LGCB Orders Peninsula Pacific Entertainment to Sell Casino License

Plans for a new casino in Louisiana have taken a step backward. Peninsula Pacific Entertainment (PPE) originally acquired a Louisiana casino license in 2016 and purchased the DiamondJacks Casino in Bossier City. Now, PPE has been ordered to sell its casino license due to not operating a casino in the Bayou State.

The order to sell came from the Louisiana Gaming Control Board (LGCB). LGCB reportedly has given PPE until April 18th to sell its license before they take it away. DiamondJacks Casino has been closed for almost two years, but the LGCB wants to locations reopened. To do so, the property needs to be brought up to code. Luckily for bettors, there are still plenty of online casino options in Louisiana.

Louisiana gaming regulators have been patient with PPE regarding its casino plans. However, the LGCB now feels it has an “obligation” to Bossier City to reopen the now vacant casino. PPE does not appear interested in renovating and reopening the casino. As a result, the LGCB will move forward with finding a new owner for the property.

PPE’s Original Plans for a Louisiana Casino

Peninsula Pacific Entertainment is based out of Virginia and planned to expand into Louisiana with the purchase of the DiamondJacks Casino. PPE also acquired a Louisiana casino license when they bought the Bossier City casino. However, PPE did not plan on keeping the casino in its current location.

PPE attempted to move the casino approximately 300 miles southeast to Slidell. Officials from PPE cited concerns of a crowded market at the current location as the reason for the move. Unfortunately for the gaming company, locals in Slidell voted to reject plans for the new casino.

With a relocation to Slidell off the board, PPE was left without a location to build a new casino. Officials from PPE had previously stated they would reopen the DiamondJacks Casino if relocation plans fell through. However, that no longer seems to be the case.

The current location has been closed since March 2020. PPE has allowed the property to fall into disrepair and lose its certification. Given the lack of progress, the LGCB has given PPE until April 18th to sell the license. If they do not find a buyer by the deadline, PPE will lose its license without any compensation.

Why is the LGCB is Forcing PPE to Sell its Casino License?

Louisiana gaming regulators‘ decision to force PPE to sell its license was years in the making. With the relocation plans falling through, the LGCB wants the original DiamondJacks Casino location reopened. After being closed for nearly two years, the cost of reopening the vacant casino will be in the millions of dollars.

Since it closed, most of the casino furnishings and equipment have been removed. Replacing the casino games is just one of the many issues preventing DiamondJacks Casino from reopening. The property is also out of compliance and needs to pass code inspection. To get up to code, the plumping and air conditioning systems both need to be updated.

The vacant building has also become the target of vandals since closing. In last year, local police have responded to more than 100 calls regarding the property. Once a new owner is in place, the LGCB is hoping to have the casino reopened in roughly two years.


Bettors hoping for a new casino in Louisiana will have to wait longer than expected. Peninsula Pacific Entertainment, which had planned to build a new casino in the Bayou State, is being forced to sell its casino license. The Louisiana Gaming Control board has given PPE until April 18th to find a buyer.

PPE was given a Louisiana casino license when it purchased the DiamondJacks Casino in 2016. The Virginia-based gaming company planned to move from Bossier City to Slidell. However, residents in St. Tammy Parish reject plans for a new casino. Now, PPE is refusing to reopen the current DiamondJacks location.

As a result, the LGCB has decided to force PPE to find a new gaming developer to take over its license. State regulators are hopeful that the location can be reopened in the next two years. To do so, the new licensees will need to address structural material issues to get the vacant casino up and running.

Paysafe Expands to Two More US States

Sportsbooks in two more US states can now manage their payments using Paysafe. The digital payment services company announced it will begin operating both Louisiana and Oregon. Paysafe was able to expand into the markets through partnerships with Caesars and DraftKings.

The expansion was good news for Paysafe’s shareholders. Stock prices increased when the news was announced. Paysafe is now partnered with sportsbooks in 20 US states and DC.

In Louisiana, Paysafe will work with both DraftKings and Caesars. The Bayou State recently legalized sports betting. Allowing legal sportsbooks opened the door for companies like Paysafe to operate in the state.

Paysafe will, at least for now, only be working with DraftKings in Oregon. The popular sports betting company is the official sportsbook of the Oregon Lottery. Now, bettors in Oregon can use Paysafe’s payment gateway to find their accounts.

What is Paysafe?

Paysafe is a UK-based technology company that assists service providers with processing online payments. The company was started in 1996 works with companies in all fields, including iGaming and government agencies.

In the US, Paysafe works with sportsbooks in 20 of the 30 states that allow sports betting. It allows works with sports betting operators in DC. The company provides sportsbooks with technology to help bettors manage their online funds.

Paysafe has longstanding agreements with several US sportsbooks. The company used existing relationships with Caesars and DraftKings to move into Oregon and Louisiana. Paysafe’s stock prices increased by 4% following the announcement.

Paysafe Expands to Louisiana

The Bayou State recently legalized sports betting last October. At the end of January, Louisiana also launched mobile sportsbooks. The growth of iGaming created a need for online payment expertise.

Caesars and DraftKings turned to Paysafe to address their need. Despite being on the smaller size, Louisiana’s mobile sports betting numbers are comparable to many larger states. According to data from GeoComply, Louisiana had the eighth-most mobile bets placed on NFL Championship Weekend.

Projects suggest that Creole State could do big business for Paysafe in the future as well. According to the American Gaming Association (AGA), Louisiana is projected to produce a betting handle of $5.1 billion annually when it reaches maturity.

DraftKings’ Partnership Brings Paysafe to Oregon

Paysafe will also be bringing their technology to Oregon. Once again, the company used its existing partnership with DraftKings to move into the Pacific Northwest. Oregon’s sports betting market will not likely be as fruitful as Louisiana’s, but it still offers opportunities for Paysafe.

DraftKings was named the exclusive sportsbook of the Oregon Lottery in January. The sportsbook used its established relationships to help bring Paysafe to Oregon. Bettors in Oregon can now use Paysafe’s payment gateway to fund their DraftKings accounts.

The addition of Oregon means that Paysafe works in nearly 75% of US states with legal sports betting. Outside of the US, Paysafe is one of the leading payment processors in both Canada in Europe. In Canada, Paysafe works with the majority of the country’s top regulated gaming and iLottery brands


Popular fintech company Paysafe continues its US growth by moving into Louisiana and Oregon. The online payment company will be working with DraftKings in Oregon and Louisiana. Paysafe will be working with Caesars in Louisiana as well.

Operating in Oregon will allow Paysafe to expand its presence in the US. It will also allow Paysafe to work with the exclusive sportsbook of the Oregon Lottery. Down south, Louisiana will allow Paysafe access to one of the newest US sports betting markets. Louisiana is expected to produce a betting handle north of $5 billion annually from its sportsbooks.

The growth of Paysafe was good news for stockholders. When the new news was announced, Paysafe stocks rose by nearly 5%. The company now operates in 20 states and DC. As more states continue to legalize online and mobile sports betting, Paysafe stock will likely continue to increase in value.

Mobile Sports Betting Launching Friday in Louisiana

The long wait for mobile sports betting will soon be over for Louisiana residents. Ronnie Johns, the Chairman of the Louisiana Gaming Control Board (LGCB), announced that mobile sports betting will be launching tomorrow at 8 A.M. The Bayou State wanted to get online and mobile betting options up and running in time for the Super Bowl next month.

Louisiana started retail sports betting last October. The practice is legal in 55 of 64 parishes in the state. Since then, a total of 14 sportsbooks have started operating in Louisiana. Legalizing mobile and online betting options were delayed by licensing and regulatory issues. Hurricane Ida in the fall also slowed progress. Soon, bettors across Louisiana will be able to get even more out of the best online Louisiana betting sites.

With the worst hopefully behind them, sportsbooks are preparing to launch tomorrow. WynnBet started collecting deposits and pre-registering bettors on Tuesday. The NFL conference championship games on Sunday should provide sportsbooks with a chance for a successful launch. It can also be viewed as a practice run for the Super Bowl in a couple of weeks.

The timing of the launch could not be better for Louisiana sports fans. Not only will it allow betting on the Super Bowl, but fans in the Creole State needed some good news. Zion Williamson has not played in the NBA this season. The Saints appear primed for a rebuild in the wake of Sean Payton’s retirement. LSU’s 2020 National Championship campaign seems like a distant memory. The addition of mobile sports betting will hopefully reignite fanbases throughout Louisiana.

Launch Before the Super Bowl was Always the Goal

LGCB Chairman Ronnie Johns has said before that the goal was always to have mobile sports betting up and running before Super Bowl Sunday. The Super Bowl is one of the most bet on events of the year. Louisiana is also home to several major sporting events each year that bettors can now more readily take advantage of.

The sportsbooks in the Bayou State are preparing for a big launch. WynnBet started allowing pre-registration and deposits earlier this week. Despite the early start, WynnBet is not one of the six sportsbooks that have confirmed a Friday launch. So far, the sportsbooks that have confirmed their plans to launch tomorrow include BetMGM, FanDuel, Caesars, DraftKings, Barstool Sportsbook, and BetRivers.

WynnBet could still launch before the Super Bowl. Other operators, including Golden Nugget and BetFred, are also expected to launch mobile options in the coming weeks. In total, Louisiana will allow up to 41 total online sports betting operations. Louisiana has also largely been pro-gambling and has low barriers for sportsbooks to meet to be licensed.

New York also launched mobile sports betting this month. Mobile and online betting took off in recent weeks with fans eager to bet on the NFL playoffs. Officials in Louisiana cannot hope for quite as successful of a launch. The NFL playoffs are nearly over and Louisiana only has roughly a quarter of New York’s population. Still, the addition of mobile and online sports betting options should help Louisiana sportsbooks find renewed success in 2022.

Sports Betting in Louisiana

Sports betting in Louisiana may have started later than other markets, but it is primed to take off. Voters legalized sports betting in 55 of the 64 parishes in Louisiana in November 2020. Since then, 14 retail sportsbooks have opened shop. Of those 14 sportsbooks, 13 are licensed by the state. The remaining sportsbook is operated by the Tunica-Biloxi Tribe of Louisiana at the Paragon Casino.

A large number of operators in such a short amount of time is not the only unique aspect of Louisiana sports betting. The LGCB allows for bets on in-state college sports. Many other states, such as Illinois and New York, do not allow for wagers on in-state college athletics. That means sports fans will be able to bet on SEC games and the March Madness Tournament.

Online and mobile betting will be slightly more costly for the sportsbooks themselves. Electronic bets will be taxed at 15% compared to the 10% for in-person betting. Still, the greater level of access for bettors should more than offset the higher taxes.

Residents in one of the nine parishes that do not allow sports betting can still join in on the action. They will still be allowed to create accounts, as well as deposit and withdraw funds. However, in order to place their bets they will have to travel across parish lines. Louisiana uses geolocation technology to ensure that bettors are complying with the legal requirements for betting.


Tomorrow will mark a historic day in the history of Louisiana sports betting. LGCB Chairman Ronnie Johns announced that mobile and online sports betting will be live tomorrow at 8 A.M. CT. The launch comes just in time for the NFL Conference Championship games. Johns has previously stated that the LGCB wanted to launch electronic betting options in time for the Super Bowl.

Louisiana’s first retail sportsbook launched in October, and legislators have been working to get online and mobile approved. Despite the slow start, the Bayou State is set up for what should be a successful launch. Sportsbooks will have just over two weeks to launch and promote their sites before the Super Bowl. Louisiana laws also allow for in-state college betting. Louisiana bettors can use online platforms to bet on their home teams in the March Madness tournament.

There are still some hurdles for sports betting operators to overcome. Sports betting is still illegal in nine of the 64 parishes throughout the state. Sportsbooks also have to pay a 5% higher tax rate on electronic bets. They have also missed out on the majority of the NFL playoff games. The NFL playoffs played a large part in the successful launch of mobile betting in New York.

Despite the hurdles, Louisiana is set up well for a successful start in mobile betting. The launch of both sports betting in the fall and online betting tomorrow has been years in the making. Six sportsbooks have already announced that they will be launching electron betting options tomorrow, with more expected in the coming weeks. Operators should have plenty of time to work out any kinks before the return of SEC and NFL action in the fall.

Louisiana’s Gambling Industry Ends 2021 on a High Note

Baton Rouge Green Uptick Casino Background

For many years, Louisiana’s lawmakers have been working to expand the state’s gambling industry. The past few years have been particularly exciting for gambling fans in the state. New reports indicate Louisiana’s gambling industry ended last year on a high note.

December was a solid month for most of the country’s gambling destinations. Now is a great time to talk about how much revenue the gaming operators in Louisiana managed to bring in last month.

Let’s get into it!

December Was a Great Month for Louisiana’s Gambling Industry

Gambling companies around the United States thrived throughout 2021. Casinos experienced huge surges in tourism and revenue. Many states chose to launch their first sportsbooks and new monthly handle records were set on several different occasions.

Louisiana has been home to popular casinos for many years. Voters across most of the state’s parishes approved a measure to legalize sports betting in November of 2020. The first land-based sportsbooks went live in the state toward the end of 2021.

Coinciding with the launch of these sportsbooks, Louisiana’s gambling industry saw impressive revenue gains in December. The casinos in Baton Rouge managed to bring in $24.2 million in total gross gaming revenue. That represents an impressive 3% increase when compared to November and a 41% increase compared to December of 2020.

The entire state’s casino industry brought in $164.1 million in gross gaming revenue. The L’Auberge Baton Rouge proved to be one of the most successful casinos in the state, bringing in $17.8 million in December. Hollywood Baton Rouge managed to generate $5 billion in GGR.

Louisiana’s casino industry was not the only one to find major success. Sports betting is now legal and regulated here and is beginning to generate major revenue. Here’s a look at how much money the state’s sportsbooks brought in last month.

The Sportsbooks in Louisiana are Quickly Finding Success

As we mentioned earlier, Louisiana legalized sports betting back in late 2020. Lawmakers and regulators then needed more than a year to come up with rules to monitor this form of gambling. It was not until November of last year that the first land-based sportsbooks officially went live.

These sportsbooks are already proving to be very popular. Over the month of December, bettors in the state wagered more than $39 million. Sportsbooks managed to keep about $4.4 million and $438,000 went to the state via taxes.

11 sportsbooks are now up and running in the state of Louisiana. These are all located inside popular casinos, including the aforementioned L’Auberge Casino in Baton Rouge. Online sports betting is expected to launch in the next few weeks and will likely help to massively increase the amount of revenue being earned from this industry.

The initial hope was to have these online sportsbooks live in time for the first week of the NFL playoffs. That was not the case and the goal is now the launch them prior to the 2022 Super Bowl. Most analysts expect this to be the most-bet-on sporting event in history.

Louisiana’s sports betting industry is clearly growing very quickly. It is still falling short when compared to some others in the Southern US. Here’s a look at what other states are earning more money from their sportsbooks.

Mississippi Remains the Southern US Gambling Hub

Louisiana’s casinos have long been overshadowed by the ones operating in Mississippi. The Southern United States is known as a largely anti-gambling region of the country. Mississippi pushes against that idea and allows both casino gambling and sports betting.

Last December, the sportsbooks in Mississippi saw $56.8 million in bets placed. Some will be surprised to hear that all of these wagers were placed at retail sportsbooks. This state does not allow online sports gambling, despite the major push to do so.

Louisiana’s online sports betting launch may have an impact on lawmakers in Mississippi. If Louisiana begins generating a massive amount of revenue, calls to make online sportsbooks legal in Mississippi will intensify. It’s also likely that Mississippi residents will simply make a quick trip across the border into Louisiana to make bets on their favorite teams and players online.

There is no doubt that Mississippi remains the Southern US gambling hub. Statewide, the casinos here brought in $2.7 billion in gross gaming revenue. Coastal casinos contributed the most to that revenue figure with $1.6 billion in GGR.

Are you surprised to see how quickly Louisiana’s gambling industry is growing? Will the sportsbooks in Louisiana soon begin generating more revenue than the ones in Mississippi? Let us know in the comments section below.

The St. Tammany Casino Plans Have Been Rejected

St Tammany Says No To Casino Bill

Louisiana’s gambling industry continues to grow! This week, voters decided against allowing the St. Tammany casino plans that have been discussed for years. It’s disappointing news for the gambling proponents here that felt a new casino would be a major source of revenue.

Today, we’ll talk about why these casino plans were shot down. We’ll also look at some of the ways that Louisiana’s gaming industry has grown over the years.

Let’s get into it!

Voters Officially Reject the St. Tammany Casino Plans

Louisiana is well-known for having one of the largest gambling industries in the Southern United States. A huge number of casinos are located within the state. In recent years, certain officials have been discussing the pros and cons of opening a new casino-resort in St. Tammany.

Residents in St. Tammany would need to approve any measure to allow a new casino. This week, a vote on this subject finally took place. Some were surprised to find that the St. Tammany casino plans have been rejected by a fairly large margin.

63% of voters decided against allowing a casino here. Anti-gambling groups argue it would lead to an increase in gambling addiction and other societal issues. Others feel another vote should take place and continue praising the benefits of a casino-resort.

The plans to open the $325 million casino here are no longer moving forward. That is likely difficult news for the companies that have already spent millions on advertising for this proposed casino. It will be interesting to see if any more attempts to open a casino here come up over the next couple of years.

Louisiana’s gambling industry has grown tremendously over the past decade. Let’s take a quick look at some of the new gambling options that have become available here recently.

Louisiana’s Gaming Industry Continues to Grow

The Southern United States is not typically thought of as a major gambling hub. In fact, several of the states in this region are known to have some of the strictest gambling laws in the nation. Louisiana is one of the few Southern States with a large and very successful gambling industry.

This state’s gambling industry continues to grow, as well. Many new gaming options have become available in this state over the past few years. These help to bring the state a massive amount of tax revenue every year.

A huge amount of attention is being placed on Louisiana’s sports betting industry. The first sportsbooks officially went live here just a couple of months ago. It is proving to be hugely successful and is bringing in major tax revenue for the state.

More casinos are expected to open their doors in this state soon. Voters have rejected the St. Tammany casino plans that were presented years ago. The creator of these plans may look to open a gambling venue in other parts of the state, as a result.

Louisiana is not the only state to benefit from its legal gambling options. Let’s take a quick look at how some of the country’s other gambling hubs are faring heading into 2022.

US Gambling Revenue Has Already Broken All-Time Records

2020 was the most difficult year in history for the US gambling industry. Casinos around the country were forced to shut down for months. Land-based sportsbooks saw their revenue figures plummet.

Things have completely turned around in 2021. In fact, new reports have just surfaced claiming US gambling revenue has already broken all-time records this year. The American Gaming Association released a report showing which gaming hubs have been the most successful this year.

It should come as no surprise to hear that Las Vegas was the most successful casino hub this year. The casinos experienced a surge of tourism throughout the year. The summer months, in particular, were hugely successful for the city’s gambling industry.

Atlantic City has fared very well this year, too. The casinos here saw very impressive revenue figures all year. New Jersey’s hugely successful sports betting industry has also been a major source of revenue. Stay tuned for more updates on US gambling revenue as the year goes on.

Are you surprised to hear that the St. Tammany casino plans have been rejected? Let us know in the comments section below!

The Rez Sportsbook at Coushatta Opens in Louisiana

There is a new player in the Louisiana sports betting market. Earlier this week, the first bets were officially accepted by the Rez Sportsbook at the Coushatta Casino Resort. Coushatta Chairman Jonathon Cernek used a tomahawk to cut the opening ribbon on December 1st. Super Bowl Champions Rickey Jackson, Owen Daniels, and Drew Pearson were in attendance for the event and placed some of the first bets after the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

The former NFL players placed wagers in the name of their favorite charities. Afterward, they stayed to sign autographs for fans that attended the grand opening event. The Rez becomes the third legal sportsbook operating in southwest Louisiana.

Sports Betting at the Coushatta Casino Resort

Bettors at the Coushatta Casino Resort will have a chance at winning real money betting on all major professional and collegiate sports at the Rez. Bets are accepted between 9 a.m. and 9:30 p.m. Players can access place bets at the staffed cage windows, or any one of the 18 self-service kiosks located onsite. Guests can also enjoy a variety of cocktails and traditional bar foods from The Rez’s Cajun-inspired menu.

Louisiana currently does not allow online sports betting, but architects of the sportsbooks have gone out of their way to make sure bettors will feel right at home. The Rez is located near the southern entrance to the casino and replaces the former Gumbeaux’s Oyster & Sports Bar. Guests can watch their bets play out on any of the 40 TVs throughout The Rez.

Louisiana’s Sports Betting History

Louisiana’s first legal commercial and retail sportsbooks opened in October of this year. Since then, the number of legal sportsbooks has grown to nearly 10, with more applications still pending. The potential for online and mobile sports betting options offers an even greater platform for the industry to grow in the future.

Sports betting was approved by voters in 55 of 64 parishes throughout the state last November. Since then, state legislators worked hard to put the proper regulations in place. In June of this year, Governor John Bel Edwards signed the sports betting bills into law. The current legislation allows for casinos, racinos, and the state lottery to operate sports betting kiosks. However, providers will need to wait for mobile licenses to become available.

The next challenge for Louisiana lawmakers is getting online sports betting up and running. Ronnie Jones, chairman of the Louisiana Gaming Control Board, has stated that the plan is to have online sportsbooks launched by the end of the year.


Louisiana has quickly and efficiently started to build its sports betting industry. In the past year, lawmakers have worked tirelessly to put legislation in place to clear the way for the state’s first legal sportsbooks. On Wednesday, The Rez Sportsbook at Coushatta Casino Resort became the latest bookmaker to begin operations in the state.

Guests at the Coushatta Casino Resort can now indulge in sports betting by wagering on all major college and professional sports. In addition to placing bets at the staffed caged windows, players can also use any of the 18 self-service kiosks at the venue. The 40 TVs located throughout The Rez offer bettors the ability to watch sporting events live after betting on them.

The construction of Louisiana’s sports betting industry is far from complete. There are several more casinos waiting for the applications to be approved. Officials are also hoping to launch online sports betting by the end of the year. Future plans also look to allow sports betting kiosks in bars and restaurants throughout the state.

A Vote on the Slidell Casino is Taking Place in December

Camellia Bay With Louisiana State Seal Gray Background

Louisiana is still home to one of the largest casino industries in the Southern United States. It seems this state’s casino industry is set to expand, too. New reports have just surfaced claiming that a vote on the proposed Slidell casino will be taking place next month.

Many are excited to see this property get approved. Some anti-gambling groups in the state are pushing against these plans, though. Now is a great time to talk about what needs to happen for this venue to open its doors.

Let’s get into it!

The Vote on the Slidell Casino is Taking Place on December 11

Louisiana’s history of gambling regulation goes back decades. For a time, this state had one of the largest casino industries in the country. Many popular casinos still remain here, most of which draw in tourism from nearby states with stricter gambling laws set in place.

A push to allow casino gambling in Louisiana’s St. Tammany Parish has been taking place for years. This area of the state is one that currently does not allow traditional forms of gambling. It appears this could soon change, though.

Several groups have been working to open a proposed $325 million casino in Sidell, located in St. Tammany Parish. In order for this to happen, residents in the parish would need to approve a referendum allowing casinos. The vote to allow the proposed Sidell casino has just been confirmed to take place on December 11.

The Louisiana Supreme Court needed to clear the way for this vote to take place. Several anti-gambling groups have been working hard to keep this possible referendum from ever reaching the ballots. They were unsuccessful and an official decision on allowing this property will be taking place next month.

Louisiana’s gambling industry continues to evolve at a rapid pace. Let’s take a quick look at some of the new sports betting options coming to this state.

More Sports Betting Options are Set to Launch in Louisiana Soon

The state of Louisiana is known for having one of the largest and most passionate sports fans in the United States. It’s here that popular sports teams such as the New Orleans Saints and the New Orleans Pelicans are located. Immediately after PASPA’s removal in 2018, residents here called for sports betting to be made legal.

Finally, in late 2020, a measure to legalize sports betting was approved. It took many months for any sportsbooks to formally launch here. In fact, the first regulated sportsbooks in Louisiana did not launch until only a few weeks ago. Eight casinos in the state now have regulated retail sportsbooks up and running.

Soon, the state’s first online sportsbooks will go live. The goal is for these mobile wagering platforms to finally go live in January. The measure approved by Governor Edwards allows for up to 41 online sportsbooks to launch in the state.

There is reason to believe that sports betting revenue will continue to surge in this state. Louisiana reported huge earnings from this industry in the first few weeks since launching. Online sports betting here will likely help to set new revenue records.

It will be interesting to see how the vote on the Slidell casino plays out. It seems likely that this property will be given permission to launch a sportsbook if it’s approved. Stay tuned for updates on the opening of this venue as the months go on.

More Southern States Look to Expand Their Gaming Industries

The Southern US is known as a largely anti-gambling region of the United States. Many of the states in this area have some of the strictest gambling laws in the country. Things appear to be changing, however, and many of the states here seem to be embracing gambling.

Louisiana and Mississippi are known as two of the most gambling-friendly states in the country. Both have legalized sports betting recently. They are also working to expand their casino industries, too.

Some feel that it’s only a matter of time before Texas legalizes sports betting. Several prominent politicians in the state now support the push to get regulated sportsbooks up and running. A group of major casino companies, including Las Vegas Sands, supports the legalization of casinos here.

Georgia may even choose to embrace sports betting soon. A growing number of politicians here are working hard to allow sports gambling in this state. In time, nearly every state in the country will likely have at least some form of legal sports betting set in place.

Are you excited to hear about the vote on the Sidell casino? Do you expect St. Tammany to legalize sports betting? Let us know in the comments section below.

Louisiana’s First Sportsbook Has Finally Gone Live!

State Of Louisiana Seal And Paragon Casino Sports Betting

Back in November of 2020, residents in Louisiana unanimously voted to legalize and regulate sports betting. Since that time, however, officials have been working to come up with specific regulations for this new form of gambling. This week, Louisiana’s first sportsbook finally went live.

Millions have been eagerly waiting for sports betting options to become available here. Many more sportsbooks are expected to launch in Louisiana in the coming months.

Here’s a quick look at what is now available here.

Paragon Casino Welcomes Louisiana’s First Sportsbook

Louisiana is home to a massive casino industry. Both tribal and commercial casinos have been able to operate here for many years. The owners of these gambling venues have been eagerly awaiting permission to launch a brand new sportsbook.

On Wednesday, Louisiana’s first sportsbook officially went live in the Paragon Casino. This property, located in Marksville, has a massive fan base throughout the state. It has officially welcomed “The Draft Room,” and is being run in partnership with Betfred Sports. Marshall Pierite, chairman of the tribe that owns Paragon Casino, recently spoke to the media about the launch of this sportsbook.

“As a native Louisianan and Chairman of the Tunica-Biloxi Tribe of Louisiana, I am thrilled to help usher in sports betting to our state,” Pierite said. 

Most of Lousiana’s other casinos are now preparing to launch their own sportsbooks. First, however, these properties need to gain permission from the Louisiana Lottery.

Paragon Casinos is currently only allowing land-based sports betting. Officials within the casino claim that mobile betting options will be launching in the near future. The Louisiana Lottery claims it will likely be January before online sports betting options go live in the state.

Other states continue working to launch their first sportsbooks. Here’s a look at the process some of these different states are going through.

More States Reveal Delay Launching Their First Sportsbooks

PASPA’s removal changed the US gambling industry forever. More than half the United States now has a legal sports betting industry set in place. Several states have approved sports betting bills, yet have not launched any regulated sportsbooks.

Florida is one of those states. Governor DeSantis approved a set of compacts earlier this year that would allow the Seminole Tribe to launch both land-based and online sports betting. Unfortunately, several companies have filed lawsuits against the state’s sports betting plans.

Several pari-mutuel companies are now arguing that allowing the Seminole Tribe to launch online sportsbooks goes against the state constitution. This legal dispute has been going on for months. Seminole leaders are hopeful that things are resolved within the next few weeks.

Nebraska residents approved a measure to legalize sports gambling late last year. This state has yet to narrow down the regulations for this form of gambling, though. It still seems possible for the first sportsbooks in Nebraska to launch before the end of 2021, though.

It may not be long before the entire country has a regulated sports betting industry set in place. Stay tuned for updates!

How is the Casino Industry in Louisiana Faring Right Now?

There are a huge number of popular gambling venues based in Louisiana right now. Some of these are riverboat casinos based off the coast. Several popular land-based casinos are also based here and help to bring the state a large amount of tax revenue each year.

The casinos here have faced some major issues over the past nine months. Several hurricanes have struck Louisiana this year. These storms have forced casino closures and resulted in large revenue drops on several occasions.

Things seem to be going well for Louisiana’s casinos in recent weeks. The launch of Louisiana’s first sportsbooks will certainly help. A huge number of people will soon begin flocking into the state’s various casinos that finally launch their first sportsbooks.

Louisiana is now home to the largest gambling industry in the Southern US. It may eventually face competition from nearby states such as Mississippi and perhaps even Texas.

Are you excited to see Louisiana’s first sportsbook go live? How do you think the state’s sports betting industry will fare moving forward? Let us know in the comments section below!

Here’s What We Know About Harrah’s New Orleans Vaccine Rule

Harrah's Logo

Casinos around the United States remain between a rock and a hard place. These properties are working hard to boost revenue while still remaining as safe as possible for patrons and employees. Today, we’ll talk about Harrah’s New Orleans vaccine rule recently set in place.

Harrah’s is taking a major risk with this new rule. Some feel it could end up backfiring for one of the most popular gambling venues in Louisiana.

Let’s take a look at what is happening here.

Casino Companies Face More Pressure to Increase Restrictions

The past eight months have been good ones for most casino operators in the country. As Covid-19 infection rates dropped, tourism to major gambling hubs began to increase. Many of the smaller casino destinations around the US have experienced a major boost in their visitation rates, as well.

In recent weeks, a rise in infection rates has once again led to fears for these casino companies. States are beginning to order new rules for various businesses. In some states, casinos are already being ordered to implement new restrictions.

Las Vegas was one of the first major casino destinations to reopen after the shutdowns in 2020. Of course, the casinos here looked considerably different than they did prior to shutting down. Plexiglass barriers separated players at the tables. Slot machines were spread apart. Masks were required at all times for patrons and employees.

Most of these restrictions were removed months ago. Recently, however, Nevada once again ordered that masks be worn by everyone while on the casino floor. Some fear this could ultimately lead to a dip in tourism.

Casinos in Nevada once again managed to bring in more than $1 billion in revenue over the month of June. Revenue reports for July will soon be released. Many are curious to see whether or not the mask rule has any impact.

Las Vegas is far from the only city looking more into casino restrictions. We’re now beginning to hear one major new rule set in place at the popular Harrah’s New Orleans casino.

Will Harrah’s New Orleans Vaccine Rule Backfire?

New Orleans is home to many popular gambling venues. These properties have been posting solid revenue numbers over the last few months. The recent spike in Covid-19 cases now appears to be concerning many of the casino operators in this city.

Harrah’s New Orleans opened its doors to the public in 1999. It has grown to become one of the best and most popular casinos in the city. News broke over the weekend that this casino was becoming the first in the United States to require either proof of vaccine or a negative Covid-19 test to enter.

Harrah’s New Orleans vaccine rule was likely set in place by Mayor Cantrell’s announcement that a vaccine or a negative PCR test would be required for most indoor activities. That includes anything the state decides is a “high transmission risk.” It could end up having a negative impact on the casino’s revenue.

Many individuals throughout Louisiana and neighboring states have yet to receive a Covid-19 vaccine. A significant number of these individuals will likely be unwilling to get a PCR test in order to play inside a casino.

It’s unclear if other casinos in Louisiana will be forced to order these measures. As of now, only Harrah’s is choosing to order these entry requirements. That could change over the next few weeks and months if cases continue to increase.

New reports indicate some of the casinos in Las Vegas could soon order mandatory vaccine or PCR tests to enter. Here’s a quick look at when and where these rules could be set in place.

Is a Vaccine Mandate Coming to Las Vegas Casinos Anytime Soon?

The world remains in uncharted waters with regard to the current pandemic. That is particularly true with the rise of new, more transmissible variants circulating. The Delta variant has been steadily causing more infections in the United States, leading to more health restrictions set in place in many states.

Harrah’s New Orleans vaccine rule may become more common in many other casinos around the country. That includes some of the ones in Las Vegas. There is reason to suspect that some type of entry requirement could make its way to Sin City casinos in the future.

Several venues in Las Vegas already require either proof of vaccination or a negative PCR test. That includes AEG’s properties, the Smith Center, and Life is Beautiful. It’s becoming a common theme and one that could take a serious toll on the tourism industry here.

Don’t expect to see a full vaccine mandate coming to all of the casinos in Las Vegas. If anything, only certain properties will choose to take this step.

For now, there is reason to be optimistic. US casino revenue remains at its highest level in history. Based on the current trend, 2021 will be the most successful year in history for the country’s gambling industry.

What do you think of Harrah’s New Orleans vaccine rule? Will this hurt its revenue numbers moving forward? Let us know in the comments section below!

Governor John Bel Edwards Signs Louisiana Sports Betting Bill

Lousiana State Seal With Casino Background
Legal Sports betting is on its way to Louisiana after Gov. John Bel Edwards signed Senate Bills 247 and 142 on Tuesday.

With both bills signed, all elements are now in order for Louisiana’s casinos to apply for legal sports betting licenses, build their own retail sportsbooks, and line up their partners to handle online and mobile sports betting.

Earlier this month, the Governor already signed House Bill 697 which set up the taxes and fees for legal Louisiana sports betting. 

Said Senate President Page Cortez:

“SB247 fulfills the wishes of the citizens in the 55 parishes that approved the referendum last fall to allow sports wagering and SB142 will help direct funding derived from this activity to early childhood education.” 

The only state in the Region With Online Option

Once launched, Louisiana will be the only state in the region to have an online and mobile sports betting option. Casinos in the bordering states of Arkansas and Mississippi allow only face-to-face sports bets made at retail sports betting shops. Meanwhile, Texas neither has casinos of legal sports betting.

The online option was added to the Louisiana legislation after Cortez noted before the legislative session began last April that sports betting would raise significant income if bets were allowed online or using mobile devices. The Senate President cited an AP report that 85% of the total sports bets placed nationwide during the first two months of the year were via mobile or online option.

Tax Rates are Set

Louisiana’s current gaming license holders, including riverboat casinos and racinos, will be required to pay a $250,000 fee to apply for a sports betting license plus another $500,000 after the approval of an initial five-year license.

Each of the present 20 gaming license holders in the state will be allowed two skins for mobile betting. Online sports betting will be levied a 15% tax on net revenue while bets placed at brick and mortar sportsbooks will be required to pay a 10% tax to the state.

Targeting the Football Season

With the Governor’s signature in place, legislators are targeting the start of the football season for the Louisiana sports betting launch. The National Football League’s preseason begins on August 5th and the regular season start on September 9th. Louisiana is the home of the NFL’s New Orleans Saints.

Aside from the Saints, Louisiana has other prominent sports teams like the NBA’s New Orleans Pelicans and the NCAA’s Louisiana State University which has popular programs in both basketball and football. It is also home to the New Orleans Gold of the National Rugby League.