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Normal People Playing Blackjack
3 Card Counting Systems for Normal Blackjack Players
By Shaun Stack 1/19/20 - 8 MIN READ
If you play blackjack, why aren’t you counting cards? It’s a proven mathematical way to eliminate the house edge, and some players are so good at it that they make...
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Hand Grabbing Casino Chips on Baccarat Table, Virtual Baccarat, Winner Text
Tips for Winning at Baccarat Games
By Shaun Stack 1/15/20 - 8 MIN READ
There’s something very James Bond-esque about baccarat, right up there with shaken martinis, fancy cars, and Walther PPK pistols. Because of that, the game can take on a bit of...
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3 Reasons You Should Never Play Roulette and 3 Reasons You Should
By Shaun Stack 12/25/19 - 7 MIN READ
Every time I’m in the casino, it seems like the popularity of roulette is dying. Sometimes, there isn’t anyone at the table or there are only a few people playing....
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Hand Throwing Dice on Table, Casino Chips, Craps Logo
How to Play Craps at Home
By Shaun Stack 12/18/19 - 8 MIN READ
It’s no secret that craps is my favorite gambling game. It’s just more fun than any other game I can imagine. Sure, I wish it had a skill element, and...
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Blackjack Dealer Smirk - Blackjack Table Full With a Pile of Cash
7 Reasons Why the Dealer 'Always' Wins in Blackjack
By Shaun Stack 11/8/19 - 8 MIN READ
Of course, the blackjack dealer doesn’t always win, but many people feel the dealer wins a disproportionate number of times in blackjack. It’s a basic rule of the casino business...
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Dumb and Dumber Movie Screenshot and Roulette Wheel
3 Dumbest Bets in Roulette History
By Shaun Stack 10/27/19 - 10 MIN READ
Roulette players who bet and win big are often considered heroes. Those with the biggest wins have etched themselves in the game’s history. But placing big wagers isn’t always a...
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Blackjack Table Faded Into Background, Blackjack Cards Spread Out Behind Icon with Woman Whispering to Man, Blackjack Secrets Text
6 Amazing Blackjack Secrets No One Tells You About
By Shaun Stack 10/12/19 - 8 MIN READ
Out of all the casino games ever invented, blackjack might just offer the deepest well of instructional material from which players can study. Basic strategy charts can be bought for...
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People Playing Casino Blackjack, Hand on Red Caution Icon, Security Camera Over Blackjack Table
5 Ways to Cheat at Blackjack and the Risks of Doing So
By Shaun Stack 10/2/19 - 10 MIN READ
Despite the game’s status as one of casino gambling’s truly skillful affairs, blackjack is nevertheless subjected to deception in the form of cheating. And no, I’m not talking about the...
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Hands Throwing Dice on Craps Table, Craps Table Layout
Should You Make Multiple Bets at the Craps Table?
By Shaun Stack 9/1/19 - 7 MIN READ
Most craps gamblers have multiple bets on the table simultaneously. This has the effect of creating huge winning streaks and huge losing streaks. But is that the best way to...
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People Playing Roulette Casino Game, Numbers in Background
The Big Number Roulette Strategy (Does It Work?)
By Shaun Stack 8/30/19 - 11 MIN READ
I recently read a post by another gambling writer who offers a roulette strategy. He makes the following claim about this “big number roulette strategy:” If you use these 2...
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