Ten 24/7 Dining Spots Worth Checking Out In Vegas

24/7 Open Dining Spots

A true “three shift culture” for locals, where tourists often see the rules as “anything goes” at any time of day, food occasionally becomes a second thought for those engaged in all sorts of late-night work, revelry or debauchery, but with these ten choices one can make delicious decisions no matter where (or when) they find themselves in Sin City.

Blueberry Hill – The story of a local business done well, the original family still involved with outlets in all corners of Sin City, Blueberry Hill has been a staple of the community for decades and offering all-day breakfasts with 24-hour operations the concept may seem more Denny’s than fine dining, though the menu undoubtedly offers much more to taste and see.  Smart to stick to American classics, items like Burgers, Skillets and Chicken safe, if not likely to wow, those looking for something more ‘breakfasty’ are encouraged to check out the signature Pancakes or Malted Waffles, not to mention the warm Blueberry Muffins or a slice of Cake from the pastry case.

The Bootlegger Italian Bistro – Known best for the after-dark scene, rumors of spontaneous Big Time Celebrity performances surprising a clientele often dotted with Entertainers and Industry folks that come for the live music on Stage, The Bootlegger Italian Bistro occupies a large footprint at the South end of Las Vegas Boulevard with an equally large stamp in Sin City’s all-day to all-night history.  In essence a “red sauce” joint, but also offering several Steaks, Chops, Pizzas and even Breakfast, those looking for a truly great bite are encouraged to check out the restaurant’s signature Lasagna, or at breakfast the Eggplant Benny, while also being sure to save room for dessert menu which some say contains the city’s best Cannoli.

Born And Raised – Perhaps Las Vegas’ most locally focused Sports Bar, a hot spot for NFL Football and moreso for Running Rebels Basketball, B.A.R. now features locations on both sides of the Valley and whether one finds themselves at the upgraded spot in Henderson or the Southwest original both the variety of seating options and televisions as well as the menu are as unique as they are daunting.  Creative in cuisine, though execution is sometimes spotty, options run the gamut from inspired Sandwiches to modern “Gastropub,” and with Mac n’ Cheese Bites better than any found at a Celebrity Chef joining Monte Cristo, Tonkatsu and Banh Mi Sliders a good meal can be had at any time without spending more than $15, though the collection of beers and cocktails can definitely add up quickly.

El Dorado Cantina – Perhaps nowhere but Las Vegas can a restaurant attached to a Strip Club make the claim of being organic, non-GMO and open 24/7, but with a sizable menu of authentic Mexican cuisine crafted by Mexico City Native Chef Paco all of the above are true of El Dorado Cantina and the results are truly outstanding.  Defining ‘diamond in the rough,’ the interior comfortable with lively colors befitting the space next door, diners at El Dorado Cantina are encouraged to sample from several appetizers, entrees and combo plates including everything from Tacos to Sauteed Grasshoppers and with several deals targeting locals the only real question is when best to visit and how many friends to gather in order to experience the place at its best by way of the “Grande Feast,” two enormous platters featuring Grilled Meats, Burritos, Taquitos and Quesadillas alongside Beans, Rice and tender organic Vegetables.

HeXX – Located in the Paris Hotel and Casino, a previous hotspot for famous folks when flying the Sugar Factory banner, HeXX has shed its former image by way of the Worldclass bean-to-bar chocolate program now selling as far away as Texas, but the truth of the matter is that the food here is actually extremely well executed with a considerable degree of diversity.  Offering several different menus throughout the day, savories from Matthew Piekarski and desserts by Carol Garcia, those looking for a healthy bite should consider a Fresh Fruit Plate that offers enough to be shared amongst a large group as part of breakfast while those looking for more indulgent options would be well advised to request the Cinnaroll Waffle or Spaghetti Carbonara with one eye on dessert where Banana Cream or Apple Pie and  Butterscotch Crème Brulee challenge the single origin chocolates in craftsmanship as well as quality.

Mr. Lucky’s 24/7 – Oft maligned for being in the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, still an overlooked property considering the likes of FU Asian Kitchen and 35 Steaks + Martinis, Mr. Lucky’s 24/7 ups the ante for anytime eats by way of a menu that does not hold back in terms of portions or creativity.  A large, open space with a Retro Diner feel and great people watching by way of a façade overlooking the gaming floor, those looking for ‘comfort foods’ could do far worse than stopping by for any number of Flatbreads, Burgers or Pastas while the anytime Breakfast menu rings true with Custard soaked French Toast and “The King,” a stack of fourteen pieces of Bacon stacked with an equal number of Banana Pancakes, Peanut Butter and Maple Syrup.

Northside Café – Replacing the quickly shutter Las Vegas location of Griddle Café, but impressive from day one with a breakfast menu that actually managed to outperform those famous pancakes with options including Carrot Cake and Caramelized Banana, Northside Café at The SLS Hotel and Casino takes the high road when approaching its dinner menu, employing former Chefs from Spring Mountain Road to create some truly excellent Asian plates.  Truly a bold move, even going so far as to hang billboards around the community advertising directly to locals in Chinese, those looking for something beyond Steaks or a really delicious housemade Ravioli are encouraged to invest in the Whole Sea Bass stuffed with Scallions and Lemongrass, textbook Chow Fun or Salt and Pepper Squid.

The Peppermill Restaurant & Fireside Lounge – Iconic for not only the location but the longevity, the rare freestanding independent found within walking distance of major Casinos on the Strip, The Peppermill Restaurant & Fireside Lounge is a quintessential piece of Las Vegas nostalgia transported to 2016.  Filmed for everything from Showgirls to CSI and featuring a 24/7 menu of everything from breakfasts to steak and homemade dessert, it always seems like something is happening at The Peppermill and whether one selects the iconic Fruit Plate or something more hefty after a long night of partying the tastebuds are likely to be dancing, a personal favorite from the All-day/All-night menu found in the eggy Challah French Toast “Ambrosia.”

Siegel’s 1941 – Located in Downtown’s El Cortez Hotel, never thought to be a ‘destination’ for dining, Siegel’s 1941 tells the story of Bugsy Siegel and Virginia Hill by way of its artwork and period-specific soundtrack while the menu attempts an “everything to everyone” trickshot with several worthy options.  Dreamed up by a local restaurant design group, but smartly bringing in a talented staff of Managers and Chefs to tailor a menu that varies throughout the day and night, Siegel’s shines when executing rustic dishes such as Chicken or Eggplant Parmigiana as well as a variety of Sweets and Sandwiches, the pressed Cuban undoubtedly a standout and about as ‘authentic’ as it gets locally while the Turtle Pie is one of the best slices in the city.

Sporting Life Bar – Not just *the* place to watch The Buckeyes, but also a rare “locals only” Sports Bar thinking beyond Chicken Wings, Burgers and Beer, Sporting Life Bar on South Jones Avenue may look much like other spots spread throughout the Valley, but beyond the two-dozen Televisions, reclaimed woods and loud music lies a Chef-driven kitchen ready to turn eyes towards the plate.  Always a good spot for daily specials, the “Cracklin’ Jacks” with Pork Rinds and Chipotle Honey a crowd pleaser along with Gnocchi, Pork Belly and Short Ribs, even vegetarians are encouraged to cheer along with their favorite team as Sporting Life also offers several salads along with meatless appetizers, not to mention a Bread Pudding that goes well beyond the typical tavern fare.