Update – Resorts World Las Vegas Project

If there’s one thing that’s incredibly exciting in Las Vegas, it’s definitely new hotel openings and we’d be lying if we said we weren’t eagerly awaiting the grand opening of Resorts World. The project is currently under construction and will be located almost directly across from The Wynn, bringing a new luxury property to the North Strip and surely some new competition as well.

Resorts World Las Vegas Project

As the first Vegas project for the Genting Group which owns Resorts World, this property will undoubtedly be a major player in the high end market catering first and foremost to Asian guests.  The groups other properties are spread throughout the world but it has an excellent reputation in the Asia Pacific region and it’s likely that lots of the high end customers and whales will slowly migrate over to this property and give it a try.

With a proposed opening date of mid 2018, lots of people are wondering how development is going on the property.  We reached out to the PR department but have yet to hear back on how things are progressing from an official source.  According to members on Vegas Message Board, the building site is full of both security and workers, however it appears that the number of people working on the project is seemingly low for such a massive undertaking:

I estimated there were 35 construction workers onsite – a small number for such a large project. By comparison, the much smaller Lucky Dragon project typically has 40 to 50 workers onsite each day. At this point, unless Resorts World dramatically hastens construction, there’s little chance an opening in 2018 is likely.

It will be interesting to see if the company proposes a revised timeline for launch, and since massive construction projects like this are prone to delays, we’re not holding our breath on the initial timeline.  That being said, you can be certain that once it launches, Resorts World is going to be the hottest thing on the strip for at least a few years to come.  It’s been quite a while since a new property this large and upscale has launched in Vegas, so everyone and their mother will be eagerly waiting to check out everything.

Resorts World has an estimated budget of $4 Billion and was approved in January 2016 by Clark County to begin development of the property.  Upon completion, the property will feature over 7,000 hotel rooms across multiple towers, convention space, movie theatres, a massive casino and even a 30,000 sq ft lake as part of an Asian themed Chinese garden spanning the grounds.