Las Vegas Restaurant Reviews – Best Vegas Dining Options

It’s fair to say that Las Vegas is home to some of the most diverse and delicious cuisine in the entire world.  With thousands of restaurants to please every appetite and budget, there is nowhere better to experience different culinary delights from across the globe.  Our restaurant section consists of two parts, firstly, a collection of our latest review articles about different places to dine in Las Vegas.  Secondly, we’ve included some more general overviews that include specifics of some of the cities most popular spots.

Recent Reviews From Our Team

Our restaurant review articles are written by our local team and include up-to-date insight into both new and old restaurants in the Vegas scene.  At present, we run a bi-weekly column that details new and interesting places to dine all over the city.

Overviews Of Popular Vegas Restaurants

Below you’ll find our profiles of some of the most popular places to eat in all of Las Vegas.  These spots are all favourites among frequent visitors and cover a broad spectrum of dining experiences, from delicious and cheap to luxurious and expensive.

Tips For Eating Well In Las Vegas

#1 – How to Eat Cheaply In Vegas

When it comes to getting a cheap meal in Vegas it’s not too difficult but you do have to look around a bit especially if you are on the strip where prices tend to be more expensive. Luckily most properties have incorporated lower end dining in to their mix which is really helpful for us budget conscious travelers.

If you want to eat on the cheaper side of things, you have a few key options. Heading to the sports bar type places in the hotels and malls are a good option for a heavy lunch or dinner where you can enjoy regular bar fare, beers and good times. A typical meal at these places would run about $30 for a main dish and a beer which isn’t bad for a Vegas dinner, but also isn’t the cheapest option we’ve come across.

If you are absolutely looking to spend the least amount possible there are a number of Pizza joints on the strip where you can grab a meal for around $10 and the quality is actually quite good. Alternatively, head off the strip to local establishments or into Old Vegas where there are tons of affordable options.

#2 – What’s The Deal with Buffets?

Taking advantage of the legendary buffets in the hotels here in Sin City is a great option if you are looking to have a massive meal and really fill up before heading out for the day or night. Almost all the major hotels offer a buffet to customers that include a huge amount of food selections in all cuisines.

Although going to a buffet isn’t necessarily the cheapest option (the nice ones run about $50pp) if you’re looking to have a single meal for the day they definitely are a solid choice. You can literally spend a couple hours in the buffet and pig out until you’re heart’s content, which is what many people choose to do. Personally we love to throw a buffet into our dining mix each trip for some variety and good value.

#3 – What Will Fine Dining Cost Me?

This is somewhat of a loaded question as it depends on what you order (particularly with booze) but we wanted to give you an idea of what it might cost to take someone out for a really fancy dinner. Based on our experience, a mid level fancy dinner with appetizers, main courses, dessert and wine will run between $250-$400 for two people. This can go up a ton depending on the place and it’s not unheard of in Vegas to have a $1,000 bill for two people at some of the more luxurious establishments here.