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Paradise Suite SlotsThe Paradise Suite online slots game combines different elements often seen on some of the different types of online slots games in a way that creates one fantastic game that will capture the attention of a large number of slots players. The Paradise Suite online slots game has 5 reels, 15 paylines, a unique look and a lot of different features to it that can enhance a player’s gaming experience when they play on it. Players will feel like they are on a nice and relaxing summer vacation while they play this game. This is due to all of the fantastic graphics that help to create this feel. A few examples of these graphics would include the beach setting and all of the beachy icons that make their ways on the reels.

This article will go over the Paradise Suite slots game in a way that educates anyone interested in it on everything it has to offer. In this way, the information here will serve as a helpful review. The design, the layout, the coin values, the payouts, the bonus rounds and the special features will all be covered at length.

How to Play the Paradise Suite Slot

The Paradise Suite online slots game has a unique and creative look to it that many will find hard to ignore. The very first thing they will notice about this game is it has a very beachy theme to it. In fact, in this game looks as if the game is situated right on the beach. The ocean and surrounding sand is everywhere. There are also some nice rock formations off to the sides of the game. The Paradise Suite slots game appears to be attached to a canopy in what looks to be a make shift gaming booth. The paytable is clearly depicted along the top of the gaming screen with the reels directly below it. The paylines are numbered on both sides of the reels with gold buttons. The totals and buttons for the game are all lined up along the bottom section of the screen.

The coin values in Paradise Suite start out at 0.01 and they go up to 5.00. The maximum bet a player can place per spin on this game is 75.00. This range in the denominations makes the game a great fit for low to mid-stake players. Pressing on the max bet button will automatically set the game at the maximum bet for easy gaming.

Many online slots games tend to have high ranking card symbols in them. However, the fact that the Paradise Suite slots game doesn’t have them is just one of the many things that helps it to stand out so much from the other games. The paytable for the game is at the very top of the screen, so players can watch it while they are playing. At the max bet the sandcastles will pay out 300 for 5, the leaf will pay out 700, the camera will pay out 1000, the pineapple will pay out 1750, the fruity drink will pay out 2500, the blue beach shorts pay out 4000, the scuba gear pays out 10000, the champagne pays out 25000 and the purple flower pay out 50000.

Paradise Suite Bonus Features

The Paradise Suite online slots game has a great look to it, a flexible betting range, the chance to win extremely large payouts and some fantastic bonus features. One of the features players will want to be on the lookout for in this game is the hotel key symbol. By getting two of the hotel key symbols on the same spin the players will be taken to a second screen where the players will choose a key in hopes of unlocking the hotel room door that’ll take them to the most luxurious reward.

Players will get to enjoy an even more impressive bonus feature when they are able to get three or more of the surfboards on the reels. When this happens the player will find themselves in a position where they need to choose from five surfboards that appear before them. The player will need to show off their tricks in order to work their way up to better prizes. If they are able to pull off eight tricks, then they will be given a very generous reward. If they end up flopping in the water too many times, then they’ll walk away with a conservative consolation prize.


The Paradise Suite online slots game is such an entertaining one. The whole look of the game lets players know that they are going to have a lot of fun on it. The game also has the potential to give players some nice large payouts.

I had a lot of fun playing Paradise Suite and I saw generous wins. I was also lucky enough to enjoy the great bonus features that really did add to the game in a way that worked well for it. This is a game that any online slots player should give a try.