The Top 5 Hotel Suites In Las Vegas 2022

If you stay in Las Vegas hotels enough times, you’re bound to end up getting put in a suite one way or another…even if you didn’t book it.  Oversold rooms, big convention in town or maybe the front desk agent can just tell you’re a really good person.  In any case, it’s pretty common to get a free upgrade once in a while which can be a nice treat especially for first time visitors.  There’s also always the option of a friendly tip that usually does the trick in securing a moderate upgrade when you’re checking in.

Even if you are lucky enough to get upgraded to as suite on a visit, there are still a lot of rooms you’ve probably never heard about and likely will never see in every Vegas hotel.  These elusive suites are reserved exclusively for high rolling clientele and for the most part have absolutely no general availability to the public, meaning no matter your offer, they won’t sell you the room.  The reason is simple – hotels need these suites available in case Mr. High Roller calls last minute and says he’s coming in that day and is ready to gamble $1,000,000 that weekend.

So if you’ve ever wondered where the cream of the crop stays when they’re in town, below we’ve compiled a list of our top 5 favourite suites in Las Vegas:

#5 – Skyline Terrace Suite at MGM Grand

This isn’t a high roller suite per say, as it can be booked by the general public on a limited basis at a rate of around $895.00 per night.  We really like this suite as it’s one of the only rooms in Vegas that comes with a balcony, and it’s a really big one at that measuring almost 800 square feet.  The interior of the room is 1,300 square feet and includes two stories with a loft style decor.  Other perks that come with the Skyline Terrace Suite include private registration on arrival, in-room dining in your private dining room as well as in-room spa services on request.

#4 – 1 Bedroom Lanai Suite at The Mirage

Lanai Suite at The Mirage

Our #4 pick is the beautiful One Bedroom Lanai Suite at The Mirage which offers incredibly luxury (and a private pool) at a rate of $1,729.00 per night.  This room is a massive 2,650 square feet and includes a ton of amenities like a 24 hour private butler, free limousine transportation to/from the airport and complimentary access to 1OAK.

#3 – Bungalows at The Cosmopolitan


In the #3 spot is the fabulous Bungalows at The Cosmopolitan that offer 3 levels spanning a total of 1,695 square feet.  This isn’t an easy room to book and is usually reserved for invited guests, but in slow periods it’s possible to book a Bungalow, if you’re willing to drop $5,000+ per night.  Some of the cool features of this room include a walk-out directly to the Cosmo pool, 3rd floor private terrace with Jacuzzi and of course, a 24 hour butler at your disposal.

#2 – Fairway Villas at The Wynn

The stunning Fairway Villas at The Wynn are just about as good as it gets when it comes to Vegas luxury suites.  Available in a one and two bedroom format ranging from 2,411 to 3,224 square feet, these rooms offer breathtaking views of the Wynn golf course.  These rooms can’t be booked by the general public and you have to contact a host or hotel representative to inquire about booking.  If you’re staying in a Fairway Villa, you’ll have access to pretty much any amenity you can think of at The Wynn, from free transport to Butler service, guaranteed restaurant/show reservations and much more.

#1 – The Villas at Caesars Palace

The Villas

At the very top of our list is without a doubt the Villas at Caesars Palace, of which there are four in total ranging from $15,000 to $25,000 per night.  The Villas range in size with the largest taking up almost 11,200 square feet and are located behind privacy walls surrounding the various pools at Caesars.  With super limited availability, it’s all but impossible to get into one of these if you’re not a big player unless it’s a super slow time of the year.  As you would imagine, at $25K a night pretty much any amenity or luxury you can think of is included with the room price and these are definitely the nicest suites in the entire city (and honestly, maybe even the world).