spoke with the Las Vegas Review-Journal about their experiences in the city. Most visitors claim they had a great time in this city. Officials in Nevada have to be happy to hear this.

Corrie Byrd, a visitor from Texas, told the LVRJ he had a great trip.

“Overall, it was still fun Vegas for us,” he said. “The crowd was a little lighter than normal.”

That’s a common talking point amongst visitors. Just about everyone seemed to talk about the small crowds. As time goes on and more casinos open here, these crowds will continue to get bigger.

Officials in New Jersey have to be pleased to see things work in Las Vegas. The same things we expect at Atlantic City casinos can be seen here. We’ll continue to offer updates on the situation in New Jersey over the next few weeks.

Are you excited to see Atlantic City’s casinos reopen? Let us know in the comments section below!

We Might See a Water Park in Atlantic City Soon

New Jersey is having some of its worst months in history. All of the casinos here are completely shut down and tourism is lower than it’s ever been. Interestingly, one major hotel owner claims he plans to build a massive water park in Atlantic City.Atlantic City

City officials here are looking at new ways to promote tourism. This water park is just one of many ideas to help achieve this goal. Today, we’re going to look at the details of this new and exciting project.

Revenue in Atlantic City Continues to Fall

It’s not uncommon for a casino town to see dips and raises in its gambling revenue. It is uncommon, however, for gambling revenue to almost completely stop flowing in. Unfortunately, that’s what we’re seeing here in Atlantic City.

Earlier this year, things were looking great in this city. The legalization of sports betting and improvements to the land-based casinos brought in a huge number of tourists. Many felt we were seeing a “Golden Age” for Atlantic City.

That’s no longer the case. Back in March, all of the casinos in this city were forced to close their doors to the public. This has already proven to be devastating to the local economy. Thousands of people have lost their jobs here and many businesses are losing millions of dollars.

It’s not entirely clear when this trend will begin to change. Governor Phil Murphy is still not able to say when the casinos in Atlantic City will be given permission to open their doors. Even when these casinos are able to open, it’s tough to predict how much revenue these venues will earn.

Residents and city officials are desperate to see something change. If things remain how they currently are, many of the businesses here won’t be able to stay afloat. This week, one major hotel owner in the city announced a new idea to help boost tourism rates.

Bill Blatstein Plans to Open a Water Park in Atlantic City

Now might not seem like the most ideal time to make massive investments in Atlantic City. Some feel that this is exactly what needs to happen in order to get things back to normal. Bill Blatstein, the owner of the Showboat Hotel, has announced that he plans to build a $100 million water park in Atlantic City.

This water park will sit adjacent to the Showboat Hotel. The current plan is for groundbreaking on this project to begin in August. Blatstein claims this is something the city could use to start drawing in more tourists.

“Atlantic City does not have a family market,” he said. “This will open up a whole new market that doesn’t exist.” 

Atlantic City is thought of as a major gambling destination. Not many consider it a family vacation area. The Showboat Hotel owner believes it’s time to change that perception. The water park should help with that.

Of course, nothing has been officially set in stone. Things are far from normal in New Jersey and a major project like this one may take years to complete. Many are still excited to hear that major business owners here are focused on the future.

It’s a very unusual time for casino markets across the country. As many know, Las Vegas is scheduled to open back up next week. Here’s what we can expect.

Las Vegas Casinos Are Just Days Away From Reopening

There’s no doubt that Atlantic City is the biggest casino town on the East Coast of the United States. Las Vegas, however, remains the country’s gambling hub. After Governor Sisolak’s recent approval, casinos are now scheduled to open here on June 4th.

This isn’t the first city to start allowing casinos to operate. Many parts of the country have given casino owners permission to start accepting guests again. In some areas such as Oklahoma, casinos are seeing a huge number of guests lined up to start placing bets.

We’re already seeing travel deals in Las Vegas pop up. Today, for example, casino owner Derek Stevens began offering free flights into the city. Many casinos have reduced their room rates, as well.

Only time will tell how many people decide to visit and gamble in Las Vegas. This city is in serious need of tourism right now. We’ll be sure to offer updates on the gambling revenue earned here over the next month.

Many parts of the country are beginning to open back up. Officials in Atlantic City are looking at new ways to boost tourism. If all goes according to plan, we’ll see a water park in Atlantic City built in the near future.

Do you think this water park will help the city? When do you expect casinos in AC to reopen? Let us know in the comments section below.

NJ Governor Comments on Reopening Atlantic City Casinos

The United States has recorded nearly 100,000 deaths from Covid-19. At the moment, New Jersey has the second-most fatalities in the country. Calls to reopen the state economy continue, yet many state leaders feel it’s too early to get back to normal. This week, NJ Governor Phil Murphy spoke about the reopening of Atlantic City casinos.Sky View Of Atlantic City

Many states around the country are beginning to open their gambling industries back up. Unfortunately, New Jersey’s gaming industry may remain closed for some time. Today, we’re going to look at when this state’s casinos may be given permission to reopen.

Atlantic City’s Casino Industry Remains Shut Down

New Jersey is home to one of the biggest and most successful casino industries in the United States. Over the past few years, gambling revenue has gradually increased in Atlantic City. The legalization of sports betting and online casino gambling seems to have brought new life to this area.

Since March, however, casino revenue in AC has plummeted. New Jersey has the second-most Covid-19 cases in the country and all gambling venues here remain closed. As time goes on, more officials in the gambling industry have begun asking for the state government to reopen casinos.

It’s not an easy situation. Obviously, casinos are easy places for a respiratory virus to spread. Cases have been dropping in New Jersey, yet many health experts warn that a second-wave of infections may be just around the corner.

There’s also the issue of tourism. It’s not entirely clear if reopening Atlantic City casinos would immediately draw a huge number of visitors to the city. We’ve seen recently-opened casinos in Oklahoma draw large crowds, yet no one can really say how long this will last.

Lawmakers in New Jersey are now weighing to pros and cons of reopening many different parts of the economy. As many know, the casino industry here employs tens of thousands of individuals. Governor Phil Murphy spoke to the media this week about when the state’s casinos may be allowed to accept guests again.

Reopening Atlantic City Casinos Will Take Time, Says Governor Murphy

There was a time when Atlantic City seemed on the brink of collapse. Several of the major casinos here were forced to permanently close their doors. A huge number of residents ended up losing their jobs.

Over the past five years, however, things began to turn around. More tourists began flocking to this city. New casinos started opening their doors. With sports betting now legal, Atlantic City grew to become a hub for sports fans around the country.

The past few months have undone much of the progress that was made here. Unsurprisingly, many are now calling for the reopening of Atlantic City casinos. Governor Murphy spoke about the situation this week and claims it will take more time than most had hoped.

“It’s a huge game-changer in our economy and in the lives of literally tens of thousands of people out there,” Murphy said. “I would love nothing more to say we’re ready to go. We’re just not there yet.”

The Governor could not confirm whether it would be weeks or months before casinos in AC are given permission to open up again. He acknowledges it’s an incredibly difficult situation. Some feel he may begin to change his mind after seeing the progress that cities like Las Vegas are making, though.

More Cities Begin Allowing Casinos to Reopen

To the disappointment of many, casinos in New Jersey may not open for quite some time. It’s clear that lawmakers feel it’s still too early for these venues to reopen. Not every state is taking this same cautious approach, though.

Officials in Las Vegas feel that it’s now crucial to get the city’s gambling industry back up and running. Many of the biggest casino-resorts here are expected to open their doors next month. Safety measures are being set and debates over things like whether or not to ban smoking are now taking place.

Some parts of the country have already given casinos the green light to open up. In Mississippi, for example, casinos have just finally started accepting players again. Many parts of the country are seeing a surprisingly large number of gamblers emerging.

Reopening Atlantic City casinos is going to take time. The New Jersey Gaming Commission has still not approved any guidelines to open these venues up. Governor Murphy is refusing to tell the media when he expects things to change.

As we mentioned earlier, though, infection rates are beginning to drop in New Jersey. If this trend continues over the next week or two, lawmakers are likely to change their stance.

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Several Bills to Help NJ Casinos Have Been Introduced

New Jersey is experiencing one of the worst outbreaks of Covid-19 in the United States. Unsurprisingly, this virus has taken an incredible toll on the land-based casino industry in this state. Recently, several bills to help NJ casinos were introduced, yet some lawmakers here are already expressing their concerns.Sky View Of Atlantic City

Casinos help to bring a huge amount of revenue to New Jersey every year. Cities like Atlantic City are now essentially shut down. Today, we’re going to look at the details of these new casino relief bills.

Let’s get into it!

New Jersey’s Casino Revenue Fell Quickly Last Month

Everyone knew that US casino revenue figures in March would be bleak. Last week, the reports finally came out and it seems these predictions were correct. Every state with a land-based casino industry saw its revenue drop considerably.

Reports indicate that New Jersey saw a revenue decline of $124 million. That’s the largest drop in the state’s history. Not even the state’s online gambling industry helped to make up for the money lost.

This is a shame, as things were looking fantastic in Atlantic City at the beginning of this year. In January, gambling revenue here increased by 23% compared to the same month in 2019. That progress has now come to a screeching halt.

The effect that this is having on casino companies is clear. Some are losing millions of dollars every day. Not long ago, a city councilman told the media that Atlantic City may never recover from this global pandemic.

Times are certainly tough for casinos. It’s a very difficult situation, particularly due to the fact that no one can say when these casinos will be allowed to open once again. Officials in New Jersey have been looking at ways to help the gambling industry. Unfortunately, not everyone is on board with what lawmakers here are proposing.

State Legislature Proposes Several Bills to Help NJ Casinos

The land-based casino industry has been one of the hardest-hit in the country due to this pandemic. It’s becoming clear that some will never recover. This situation has also been extremely difficult for millions of workers who are employed in the hotel-casino industry.

Lawmakers recognize this and many are working to help these casino companies get through this difficult time. Recently, multiple bills to help NJ casinos were introduced. It was exciting news for many in Atlantic City who hoped this would start to push the city forward.

These bills are already taking their fair share of criticism. They are intended to offer casinos relief on taxes and fees. Other state loans would be used to cover casino property payments for the next few months.

Assemblyman Vince Mazzeo isn’t on-board with the proposed relief efforts. He believes the bills will end up taking away funds from the community and granting them to casino companies. Mazzeo is particularly concerned with the idea of taking from the state’s Property Tax Relief Fund, a decision he feels is detrimental to city taxpayers.

Charity Jeffries, Chief of Staff for Assemblyman John Armato, commented on the situation to the media this week.

“The concern is not that casinos don’t need a little help, but why is it coming at the expense of Atlantic City and Atlantic County taxpayers again?” Jeffries said. “We don’t know what help they need. Casinos don’t have facts and figures. Why are we rushing?”

There are many measures that these bills set to protect casino companies. Even if they’re approved, however, they may not be enough to keep some of these companies from going under. Only time will tell how things play out in one of the country’s biggest gambling hubs.

How Are Other State Gambling Industries Doing?

New Jersey is far from being the only state with a gambling industry that’s hurting. As many are well-aware of, all land-based casinos around the country are completely closed down right now. This is taking a serious toll on many parts of the country.

Obviously, many are looking at the effect this pandemic is taking on Las Vegas. The city has completely closed down and tourism has completely stopped here. Hundreds of thousands of people are now left without a job here due to the current restrictions.

Nevada’s Governor Steve Sisolak is extremely hesitant to allow casinos to reopen. Carolyn Goodman, the Mayor of Las Vegas, has repeatedly called for the city to reopen. It’s still unclear when casinos will be given permission to open their doors again.

Many other states continue to look at plans for the future. In Washington, several tribal leaders recently began to discuss ways to reopen their casinos. This includes measures to allow social distancing inside casinos.

April’s casino revenue figures have not been released yet. Most analysts predict that last month will be the worst in the history of the US casino industry. Hope is that things began to improve as the summer approaches.

Several new bills to help NJ casinos have now been introduced. Unfortunately, some feel these will end up hurting Atlantic City’s community. Stay tuned for more updates on this situation over the next few weeks!

US Casino Revenue Continues to Plummet

Prior to March of this year, the casino industry in the United States was surging. Most states were earning a huge amount of revenue from their gambling venues. That is no longer the case. According to new reports, US casino revenue continues to plummet.Revenue Drop Picture

Some states are being impacted more than others. New reports indicate casinos in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware are all losing an incredible amount of money right now. Today, we’re going to look at exactly how much revenue has fallen in these states.

Let’s get into it!

Certain States Are Now Beginning to Open Up

Since March, states around the country began going into lockdown. Infection rates of the new coronavirus have risen in some areas and started to fall in others. Certain parts of the US are now experiencing relatively low rates of infection and are preparing to open back up.

This includes Georgia, which has already lifted most social distancing measures. Governor Brian Kemp has allowed businesses like restaurants to open, yet things are far from normal. Some health experts believe that opening back up to early will result in a major increase in cases in some states.

It’s a very difficult situation. State leaders are trying to weigh the pros and cons of allowing businesses to start operating again. One state that’s being hit particularly hard due to these new regulations in Nevada.

Cities like Las Vegas are nearly shut down right now. Tourism and gambling account for a huge percentage of the city’s revenue. No visitors are coming to Las Vegas right now and this revenue is simply not flowing in. Casino officials have now begun discussing plans to get things back to normal.

Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman is now calling for the city to open back up. Interestingly, several casinos here are preparing to open their doors in late May. We’ll need to wait and see how long it takes for revenue to start increasing here again.

New reports are revealing how the gambling industries in other states are doing right now.

US Casino Revenue is Dropping Quickly

We’ve been reporting on how much money certain casino companies are losing for weeks. Several of the top casino companies in the US have stated things need to change. New reports are now beginning to surface that show how much money has been lost in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware.

These three states all have something in common. Online casino gambling has become legal and regulated here. Unfortunately, it does not appear these internet casinos are able to make up for the revenue being lost by the land-based casino shutdown.

Pennsylvania’s gambling revenue dropped from $304 million in February to just $154 million in March. New Jersey saw a decrease of $124 million last month. That’s an incredible $274 million lost between these two states in just one month.

It’s clear that online gambling is surging in these states. In fact, revenue from Pennsylvania’s online gambling platforms increased by 24%. Doug Harbach, a spokesman for the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board, spoke about this situation to the media this week.

“We certainly have seen an uptick in online play, in particular table games, the biggest being poker,” he said. “It does not make up for the casino losses. It will not come close to satisfying the tax revenue we’ve been used to.”

What’s Happening in Atlantic City Right Now?

There’s been a lot of discussion about Las Vegas over the past few weeks. Many have talked about how this city will approach the new regulations around the country. Interestingly, Atlantic City hasn’t been a major talking point.

Based on the new US casino revenue reports, it’s clear that this city is hurting. All of the casinos are shut down here and it may be months before they’re allowed to open. Some have expressed fear that some of the gambling venues here will be forced to shut down permanently.

Gambling revenue dropped by 44% last month compared to the same month in 2018. Online gambling revenue increased by nearly ⅔ last month, though. Many casino companies here are likely to start investing more into their internet gambling marketing efforts.

Things are already beginning to change in Atlantic City. Last week, Caesars Entertainment announced it was selling Bally’s for $25 million. More property sales may start taking place here over the next few months.

US casino revenue is falling fast. Some states are now choosing to open up different businesses. Unfortunately, it may be a long time before any land-based casinos are able to open to the public again.

Stay tuned for more US casino news over the next few weeks!