Cafe Casino VIP Program

Cafe Casino LogoCafe Casino is one of our top-rated online casinos for American players. We’ve even written a full and in-depth review of it on our site. However, in this guide, we’re going to zero in and focus on the Cafe Casino VIP program.

If you’re the type of player who plays often or who wagers large amounts when you do, then you’re probably interested in how the Cafe Casino loyalty club works. You’ll find out all you need to know here.

Cafe Casino Perks Program – Pros and Cons

We’ll get into more detail about this loyalty program below. However, for now, here’s a quick snapshot of the pros and cons of the Cafe Casino VIP Club.

  • Never lose your VIP level
  • American VIP players welcome
  • Weekly deposit match bonuses
  • Clear, easy to understand structure and terms
  • You can use VIP bonus funds on live dealer games
  • No obvious external perks like gifts, invitations, etc.

How to Join Cafe Casino Perks

At some online casinos, the management has to invite you to become a VIP. The way this works is that the VIP team behind the scenes will be watching for players who stand out either in how much they bet or how frequently they bet. Once they have you pegged as “worthy,” they’ll invite you to join the VIP club.

The Cafe Casino loyalty club doesn’t operate like this. It’s open to everyone, and you’ll start earning loyalty points and climbing the ranks from the very first bet you make.

The Cafe Casino VIP program enforces that all players should be rewarded. And we agree! Of course, the more you play, the more you get in return. There are several levels with even greater rewards as you climb through the levels.

We like that the loyalty club is open to everyone. It means that even players with smaller bankrolls can earn comp points and rewards.

Cafe Casino VIP Program Structure

Cafe Casino loyalty points are called Perk Points. As we said above, you’ll earn them on every bet, but it’s important to realize that there are eight levels to this club. You’ll earn more points and a greater redemption rate for each level you unlock.

Here’s how the Cafe Casino loyalty club is structured.

Level Redemption Rate Perk Points Required
1 2,500 = $1 0
2 2,250 = $1 2,500
3 2,000 = $1 10,000
4 1,750 = $1 60,000
5 1,500 = $1 250,000
6 1,250 = $1 1,000,000
7 1,000 = $1 2,500,000
8 1,000 = $1 5,000,000

It’s important to note that how many Perk Points you earn per $1 wagered depends on what games you play.

  • Specialty games earn you 15 Perk Points per $1 wagered.
  • Most slots award 5 Perk Points per $1 wagered.
  • Table and card games earn 1 Perk Point per $1 wagered.

Why the difference? Usually, casinos give you more back on the games with the highest house edge. That’s the case here. The more money the casino is earning on average, the more it can afford to reward VIPs.

Another thing to note about the Cafe Casino rewards program is that there are two types of points.

  • Perk Points are the loyalty points and currency of the program, as described above.
  • Tier Points determine what level you reach in the Café Casino VIP Club. The great thing about being a VIP at Cafe Casino is that you can’t drop back down through the levels. Once you reach a certain level, you stay there.

Cafe Casino Loyalty Rewards

The Cafe Casino VIP program rewards have been spelled out pretty well in the section above. However, we did want to mention that there’s a weekly deposit match bonus. You’ll get the bonus every Thursday, and it’s valid until the following Wednesday.

Perks and Bonuses of Cafe Casino Banner

Match bonuses vary in size, but one thing we know for sure about them is the rollover requirements. They’ll be 10x, which is very reasonable!

Remember that these Cafe Casino deposit match bonuses are available every single week. Essentially, that means this casino offers ongoing reload bonuses to loyal players.

Cafe Casino VIP Club Conclusion

The Café Casino VIP program is a great loyalty club to be part of. It’s clear that the more you wager, the more you’ll be rewarded. That’s what we like to see! We’d also like to see more information on the upper limits for the weekly deposit match bonuses, but in general, we think everything about this program is clear and transparent.

We highly recommend that you join the Cafe Casino VIP program. All you have to do is sign up, make a deposit, and play. Your Perk Points will begin accumulating automatically.

Cafe Casino Perks FAQ

  • Can I Play Live Dealer Games With Bonus Cash?

    No. The Cafe Casino VIP program states that bonuses purchased with Perk Points can be used on most games, but not on the live casino games.

  • Can Americans Participate in the Cafe Casino Rewards Program?

    Absolutely. In fact, this casino was designed especially for American players. We know that many other online casinos don’t accept US players, but this one does, and you’ll be a VIP from day one.

  • Do I Earn Perk Points for Wagering Cafe Casino Bonuses?

    Ha! Nice try. Unfortunately, no. You’ll only earn Perk Points for wagering cash that you’ve deposited.

  • How Do I Convert Perk Points Into Bonuses?

    Visit a section of the Cafe Casino called the Perks Portal. You can convert them at any time. You don’t have to wait until the end of the week, month, or to reach a certain threshold.

  • Can I Play With Bitcoin and Still Be a VIP?

    Yes, there’s nothing in the small print of the VIP club that excludes Bitcoin. You can use any payment method at Cafe Casino, and every bet will earn you loyalty points.