Construction Plans for Wynn Resorts in Massachusetts Put on Hold

Wynn Resorts has gone back to the drawing board concerning its plans for a new project in Massachusetts. The parent company originally planned to build a new resort across from its Encore Boston Harbor casino in Everett, MA. Wynn is not the only casino developer to reconsider its construction plans in the Codfish State.

The project was supposed to begin construction later this year, with hopes of opening in 2024. However, Wynn Resorts announced the decision to reevaluate their plans earlier this year. The change of heart came after questions arose about the project’s connection to the Encore casino. If the project is determined to be part of the Encore casino’s “gaming establishment”, then it will be subject to regulation by the Massachusetts Gaming Commission.

Officials from Wynn Resorts did not give a timetable for how long its review could take. The company also has other plans for the construction site to consider. If the resort is subject to MGC control, that could also affect future construction plans. An increase in COVID infections has also contributed to the delay in construction.

Original Wynn Resorts Plans

The MGC was set to begin reviewing plans for the project last week. However, on the day the review was scheduled to begin, Wynn Resorts pulled the plug so they could reconsider the project. The casino resort developer also operates a casino hotel in Las Vegas and two in Macau.

Encore Boston Harbor already features over 2,700 slot machines, 185 table games, and a hotel. There are also private poker rooms and event spaces available. Guests can also access onsite dining options and a spa. The expansion project aimed to add even more amenities for guests.

Wynn Resorts owns land across from the Encore casino. Previous plans included building a 1,800 seat entertainment venue. Officials also planned to build approximately 20,000 square feet of new restaurant space. There were also plans for a new parking structure that would add 2,200 parking spots. The original plans were designed as part of a larger goal of building a Lower Broadway entertainment district.

Why Construction Plans are on Hold

Officials from Wynn Resorts decided to pause the evaluation process to reassess their plans. The decision came after questions started to arise about the connection of the new project to the existing casino. It is not clear what direction Wynn Resorts plans to take the projection in going forward.

The decision to reassess the construction project could also be attributed to recent financial troubles at other Wynn Resorts casinos. Wynn’s casinos in Las Vegas are still trying to rebuild from losses from the pandemic. Wynn Resort Macau has also been in the news lately for all the wrong reasons. However, recent licensing news has caused stock prices to increase.

Wynn’s other companies have also been struggling lately. For example, Wynn Finance was recently downgraded by Moody’s Investors Service. The decrease in Wynn’s rating is a result of concerns about the developer’s ability to recover from several ongoing issues abroad. Wynn will likely need to rely heavily on its US casinos to make up for the shortcomings of its foreign operations.

What’s Next for Encore?

With the evaluation process on hold, Encore and other Wynn officials will reassess their plans for the project. Officials from Encore have indicated to the MGC that they will resubmit their plans once they are finalized.

Our meetings with the Development team over these past few months have helped to shape the project throughout its design… of a Destination District in Everett’s Lower Broadway area,”
Everett Mayor Carlo DeMaria

Wynn will not be the only organization reworking the plans for the project. The casino resort developer has been working closely with Everett officials on the plans for the project. City and company officials are hopeful that the expansion will be the catalyst for transforming the area.

Massachusetts Gambling Laws

The commonwealth of Massachusetts adopted its Expanded Gaming Act in 2011, paving the way for land-based casinos. In the decade since then, a total of three brick-and-mortar casinos have opened. Now, legislators are debating whether to add sports betting to the list of gambling options in the state.

Gambling in Massachusetts is overseen by the Massachusetts Gaming Commission (MGC). The MGC was created by the passing of the Expanded Gaming Act in 2011. Funding for the MGC is generated from the gaming industry’s profits. There is no funding from taxpayers.

On top of overseeing the gaming industry, the MGC also oversees several initiatives designed to promote responsible gambling. Some of the programs MGC has implemented include GameSense, a program that offers tips to players about healthy gaming habits. All three of the state’s casinos feature GameSense Info centers.

The MGC has also released PlayMyWay at the casino in Plainville, with plans to release it all the state’s casinos. PlayMyWay allows players to track the amount of money they spend on electronic gaming machines. Massachusetts also offers players the option of enrolling in the Voluntary Self-Exclusion program to help prevent harmful gambling habits.


The plans for a revitalized entertainment district in Everett, MA have been put on hold. Wynn Resorts announced last week that it is reassessing its construction plans. Wynn was supposed to submit plans for a new entertainment venue, restaurant, and parking garage last week. The project, which is to be constructed near Wynn’s Encore Boston Harbor casino, was supposed to begin construction later this year.

Now, plans for the site are being reevaluated due to concerns about the role of the MGC’s jurisdiction over the project. Wynn’s financial issues from its other casino resorts may have also played a part in the developer hitting the brakes. Regardless of the reason, it appears that city officials will be working closely with officials from Wynn and Encore to create the new plans.

We are pleased with the progress we’re making on designing a development plan that will act as a springboard to create a Lower Broadway Entertainment District. We continue to evolve that plan and will present it to the Massachusetts Gaming Commission at the appropriate time.” -Encore spokesperson

Wynn’s six-acre project was supposed to be finished in 2024. However, officials have not given a new timeline for when they plan to present a proposal to the MGC. In the meantime, legislators will have plenty on their plates to deal with. Massachusetts has yet to legalize sports betting, but that could change by the end of the year.  The ongoing pandemic has also presented issues for lawmakers trying to keep the commonwealth’s economy afloat.

Massachusetts Tribe Reconsidering Approach to Casino Plans

The state of the gaming industry in Massachusetts has been in flux for some time now. Lawmakers in the Codfish State have been debating the prospect of sports betting for years. Native American tribes in the commonwealth have also been trying to get in on the gambling action by building their own casinos. One tribe, the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe, is hoping that its newly reaffirmed reservation rights will allow it to move forward with its casino plans.

President Biden’s decision to affirm the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe’s reservation rights overturned a Trump-era decision. Now the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe has the legal standing it needs to continue its pursuit of building a casino resort.

However, the new chairman of the tribe, Brian Weeden, says the tribe will need to reconsider its approach to building a casino. Weeden believes the changing landscape of the casino industry needs to be taken into account. Massachusetts has struggled to keep up with other states in the gaming industry. Currently, there are three other casinos operating throughout the commonwealth. Many states reported record-breaking incomes in the final months of last year. However, MA casinos reported decreases in income in November.

One issue preventing the MA gaming industry from keeping pace is the topic of sports betting. Legislators are expected to legalize sportsbooks soon, which would give the industry a need boost.

Weeden and the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe are not the only group looking to build a casino in MA. The Aquinnah Wampanoag Tribe has already started building a gambling hall near Martha’s Vineyard. Both Native American tribes face opposition to their gaming plans. The Aquinnah Wampanoag Tribe faces legal issues regarding their right to build their gaming hall. On the other hand, the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe has faced opposition from the residents in Taunton who do not want a casino in their town.

Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe Looking for Economic Stability

The Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe has faced many obstacles in its quest for a casino. However, Weeden and other tribal officials hope that a casino could provide the tribe with economic stability. Chairman Weeden has been public about his plans to address substance abuse, homelessness, and other issues that affect the tribe.

So far, the tribe has received $15 million from President Biden’s coronavirus stimulus bill. Tribal officials also plan to apply for federal funds from the new $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill.

A total of $11 billion in the bill is intended to go toward Native American tribes. Chairman Weeden has also proposed the idea of requesting increased restitution from the government in the form of either more land or financial compensation.

On top of federal funding, the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe also plans to address its issues in other ways. A casino is not the only option for new sources of employment and income. The tribe can also open and operate recreational marijuana shops, as well as tax-free gas stations and smoke shops.

Obstacles to Building the Casino

It is important that the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe have other options for achieving economic stability. So far, it has faced many obstacles to its plans of building a casino. The Tribe has a deal with Genting Berhad, a Malaysian-based casino developer.

If the tribal casino is built and opens for business, the tribe will owe Genting Berhad $600 million. Construction originally started in 2016 on a $1 billion resort casino but had to stop after running into legal problems.

Another obstacle for the tribal casino is that the original plans for the casino resort may be too lavish. The Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe planned for the casino to include dining options, a hotel, and a water park among other entertainment options. However, original plans were halted by an order under former-President Trump.

A more simplified design would not only be easier to build, but it could also save money in the long run. By not offering table games such as blackjack and poker, the tribal casino could avoid a 17% state tax on gaming revenue.

Tribal officials also face opposition from some of the residents in Taunton, MA where the casino would be built. The anti-casino group has asked a federal judge in Boston to reopen their legal challenge against the tribe. According to opponents of the casino, the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe should not qualify for reservation.

The anti-casino group has argued that the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe was not a recognized tribe in 1934 when the Indian Reorganization Act became law. As a result, they argue that the tribe should not be eligible for reservation. They have also argued that the tribe should not be allowed to use the land they intend to build the casino on. The land in Taunton is roughly 50 miles from the tribe’s home located in Cape Cod. As a result, the group argues the land should be considered part of the tribe’s historical land.


Casinos and sportsbooks across the US reached newfound success in 2021. Unfortunately, not every state has been as willing to join in on the action. Massachusetts, for instance, has not yet legalized sports betting. As a result, revenues at the state’s three casinos dipped in the last quarter. If legislators can pass a sports betting law in 2022, then the industry could get back on track. Adding new casinos could also help. The Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe is hoping to help with the latter.

The Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe recently received had its reservation rights restored. Now, tribal Chairman Brian Weeden hopes to resume the tribe’s plans for building a casino. Chairman Weeden plans to work with other tribal officials to modernize the tribe’s casino dreams. He also wants to address other issues affecting tribal society such as substance abuse and homelessness.

Chairman Weeden and the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe will not be able to address their goals unopposed. The tribe has already faced opposition from the federal government under former-President Trump. Now, the tribe is facing opposition from some residents of Taunton. The opposition is claiming that the tribe does not qualify for reservation status. They are also claiming that the land for the casino in Taunton should not be part of the tribe’s property.

Thousands Volunteer to be Banned from MA’s Popular Casinos

VSE Massachusetts Casino Background

Massachusetts is home to several popular casinos. It seems that many individuals in this state feel it’s no longer smart for them to test their luck inside these properties. Reports have just surfaced claiming that thousands have volunteered to self-ban themselves from MA’s popular casinos.

A lot is happening with the gambling industry in Massachusetts. Now is a great time to talk about some of the changes taking place here.

Let’s get into it!

Many Choose to Self-Ban Themselves From MA’s Popular Casinos

Until fairly recently, Massachusetts was known for having tough laws toward the gambling industry. About a decade ago, casinos were given permission to begin operating in the state. There are now three casinos here, all of which help to generate major tax revenue every single month.

The Encore Boston Harbor has proven to be the most successful casino here for years. MGM Springfield struggled in the past, yet has been posting solid revenue figures lately. Plainridge Park is the worst-performing casino in the state, yet still has a passionate fan base.

A huge number of individuals visit these casinos every month. It now seems that many are choosing to self-ban themselves from these properties. Reports have just surfaced claiming that more than a thousand individuals have volunteered to be prohibited from visiting MA’s popular casinos.

Massachusetts has what is called a Volunteer Self-Exclusion program set in place. This allows certain individuals that believe they have a gambling addiction to self-ban themselves from the casinos in the state. 1,020 individuals are signed up to this program and the median age of these individuals is 46.

It will be interesting to see if more individuals choose to volunteer for this program in 2022. We’ll be sure to offer more information as the months go on.

Sports Betting is Expected to Become Available in Massachusetts Next Year

The US sports betting industry is growing at an unprecedented rate. More states are choosing to bet on sports every year since PASPA was struck down. 2022 is about to begin and most analysts expect to see several more states legalizing sports gambling next year.

Massachusetts is one of the states that seems almost guaranteed to do so. Lawmakers here nearly approved a measure to legalize and regulate sports gambling in 2021. The Senate was unable to approve the bill before its legislative session ended, pushing it into next year.

All signs point to this happening in 2022. There is now bipartisan support for the legalization of sports gambling in Massachusetts. Lawmakers are looking at other nearby states including New Jersey and Pennsylvania, recognizing how much revenue these states are generating every month.

The Northeastern United States is turning into one of the country’s true gambling hubs. A huge number of world-class casinos and sportsbooks are up and running here. Massachusetts wants to begin competing with these states by launching sportsbooks of its own. Expect to see these launching inside MA’s popular casinos before the end of next year.

More states in this region of the country are expanding their gaming industries right now. Let’s take a quick look at some of the new gambling options set to become available in various Northeastern states.

More Gambling Expansion Plans are Revealed

The US gambling industry has never been in a better position than it is in right now. 2020 was a devastating year for this entire industry due to mass casino closures and sports league shutdowns. Things have completely turned around.

Many new gambling revenue records have been broken in 2021. That includes casino revenue. As the AGA predicted at the start of the year, casino revenue set new all-time records already this year and many predict this to continue in 2022.

States around the Northeastern US are set to expand their gambling industries. New York lawmakers are considering allowing a major new casino-resort in New York City. This could help to drive tourism and bring in a huge amount of revenue.

Maryland is considering allowing new casinos next year. Pennsylvania is also expected to allow new casinos to begin operating in 2022, as well. A new bill is being considered in New Jersey that would help to lower the tax rate for Atlantic City’s casinos.

It’s an exciting time for the US gaming industry. Stay tuned for more information on MA’s popular casinos as the months go on!

Casino Revenue in Massachusetts Decreased This November

Casinos at Massachusetts - Massachusetts Map Silhouette

Massachusetts is home to three popular casinos. These properties have seen fluctuating revenue figures throughout 2021. Reports surfaced this week claiming that casino revenue in Massachusetts decreased over the month of November.

This should not come as a massive shock. Casino revenue tends to drop around the winter months. Today, we’ll talk about how much money the gambling properties here managed to bring in over the month.

Let’s get into it!

Here’s a Look at Casino Revenue in Massachusetts Over November

For many years, Massachusetts banned almost all forms of traditional gambling. This changed about a decade ago when lawmakers approved a measure to allow commercial casinos in the state. Three casinos are now operating in the state, including the Encore Boston Harbor in the Boston area.

New reports on casino revenue in Massachusetts over November are beginning to surface. It has been confirmed that these casinos experienced a slight revenue drop. That seemed almost inevitable when considering the record-breaking month these properties had in October.

The state’s total casino handle came out to $703,285,617 over the month. This represents a 6.2% decrease when compared to the handle in October. The casinos here also brought in $87,810,200 over November, down from the $92 million in GGR experienced in October.

It’s hard to say this is any kind of failure for Massachusetts’ casino industry. $87 million is still an impressive revenue figure over a single month. That is especially true when considering just how low revenue earnings were from these casinos one year ago.

The entire gambling in Massachusetts has been changing over the past decade. Let’s take a look at some of the new gaming that are expected to become available here soon.

Massachusetts Lawmakers Continue Pushing for the Legalization of Sports Betting

A huge number of states chose to formally legalize sports betting in 2022. That includes several states in the Northeastern region of the country. Massachusetts is now one of the only states in this area without regulated sportsbooks up and running.

Many lawmakers are growing annoyed by this fact. States across the US are earning a massive amount of money from their regulated sportsbooks every single month. Officials in Massachusetts are tired of missing out on these impressive revenue figures.

Fortunately, 2022 appears to be the year that sports betting becomes available in this state. The Senate and House nearly approved bills to launch this industry in 2021. The issue now has bipartisan support and it seems likely that the first sportsbooks will go live in Massachusetts before the end of next year.

There is reason to believe that this state’s sports gambling industry will be hugely successful. Massachusetts is known for having some of the most passionate sports fans in the country. It’s here that major professional teams such as the Boston Red Sox and New England Patriots are based.

Casino revenue in Massachusetts is likely to remain high. The addition of sports betting will bring in valuable tax revenue for the state each month. Stay tuned for updates on the launch of sports betting here as the months go on.

More States Report Gambling Revenue Surges Over November

The entire US gambling industry has been growing throughout 2021. That includes the casino and sports betting industry. Some of the largest gaming hubs in the United States have recently launched new casinos and sportsbooks and revenue figures continue to increase.

Many states reported impressive gaming revenue growth in November. That includes Iowa and Indiana. Both states have sports gambling options available and both experienced huge revenue surges from these regulated betting platforms.

Illinois is quickly turning into one of the country’s top gambling destinations. This past November, casino revenue took a slight 4.7% decrease when compared to October. Fortunately, gambling revenue here remains far above what it experienced throughout 2020.

Most analysts expect to see huge gambling revenue surges in 2022. Places like Las Vegas and Atlantic City are preparing for fresh waves of tourism. Atlantic City casinos may even experience a major tax break that helps them save revenue leading into next year.

Are you surprised to see that casino revenue in Massachusetts dipped in November? Do you expect to see sports betting legalized here in 2022? Let us know in the comments section below.

Where Will the First Sportsbooks in Massachusetts Launch?

Massachusetts State Logo And Encore Sports Betting

Massachusetts is well-known for having some of the most passionate sports fans in the United States. Unfortunately, lawmakers here have yet to give final approval for a bill to legalize and regulate sports betting in the state. That is expected to change soon, though. Many are now beginning to question where the first sportsbooks in Massachusetts will open their doors.

It seems likely that both land-based and online sports gambling will soon become available here. At least a couple of casinos in the state seem interested in welcoming a sportsbook.

Here’s what you need to know about this situation.

Encore Boston Harbor is Ready to Welcome the First Sportsbooks in Massachusetts

It’s been less than a decade since officials in Massachusetts approved a measure to allow Class III casinos in the state. Today, Encore Boston Harbor in Everett, Massachusetts, is the most popular casino in this state. This property draws in a huge number of visitors from throughout the Northeastern US every month.

The owners of this property have been pushing for the state to allow sports betting for years. It’s now clear that this will not take place in 2021. The likelihood of sports betting launching in Massachusetts next year is beginning to look high.

Encore Boston Harbor is now ready to welcome the first sportsbooks in Massachusetts. Encore’s president, Jenny Holaday claims the casino already has a space planned to host a sportsbook. He seems excited to finally welcome this new form of gambling at some point in the near future.

“I’m optimistic for the commonwealth to at some point legalize sports betting; the form that it takes and the time in which that happens is anyone’s guess,” Holaday said. “I think we have a beautiful space that serves a lot of purposes, so we’ll be set in creating a better guest experience in the meantime. And if and when it does get legalized, we’ll be ready to move quickly to offer that additional service to our guests.”

Some real progress has been made to get sports betting legal in Massachusetts next year. We’ll be sure to offer updates on the launch of sports betting in this state as they come up.

Massachusetts’ Casinos See Slight Revenue Dip in September

2021 has been a hugely successful year for the US casino industry. Most casino operators around the country have posted solid revenue figures each month. That includes the companies currently operating casinos in Massachusetts.

This past September, the casinos in this state experienced a slight revenue drop. The properties here managed to bring in $89 million in gross gaming revenue over the course of the month. That is a drop from the $92 million that was brought in during August.

Massachusetts’ casino industry fared well overall during the past three months, though. These casinos managed to bring the state $78 million in tax revenue. This represents the best three-month period for this industry since it went live.

There is reason to believe that 2022 will be an even more successful year for the US casino industry. Massachusetts is likely to continue seeing impressive revenue figures coming in. This is particularly true once the first sportsbooks in Massachusetts launch inside the state’s casinos.

A lot is changing in the US sports betting industry. Let’s take a look at some of the best online sports betting odds available for events taking place this weekend!

Best Online Sports Betting Odds Available Right Now

There are a huge number of popular online sportsbooks now operating around the United States. The vast majority of these sites are safe and provide a wide range of unique odds. BetOnline is widely considered by many to be one of the best internet sportsbooks available right now.

This site is offering some incredible odds on events taking place this weekend. That includes Sunday’s big NFL game between the Green Bay Packers (+275) and Kansas City Chiefs (-330). Many are curious to see how the Packers perform without Aaron Rodgers leading the team.

This weekend is shaping up to be a massive one for combat sports fans. UFC 268 is set to take place on Saturday, headlined by Kamaru Usman (-285) and Colby Covington (+245). This is a rematch from their epic fight in late 2019.

The boxing match between Canelo Alvarez (-900) and Caleb Plant (+600) is also drawing in a huge number of bets right now. Canelo is considered by many to be the best boxer alive right now. Caleb Plant may represent the toughest test for him in years.

When do you expect the first sportsbooks in Massachusetts to launch? Will this state’s sports betting industry be successful? Let us know in the comments section below.

MGM Springfield’s Poker Room is Set to Reopen Today

MGM Springfield Poker Room And Cards Background

One of the most popular casinos in Massachusetts has just broke some exciting news. Today, MGM Springfield’s poker room will officially reopen to the public. State officials feel comfortable reopening the tables and many are expected to make the trip here to begin playing.

A lot has been going on in Massachusetts’ gambling industry lately. Some feel it’s only a matter of time before new gaming options become available here.

Let’s look at some of the latest developments with the gambling industry in this state.

MGM Springfield’s Poker Room is Finally Reopening to the Public

Three casino-resorts are currently operating in Massachusetts. The first to ever open its doors here is MGM Springfield, owned and operated by MGM Resorts International. This property became an instant hit with gambling fans in the state and began bringing in a huge amount of revenue.

The opening of other casinos in the state, including the Encore Boston Harbor, took away from some of MGM Springfield’s shine. It still remains a popular casino for many in the Springfield area. For more than a year, this casino’s poker room has been closed due to regulations surrounding Covid-19.

Many will be pleased to hear that MGM Springfield’s poker room will be opening to the public today. Officials in the state gave the green light for this to happen earlier in the week. Chris Kelley, MGM Springfield president and COO, spoke about this news to the media this week.

“MGM Springfield is thrilled to reopen our Poker Room. We are looking forward to welcoming back our loyal players and dozens of employees who have waited for this day for more than a year and a half,” Kelley said. 

13 tables allowing up to nine players each are now available. Casino executives expect to see a huge number of poker fans making the journey here. We’ll be sure to report on how the opening of this poker room affects MGM Springfield’s revenue figures moving forward.

MA’s Senate is Still Looking to Approve a Sports Betting Bill

The Northeastern US has seen rapid gambling expansion in recent years. Many credit the removal of PASPA for this new expansion. Several states in the area immediately legalized sports betting and have since worked to open new casinos.

Massachusetts is now one of the only states yet to legalize and regulate sports betting. That does not mean lawmakers here are showing no interest in allowing this form of gambling. Several prominent state officials have been pushing hard to get sports betting bills moved through the legislative process.

Over the summer, the House approved a sports gambling bill. It was then sent to the Senate, where it has completely stalled. Members of the Senate have voiced several concerns with the bills being presented, yet they claim that approving one of them remains a key focus.

It is looking less likely that any sports betting bills receive outright approval in 2021. Fortunately, enough progress has been made that legalizing sports betting in 2022 seems very likely. A number of other states including California also seem prepared to allow sports gambling next year.

Casino expansion is taking place in the Northeastern US right now. Which states are set to welcome new gambling venues next year?

More Northeast States Look to Expand Their Casino Industries

The Northeastern United States is home to some of the largest casino hubs in the country. Most will think of Atlantic City. That’s not a surprise, as this small New Jersey city is home to some of the biggest and most successful casinos in the country.

States like New York and Pennsylvania have been working to expand their gambling industries lately, as well. New York, in particular, seems focused on allowing more casinos to open their doors in the near future. That includes opening a new casino in New York City.

Pennsylvania is already home to a huge number of popular casinos. More are expected to open their doors here in the coming months. Online casino gambling is legal here, too, and helps to bring the state a huge amount of tax revenue each month.

Massachusetts has the potential to become one of the most successful gaming hubs in the country soon. The legalization of sports betting will help this state to accomplish that goal. Expect to see it happen in 2022.

Are you excited to hear that MGM Springfield’s poker room is reopening? When do you expect Massachusetts to legalize sports betting? Let us know in the comments section below.

Here’s What You Need to Know About MA’s New Casino Rules

Massachusetts Casinos

Massachusetts is home to three popular casino-resorts. These properties have been performing well lately, yet it seems that tough times could possibly be on the horizon. Today, we’ll talk about MA’s new casino rules being set in place.

Many are confused about these new regulations. Fortunately, the rules are unlikely to have any major effect on tourism and revenue for the casinos here.

Let’s get into it!

A Lot is Happening With Massachusetts’ Casino Industry

The state of Massachusetts has only allowed casino gambling for the past decade. Prior to that, virtually all forms of gambling were completely banned in this state. There are now three major casino-resorts operating in the state, all of which are popular with locals.

The MGM Springfield was the first casino to open its doors in Massachusetts. It became an instant hit, drawing in gambling fans from around the state. Interestingly, MGM Resorts recently chose to sell this property to Vici Properties for nearly $2 billion.

Wynn Resorts’ Encore Boston Harbor now owns the most successful casino in the state. This property is located near Boston and has captured much of the MGM Springfield’s market. It will likely remain the most popular gaming venue in the state for years to come.

The events that unfolded in 2020 took a massive toll on the casino industry here. All of Massachusetts’ casinos were shut down for many months. They eventually reopened and have been working to boost their revenue figures ever since.

Tourism and revenue figures into MA’s casinos seem to be increasing. Some fear this trend could be short-lived, though. A new Covid-19 variant is spreading around the country and many states are beginning to once again order intense health restrictions on various businesses.

Massachusetts is one such state to begin setting new rules. Here’s what you need to know about the recent regulations set in place at the casinos here.

MA’s New Casino Rules are Now Set in Place

Every single major casino hub was affected by the events that unfolded in 2020. Things have been steadily improving throughout 2021, however, and there has been real optimism of seeing pre-pandemic casino revenue figures throughout the country. That optimism seems to be slowly fading away, though.

Not long ago, the Massachusetts Gaming Commission announced that all patrons to the state’s casinos are recommended to wear masks. That includes individuals who have been vaccinated. It’s not as strict of a rule as the one set in place in Nevada and should not have much of an effect.

Casinos are ordering new rules of their own. MGM Springfield recently announced that all employees, regardless of their vaccination status, will need to wear masks while at work. Some feel the other casinos in the state will soon order a similar measure.

It’s important to note that the Massachusetts Gaming Commission is not ordering all of its patrons to wear masks. For now, this is only a recommendation for patrons. If cases continue to rise, however, there is a chance that more intense restrictions could be set in place.

MA’s new casino rules are mostly affecting casino workers. Hope is that these rules do not result in a drop in tourism for the state’s casinos. We’ll be sure to offer more updates on this situation over the next couple of months.

Over in Las Vegas, more intense regulations are currently being set in place. Now is a great time to talk about how the major casino-resorts are faring here right now.

How Will Las Vegas Fare Over the Rest of 2021?

Las Vegas is and always has been the biggest and most profitable gambling hub in the United States. It took a major blow throughout 2020. Over the past eight months, this city’s casinos have been seeing a huge surge in their revenue figures.

There are concerns that things could devolve over the rest of 2021. Health officials recently ordered masks to be worn at all times inside casinos by patrons and employees. It’s the same mandate ordered over the summer last year.

Wynn Resorts, a company that owns several popular casinos in Las Vegas, recently released its Q2 revenue reports. Overall, the company saw a dip in its earnings when taking operating costs into account. CEO Matt Maddox seems confident that things will improve as the year goes on.

Much of this depends on whether or not more restrictions are ordered. If casinos begin looking like they did in 2020 and entertainment options are shut down, there is no doubt that revenue will fall. Lawmakers in Nevada likely realize that fact.

2020 proved how vulnerable the US casino industry is. Recent events are proving that these vulnerabilities still exist.

What do you think about MA’s new casino rules? Do you think more intense restrictions will be set in place here? Let us know in the comments section below!

MA’s Casino Revenue in June Drops Slightly From May

MA Casino Revenue

Massachusetts is home to just three casino-resorts. Interestingly, these properties help to bring the state a massive amount of revenue every single month. Reports surfaced this week showing that MA’s casino revenue in June dropped ever so slightly when compared to the month prior.

That isn’t a major disappointment. Much of the state’s land-based casino industry has yet to fully recover. Today, we’ll take a close look at exactly how much money the different casinos in this state managed to bring in last month.

Let’s get into it!

Most US Casino Hubs Continue to See Tourism Surges

The US casino industry continues to perform considerably better in 2021 than it did last year. That isn’t a surprise when considering how long casinos across the US were shut down for last year. Most have since reopened and many people around the country have been consistently flocking to different casinos throughout the year.

The country’s biggest gambling hubs were struggling immensely throughout 2020. This year, however, most of these casino destinations have been reporting huge surges in tourism. That includes places like Las Vegas.

This doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon, either. Las Vegas is likely to see its tourism figures increase as the year goes on. Part of that could be due to the opening of Resorts World Las Vegas last month. At $4.3 billion, this is the most expensive casino-resort ever built in the city.

Atlantic City took a little longer to see its tourism and revenue figures increase this year. Fortunately, most restrictions on casinos have been lifted here. Many of the biggest resorts here are now undergoing major renovations in an effort to bring in more tourists.

As tourism increases, revenue goes up, too. Even many of the smaller casino hubs in the country like Colorado have been seeing increases in gaming revenue. It’s an exciting trend and one that should go on throughout the rest of 2021.

Massachusetts has developed a small, yet successful gaming industry over the years. We’re now beginning to hear about how much money the casinos here brought in last month.

Here’s a Look at MA’s Casino Revenue in June

The Northeastern US is quickly turning into one of the biggest gambling destinations in the United States. Places like New Jersey and Pennsylvania are now well-known for their huge number of popular casinos. Massachusetts is also now developing a successful casino industry.

Three casino-resorts are currently based here. That includes the Encore Boston Harbor, MGM Springfield, and Plainridge Park. Some of the country’s most powerful gaming companies own and operate these popular gambling venues.

This week, reports on MA’s casino revenue for June finally came out to the public. Some are surprised to hear that casino revenue here actually dropped slightly when compared to the month of May. It wasn’t by much, however, and likely didn’t worry the casino owners in the state.

Overall, casino revenue in Massachusetts came out to $84 million during June. That represents a very slight drop from the $$86.6 million earned during May. Poker remains closed in all casinos here, meaning this revenue was earned solely from slots and table games.

When poker returns, revenue figures will likely surge once again. There is certainly reason to be optimistic about the future of Massachusetts’ gaming industry. Many are now looking ahead at how the state’s gambling options may expand in the future.

Several prominent lawmakers here are pushing to get sports betting legal in Massachusetts. Here’s a quick update on this situation here.

When Will Sports Betting Become Legal in Massachusetts?

The US casino industry continues to improve at a rapid pace. The growth of this industry pales in comparison to the US sports betting industry, though. In just a few years, it has grown to become one of the most popular forms of gambling around the country.

More than half the country now has a regulated sports gambling industry up and running. The regulation of sports betting is helping to bring many states a huge amount of revenue. Obviously, a growing number of individuals now believe it is time for Massachusetts to launch its own sports gambling industry.

Not long ago, one major state government body met to discuss the pros and cons of sports betting legalization. There are now several bills being presented to launch this form of gambling. Little progress has been made to this point, however, and it’s unclear when any of these bills will receive State and House approval.

There is reason to believe that 2022 is the year sports betting becomes available in this state, though. There are a huge number of hardcore sports fans here. That is partly due to several popular professional teams being based here including the New England Patriots and Boston Red Sox.

The US gambling industry continues to expand at a rapid pace. There are many reasons to be excited about the future of Massachusetts’ gaming options. Stay tuned for updates on the legalization of sports betting here over the next few months.

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Casinos Are Hoping to See Sports Betting in MA Soon

MGM Springfield

Massachusetts is home to a growing land-based casino industry. Some of the most powerful gaming companies in the country own casinos here. Unfortunately, they’ve been struggling to generate revenue for nearly a year. These casinos are now hoping to see sports betting in MA sometime in the near future.

Several lawmakers are pushing to get sports betting legalized and regulated here, as well. Many believe 2021 is the year this finally happens. Today, we’ll talk about how a sports gambling industry could help the state’s casinos.

Let’s get into it!

Casino Revenue in Massachusetts Increased in January

For decades, lawmakers in Massachusetts took steps to prohibit casinos. The state had a long history of anti-gambling legislation and pushed against even allowing tribal casinos. Finally, in 2018, the first casino opened its doors here.

That was the MGM Springfield, owned and operated by MGM Resorts International. This venue instantly became a massive success with gambling fans around the state. It was one of the most popular gambling venues on the East Coast.

A year later, Wynn Resorts opened the Encore Boston Harbor. This was a state-of-the-art casino resort built not far from Boston. It became the next big thing in the state and quickly captured a huge percentage of MGM Springfield’s patrons.

In March of 2020, all of the progress being made here came to a halt. State officials ordered all of the casinos in the state to shut their doors. It would be months before any of the state’s casinos were able to operate again.

Even after reopening, revenue was dropping throughout 2020. Things are beginning to improve, though. This past January, the casinos in Massachusetts brought in $57.6 million in revenue. That’s a more than 15% increase when compared to December.

When compared to January of 2020, however, these revenue figures are still very low. Many of the casinos here are now hoping to see legal sports betting become available to make up for some of these losses.

More Are Pushing to Regulate Sports Betting in MA

Casino revenue has been dropping across the United States for almost an entire year. That doesn’t mean people aren’t gambling, though. Sports betting revenue has been on a steady incline since major sports leagues resumed their operations in mid-2020.

This is proving to be very profitable for states with regulated sports betting industries set in place. It’s also been a valuable source of money for casinos, most of which are seeing large drops in their land-based gaming revenue right now. Many are now pushing to see sports betting in MA sometime soon.

Richard McGowan, a professor in the Carroll School of Management at Boston College, also believes online sports betting is a necessity for MA’s casino industry to survive. He gave his take on this situation to the media earlier this week.

“If they don’t get sports gambling at the casino or online, I don’t see much of a future,” he said. “They are in way too much debt. The future of gambling looks like it’s online. What will make or break MGM Springfield is what the Massachusetts Legislature decides to do with sports gambling.”

McGowan may certainly have a point. The land-based gambling industry was changed forever after the events that unfolded in 2020. Many people are no longer willing to play in-person and instead want to make their bets from the comfort of home.

Lawmakers in Massachusetts continue to discuss sports betting legislation. We’ll be sure to offer updates on the progress being made here over the next few months!

States Report Big Sports Betting Earnings in January

It’s no wonder why casinos and lawmakers are pushing so hard to get regulated sports betting in MA. This industry is a proven money-maker. It benefits virtually everyone and can now be found in more than half the country.

The revenue isn’t slowing down, either. Many states reported huge sports betting earnings for the month of January. It’s clear that this industry will continue to bring in large revenue earnings for the foreseeable future.

Michigan is seeing large earnings from this industry right now. This state didn’t launch its online sports betting operations until January 22. In just ten days of being live, the state saw an astounding $115.2 million in sports betting handle.

Pennsylvania also saw massive sports betting revenue figures this past January. This state saw a sports betting handle of $615.3 million. Sportsbooks here brought in $33.9 million in revenue.

Las Vegas has a struggling casino industry. Tourism rates are beginning to increase and more entertainment options are coming here, yet land-based casino revenue remains low. Fortunately, a huge amount of money will come in here from Super Bowl wagers.

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Massachusetts Gaming Commission To Reconsider Roulette and Craps

MGM SpringfieldRoulette and Craps games may be coming back soon in the Bay State.

This development emerged after the  Massachusetts Gaming Commission announced that it will consider a request by by casinos to allow the restart of roulette and craps games which have not been permitted since the casinos were allowed to reopen early last month.

Reconsidering The Request

State regulators have been working with Encore and MGM on how the games can be played while maintaining social distancing between players and casino staff. The Commission is expected to  tackle the matter during a meeting scheduled for Thursday, August 13, 2020 at 10:00 a.m. via teleconference. 

In a statement last Tuesday, MGM said:

“We appreciate the Gaming Commission’s consideration of our request as we progress through a phased reopening with the health and safety of our employees and guests at the forefront of any decisions.”

MGM Springfield and Encore Boston Harbor have asked the Massachusetts Gaming Commission to allow roulette and craps games at their establishments. The two are the only casinos in the state that offer table games. Despite the absence of roulette, craps, and poker, the casinos in Massachusetts have been able to handle the reopening well.

Massachusetts casinos were ordered closed by the state since mid-March due to the coronavirus pandemic. They have since been allowed to re-open but subject to the strict guidelines set by the Gaming Commission. The guidelines have not permitted casinos to offer roulette, craps, and poker games.

Re-Opening Guidelines

The re-opening guidelines have resulted in the gambling establishments reopening with an estimated one-third of their pre-COVID 19 capacities. The Commission’s guidelines include plexiglass dividers, spacing requirements, wearing of masks when not outdoors, eating, or drinking, and other health safety precautions.

The guidelines also called on the casinos to disable some of their slot machines and remove chairs in order to keep their guests separated. The distance required was four feet apart if there is a plexiglass and six feet apart if none. The table games that were allowed were restricted to three players per table.

Food service has also been limited to designated areas and they are allowed to operate according to the state rules for restaurants. Casinos were also told to consider non-contact temperature checks and prohibiting entry to any guest who registered 100.4 or higher on two consecutive checks.

MGM Springfield reopened over the weekend of July 10-13 after four months of closure. Encore and Plainridge Park reopened several days earlier. Plainridge is a slots parlor that does not offer table games. In Springfield, that meant 919 gaming positions from 810 slot machines and 90 seats at table games. MGM later expanded its offerings to 855 slot machines while still maintaining social distancing.