Paris by way of Las Vegas – Rosallie French Cafe

Large in size and homey in décor despite its location in a Spring Valley Shopping Center, Rosallie represents a work of passion from Jonathan Pluvinet. With large windows bathing the space in natural light, those looking to tuck into a sandwich or salad as well as those looking to linger over coffee and a pastry are in for a treat whenever they happen to make their way to the Café.

Opened in late 2015 and intelligently expanding the selection slowly, a calculated maneuver in a city where enormous menus of mediocre fare are generally truncated early on; Rosallie initially caught my eye after a trip to the chef’s homeland. With cheerful service plus pastries on par with those experienced throughout Lyon, the Café has shown no signs of slowing in its first year of business, instead growing into the best of many options amidst the city’s suddenly booming artisan pastry scene.

Walnut Pie

Walnut Pie

No doubt offering a bounty to behold, over two dozen baked goods plus several sandwiches are offered.  Quiches and salads are prepared to order for those seeking savory fare. Pluvinet’s ownership of a Las Vegas restaurant comes through an interesting route which includes a promising skiing career that led to a college scholarship in America all on the background of a childhood working at his family’s similarly named restaurant back in his native Central France.

With the young chef’s knowledge and passion readily evident, his dedication to the Café has surely been noticed by locals who form a slow trickle of traffic sitting down to a meal or opting to take home pastries by the bag.

Doing both sweets and savories well, warm multigrain rolls present a dense crumb similar to the pain au cereal served in Paris’ Michelin 3* Ledoyen. Both the butter and the almond croissants set a new local standard for quality as flaky arcs give way to yawning caverns of flavor.

Coffee drinkers will be happy to know that the brew at Rosallie fares far better than the vast majority of that found in town. Whether one favors traditional drip, French Press, Espresso or Latte, everything is made to order. Additionally, Pluvinet’s selection of teas is also worth noting.

Making nearly everything from scratch, duck confit for his sandwiches feature a rich sapor beneath crisp yet juicy meat. Quiches are offered in the more custard-like style familiar to those raised in Europe while Palmiers, Walnut Pies and Feuilletines equally resemble something found in the French Countryside rather than versions commonly seen in the United States.

Duck Confit

Duck Confit on Whole Wheat Petite Tourte with Onion Jam

Further complicating decisions, Rosallie features buttery Madelines that rival that of Ducasse or Boulud, while an apple tart and other viennoiserie tempt behind the glass counters. Additionally, Chef Jonathan offers seasonal made-to-order French classics including Galette des Roi as well as Buche Noel.

With a new wine cellar currently in the works, one can only assume that the Rosallie experience is only bound to get better and better as locals and tourists learn to expect more from French cuisine both on and off the Strip.