Pawn Plaza Breaks Ground In Downtown Vegas

Pawn PlazaBack in October 2014 it was announced that a new retail project dubbed “Pawn Plaza” was to be constructed beside the now famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop from the hit TV series Pawn Stars.  Ground was broken this week on the site which promises to bring a mix of retail outlets in an open air atmosphere to this historically neglected part of Downtown Vegas. What’s really cool about the project is that the site is being entirely developed from old shipping containers which will comprise a two story development.

It should come as no surprise that the man behind Pawn Plaza is none other than Rick Harrison, the head of Gold & Silver pawn and perhaps the most outspoken character on Pawn Stars.  Apparently Rick got the idea for the development after visiting the Downtown Container Park which is another shopping development built using recycled containers.  In speaking about the project Harrison said, “This project takes our customers’ experience to the next level, we’re excited to bring some new and unique shops and restaurants to downtown”.

The project is definitely meant to capitalize on the popularity of the television show, which since its’ launch has seen foot traffic to the Pawn Stars store grow to almost 4,000 people a day, making it one of the most popular attractions in Las Vegas.  This combined with the fact that it’s the history channels golden goose and aired in over 140 countries pretty much ensures that Pawn Plaza will be a smashing success when it opens in June (although no firm date has been set).

The deal appears to have been done between Harrison and Cushman Wakefield who are monsters in the commercial real estate development space and is outside of his contractual obligations with the History Channel (hence the different name).  Right now it’s unclear exactly how many retail spaces will be up for grabs but it will be a mix of retail shops, bars and restaurants meant to bring even more visitors into the area.  We look forward to visiting this development once it’s done and wish them the best of luck in this cool and new endeavor.