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Luau Loot SlotsSometimes an online slots player will feel like taking a vacation to a bright and sunny location where they can relax and listen to exotic music and take in all the beauty of a faraway land. However, they may not be able to leave and take a trip at this time.  The Luau Loot online slots game is the perfect compromise for times such as these. This slots game will let players feel like they are enjoying a great vacation to an ocean paradise. Luau Loot is a 5 reel and 25 payline slots game with plentiful colors and many beachy symbols and decorations.

This article will serve as a great game review players can turn to in order to learn more about Luau Loot and everything that it has to offer. The whole design, the layout, the paytable, the bonus rounds and the other special features will all be covered in an in-depth manner. Once an interested player reads all the information here they will have a much better idea of just how to get the most out of the game.

How to Play the Luau Loot Slot

The Luau Loot online slots game has a sunny appearance that makes players feel as if they are spending the day at the beach. The background of the game includes a bright blue sky with puffy white clouds, palm trees and a sandy beach. The large reels are framed by a nice golden frame. The totals and buttons for the game are all located along the bottom portion of the screen. All of the gaming buttons are good sized and this makes it very easy to play.

The Luau Loot online slots game has 25 paylines that offer players a lot more chances to win when they spin the reels. This online slots game allows for adjustable coin values and paylines so players can be sure they fit it into their gaming budget. Players can place bets going from 0.01 up to 75.00.

There are no high ranking card symbols in the Luau Loot online slots game like there are in so many of the other online slots. Instead, every single one of the symbols in this game go perfectly with the theme it is portraying. The pineapples will pay out 1.00 for 5, the papayas will pay out 1.00, the seashell will pay out 1.00, the coconut will pay out 1.25, the totem pole will pay out 2.50, the beautiful parrots will pay out 4.00, the lei will pay out 5.00, the hula dancer will pay out 7.50, the surfer will pay out 7.50 and the game’s logo symbol will pay out 25.00.

Luau Loot Bonus Features

There are just enough special features in the Luau Loot online slots game to make it an exciting and opportunistic game without it being overwhelming. There is a wild symbol that comes on the reels to take the place of all of the other symbols with the one exception of the other special symbol. The wild symbol is also the one that can lead to the highest payouts. Getting five of the wild symbols can give the players a payout of 25.00.

The scatter symbol in the Luau Loot is the sunset beach scene. This symbol is the one that can take the player into the free spins feature. In order to trigger the free spins feature the players must get at least three of the scatter symbols. Getting three of the scatter symbols will give the player 5 free spins, getting four of the scatter symbols will give the player 7 free spins and getting five of the scatter symbols will give the player 20 free spins. Another great feature is two reels can become random wilds on each spin and the players can get 5 more retriggered free spins while they are already in the feature and they are able to get three more scatter symbols. The free spins feature is known for happening frequently in this fantastic game and offering players many chances to earn more wins.


The Luau Loot online slots game is one that players can have a real good time on knowing that there is plenty of adventures awaiting them with each spin. The bright colors and flowery special touches in this game help to give it a look that players will have a great time playing while they try to enjoy something on the more lighthearted side of slots gaming.

I am someone who adores getting away and going to the beach when I can. For this reason I just knew that I had to give the Luau Loot online slots game a spin. I expected it to give me just the type of online slots gaming I look forward to enjoying when I log in and I was right. The game impressed me with everything from its fun design and exciting storyline to its smooth movements and ability to trigger the special features so often.