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LunarisSometimes there’s an online slots game that’s so unique and so much different from the others that it’s an attention grabber for all who see it. The Lunaris is one of these online slots games. This game is intriguing, mysterious, colorful, unique and entertaining. The Lunaris online slots game is inspired by the Lunaris moths. This theme is not one that players will see often in the online slots industry and the way in which it is presented makes it even more exciting. Anyone who likes to look for games that offer them elements not often seen will get a real kick out of this game.

This article will serve as a helpful review of the Lunaris online slots game players can turn to in order to learn all about everything it has to offer. The design, the layout, the coin values, the payouts, the bonus rounds and all of the other special features will be described at length. By reading everything here the players will get a real feel for just what it will be like for them to play this game.

How to Play the Lunaris Slot

The Lunaris online slots game has a look to it that will surprise those who see it for the very first time. The background of the game is made up of a beautiful nighttime sky where twinkling stars and fireflies can be seen off in the distance. There’s also a gorgeous setting that allows players to enjoy great nighttime scenery like towering trees and more. The 5 reels for the game are all located on the left hand side of the gaming screen. Where this game really stands out is that it also has five very long reels off to the right side of the screen. Lunaris is a 100 payline slots game with those two fantastic sets of reels. This means players will get to enjoy the perks of a 5×4 set of reels and a 5×12 set of reels.

The Lunaris online slots game is one that players are going to get a real kick out of. Another fantastic thing about it is players will find it to be affordable. They can play this game for as small of an amount as .50 and for as much as 250 coins per spin. Players can choose to activate the number of paylines they want on the Lunaris online slots game.

There are no high ranking card symbols in the Lunars online slots game. However, there are suits from playing cards and these include the spades, diamonds, hearts and clubs. Just as how the high ranking card symbols generally make up the lowest paying symbols in the game, these suits make up the lowest paying ones. The spades, clubs, hearts and diamonds will pay out .50 for 5 of them, making all of them the lower paying symbols to come on the reels. The astrological scorpion will pay out .60 for 5, the astrological bear will pay out .60, the astrological Native American will pay out .75, the beautifully designed telescope will pay out 1.00, the gorgeous light colored flowers will pay out 2.00, the beautiful array of pink colored flowers will pay out 2.50 and the mysterious face will pay out 2.50.

Lunaris Bonus Features

There is a lot going on in the Lunaris online slots game. Every spin gives players more and more to look forward to. One of the extra features players want to watch for when playing this game is the wild symbol. The wild symbol in Lunaris comes in the form of the face. It can take the place of all the other symbols in the game with the exception of the mystery and bonus symbols. It can also not show up on the first reel of the colossal reel set.

There is a mystery bonus in the game that’s triggered by getting the Lunaris moth on the first, third and fifth reels. When the moth shows up it will be accompanied by a number that falls between 5 and 20. The number that shows up will cause that many butterflies to materialize and fly over the 5×12 reels, randomly turning symbols into different ones to help create more wins.

The scatter symbol is the caterpillar and it can come on the first, third and fifth reels. The number of caterpillars that shows up will determine the number of free spins and multipliers the players will receive. Players can also retrigger more free spins while they are already in the free spins feature.


The Lunaris online slots game is one that has a look to it that players will immediately be impressed with. From the coloring and the storyline to the offering of multiple reels, there are so many great things to say about this online slots game.

The Lunaris slots game is a prime example of the types of games I go online looking specifically for. I had so much fun playing the game and I feel like it is one that I’m going to be playing a lot more of in the future.