Casino VIP Program

If you love to spin the reels and earn rewards for doing so, it’s worth checking out the VIP program otherwise known as “MySlots Rewards”. As the name suggests, this casino specializes in video slots, and it’s one of our top-rated United States casinos.

We’re not going to review the casino here. Instead, we’re going to focus on the loyalty program. What can you earn? Is it worth becoming a Casino VIP? We’ll reveal all of that and more here.

Examining the VIP Program

Every casino VIP program we’ve ever reviewed has its pros and cons. Here’s an idea of the main benefits and drawbacks to the VIP program.

  • Open to American players
  • You can’t lose your VIP level
  • Get surprise bonuses and extra perks
  • No evidence of “real world” perks like tickets to events
  • Loyalty points expire after 12 months

How to Become a Casino VIP

Some casino VIP programs are exclusive, meaning that you have to be invited to join them. To achieve this, you have to play casino games, hoping that an account manager notices you and extends an invitation to step behind the digital VIP curtain.

The loyalty club, on the other hand, is open to everyone. You’ll earn Rewards Points from your very first spin of the reels. There are eight levels to the Casino VIP program, and you’ll start on the bottom one. We’ll explain more about how this works in the following section. Casino VIP Program Structure

Level Tier Points Redemption Rate
Cherry Boom (1) 0 2,500/$1
Candy Warp (2) 2,500 2,250/$1
Triple Charms (3) 10,000 2,000/$1
Wild Jacks (4) 60,000 1,750/$1
Dollar Rush (5) 150,000 1,500/$1
Lightning Blitz (6) 500,000 1,250/$1
Gold Frenzy (7) 1,000,000 1,100/$1
Diamond Flurry (8) 2,500,000 1,000/$1

Before we dive deeper into the structure of the VIP Club, we need to point out something important. You earn two types of points at this casino.

  • Tier Points determine what level of the MySlots Rewards you’ll operate on.
  • Rewards Points are the loyalty points proper. These can be traded in for bonus cash.

As you can see, you have to earn ever-increasing numbers of Tier Points to unlock higher levels. However, your Rewards Points redemption rate improves as you climb. Once you unlock a new level, you can’t lose it, even if you take an extended break from gambling.

How do you earn points for the Casino MySlots rewards program? By playing casino games, of course! How many Rewards Points you earn per $1 wagered depends on what games you play. While this casino specializes in online slots, it also offers other types of casino games.

  1. You’ll earn 1 Rewards Point for every $1 wagered on table games or video poker.
  2. You get 5 Rewards Points for every $1 you wager on video slots.
  3. Play specialty games, and you’ll earn 15 Rewards Points for every $1 wagered.

Why the difference between these games? It’s down to the house edge. The more money the house takes on a game, the more Rewards Points it can afford to shell out. You’ll lose more often when you play them, but you’ll get more Rewards Points in return. Casino Loyalty Rewards

First, let’s outline the basics of the Casino VIP program rewards. You can trade your Rewards Points in for casino cash at any time. There’s no need to wait until you’ve reached a certain threshold, and you don’t need to wait until the end of the week or month to cash your points out. You can cash them all in at once, or you can partially cash them out. It’s your call.

Aside from this, indicates that you’ll get surprise bonuses and perks when you reach new levels. We wish we could give you more information on these, but that would defeat the point of them being a surprise, wouldn’t it?

Do We Recommend the Casino VIP Club?

This is a simple, no-frills casino VIP club, and we like that. It’s easy to understand what you’ll get, and it’s great that you can’t lose your VIP level once you’ve unlocked it. If you like to play video slots online, you should join the Casino VIP program.

FAQ About the MySlots Rewards

  • How Do I Redeem My Loyalty Points?

    When you log into your account, you’ll notice the “MySlots Rewards” portal. Click the button to visit it, and you can claim your bonuses from there.

  • Can Americans Become Vips at This Casino?

    Yes, is a US-friendly slots site. Americans are welcome to join this casino, and you’ll earn points through the Casino VIP program in the same way every other player will.

  • Do Rewards Points Have an Expiration Date?

    They do! You need to cash in your VIP points within 12 months. If you don’t do so, they’ll expire.

  • Do I Have To Wager Bonus Cash Earned With Rewards Points?

    Yes, the wagering requirements are 10x. That’s fairly low, and you stand a good chance of wagering it on low volatility slot games.