Sports Betting in Maryland Faces Huge Delay

Maryland State Seal And Flag With Sports Betting
It has been a hard couple of weeks for Maryland sports fans. The early part of the MLB season has not been going well for the Orioles. Last week, the Ravens traded star WR Hollywood Brown to the Cardinals. Sports fans heard more bad news this week as the state’s mobile betting operators face more delays.

Pro football is the most popular sport in the Old Line State. The start of the NFL season is still four months away. However, regulators are running out of time to get mobile betting online before the season starts. The most recent set of delays has many pundits concerned that online sports betting will not launch before the season. Online sportsbooks have been crucial to the success of sports betting in other states.

The most recent delays are not due to a lack of trying. Many prospective operators have applied for online sports betting licenses. However, according to the Sports Wagering Application Review Commission (SWARC), the applicants do not fully understand the industry. SWARC is taking steps to correct that issue.

Maryland Mobile Sports Betting Laws

In 2020, Maryland voted to legalize sports betting. Unlike other states, Maryland legalized both retail and electronic sportsbooks in one fell swoop. Retail sportsbooks are already up and running in the state. However, no mobile sportsbooks have been allowed to launch yet.

Retail gaming operators can purchase a mobile sports betting license for $3 million. However, minority-owned small businesses could qualify for a significantly reduced rate. A qualified business could get a license for just $50,000. These licensed small businesses would then partner with larger sportsbooks to run the operation.

The larger sportsbook that a small business partners with would have to pay $500,000 in state licensing fees. SWARC has prevented retail sportsbooks from launching so that they do not get an unfair market advantage. If the small businesses are not ready to go, then no online sportsbook can launch. For now, bettors will have to rely on retail sports betting options.

Why Mobile Sports Betting Is Being Delayed

In theory, retail sportsbook could launch their mobile sportsbooks now. However, SWARC is preventing any electron sportsbooks until the small business operators are ready to go. According to SWARC, they are concerned about small operators not understanding the sports betting industry.

To combat that problem, SWARC is hosting an informational meeting today. Prospective sports betting operators can attend the meeting to learn how Maryland sportsbooks will work. Topics such as industry regulations and operating costs are at the top of the list. SWARC will also review the licensing process for small businesses at the meeting.

SWARC will also be advising small businesses on how they can improve their sports betting license applications. Better applicants are more likely to be approved for licenses. Once the small business operators are up to speed, SWARC will hopefully allow online sports betting to launch. SWARC is also tasked with ensuring all sportsbook operators meet Maryland’s minority stipulations.

Delays Could Cause Big Issues in the Fall

Mobile sports betting was legalized over a year ago in Maryland. However, SWARC is delaying the launch of online sports betting until both large and small operators are ready to go. Operators have already missed out on a full season of online NFL wagering.

The NFL is the most popular sport in the US. Maryland currently has stadiums for two NFL teams, the Baltimore Ravens and Washington Commanders. When mobile sports betting launches, it should greatly increase the betting handle in Maryland. Other states, such as New York, have seen huge booms following the launch of online sports betting.

SWARC’s delay of the mobile sportsbooks could continue into the NFL regular season. If that happens, sportsbooks could miss out on crucial NFL betting revenue. Some estimates have the start of mobile betting six months or more away. That would mean missing out on almost another full season of NFL betting revenue.  The delays also make it more difficult for Maryland residents to place wagers.


Maryland legalized sports betting in the fall of 2020. Unfortunately, only retail sportsbooks have been able to start operating in the Old Line State. Electronic sportsbooks are legal, but they have not been allowed to start operations as of yet. The longer the delays last, the more sports betting revenue operators, and the state, misses out on.

SWARC has been placed in charge of managing Maryland’s sports betting licenses. The regulator is waiting to launch mobile betting until smaller operators are prepared to compete with retail sportsbooks. To speed up the process, SWARC is hosting an informational seminar today to educate small business owners about sports betting.

January Was a Great Month for Maryland’s Popular Casinos

MGM National Harbor Green Arrow Increase

The first month of 2022 has just come to an end and states are already beginning to release their gambling revenue reports. That includes Maryland, home to some of the most popular casinos on the East Coast. New reports surfaced this week showing that Maryland’s popular casinos saw impressive revenue gains over the month.

Lawmakers in Maryland have succeeded in expanding the state’s gambling industry over the last few years. Now is a great time to look at how the casinos here fared in January.

Let’s get into it!

Maryland’s Popular Casinos Thrived Last January

Maryland is still not thought of as one of the country’s major gambling destinations. It could eventually develop that reputation, however, as a huge number of great gaming options are now available here. That includes both casinos and sportsbooks.

Some of the country’s biggest casino companies own gambling venues in this state. Throughout 2021, these properties succeeded, helping to bring Maryland a huge amount of tax revenue. The first month of 2022 has just wrapped up and new reports have already surfaced showing how much the casinos here managed to earn.

Total casino revenue in the state came out to $154.8 million over the month. Some of Maryland’s popular casinos fared better than others. That includes MGM National Harbor, which saw the most revenue earned during the month at $67.1 million in GGR, representing a 32.8% increase when compared to January of 2021.

Live! Casino & Hotel also posted impressive revenue figures in January. This casino brought in $54.6 million last month, up more than 17% from one year ago. The other casinos in this state experienced mixed results.

Maryland’s regulated sports betting industry formally went live late last year. Unfortunately, residents here will need to wait a little longer to bet on their favorite sports online.

A Launch Date for Mobile Sportsbooks in Maryland Remains Unknown

Maryland is home to just over six million people. A massive percentage of these residents consider themselves hardcore sports fans. State lawmakers recognized this fact and finally gave the green light for retail sportsbooks to launch in the state late last year.

Many residents have been disappointed to see that online sportsbooks have yet to go live in the state. The state’s gaming commission continues working on a set of rules to monitor these mobile platforms. Those hoping to see online sportsbooks launch prior to Super Bowl LVI on February 13 are out of luck.

Five land-based sportsbooks are now up and running in Maryland. It may be months before any mobile sportsbooks launch here. Maryland’s ​​Sports Wagering Application Review Commission is still in the process of setting specific regulations for this industry. Many are hopeful that these online sports betting platforms launch before the start of the 2022 MLB season.

Those in Maryland looking to bet on Super Bowl LVI will need to do so through one of the retail sportsbooks currently up and running. These can be found inside many of Maryland’s popular casinos and several more are set to begin operating over the next couple of months.

Maryland is far from the only state in the northeastern United States to recently expand its gambling industry. Below is a quick look at some of the other states that have recently begun allowing new forms of gambling.

Northeastern State Prepare for a Surge of Sports Betting Revenue

Only a few days remain until the 2022 Super Bowl takes place. Analysts are predicting that millions of Americans will choose to bet on the outcome of this exciting matchup. That is great news for the states with legal, regulated sports betting options available.

New Jersey has been home to the largest sports betting market in the country for years. Many retail and online sportsbooks are already seeing a huge number of wagers on Super Bowl LVI flowing in. This state’s sports betting industry is beginning to face an increase in competition, though.

That is coming primarily from New York. State leaders in this state gave final approval for online sportsbooks to launch in early January. In just their first few weeks of operating, the mobile sportsbooks here took in more than $1 billion total bets.

Sportsbooks inside Maryland’s popular casinos will experience a wave of bets on the NFL championship game this weekend. The betting platforms in Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, and Delaware will, as well.

Maryland’s gambling industry continues to thrive. How do you think these casinos will fare throughout the rest of 2022? Let us know in the comments section below!

Maryland’s Casino Industry Thrived Over December

Maryland Casino Gambling Slot Background

Maryland is home to one of the fastest-growing gambling industries in the United States. The casinos here have seen impressive revenue gains throughout all of 2021. New reports show that Maryland’s casino industry thrived over the month of December.

This caps off an incredible year for this state’s casinos. Today, we’ll talk about how the casinos and other gambling operators here might fare throughout 2022.

Let’s get into it.

December Proved Successful for Maryland’s Casino Industry

The new year has arrived. Gambling analysts around the country are now looking back at how various casino industries fared over the last month of 2021. Some states are reporting far better casino revenue figures than others in December.

Maryland’s casino industry managed to thrive last month. Reports have confirmed that the various casinos here brought in a combined $172.9 million in gross gaming revenue. That represents the second-best month in history for the casinos here.

MGM National Harbor saw the largest year-on-year increase. The casino here managed to bring in an incredible $74.5 million in GGR. That is 53.5% higher than what this venue earned in December of 2020. Live! Casino & Hotel also saw impressive gains, with $62.4 million in GGR.

Maryland Lottery and Gaming Director John Martin spoke about what led to these revenue gains to the media this week.

“The combination of the holiday season and the launch of sports wagering at five of the casinos during December led to great results,” Martin said. 

The casinos in Maryland are clearly thriving right now. It hasn’t been long since sportsbooks began operating in this state. Here’s a quick look at how the state’s sports betting industry might fare over 2022.

Maryland’s Sportsbooks Are Already Generating Major Revenue

The entire Northeastern US is turning into one of the hottest gambling hubs in the United States. Nearly every state in this area has numerous successful gambling options up and running. That includes Maryland, which recently launched its first sportsbooks.

As of now, only land-based sportsbooks are up and running here. These are all located inside licensed casinos, including the ones listed above. As the weeks go on, more residents are calling on lawmakers to allow for the launch of online sportsbooks.

This is expected to happen in 2022. Members of the Maryland Gaming Commission have been working to finalize a set of laws to get online sportsbooks up and running. All signs point to the launch of online sportsbooks in Maryland taking place in the third quarter of the year.

Sports betting revenue will likely continue to increase as the months go on. More sportsbooks are opening in this state and internet sportsbooks appear to be on the horizon. The casinos are thriving too and revenue from this industry will likely surge over the next twelve months.

Competition in the Northeast gambling industry is ramping up constantly. Let’s take a quick look at what states’ gaming industries are expected to thrive this year.

Competition in the US Gambling Industry Continues to Ramp Up

Many analysts were surprised to see how quickly the US gambling industry managed to bounce back in 2021. The year prior to that, this industry appeared to be on the brink of collapse. Things can change fast and many states are now ramping up their gaming industries in hopes of generating major revenue surges.

New York is one state working hard to bring in more gambling revenue. This state is set to launch its first online sportsbooks this weekend. New casinos are expected to open here soon, too, and certain lawmakers are supporting the move to open a casino in New York City.

Massachusetts is home to three casinos. Each one helps to bring the state a huge amount of tax revenue each month. All signs point to sports gambling becoming legal in Massachusetts before the end of 2022.

Other states such as Connecticut and Rhode Island are allowing new forms of gambling, too. Competition in the US gambling industry has never been higher. We’ll be sure to report on the revenue figures earned in these various states as the months go on.

Are you surprised to see how well Maryland’s casino industry did in December? How will this state’s gaming industry fare in 2022? Let us know in the comments section below.

Maryland’s Sports Betting Industry is Growing, Fast

Hollywood Casino Sportsbook Background Betting

Maryland is one of the many states to legalize and regulate sports betting in 2021. It seems that officials in the state are working hard to expand this form of gambling. New reports reveal that Maryland’s sports betting industry is already growing very quickly.

Many sportsbooks are already up and running here. More are set to launch in the coming months.

Here’s what you need to know!

Maryland’s Sports Betting Industry Continues to Expand

Sports betting has been growing more popular throughout the United States since the US Supreme Court decided to remove PASPA in 2018. A huge number of states have legal sportsbooks up and running. Lawmakers in Maryland decided to legalize sports betting in November of 2020 and the first sportsbooks have recently begun to go live here.

Many are now taking note of how quickly Maryland’s sports betting industry is growing. Many new sportsbooks have recently begun to operate. More casinos are just starting to receive permission to launch sportsbooks, too.

The Hollywood Casino in Perryville is the latest gambling venue in the state to launch sports betting. This casino sits just a few miles from the border with Delaware. It launched its first sportsbook after a two-day trial run overseen by officials within the Maryland Lottery.

Many are astounded to see how quickly Maryland’s sports betting industry is growing. This is now the fifth sportsbook to launch in the state. Sports betting revenue is expected to surpass $100 million annually. The sportsbooks here are taxed at 15%.

It’s an exciting time for sports fans in Maryland. 2022 is expected to be a big year for this state’s sports betting industry. Many other states are expected to launch their sportsbooks in the next few months.

More States Prepare to Launch Sportsbooks in 2022

Sports betting has never been more popular than it is right now. States around the country are earning a huge amount of tax revenue every month from their regulated sportsbooks. It now appears that several states are preparing to launch their first sportsbooks next year.

It now seems almost guaranteed that California will choose to legalize sports gambling next year. State officials have been negotiating with tribal groups in the state to launch sportsbooks. Expect to see a vote to legalize sports betting appearing on the ballots next November.

Some of the most anti-gambling states in the country are now showing interest in legalizing sports betting. That includes Texas and Georgia. Both states are against casino gambling, yet are beginning to take notice of the benefits of legal sportsbooks.

2022 is shaping up to be a massive year for the sports betting industry. Many states with sportsbooks already up and running are looking to expand their betting industries. That includes New York, which appears set to launch its first online sportsbooks in the next few months.

The US casino industry is expanding rapidly right now, too. Let’s take a quick look at some of the new casinos opening their doors next year.

New Casinos are Set to Open Their Doors Next Year

Sports betting is not the only form of gambling to gain major popularity over the past few years. Casino gambling exploded in popularity over 2021. Many states set new monthly casino revenue records this year and analysts expect this trend to continue in 2022.

Several exciting new casinos are expected to open their doors next year. That includes several in Las Vegas. Station Casinos has been working hard to expand in Las Vegas lately and hope is that it is able to open some of its properties currently under construction here before the end of next year.

Illinois approved a Capital Plan in 2019 allowing for six new casinos to open in the state, including one in Chicago. None have yet opened their doors. Many are hopeful to see at least one begin operating in 2022.

Several more states are looking to open new casinos next year. That includes Pennsylvania and New York. If all goes according to plan, 2022 will be the best year in history for the land-based casino industry.

Are you excited to see Maryland’s sports betting industry grow? Will sports betting bring in major revenue earnings here? Let us know in the comments section below.

Casino Revenue in Maryland Surged this November

Maryland State Seal With Casino Gambling Chips

November is proving to be one of the most successful months so far this year for the US gambling industry. States around the country are reporting impressive revenue figures over the month. New reports have just surfaced claiming that casino revenue in Maryland surged last November, as well.

This is very exciting news for the gaming operators in the state. It’s also great news for state leaders looking for valuable tax revenue.

Here’s what led to this latest revenue surge.

Reports on Casino Revenue in Maryland Have Just Surfaced

Throughout 2021, gambling revenue has been steadily rising around the country. That includes both casino and sports betting revenue. These impressive gains are continuing into 2022, with more states reporting earnings leading into the New Year.

New reports on casino revenue in Maryland have just surfaced for the month of November. Once again, this state’s gambling properties managed to bring in a huge amount of money. In fact, November proved to be significantly higher than it was one year ago.

Maryland’s casino revenue in November came to $160.4 million. That represents a 23% increase when compared to November of 2020. Certain casinos in the state proved to be much more successful than others.

MGM National Harbor was the most successful casino in the state. This property brought in $57.9 million, up 22% from November of 2020. Live! Casino & Hotel brought in $58.2 million in November. These proved to be the two biggest earners over the month.

It’s clear that Maryland’s gambling industry is a successful one. All signs point to more impressive revenue figures flowing in next year. Stay tuned for updates as the months go on.

Maryland’s Sports Betting Industry Continues to Grow

The casino industry in Maryland continues to find success. There are more gambling options than just the casinos here, though. Voters in Maryland approved a measure to legalize sports betting in November of last year and officials have been working to get sportsbooks up and running in the state ever since.

Last month, five casinos in the state were given sports betting licenses. Several more casinos were given sports betting licenses this month. The current goal is for sports betting to formally go live in the state this January.

The laws approved in Maryland allow for both land-based and online sports betting to become available in Maryland. It seems likely that land-based sportsbooks will launch here first. State regulators are still coming up with a framework to license online sports betting operators.

It seems likely that Maryland’s online sportsbooks will go live within the first quarter of 2022. Most analysts agree this will be the major revenue generator for the state. State leaders recognize this fact and are working to get online betting platforms operating in the state as quickly as possible.

The Northeastern US gambling industry continues to grow. Casino revenue in Maryland is up and is likely to remain that way leading for months to come. We’ll be sure to offer updates as more revenue reports surface here in the future.

More States Report Gambling Revenue Increases Over November

Maryland is not the only state to experience impressive revenue increases this past November. Nearly every state with a casino industry set in place brought in impressive amounts of gaming revenue. Reports on these other states’ gaming industries are slowly coming out.

November is proving to be a fantastic year for the US gambling industry. States around the country are now reporting impressive revenue figures over the month. That includes revenue from casinos and sportsbooks.

Connecticut is one state to see large surges of gambling revenue flowing in. This state managed to bring in $2 million in gaming revenue over the month. The majority of revenue came in from the state’s two casinos, Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun.

Nevada continues to report massive revenue figures leading into 2022. The casinos in Las Vegas have already broken all-time revenue records this year. It seems likely that 2022 will end up being an even more successful year for these properties.

Are you surprised to see where casino revenue in Maryland stands? Will December prove to be another successful month for the casino industry here? Let us know in the comments section below.

Maryland’s Casino Sportsbooks are Expected to Go Live in January

Maryland State Seal And Flag With Sports Betting

It’s been a year since voters in Maryland approved a measure to legalize sports betting. To the disappointment of many residents, no land-based sportsbooks have been launched yet. New reports have just surfaced that indicate Maryland’s casino sportsbooks will go live early next year.

Maryland is hoping to have a sports betting industry that competes with others in the Northeastern US. Getting retail sportsbooks launched is one of the first steps necessary to do so.

Here’s what you need to know about this situation.

Here’s When Maryland’s Casino Sportsbooks Could Finally Go Live

Maryland is known for its large, passionate sports fan base. Back in November of 2020, voters in this state unanimously approved a measure to allow both land-based and online sports betting. Since that time, various state government bodies have been working to come up with rules to monitor this industry.

This process has taken much longer than some predicted. Fortunately, the ​​Sports Wagering Application Review Commission just formally granted five casinos approval to launch retail sportsbooks. The casinos to receive these approvals are the Horseshoe Casino in Baltimore, Live! Casino & Hotel in Hanover, Hollywood Casino in Perryville, MGM National, Harbor in Oxon Hill, and Ocean Downs Casino in Berlin.

Each of these casinos will now need to demonstrate to the gaming commission how they plan to launch their sportsbooks. This is expected to take at least a month. Based on the way things are moving, Maryland’s casino sportsbooks will go live at the start of 2022.

This is great news for sports fans across the state. It won’t be long before sportsbooks are up and running, offering odds on various sporting events taking place around the world. Lawmakers also seem excited to see tax revenue flowing in from these regulated sportsbooks.

Many are now looking ahead to the launch of online sportsbooks in the state. Here’s a quick update on when these internet platforms could go live.

Online Sportsbooks Should Go Live in Maryland in 2022’s Q2

For months, the gaming commission in Maryland has seemed focused on getting retail sportsbooks operational. Not quite as much attention has been placed on the launch of online betting platforms in the state. Residents continue pushing for updates on when online sportsbooks will finally go live.

The Maryland Lottery and Gaming Commission still needs to approve online sports betting licenses. Many of the top US sports betting operators are working to break into this market. Only a handful of betting companies will receive an online betting license here.

Expect this application process to be completed in the first quarter of 2022. That could pave the way for the first online sportsbooks in Maryland to launch in the year’s Q2. Most experts predict that these mobile betting options will be the real revenue generators for the state.

Analysts predict legal sports betting to bring Maryland $20 million annually. This money will help to fund various social projects. These revenue figures will likely increase as the years go on and more sports betting platforms become available.

Maryland’s casinos have found tremendous success throughout 2021. Here’s a quick look at how much these properties managed to bring in over the month of October.

Casino Revenue in Maryland Takes a Slight Dip in October

Maryland is home to many popular casinos. Back in 2020, these properties struggled to bring in almost any revenue. All were shut down for months last year and reported very low earnings even after reopening to the public.

Reports have just surfaced showing how much revenue the state’s brought in during October. Some were surprised to see a slight revenue dip of 6.3% when compared to September. The total GGR brought in by Maryland’s casinos came out to $154,978,898 over the month.

Casino revenue is still up considerably when compared to October of 2020. This year’s October revenue is up 8.6% from the same month last year. It’s an impressive statistic and shows how far the casino industry has come over the past year.

Various other states around the country reported year-on-year revenue growth in October, too. The US casino industry appears to be faring well heading into the holidays. Many analysts are even expecting to see a surge of tourists heading to major casino hubs like Las Vegas for Thanksgiving.

Are you excited to see Maryland’s casino sportsbooks go live? When do you expect the first online sportsbooks to launch here? Let us know in the comments section below!

Five Casinos in Maryland Receive Sportsbook Licenses

Maryland State Seal With Casinos Background

The push to get land-based sportsbooks in Maryland continues. This week, five casinos in Maryland were officially given sportsbook licenses. It’s one of the final steps necessary for retail sports betting options to finally go live in the state.

Lawmakers here are determined to get this state’s sports betting industry up and running. It appears this is closer to reality now than ever before. Now is a great time to talk about what still needs to be done for land-based sportsbooks to go live here.

Let’s get into it!

Officials Grant Sportsbook Licenses to Five Casinos in Maryland

Maryland is home to a small, yet successful gambling industry. Six casinos are spread around the state. These properties are hugely popular with residents and help to bring the state a large amount of tax revenue every month.

Maryland’s voters approved a measure to legalize land-based and online sports betting back in November of 2020. Unfortunately, the state’s gaming commission has been slow to come up with specific rules to monitor this industry. Some real progress has been made in recent weeks, though.

Five casinos in Maryland have just been awarded sports betting licenses. The Sports Wagering Application Review Commission approved this move by a 5-2 margin. Maryland Live!, MGM National Harbor, Horseshoe Casino, Hollywood Casino, and Ocean Downs Casino have all gained one of these licenses.

The gaming commission now needs to independently review each of the plans to run these sportsbooks. Seth Elkin, Assistant Director of Communications for Public Affairs with Maryland Lottery and Gaming, revealed that this review process will take somewhere between 30 to 45 days. Land-based sportsbooks may launch in the state shortly afterward.

It’s an exciting time for Maryland’s gambling industry. Reports just surfaced that show how much casino revenue was brought in last month. Here’s a quick breakdown of these reports.

Maryland’s Casinos See Slight Month-On-Month Revenue Dip

Maryland has been slowly expanding its gambling industry over the past decade. 2021 has proven to be one of the best years in history for the state’s casinos. All have seen impressive revenue figures this year.

Reports on Maryland’s casino revenue over October have just surfaced. Some were surprised to see that casino revenue took a slight dip when compared to September. When compared to October of 2020, however, revenue increased by 8%.

Certain casinos fared better than others during October. Live! Casino and Hotel proved to be the most successful casino over the month. This property managed to bring in $60.8 million, representing an incredible 22.7% year-on-year increase.

MGM National Harbor, another popular casino in the state, brought in $55.9 million in October. That represents a decrease of 1.2% from October of last year. All of the other casinos here experienced slight revenue drops, too.

Gambling revenue in Maryland is expected to increase as the year goes on. That is particularly true now that five casinos in Maryland have just received sportsbook licenses. Stay tuned for more updates on this state’s gambling industry as the year goes on.

New Jersey’s Sports Betting Industry Smashed Records in October

The state of New Jersey is well-known for having the most successful sports betting industry in the country. Since launching in 2018, revenue from this industry has been consistently increasing. NJ’s Sports betting industry broke all-time records this past October.

More than $1.3 billion was wagered on sports over the month of October. That is a large increase from the previous record at just over $1 billion. The majority of sports bets in the state were placed on the NFL and MLB seasons.

Most analysts expect to see sports betting revenue increasing as the year goes on. November may prove to be the biggest month of the year for this industry. It remains to be seen if 2022 will be as successful of a year for the state’s sports gambling operations.

New York appears to be on the brink of legalizing online sports betting. This could end up taking away from much of New Jersey’s sports betting revenue. Stay tuned for more information on the launch of NY’s online sportsbooks as the months go on.

Five casinos in Maryland will soon launch sportsbooks. Do you think these sportsbooks will be successful? Let us know in the comment section below.

More Casinos in Maryland Receive Permission to Launch Sportsbooks

Maryland Lottery And Gaming Sports Betting Background

Maryland is one of the latest states to formally legalize sports betting. Several land-based sportsbook licenses have already been awarded in the state. New reports have just surfaced claiming two more casinos in Maryland have just received permission to launch their own sportsbooks in the near future.

Sports fans here have been excited to see more betting options become available. Some major changes are set to take place within Maryland’s gambling industry over the next few years.

Here’s a look at which casinos will soon allow sports betting.

Two Casinos in Maryland Gain Permission to Offer Sports Betting

The US sports betting industry continues to expand rapidly. Maryland formally legalized sports betting earlier this year. Several delays have come up getting the state’s various sports gambling options up and running.

This week, news broke that two popular casinos gained permission to formally launch their own sportsbooks. Those casinos are the Ocean Downs Casino and Hollywood Casino. Both have large fan bases and have been working to receive a sportsbook license for months.

MGM National Harbor, Live! Casino & Hotel and Baltimore’s Horseshoe casino also have licenses to operate sportsbooks. Unfortunately, none of the state’s sportsbooks have gone live yet. This is due to the Maryland Lottery and Gaming Control Commission’s inability to formally give the green light. Governor Larry Hogan spoke to the media about this situation earlier this week.

“No one is pushing harder than I am to get sports betting up and running here in the State of Maryland,” Hogan said. “Our administration has now cleared five licenses for sports betting, implementing the referendum approved by voters and the law passed by the General Assembly.”

Still, it’s exciting to see more casinos in the state gain sports betting licenses. Once final approval is given, the state will likely see a huge surge of taxable sports betting revenue flowing in. Stay tuned for updates!

Casino Revenue in Maryland Continues to Impress

Much of the Northeastern United States has been working to expand its gambling industry over the past couple of years. That includes Maryland, which is now home to six different casinos. Some of these properties are owned and operated by the most profitable casino companies in the United States.

States around the country have recently released their revenue reports over the month of September. That includes Maryland. Many have been surprised to see how much money the gambling venues in this state managed to bring in.

Total gross gaming revenue came out to $165 million over September. This represents an impressive 15.1% increase when compared to September of 2020. MGM National Harbor managed to bring in the most revenue at $69,496,983.

Live! Casino & Hotel, home to 3,747 slot machines and 190 table games, brought in the second-most money at $56,496,012. Horseshoe Casino came next with $17,532,299.25. Nearly all of the casinos in the state managed to earn more revenue in September than they did the month prior.

Maryland’s casino industry is proving to be successful and sports betting options will soon launch here. We’ll be sure to offer more updates on this state’s gambling industry as the year goes on.

Florida’s Sports Betting Industry Could Launch Next Month

Maryland is not the only state to legalize sports betting, yet delay launching any sportsbooks. Florida is in a very similar situation. Unlike Maryland, however, this state’s delay came from several lawsuits filed by pari-mutuel companies operating in the state.

Governor DeSantis finally agreed to a compact with the Seminole Tribe this year to launch sports betting in the state in August. Under this agreement, the Seminoles will have permission to launch online sports betting statewide. Two pari-mutuel operators claim this is unconstitutional and will give the tribe a full monopoly on sports betting in the state.

Not long ago, a federal judge threw away the lawsuit directed at the Seminole Tribe. This didn’t resolve everything, though. An additional lawsuit was filed against the Department of Interior that has further delayed the launch of sports betting here.

This second lawsuit is expected to be resolved in November. Assuming the DOI wins, online sports betting will go live in the state. This means Florida residents could have access to regulated sports gambling options statewide within just a few weeks.

Are you excited to hear that more casinos in Maryland have gained permission to launch sports betting? When do you expect the first sportsbooks to go live here? Let us know in the comments section below.

Maryland’s Casino Revenue Takes a Slight Dip in August

Maryland Casino Revenue

Maryland is home to just over six million people. Interestingly, this small state in the Northeastern United States is developing quite the gambling industry. New reports have just surfaced showing that Maryland’s casino revenue took a slight dip this past August.

This is certainly no cause for concern. In fact, Maryland’s casino revenue is still performing great. Today, we’ll talk about how much money the casinos here managed to bring in last month.

Let’s get into it!

Reports Show a Drop in Maryland’s Casino Revenue This August

The casino industry in Maryland is only about a decade old. The first true Class III gambling venue here opened its doors in January of 2011. Since that time, five more casinos have opened here, all of which attract gambling fans on a regular basis.

Maryland’s casino revenue has broken records several times this year. The months of March, May, and July were particularly successful months for this industry. It seems that August was not quite as lucrative for the casino companies operating here.

Total gross gaming revenue in the state came out to $168.5 million. This represents a slight drop from the $180 million brought in last July. It is an impressive 12% increase in revenue when compared to August of 2020, though.

MGM National Harbor, which opened its doors in December of 2016, had the best month by bringing in more than $67 million. Live! Casino & Hotel came next at $59.5 million. Rocky Gap Casino performed the worst by bringing in just $5.9 million in total GGR.

Maryland will never be home to a casino industry that competes with the ones in Nevada and New Jersey. The casinos here still continue to perform well. Stay tuned for more revenue report updates as the year goes on.

Lottery Commission Delays the Launch of Maryland’s First Sportsbooks

Maryland is known for its large, passionate sporting fan base. Residents have been calling for sports betting to become legal in the state since PASPA was removed in 2018. In November of 2020, lawmakers here officially approved a set of bills to allow land-based and online sports gambling.

Since that time, regulators have been working to come up with a set of rules for this new form of gambling. Much of this has fallen into the hands of the Maryland Lottery Commission. This regulatory body has just announced that the launch of Maryland’s first sportsbooks is being delayed.

The original goal was to have these sports betting operations up and running by the opening game of the 2021/2022 NFL season. Unfortunately, the Lottery Commission has not agreed on several rules for this industry. That includes coming to agreements on how many sports betting licenses will be handed out.

Officials here remain determined to launch sports betting options as soon as possible. It’s reasonable to assume that sportsbooks will become available here at some point in the next few weeks.

Maryland is far from the only state set to expand its gambling industry this year. Here’s a quick look at some of the other areas of the country about to allow more forms of gambling.

More States are Set to Expand Their Gaming Options

The United States is home to the largest gambling industry in the world. Many states are now home to successful casino and sports betting industries. As the years go on, more areas of the country are working to add more regulated gaming options in hopes of bringing in tax revenue.

Washington is one of those areas. This state is already home to a huge number of casinos owned and operated by Native American Tribes. This week, the first regulated sports betting options will finally go live here in time for the opening game of the NFL season.

Arizona is another state set to begin offering sports betting this week. Lawmakers have needed to come to several key agreements with tribal groups in the state. Both land-based and online sportsbooks will soon go live here.

States including Florida, Connecticut, and Louisiana are working hard to get their first sportsbooks operational, too. All are likely to do so within six months. It will be interesting to see which of these states see the largest increase in gaming revenue, as a result.

Are you surprised to see Maryland’s casino revenue reports for the month of August? How do you think the casinos here will fare over September? Let us know in the comments section below.

Baltimore’s Casino Industry is Growing Quickly Right Now

Baltimore Maryland

The US casino industry continues to see major improvements as the months go on. Even some of the smaller gaming hubs around the country are experiencing a major comeback. According to new reports, Baltimore’s casino industry is seeing a particularly large surge of revenue right now.

The casino companies here have to be pleased with this development. Now is the perfect time to break down exactly how much money the gaming industry is earning. We’ll also take a look at the casino revenue figures in other parts of the country.

Let’s get into it!

Most Casino Companies Remove Major Restrictions

There are a huge number of major casino companies operating across the United States. Throughout 2020, these companies saw record-low revenue figures. It was the most difficult time in history for the entire US gaming industry.

It wasn’t until late spring and early summer that land-based casinos were given permission to reopen. When they finally did, these gaming properties were forced to abide by intense health regulations. That included very low capacity limits and requiring facial coverings by guests and employees.

As time went on, some of these regulations were lifted. Each state took its own approach, yet most began allowing casinos to increase their capacity. This significantly helped them to bring in more revenue.

Not long ago, the CDC announced that vaccinated individuals should no longer be required to wear masks in public settings. Many of the country’s casino hubs took advantage of this news. Over in Las Vegas, nearly all of the major casino-resorts have removed their mask mandate.

More of the biggest casino destinations around the country are removing more of their restrictions. It won’t be long before Atlantic City is able to operate the way it did in 2019. Most analysts expect a truly special summer for the casino industry.

Revenue from land-based casinos is already beginning to surge. We’re now beginning to hear more about Baltimore’s new surge of gaming revenue!

Here’s an Exciting Update on Baltimore’s Casino Industry

Maryland was a state that banned traditional casino gambling for many years. As the years went on, more individuals in this state began pushing for a change. These gambling proponents felt that a regulated casino industry could bring the state a huge amount of revenue each month.

Finally, in 2008, lawmakers approved a measure to allow commercial casinos here. It was a big change for the state. It didn’t take long for major casino companies to express an interest in opening a major casino-resort here.

There are now six different casino-resorts in Maryland. It appears that 2021 is shaping up to be one of the most successful years in history for these casinos. Reports have surfaced that claim Baltimore’s casino industry is now the third-largest in the country.

The American Gaming Association claims that the greater Baltimore-Washington gaming market, including a casino in West Virginia, is now even larger than the gaming industry in the Chicago area. Nancy Myshko, vice president of human resources at Live Casino in Hanover, spoke about this situation to the media this week.

“The expansion movement is moving forward and Live is a big part of that,” Nancy said. “Our volume is significantly increasing, so we have a demand for sure. We have the availability of some positions. It’s a very competitive environment.”

Gambling revenue in Maryland will continue to surge as 2021 goes on. It may not be a shock to see new gambling properties open here in the next few years. Stay tuned for updates!

Las Vegas Continues Preparing for a Busy Summer

There’s no doubt that the US casino industry is expanding rapidly right now. Many of the smaller gambling hubs around the country are seeing impressive revenue increases right now. Of course, Las Vegas is still the biggest, most successful casino destination in the world right now.

Las Vegas has been seeing a steady increase of visitors lately. The state’s gaming commission has been reporting consistent increases in gaming revenue. Now, many of the casino companies here are preparing for a very busy summer.

This seems more likely than ever now that so many of the restrictions in the city have been lifted. Vaccinated individuals no longer need to wear masks. The vast majority of casino-resorts in the city are back at full capacity, too.

Many are excited to see how the opening of Resorts World Las Vegas affects tourism rates here. This venue cost an astounding $4.3 billion to construct. It will finally open its doors to the public for the first time on June 24.

The entire US gambling industry is expanding rapidly. The country’s bigger and smaller casino hubs are seeing revenue increases right now. Hopefully, this continues as the year goes on.

Are you surprised to hear how Baltimore’s casino industry is faring right now? How long do you think this will continue? Let us know in the comments section below.