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OMG KittensSometimes players will run in to an online slots game that’s vastly different from the others. These games tend to become fast favorites of those who go ahead and give them a try. These are the games that in one way or another give the players something they won’t get from most of the others. The OMG Kittens online slots game is this kind of game. It’s apparent from just a single glance that this game can give the players the ability to enjoy a fun, exciting and lovable theme that they would have a hard time finding otherwise. OMG Kittens is a game that revolves around kittens, but it’s the delivery of the theme that makes it so unique. There are adorable kittens and all the items one would expect to see like yarn, fish and milk. However, there are also growing reels, stacked fur babies and so much more. Along with all the fantastic visual components the game has it also gives players access to 40 paylines.

This article will act as a helpful review of the OMG Kittens online slots game players can use to familiarize themselves with the game and everything that it is going to offer them when they play it. The design, the coin values, the payouts, the bonus rounds and all of the other special features will be described and explained.

How to Play the OMG Kittens Slot

The OMG Kittens online slots game is a game that seems to have it all. From a fun theme to a great design and exciting special features, this game seems to have covered all areas. This helps to give players an online slots gaming experience they will look forward to enjoying over and over again. The background of this game is made up of what looks like real grass with small yellow flowers here and there. The reels are framed in a thin yellowish frame and located in the center of the screen. The game’s totals and buttons are also framed in a thin yellowish border and located at the bottom of the screen.

The coin values in this game begin at just 0.01 and they go up to 2.50 per payline. The 40 paylines in the OMG Kittens online slots game are fixed and this means players will need to play the game with them all in action for each spin. The total bet on this game is 100 and this helps give players the flexibility they need to make bets that work well for them.

The OMG Kittens online slots game doesn’t have the high ranking card symbols that so many of the other online slots games have. Instead, each and every one of the symbols in this game go right along with its theme and add to the story to make it even more entertaining and fun. The pink kitty collar will pay out 187.50 for 5 of them, the ball of yarn will pay out 187.50, the puddle of spilled milk will pay out 187.50, Mr. Whiskers the kitten will pay out 250, Bubbles the kitten will pay out 2500 and Tiger the kitten will pay out 2500.

OMG Kittens Bonus Features

The kitten symbols are special ones in this game because they show up to cover the entire reel. They are also the ones that offer the players the largest wins.

There is a scatter symbol in the OMG Kittens slots game and it comes in the form of the cat getting in the fishbowl. Getting three or more of these scatter symbols will give the player some really nice payouts.

Getting four of the large kitten symbols with a bonus symbol on the last reel can take the player to the free spins feature where they can enjoy spins they don’t have to risk their credits for. When this feature is triggered, the players will be given at least five free spins. The exact free spins feature the players get to enjoy will depend on the cat that triggers the feature. Each one comes with a different number of free spins and different multipliers. Players can earn higher multipliers during the free spins feature by getting Mr. Whiskers on the fifth reel. This feature is also set up so players are always guaranteed to end it with a profit of at least ten times their triggering bet.


The OMG Kittens online slots game has such an adorable look to it that players who like cats will especially be drawn to it. However, it has so many unique features that anyone else will also want to give it a try.

I have always loved kittens and I knew I had to pay this game right away. The different kittens that came up on the reels made it a true pleasure to play. The game ran smoothly and I enjoyed the various special features that it had to offer.