Saracen Casino’s Sports Betting App Not Yet Live as March Madness Has Begun

Saracen Casino Resort Scenic View
The NCAA men’s basketball tournament began last Tuesday but the BetSaracen App of the Saracen Casino in Pine Bluff, Arkansas has yet to go live.

Casino officials previously announced that their mobile betting app would be ready before the start of the NCAA’s March Madness tournament but right now, users can only go as far as turning the app on but are unable to place bets yet.

Said Saracen director Neal Atkinson:

“The Saracen app is right here I have it loaded on my phone, now it is still in the testing mode we don’t have all of the live odds hooked up to it just quite yet. Those will be ready as soon as we flip the switch.”

Still in the Final Phases of Completion

According to Atkinson, the app is still in the final phases of completion. He also said that Saracen Casino’s top priority is protecting its customers and their data and that they want to ensure that before going to a launch.

An independent gaming laboratory is currently conducting a test on the App and later this week, the third party will help them in ensuring that the app’s geo-fencing capability will effectively prohibit use from outside the state’s borders.

Atkinson added that Saracen Casino is now targeting the Sweet 16 Round of March Madness as their launch date. That means the BetSaracen App won’t be ready when the Arizona Razorbacks play Vermont in the NCAA men’s basketball tournament on Thursday.

Online Sports Betting Underway Through One Casino

Mobile sports betting became legal in Arkansas last March 4th and Saracen Casino was expected to be the first to offer mobile betting services through its BetSaracen App. However, as of the start of March Madness last Tuesday, it is still down.

Currently, the only way to place a mobile sports wager in the state is via operated by the Southland Casino of West Memphis. Bettors must be at least 21 years old and within the state boundaries to create an account with the sports betting site.

Top sports betting companies like DraftKings and FanDuel are not prohibited from partnering with Arkansas casinos but with the state’s requiring 51% of the net gaming receipts to remain in the state, these top national sports betting companies aren’t too interested in joining the Arkansas mobile sports betting market because according to their spokespersons, they need at least 85% of the profits to make their business models work.

Online Sports Betting Now Live in Arkansas

Three Casinos in Arkansas
Betly Arkansas online sportsbook launched last Saturday and became the first legal online betting site to operate in The Natural State.

Owned by Southland Casino Racetrack West Memphis, the said internet sportsbook can be accessed at via PC or Apple Mac anywhere withing the state boundaries. Betly is also expected to launch a mobile app in the coming weeks.

Said Southland president and general manager David Wolf:

“The Betly online sportsbook will make it even easier for our patrons, all Arkansas residents and visitors to the state to wager on their favorite teams.”

Wold added that the new online sports betting site is a “familiar and convenient extension” of their sports betting experience since their patrons already use the Betly Kiosks inside the property.

Mobile Sports Betting Became Legal Last Friday

Retail sports betting is already legal in kiosks and ticket windows inside Arkansas’ three casinos. However, the Arkansas Racing Commission recently initiated a rule change to open online sports wagering in the state and after generating legislative approval, mobile sports betting became legal last Friday.

Betly was the first to launch last Saturday but the other two Arkansas casinos are expected to go live with their own online betting sites soon. All three casinos previously anticipated to launch their mobile sports betting apps last Friday, but the process to launch a mobile app requires several strict customer-protection measures such as verification from payment processing vendors and app stores.

Saracen Casino and Oaklawn Racing Resort to Follow

The Saracen Casino Resort in Pine Bluff announced that it will launch its Bet Saracen App very soon. According to Chief Marketing Officer Carlton Saffa, the Bet Saracen App will go live in time for March Madness. The NCAA men’s basketball tournament begins on March 15th.

Meanwhile, Oaklawn Racing Casino Resort in Hot Springs said that it will launch its sports betting app sometime between April and June this year. Per Oaklawn general manager Wayne Smith, their company took a conservative approach by waiting for the approval from both the Legislature and Racing Commission before they started developing their mobile platform.