Covid-19 Continues to Slow Down Las Vegas Construction

The coronavirus has now spread throughout the entire United States. Perhaps no city has been affected by this new virus quite as much as Las Vegas. According to new reports, Las Vegas construction projects have been slowing down considerably.

Resorts World Las Vegas

This is a tough time for people around the world. Several major industries are being hit hard. Today, we’re going to discuss the impact that Covid-19 is having on major construction projects inside Las Vegas.

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More than 130,000 Covid-19 Infections Are Now Confirmed in the US

As most are well aware, the new coronavirus is quickly spreading around the world. Unfortunately, no one saw this virus spread coming. It’s exposed just how unprepared many of the world’s most powerful countries were for a pandemic.

In early March, less than one hundred cases were confirmed in the United States. Today, more than 130,000 people have been officially diagnosed with the coronavirus. Every day, thousands of new cases emerge.

Some states are being hit harder than others. As of now, New York is the epicenter of the epidemic in the US. This state has nearly 60,000 cases including tens of thousands in New York City. New Jersey and Louisiana are seeing their infection rates surge, as well.

Nevada saw its first cases emerge in early March. Since that time, nearly 900 individuals here have caught Covid-19. As a result, much of the entire city has been shut down.

All casinos in Las Vegas are closed to the public. The tourism industry here has essentially shut down. Obviously, this has been devastating for a huge number of businesses and individuals.

New reports show how Covid-19 is affecting major Las Vegas construction projects.

Las Vegas Construction Projects Are Slowing Down

As we just mentioned, the new coronavirus is affecting a huge number of industries in Las Vegas. Perhaps the most notable is the gambling industry. All major casinos have been forced to shut down in the city. It’s unclear when these venues will be able to open again.

Governor Sisolak has called for all non-essential businesses to shut down. Fortunately, the state is still allowing construction to take place. That’s not entirely surprising, considering a huge number of massive Las Vegas construction projects are currently underway.

It appears many of these projects are slowing down, though. Workers at the new Allegiant Stadium and the Resorts World Las Vegas have tested positive for Covid-19. This is led some lawmakers to discuss the possibility of halting all construction.

No one wants to see these projects completely stalled, though. In the mid-2000s, many projects were stalled due to the recession. This cost thousands of people their jobs and was devastating to the local economy. City officials now need to weigh the safety of residents and the impact that new regulations will have on Las Vegas.

For now, construction is still able to take place in Las Vegas. If the gambling industry remains closed and more Covid-19 infections begin to emerge, however, we may see some of these projects put on hold.

Las Vegas Casino Companies Receive Help From Stimulus Bill

Many of the biggest casino companies in the world are based in Las Vegas. This includes MGM Resorts International, Wynn Resorts, and Las Vegas Sands. Today, all of these companies are bleeding revenue due to the regulations in Nevada.

Many of these companies claimed that unless things changed, they would be unable to continue operating. Reports surfaced that show they are currently losing millions of dollars every day. Many casino officials began asking the government for relief.

Last week, a massive new stimulus bill was officially signed. Many of the major casino operators in Las Vegas are taking a sigh of relief. Under the new bill, casinos in Nevada can receive money from the $450 billion in government loans now being offered.

Brian Ahern, a spokesperson for MGM Resorts International, commented on the bill to the media this week.

“Our goal is to reopen our doors and get employees back to work as soon as public health and safety allow. These provisions help pave the way for that outcome,” he said. “We are pleased the economic relief package offers financial support immediately.” 

Casino companies are getting some much-needed relief. Unfortunately, several major Las Vegas construction projects are in danger of being halted.

Stay tuned for more Las Vegas news over the next few weeks!

SNHD Confirms 126 Cases of COVID-19 in Southern NV

COVID-19 GraphicAs of Friday evening, the Southern Nevada Health District (SNHD) has reported a total number of 126 coronavirus cases in Clark County.

Prior to the evening findings, the departed reported 74 cases during their press conference this Friday afternoon.

In addition to the updated total of cases, SNHD also announced the second COVID-19 death of a Clark County resident, a woman in her 60s with underlying health conditions.

“As of March 19, the Southern Nevada Health District reports 74 confirmed cases in Clark County and unfortunately, we’re reporting a second death in Clark County — a woman in her 60s with underlying medical conditions,” said Dr. Mike Johnson, the organization’s director of community health.

The first reported death of COVID-19 was a Clark County man in his 60s with underlying health conditions.

Dr. Fermin Leguen, acting chief health officer of the Southern Nevada Health District, released this statement after the first confirmed death from the virus in the state:

“This loss of life is a tragedy, and we want to express our condolences to the family…We must continue to emphasize how important it is to protect those who are most vulnerable to the impacts of the virus and urge our community to support the public health measures and recommendations that are in place.”

SNHD Health Safety Guidelines to the Public

“If you have a mild cough, fever, or other respiratory symptoms, contact your doctor first,” SNHD said. “Practice everyday preventive actions to help prevent the spread of respiratory viruses: Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. If soap and water are not available, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.”

Other tips include:

  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth.
  • Avoid close contact with people who are sick.
  • Avoid shaking hands.
  • Cover your cough and sneeze with a tissue, then throw the tissue in the trash.
  • Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces.
  • Keep 6 feet of distance between yourself and others.
  • Stay informed.
  • Stay home if sick whenever possible.

Drive-thru COVID-19 Testing Halted

Sahara West Urgent Care stopped their drive-thru COVID-19 testing services three days after opening it to the public due to lack of manpower, according to staff members.

While there a lot of test kids, there simply isn’t enough staff available to help administer staff.

“I’m running thin. I’m running really thin. I only have four staff members right now,” said Jose Triana, Practice Manager at Sahara West Urgent Care.

Patients who have been to the facility comment on how “exhausted” and “run down” staff members at Urgent Care looked these past few days.

According to Triana, aside from limited staff members, those who are helping out are working overtime at no cost to help ease residents’ concerns through their testing services.

“It’s payroll for me,” Triana said. “I just can’t afford them to be here every single day, overtime and everything like that when we’re doing this out of the greatness of our hearts.”

Eager people wishing to get tested anxiously waited in line for over four hours, with some of them camping overnight. Unfortunately, they had to be turned away this morning due to the lack of manpower at Sahara West Urgent Care.

The facility has tested approximately 800 people so far. Currently, they have 300 test kits left and plan to replenish the supply once it runs out.

New Requirements to get Tested

Triana said that in order for patients to get tested at their facility, they will need a referral from their primary doctor first. Once they have that, they’ll be able to make an appointment to get tested for COVID-19.

“Call in. We’ll ask you to send or give us your information via email or over the phone and we’ll go ahead and we’ll schedule you the next available appointment for the COVID testing,” Triana said.

Governor Sisolak Announces New Coronavirus Measures

More cases of Covid-19 are beginning to appear in Clark County. As a result, the state lawmakers are beginning to introduce some heavy new regulations in the state. This week, Governor Sisolak announced a new set of measures that will significantly impact Las Vegas.Las Vegas Street View

Today, we’re going to talk about what exactly is changing here. We’ll also take a look at some of the recent cases in and around Clark County.

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Seven New Coronavirus Cases Emerge in Clark County

As Covid-19 began spreading around the US, many felt it was just a matter of time until Las Vegas was hit. It’s one of the most-visited cities in the country and draws in a huge number of individuals into fairly small areas. By early March, the first reports of the new virus in Clark County were beginning to emerge.

It was concerning, yet not entirely surprising news. As the weeks progressed, this area seemed to avoid any major outbreaks. Now, however, it looks like things are beginning to change.

Seven new cases of the coronavirus have just emerged in Clark County. The Southern Nevada Health District has officially recorded 35 new cases on Monday. One man in his 60s died due to complications from the coronavirus.

Jennifer Sizemore, a spokesperson for the SNHD, released a statement asking for help from laboratories.

“We are asking health care providers to send their specimens to private laboratories for testing,” she said. “Our laboratory is testing specimens related to contact investigations and for health care providers to assist with patient discharge.”

Things are just getting started here, as well. It’s likely that many more cases will emerge here over the next few months.

Governor Sisolak Announces Major Regulations for Nevada

The city of Las Vegas is having a tough time right now. Many of the biggest casino-resorts have closed here. Interestingly, many restaurants and hotels have still been able to stay open here.

That is now changing. This week, Governor Sisolak officially announced that all restaurants and casinos were being forced to close. He announced the measures in a news conference to the media.

“Today it’s clear additional steps must be taken immediately in order to slow the spread of this deadly virus in our state,” he said. “We absolutely must take this step for every Nevadan’s health and safety. Please, please take this seriously. “Please stay home for Nevada.”

It seemed like just a matter of time until these measures were announced. Carolyn Goodman, the mayor of Las Vegas, expressed her concerns in an official statement.

“My hope is that private industry rises to the top, that they’re allowed to stay open and take care of these families that are paycheck to paycheck,” Goodman said. 

After the announcement from Governor Sisolak, all casinos in Las Vegas are being forced to shut down.

The Las Vegas Gambling Industry is in Trouble

Las Vegas is known as the gambling hub of the United States. Here, a huge number of world-class hotels and casinos are operating. Unfortunately, these are all now being forced to close their doors to the public.

MGM Resorts and Wynn Resorts already announced they were shutting down all of their properties on the Las Vegas Strip. Not every casino planned to take these measures, though. Treasure Island announced it was remaining open to the public.

With all casinos now closing down, the state will see a major reduction in revenue. Gambling is known to bring the state millions of dollars every single month. The inability to gamble will also lead to an even bigger decrease in tourism here.

Because all land-based casinos are closing, many are now choosing to play at Nevada casino sites. There are many of these websites now available, most of which provide a huge number of fantastic casino gambling options. Most offer quick, safe payment options, as well.

It’s still unclear when Nevada’s land-based casinos will be able to open again. It will likely depend on how long infection rates continue to increase for.

After the announcement from Governor Sisolak, Nevada is shutting down many of its properties. Hopefully, the state’s major gambling operators are able to get past this tough situation.

Reno Has Second Possible Coronavirus Case in Nevada

Reno, Nevada SignThe second presumed coronavirus case has been reported out of the Reno area on Thursday. The first case of the coronavirus was reported out of Las Vegas on Thursday.

The Las Vegas man, who’s in his 50s, recently returned from a trip to Washington state, where 14 deaths have been linked to COVID-19 disease. The man had also recently traveled to Texas, where the first travel-associated case was reported.

The case was discovered when the man received lab results after seeking treatment for respiratory distress.

Currently, the Las Vegas diagnosis is pending confirmation from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, according to Dr. Fermin Leguen, acting chief of the Southern Nevada Health District. Although Leguen referred to the diagnosis as being “presumptive,” evidence points to it being at least 95% certain.

In the most recent Nevada case, a Reno man, also in his 50s, was linked to the possible coronavirus outbreak that occurred on the Grand Princess cruise ship.

Since the man has a family member who is a student Huffaker Elementary School Due, the school closed its doors on Friday as a precaution to combat the potential infection.

The diagnoses of the Reno case was announced late Thursday by the Washoe County Health District, the same day health officials announced Nevada’s first case out of Las Vegas.

According to health officials, the Reno-area man is stable and self-loathing at home.

Grand Princess Cruise Ship Outbreak

The luxury cruise ship, Grand Princess, was recently impacted by the coronavirus when a 71-year-old man died from the virus after being on the ship’s last voyage.

The death prompted the cruise ship company to halt the ship’s current voyage this morning, where it was about 55 miles off the California coast, to test 45 of the 3,500 people aboard, guests and crew members alike.

“We’re awaiting word on the California Department of Public Health on the timing of test results [of] the samples sent for testing yesterday,” the captain is heard saying in a video released by USA TODAY.

According to company officials, those aboard the ship’s current voyage may have been affected by the 62 passengers who sailed on Grand Princess’ previous Mexico voyage with the 71-year-old who died from the infection.

Two California passengers from that voyage have also been hospitalized, with one testing positive for the coronavirus. According to California Governor Newsom, the passenger testing positive is said to be in “difficult condition.”

In a statement provided Thursday by Princess Cruises spokesperson, Alivia Owyoung Ender, guests have been asked to stay in their rooms for the remainder of the cruise, although an official quarantine has not been mandated.

“In many respects, our ships are small floating cities. Just as life happens in cities for good and for bad, life also happens onboard our ships,” Princess Cruises’ president Jan Swartz said in a video posted on Twitter Friday morning.

Worldwide Spread of the Coronavirus

Currently, the coronavirus, which causes the COVID-19 disease, has touched nearly 97,000 people worldwide. In China, where the virus is said to have originated, there have been 3,300 related deaths.

In Italy, there have been 3,800 coronavirus cases and the deaths near 200 as of Friday.

On Friday, the first case of novel coronavirus has also been found in Colombia. The patient is a 19-year-old woman who recently traveled to Milan, Italy and returned home with symptoms related to the virus.

In the US, Washington state has so far been hit the hardest, with 14 reported deaths.

Be sure to stay up on the latest coronavirus updates as the outbreak continues to touch different parts of the country and the globe.

Computer Outage Causes Downtown Vegas Slots to Shut Down

Downtown Las Vegas is home to a number of hugely popular casinos. Many of these venues feature thousands of different slot machines. Unfortunately, a computer outage caused many Downtown Vegas slots to temporarily shut down.

Picture Of Slot Machines

This was obviously frustrating for slot gamblers in the area during the shutdown. Today, we’re going to look at what we know about this situation. We’ll also discuss some of the best slot gambling options available in the US right now.

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Downtown Las Vegas Continues to Improve

For many years, Las Vegas was thought of as the seedier, less desirable area of Las Vegas. The Fremont Street Experience helped to draw in more tourists, yet even today this part of the city is not nearly as developed as it is on the Las Vegas Strip.

Things are beginning to change, though. Over the past decade, several major casinos have opened their doors here. Some of these venues are opened by Derek and Greg Stevens, who continue to invest money Downtown.

Soon, the Stevens brothers will open their most ambitious Downtown Las Vegas property to date. This casino-resort, called Circa Las Vegas, is expected to be incredible. Several details of this property have already been released.

Most people are talking about the swimming pool at Circa Las Vegas. It will be the largest swimming pool ever built in the city. A massive screen will also be featured here to play sporting events.

Over the next ten years, more amazing properties are expected to open in Downtown Las Vegas. More visitors are coming to this part of the city than ever before. Unfortunately, this area is not immune to technical issues.

Downtown Vegas Slots Temporarily Shut Down

It’s not completely uncommon for casinos to experience computer issues. Occasionally, something unforeseen happens that forces gaming machines to shut down. That’s exactly what happened this week in Downtown Las Vegas.

Two major Las Vegas casinos in this area experienced computer issues that caused their slot machines to shut down. Social media users were the first to report on this news. The machines featured error messages and were unable to function.

Interestingly, officials believe this was a result of hacking. Garvin Bushell, president of The Learning Center Las Vegas, spoke about the issue that caused these Downtown Vegas slots to close down to the media this week.

“When it comes to cyber security, it’s not if, it’s a when and how bad,” he said. “No matter what you do, the hackers just have to be right one time and as an IT professional, I have to be right every single day and all those attacks are happening on a daily basis. Ransomware is out there and for them to be down from Wednesday to [Monday] it kind of raises from flags.” 

The Nevada Gaming Control Board is actively monitoring the situation. Many slots fans in Vegas are concerned about the safety of playing inside the city’s casinos. Fortunately, there are a huge number of fantastic online slot options available throughout the US right now.

Did Your Vegas Slots Crash? Try Playing Online Instead!

The popularity of online casino gambling is growing around the US every single month. Nowadays, there are a huge number of incredible casino websites that offer more slots than the top land-based casinos in the country. With situations like the Downtown Vegas slots shutting down, more people are choosing to make their bets online.

One of the best internet slots sites available right now is Cherry Gold Casino. This site has grown hugely popular over the past few years. It offers a wide range of table games, poker options, and slots.

Cherry Gold Casino also offers some fantastic promotions right now. One of the best is a 200% welcome bonus on your first deposit using the promo code CHERRYSLOTS. Terms and conditions apply to this bonus offer.

Las Vegas isn’t the only city to experience a major technical issue. Back in late February, the Encore Boston Harbor also experienced an issue that forced the casino’s slots to shut down. As more of these glitches pop up, more individuals are choosing to make their bets online.

What exactly caused the Downtown Vegas slots to shut down is still unknown. We should have a better idea as to what happened over the next few days. Stay tuned for updates!

Nevada’s Gambling Revenue in October Hits $1 Billion Once Again

Nevada continues to post impressive revenue figures. According to new reports, last month was a major success for gambling venues here. Nevada’s gambling revenue in October surpassed $1 billion. It’s a major accomplishment that the state has now achieved several times this year.

US Cash Bills

Some forms of gambling managed to bring in more money than others last month. Overall, things are looking good here.

Let’s get into it!

Las Vegas Casinos Are Thriving in 2019

For almost all of 2019, gambling revenue in Nevada has increased. Las Vegas, in particular, has experienced a major surge in revenue for most of the year. It’s great news, as many casino companies here have recently considered selling some of their biggest properties.

In the past, casino sales indicated that a company was struggling. This is not the case here. A huge number of companies are now selling properties in order to invest more money overseas.

MGM Resorts International is one such company. Just last month, the company officially sold Circus Circus and The Bellagio. The latter sale was the largest in history. Eldorado Resorts is also interested in putting some Las Vegas Strip venues up for sale.

Eldorado is in the process of acquiring Caesars Entertainment for an astounding $17.4 billion. To help make up for this acquisition, the company is looking to sell some of its hotel-casinos. Exactly which hotels may go for sale is still unknown.

Fortunately, casinos in Las Vegas are thriving right now. Most are experiencing massive revenue gains. This is especially true in October, where revenue once again surpassed $1 billion.

Nevada’s Gambling Revenue Surges Again in October

In September, news surfaced that Nevada’s gambling revenue had surpassed the $1 billion mark. Incredibly, the state had reached this goal for the second straight time. Reports from the state Gaming Control Board show that Nevada’s statewide win total came in at $1.022 billion last month.

Clark County gambling revenue came in at $879 million. Revenue from the Las Vegas Strip totaled $538.5 million. Despite the incredible amount of money that came in, revenue is still down 3.85% compared to October of 2018.

When looking at the state’s three-month trend, you see a clear surge in gambling earnings. The months of August, September, and October brought a 2.3% increase in revenue. Downtown Las Vegas experienced the largest increase at 8.85% compared to the same period last year.

Michael Lawton, a senior research analyst for the Gaming Control Board, commented last month’s figures to the media this week.

“Game and table win of $322.8 million decreased by 12.6 percent, $46.5 million, compared with a 10.8 percent increase in October 2018,” he said. “Baccarat win was impacted by decreased volume and a poor hold percentage. Baccarat win of $56.7 million was down 25.7 percent, $19.6 million.”

It may not have been as good a month as September, yet Nevada’s gambling revenue in October was still impressive.

New Casinos Set to Open in Vegas Over the Next Few Years

As we’ve already mentioned, several casinos in Las Vegas are set to be sold. There are also a few major casino-resorts scheduled to open here over the next few years. One of the most exciting is Resorts World Las Vegas, which is slated to open sometime in 2021.

Recently, officials within Resorts World gave an update on this new venue. It’s plans have changed considerably over the past few months. It will no longer have an entire “Asian theme” to it. Two huge video screens are also being placed on the hotel towers. Based on what’s being reported, this will become one of the city’s coolest new properties.

The new Virgin Hotel is also scheduled to open soon. If all goes well, this venue will begin operating in mid-2020. The former Hard Rock Las Vegas Hotel should be another exciting addition to Vegas’ venues.

These new gambling venues are likely to help boost gambling revenue in the state even more. That’s saying a lot, considering Nevada’s gambling revenue has surpassed $1 billion for two straight months.

Stay tuned for more Las Vegas casino news over the next few months!

Nevada Gambling Winnings Surpassed $1 Billion in September

The state of Nevada is experiencing some massive revenue gains this year. New reports indicate that Nevada gambling winnings surpassed $1 billion last month. It’s the fifth time in 2019 that casinos here have brought in more than a billion dollars.Nevada Sign On Highway

Things are clearly going well in this state. Today, we’re going to look at which forms of gambling brought in the most money here in September. We’ll also talk about which areas of the state managed to generate the most revenue. Let’s get into it!

Nevada Proves It’s Still the Casino Capital of the US

Nevada, and specifically Las Vegas, has always been considered to be the gambling capital of the US. Recently, however, several states have expanded their gambling industries. It seemed as if some parts of the country could overtake Nevada in terms of gambling revenue.

This is beginning to seem less likely. Nevada’s Gaming Control Board has confirmed that casinos in this state won more than $1 billion in September. In total, casinos here managed to bring in $1.059 billion.

It’s a massively successful number for the state, which heavily relies on gambling revenue to function.

Casinos have now generated more than a billion dollars for the fifth time this year. Nevada gambling winnings in September even set a new record. It was the most money ever made during this month. The previous record was held in 2007.

No other state can currently compete with Nevada’s gambling industry. New Jersey is pulling in impressive revenue figures, yet it’s not quite at Nevada’s level. We’ll need to wait and see how long this winning streak continues for.

Baccarat Helps to Boost Nevada Gambling Winnings

Baccarat is one of the most popular casino games in the world. In case you’re unaware, this is a common table game available in almost all Nevada casinos. It’s grown extremely popular over the years and has proven to be a huge earner for casinos around the country.

According to the Nevada Gaming Board, this game helped to generate a significant amount of money last month. Michael Lawton, a senior research analyst for the Gaming Control Board, commented on the earnings from this game to the media this week.

“Baccarat held 19.47 percent compared to a very weak 9.81 percent last year,” he said. “This stronger hold offset soft volumes, as baccarat volume totaled $557.1 million which was a decrease of $160.7 million or 22.4 percent (from last year).” 

Interestingly, Lawton claims that baccarat’s trends aren’t exactly great.

“Although this month’s baccarat results were a significant improvement over last year, the long-term trend for the state’s baccarat business remains choppy at best, as win is currently down 9.3 percent calendar year to date and volumes are down 12.4 percent.”

Slot machines also contributed to Nevada gambling winnings last month. This form of gambling helped to bring in $690.2 million. This represents an 8.3% increase from the same month in 2018.

Las Vegas Continues to Bring in the Most Money for Nevada

Las Vegas is home to many of the biggest and best casinos in the world. The Las Vegas Strip, in particular, features a massive number of world-class gambling venues. Most of these casinos generate a huge amount of money every single month.

Overall, Clark County managed to bring in $913.6 million in September. This is up more than 8% from the same period last year. Las Vegas Strip revenue increased by 7% to $584.2 million.

Amazing, Downtown Las Vegas experienced the biggest Nevada gambling winnings increase last month. This area of the city brought in $65.9 million, an increase of 19.9% from 2018. This is great news, considering gambling revenue in the Downtown area fell last month by 1.9%.

Nevada has seen its casinos generate an increase in revenue for the past four months. Soon, the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority will release the state’s official tourism numbers from last month.

Nevada gambling winnings continue to increase. Stay tuned for more casino news on this city over the next few months!

NV Gaming Board Wants to Ban Steve Wynn From Casino Industry

One of the most powerful individuals in the casino industry is in hot water. For months, Steve Wynn has been at the center of several sexual misconduct lawsuits. Now, the Nevada Gaming Board is filing a complaint to permanently ban Mr. Wynn from the casino industry.

Steve Wynn

Things are not looking good for Wynn and his former company right now. Today, we’re going to take a quick look at the allegations against the casino mogul. We’ll also look at some of Wynn Resorts’ upcoming expansion plans. Let’s get started!

The Growth of Wynn Resorts Over the Years

Steve Wynn has been a major player in Las Vegas for years. His first real break came in 2000 when he sold Mirage Resorts to MGM Grand. That same year, Wynn purchased the Desert Inn for $270 million.

Soon, he partnered with Japanese billionaire Kazuo Okada and took control of nearly half of the Universal Entertainment Corporation’s stock. In 2002, the company hired Ronald Kramer as President and Director to help take the company public.

Wynn Resorts had its IPO in October of 2002 and by 2005, the company purchased its first major project, Wynn Resorts. It also quickly expanded into Macau with the opening of Wynn Macau. Over the past decade, Wynn Resorts has grown to become one of the biggest and most lucrative casino companies in the world.

Not long ago, Wynn Las Vegas was named the best casino in the country. This company now owns a huge number of casino-resorts all around the world.

Unfortunately, Steve Wynn is being accused of sexual misconduct. The allegations are serious enough for Nevada’s Gaming Board to take action.

Allegations Against Steve Wynn, Explained

Back in 2018, the Wall Street Journal published an investigative report that details Steve Wynn’s decades of sexual misconduct. According to the report, Wynn used his status atop the casino industry to pressure his employees into different, inappropriate situations.

Some of the women detailed in the report even claimed to hide in bathrooms and schedule fake appointments in order to avoid the CEO. Mr. Wynn quickly denied the allegations by stating, “The idea that I ever assaulted any woman is preposterous.” 

Wynn Resorts board members quickly got together to investigate the allegations. The board claimed it was “deeply committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of all of the company’s employees and to operating with the highest ethical standards.” 

In February, Wynn stepped down as CEO of Wynn Resorts. He also sold his stock in the company and seemed to disappear from the public spotlight.

Since early 2018, more allegations have come to light. In early October, Steve Wynn was named in two sexual harassment cases in less than one week. Reports are also surfacing that officials within Wynn Resorts, as well as Mr. Wynn himself, pressured several women to avoid talking with the media about their claims.

The former CEO is continuing to deny all of the allegations being thrown his way. It doesn’t seem to be convincing Nevada officials, though.

Nevada Officials Want to Ban Wynn From Gambling Industry

This week, the NV Gaming Board has officially filed a five-count complaint against Steve Wynn. The gambling board claims that the allegations of sexual misconduct violate state licensing suitability regulations. This complaint, if approved, would prohibit Steve Wynn from ever being licensed to operate a casino in the state again.

Mr. Wynn has not yet responded to the complaint. According to numerous reports, he is currently living in Florida.

There are several lawsuits that involve the former casino mogul. Wynn Resorts is also continuing to be hit with these legal charges.

This week, officials in the company announced that they are no longer interested in opening a casino-resort in Osaka. The company now seems determined to open one of these new gambling venues in the city of Yokohama.

There’s a lot going on with this company. It’s unclear exactly how these lawsuits will affect Wynn Resorts’ day to day operations. Stay tuned for more updates over the next few months!

Laws on Charitable Gambling in Nevada May Soon Change

For years, Nevada has taken an extremely liberal stance on charitable gambling. Soon, however, laws on charitable gambling in Nevada could change. The state’s Gaming Board is currently deciding whether or not to change its current set of regulations.

Roulette Table Inside Casino

It’s an interesting development. Charitable gambling has grown extremely popular in Nevada. Let’s take a quick look at why lawmakers are considering changing these laws and what impact it will have moving forward.

What is Charitable Gambling?

Charitable gambling, as the name suggests, is when individuals gambling not for profit, but for charity. It’s known as a “form of incentivized gambling,” and is legal in almost all US states. There are various forms of charitable gambling available today.

Charitable casino gambling is extremely popular in the United States. It’s very similar to traditional casino gambling. Individuals can play table games and poker. The key difference is that all of the profits go towards charity.

There are also many different charitable lotteries operating today. These lotteries are almost always privately owned, donate more than 80% of their profits to charity, and support a charity’s overall objectives, rather than specific projects or activities.

In some states, this form of gambling is extremely popular. Virginia, for instance, has a quickly-growing charitable gambling industry.

Nevada has allowed charitable gambling for years. This form of gambling often helps to provide income for small nonprofits in the state. Interestingly, several lawmakers are now looking to change laws on charitable gambling Nevada. Let’s look at why this is.

Gaming Board Could Change Laws on Charitable Gambling in Nevada

Nevada is home to many of the best hotel-casinos in the world. Gambling is a massive industry here, bringing the state millions of dollars every single month. Laws on traditional gambling are strict and ban anyone under the age of 21 from placing wagers. Laws on charitable gambling in Nevada, however, are much more relaxed.

There is actually no age limit on charitable gambling here. Lawmakers have looked at is as a fun activity without any social implications. This viewpoint is beginning to change. Many now believe that allowing young people to take part in this form of gambling could have a major impact later in life.

This week, Nevada’s Gambling Board voiced its support of Amendments to Regulation 4A, which governs charitable gambling. The Gaming Board discussed the impact that gambling, regardless of the form, can have on the youth. Several board members believe it can lead to individuals developing gambling addiction issues later in life.

The Gambling Board supports a new draft amendment that prohibits anyone under the age of 21 from playing charitable gambling games and those under 18 from collecting winnings from a charitable lottery. There are some exceptions to this rule, though.

Under the new amendment, individuals under the age of 18 would be allowed to participate in these lotteries if their tickets are purchased by a parent or legal guardian. It’s looking like these new laws are set to be passed.

Here’s What Will Happen Next

The NV Gaming Board is making their case known. They believe that it’s time for laws on charitable gambling in Nevada to change. Philip Katsaros, a board member of the Gaming Board, gave his opinion to the media this week.

“For the past 30 years, there have been no age restrictions in the regulations or laws in charitable lotteries,” he said. “Never before had the regulations in Nevada, or statutes, touched upon this.”

Nonprofits and charities are already voicing their disapproval with these new laws on charitable gambling in Nevada. These groups claim that new regulations will hurt their membership rates and outreach.

Ted Hartwell, a research scientist at the Desert Research Institute, argues that charitable gambling is, in fact, gambling! He feels that this form of gambling poses a serious risk to the youth.

“Early and frequent exposure in childhood to gambling activities is a risk factor for developing a gambling disorder later in life,” Hartwell said. “There’s absolutely no need for children to be involved in gambling-related fundraising. Let adults administer raffles and lotteries … (at) fundraisers and let them sell those tickets to adults.”

This motion is now set to be reviewed by the Nevada Gambling Commission. Based on the ways things are going, it seems likely that the current set of laws on charitable gambling in Nevada are set to change.