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Poker Chips on Left Calculator on Right and a Man Holding Thumbs up in Center
Benefits of Using a Poker Odds Calculator When Playing Online
By Shaun Stack 8/24/22 - 7 MIN READ
Technology has changed gambling in ways no one could have anticipated. Changes in legislation have allowed hundreds of new gambling sites to launch. It is easier than ever to access...
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Two Baccarat Tables
Is Your Baccarat Money-Management System Maximizing Your Gains?
By Shaun Stack 8/6/22 - 8 MIN READ
Baccarat is a casino staple. In most parts of the world, baccarat is the far and away the popular choice when it comes to casino games. Many players prefer baccarat...
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Smiling Man in Front of a Roulette Table
Best Outside Bets in Roulette
By Shaun Stack 7/26/22 - 7 MIN READ
A large majority of US casinos include some form of the game roulette. The table game is so popular that it is even widely available at online casinos. In fact,...
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Which Numbers Come Up the Most in Roulette?
By Shaun Stack 7/6/22 - 7 MIN READ
Roulette has been a source of joy and misery for casino players for centuries. The French casino game first originated in the early 18th century. That means the original versions...
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Casino Floor on Right and a Closeup of a Roulette Wheel on Left
Sucker Bets, Sucker Games, & Other Money-Melting Gambling Strategies
By Shaun Stack 6/3/22 - 8 MIN READ
There are thousands of ways to watch your money quickly begin to vanish from your gambling bankroll in a casino. The casino meticulously designs everything from the games to the...
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High Limit Slot Room on Left and a Row of Slot Machines on Right
High Roller Slot Strategy
By Shaun Stack 5/29/22 - 7 MIN READ
High limit slots are loosely defined. Part of the problem is the fact that expense is relative. I don’t bat an eye at an $8 cup of coffee, but I...
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Closeup of a Baccarat Table Being Played
House Edge and Strategy of No Commission Baccarat
By Shaun Stack 2/16/22 - 7 MIN READ
Baccarat is a very old casino game, having been played in its current form for more than 400 years. It’s known as “the royal game,” an elegant companion to the...
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Thinking Man on Right With a Closeup of a Blackjack Table on Right
Blackjack Probability of Winning - Odds for Each Hand
By Shaun Stack 2/9/22 - 7 MIN READ
Blackjack strategy is heavily context-dependent. That means the right play depends on every variable in the game. Each player hand has a different optimal strategy which itself depends on the...
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Thinking Man on Right and Closeup of a Dealt Blackjack Table on Left
Can You Double Down After Splitting in Blackjack
By Shaun Stack 1/11/22 - 6 MIN READ
Blackjack has plenty of side games and side rules. The important practical question is this one: How should I play this hand? With this in mind, I've put together a...
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Closeup View of Different Blackjack Hands
7 Hands & How to Play Them - The Best & Worst Blackjack Hands
By Shaun Stack 1/8/22 - 7 MIN READ
Casino blackjack offers an exciting and highly social environment and a long tradition of being a cool game. It’s also a game that’s been solved, at least as much as...
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Thinking Man With a Big 6 Wheel To The Right
The Big 6 Wheel - Rules & Strategies to Help You Win
By Shaun Stack 12/27/21 - 7 MIN READ
One of the simplest casino games, Big Six (or Big Six Wheel) is a game of chance built around a big prop, the infamous Wheel of Fortune. Big Six betting...
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Craps Table on Left Poker on Right
The Significance of Luck vs. Skill in a Casino
By Shaun Stack 9/11/21 - 7 MIN READ
Many casino games, and most forms of gambling for that matter, involve some combination of luck and skill. Most of the time, gamblers have to catch some fortunate breaks to...
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